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Sgt. Ryan Adams

From The Rhinelander Daily News.

"Last Updated: Friday, October 2, 2009 10:42 PM CDT
Local soldier killed

By Luke Laggis
City Editor
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A Rhinelander soldier has died in the line of duty.

Sgt. Ryan Adams was a member of the 951st Sapper Company. The Department of Defense has not yet released details, but it is believed Adams died Thursday in Afghanistan. The 26-year-old was in his second tour of duty." The Rhinelander Daily News - Online news and information for the Rhinelander, Wisconsin region

God Bless his soul and take him to heaven.


"Friday, October 2, 2009
Obama's Cream of Crap Soup"
SBVOR: Obama's Cream of Crap Soup

Weekend Schedule

Badger Football Saturday 11:00 pm central

Nationwide Race Kansas green flag Saturday around 2:30 pm Central

Cup Race Kansas Sunday Green Flag around 1:00pm

That is all.

Enjoy the weekend

17 inch Wheel

"Notebook: Goodyear to test a larger tire at Richmond
Hamlin warns Keselowski a week after Nationwide crash
By Joe Menzer, NASCAR.COM
October 2, 2009
11:06 PM EDT" NASCAR.COM - Notebook: Goodyear to test a larger tire at Richmond - Oct 2, 2009

The new tire is 1.5 inches wider than the current NASCAR tire, and will be run on 17-inch wheels compared to the current 15-inch configuration.

I guess the drivers would like it but holy cow, 17 inch wheel, that's like a balloon.

It's Been A Couple of Years

From Dad29 and DigiShirt
"Recent reports indicate that automakers are now using wire insulated with a soy-based product and even making seats out of similar materials. Unfortunately, it turns out that rodents like the materials even more than they like cheese.
" Dad29

Years ago I knew a friend who put D Con under his car seats. Never cleaned under the seats for years. All those old McDonald's bags.

Hope And Change Graduates

Wonder how many grads voted for Obama? From JSOnline
"College graduates hit hard during recession
By Joel Dresang of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Oct. 2, 2009

Amid worse-than-expected job losses and an unemployment rate that hit 9.8% last month, new Labor Department data Friday showed the 21-month recession is taking a greater toll on college graduates than high school dropouts." College graduates hit hard during recession - JSOnline

World Going To The Dogs

From JSOnline
"Community Bark caters to humans, canines
By Jackie Loohauis-Bennett of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Oct. 2, 2009

Frappe with your French poodle. Latte with your Lhasa. Mocha with your mutt.

Dogs get bathed and owners get Alterra at Community Bark, 326 W. Brown Deer Road, Bayside, a new business that is part dog wash, part coffee bar - the only food/Fido operation that is code compliant in Wisconsin, according to state officials.

The combo of caffeine and canines could make some folks scratch their ears. But this store makes perfect sense to dog people and to Community Bark owner Andrew Appel.

Appel had worked in marketing and sales at GE before deciding on his new enterprise, which opened Sept. 18." Dog wash and cuppa joe to go - JSOnline

Good for the people who opened the businesses but I just have to laugh at those upper eastsiders in Milwaukee. Pot, dogs and coffee on the upper east side. Yes I know it's in Bayside but sometimes you just have to laugh.

Lawyer Fee's

I know it will be reduced but how much will the lawyers get and how much will go to the family? From the Green Bay Press
"$3.7M awarded in malpractice suit
By Richard Ryman • • October 3, 2009

A Brown County jury awarded the survivors of a deceased farm worker $3.7 million Friday in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Gustavo Espinal-Santos died Jan. 1, 2004, after contracting blastomycosis, a fungal infection often transmitted through water or soil.

James Sickel of Hinkfuss Sickel Petitjean & Wieting said Espinal-Santos twice visited the Bellin Family Medical Center in Bonduel in December 2003 complaining of illness. Sickel said Espinal-Santos was seen by physician assistants who determined he had pneumonia. He said they failed to run basic diagnostic tests, specifically X-rays.

He was admitted to St. Vincent Hospital on Dec. 23, 2003, and diagnosed with blastomycosis, but too late to save his life, Sickel said.

After a four-day trial and about eight hours of deliberation, the jury found Bellin Health System and Dr. Peri Aldrich, who was responsible for overseeing the physician assistants, were negligent.

Sickel said the award will be reduced because of award caps in Wisconsin law." $3.7M awarded in malpractice suit | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Pulaski Football, Good For Them

I don't know if I should be happy or sad. My old school lost (Class of 75) to the Pulaski Red Raiders.
"Football: Fired-up Pulaski upends Jaguars
By Eric Goska • Press-Gazette correspondent • October 3, 2009

PULASKI — Ordinarily, a team doesn't spot Ashwaubenon a touchdown on the opening kickoff and have a chance to win. Usually, a club doesn't permit the Jaguars to pass for more than 300 yards and have much of a prayer.

Pulaski pulled off the unusual Friday night. The fired up Red Raiders stood up to Ashwaubenon and handed the Jaguars their first loss with a 35-34 victory in a Fox Valley Classic Conference game.

Race Noeldner scored the final touchdown on a 5-yard dash to the pylon. Holder Jake Vanderloop then put down a high snap from center Steven Schlender and Shane Reinhard booted the extra point to put Pulaski up by one.

But Pulaski had to sweat out the last 38 seconds. As he had done all night, Adam Michalski took to the air. The senior quarterback completed four passes covering 41 yards to reach the Pulaski 24-yard line. But the last, to Drew Taylor, came as time expired.

"You know what, this group has kind of carried the weight around with them for a long time — the last two years — of losing these games, and I'm so proud of them sticking together," Pulaski coach Dennis Bogacz said.

"There was never a doubt at the end of the game that they had it within themselves to come through. I couldn't be more proud of the character that they're showing every day in the way they respond to challenge."

Earlier this season, the Raiders (3-3, 3-2 FRCC) lost by a point to Manitowoc. They also lost to Green Bay Southwest on a safety.

"Well we just knew that it was our homecoming game, we have to get five wins to make the playoffs," Noeldner said. "We knew we weren't going to let up this game because we played so hard in the beginning. We had to come out strong and finish the game, and that's what we did."

Alex Lepp slipped a tackle, reversed his field and scored on an 84-yard kickoff return to open the game. Michalski was near perfect in the first half, completing nine of 11 passes for 228 yards.

Still, the Jaguars (5-1, 4-1) trailed 28-20 at halftime.

Two Ashwaubenon turnovers and a potent Raiders offense kept Pulaski out front. Jordan Butcher recovered a fumble that turned into a 14-play, 80-yard scoring drive and Noeldner returned an interception for a touchdown that put Pulaski up 21-7." Football: Fired-up Pulaski upends Jaguars | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

I guess since I live in the bunker here in Pulaski I might as well root for the home team.

Nice job men on your victory.

St Norberts, Way Out There

From the Green Bay Press
"Clergy, churches, parishioners take steps to address growing swine flu concerns

By MIKE HOEFT • • October 3, 2009

DE PERE — With the fall flu season looming, some churches are changing their practices to protect parishioners.

Flu precautions are especially evident at Old St. Joseph Church on the St. Norbert College campus in De Pere.

"We've taken away the cup, and we no longer shake hands during the sign of peace," said the Rev. Jim Baraniak.

"This parish is so different in that we are living together in such close quarters," Baraniak said of the private Catholic school on the west bank of the Fox River.

About 75 percent of the school's 2,130 students live on campus." Clergy, churches, parishioners take steps to address growing swine flu concerns | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Go figure from one of the most left leaning schools in Wisconsin. And it's a catholic school to boot. One more way for the left to eliminate religion.

If people don't want to shake hands fine. If they don't want wine, fine. It's their call. But to ban it all together! Yes I am catholic and yes I am embarrassed about some of the CRAP that comes out of that school. I wonder how deep is ACORN at St Norbert's? How many students participate in their faith at St Norbert's is the bigger question. Do they wear it on the sleeve? Spoiled brats at St Norbert's!

God save us all. Sorry Lord for my comments, I ask for your forgiveness.

Bozo's in Madison.

From WBAY.
"State Adds Fee to Electric Bills
Updated: Oct 02, 2009 9:59 AM CDT
State Adds Fee to Utility Bills
By Matt Smith

A new fee appearing this week on your electric bill goes toward nothing to do with electricity. It's a provision recently passed in the state budget.

You may not even notice it, the new line item added to your electric bill.

It's a monthly fee charged to both residents and businesses to help pay district attorneys statewide. " State Adds Fee to Electric Bills - WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News:

Can you believe these bozo's from our area.
Assembly Majority Leader Tom Nelson says, "Without this funding, the state would have lost district attorneys, seriously threatening the public's safety."

Senator Hansen calls the fee a public benefit while maintaining that the state Democrats didn't raise taxes.

"We didn't raise any income taxes except on the higher income and we didn't raise any sales taxes," he said.

The electric companies had no say in this. In fact, some are directing customers to the state Department of Administration for questions about this fee.

It's being called a two-year fee -- at least for now.

They didn't raise taxes and it's not a tax, huh! Just in case you want to thank these gentlemen for giving you anther tax, here is where to contact them.

David Hansen
30th Senate District

Madison Office
Room 18 South
State Capitol
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882

Voting Address
920 Coppens Road
Green Bay, WI 54303
(608) 266-5670 Or
(866) 221-9395

District Telephone
(920) 492-2200
(608) 267-6791

Thomas Nelson
5th Assembly District

Madison Office
Room 214 West
State Capitol
P.O. Box 8953
Madison, WI 53708

Voting Address
1510 Orchard Dr.
Kaukauna, WI 54130
(608) 266-2418 Or
(888) 534-0005

District Telephone
(920) 759-7404
(608) 282-3605

Friday, October 02, 2009

Let's All Be Cool And Collective About This

"KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Mark Martin has another pole in his race to win the Chase.

Martin turned a lap of 175.758 mph on a cool, windy Friday on the 1.5-mile oval at Kansas Speedway, earning his career-best seventh pole of the season.

The 50-year-old will start on the front row with teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr. in Sunday's Price Chopper 400, the third of 10 races in the Chase.

Martin has won five times this season and holds a 10-point lead on three-time defending Cup champion Jimmie Johnson, who qualified 11th.

Earnhardt, who hasn't won since Michigan last year, gets his best starting position this season. Brad Keselowski qualified third.

Five of the top 10 qualifiers are in the Chase." NASCAR.COM - Martin on pole at Kansas, his career-best seventh - Oct 2, 2009

Hope and Change

From Yahoo.
"U.S. Sept non-farm payrolls plunge 263,000
* On Friday October 2, 2009, 8:32 am EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. employers cut a deeper-than-expected 263,000 jobs in September, lifting the unemployment rate to 9.8 percent, according to a government report on Friday that fueled fears the weak labor market could undermine economic recovery." U.S. Sept non-farm payrolls plunge 263,000 - Yahoo! Finance

Looking For New Slogan

From The Green Bay Press. The state is saying,"We made a mistake, guess we have to spend some more tax payers money to find another one."
"State puts new tourism slogan on the bench 'Live like you mean it' under further review after criticism

By RYAN J. FOLEY • The Associated Press • October 2, 2009

MADISON — The Department of Tourism has temporarily sidelined the state slogan, "Live like you mean it," as officials ponder its future just months after it was unveiled and then widely mocked.

The phrase and accompanying logo, showing a silhouette figure doing a cartwheel across letters spelling out Wisconsin, are missing from the department's fall ad campaign and its main Web site." State puts new tourism slogan on the bench | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

How about,


Philippines Foreign Policy

Why the hold up on Afghanistan President Obama? Now this?
The Pine River World News
"US storms troops into the Philippines
By Al Labita

MANILA - The arrival of about 3,000 US Marines in the Philippines next week for training and humanitarian missions in the wake of recent floods has some Filipino officials wary that the soldiers could be diverted to war-torn Sulu island, where Islamic extremists recently killed two US soldiers. The scheduled deployment represents five times the number of US troops currently stationed in the Philippines.

The US deaths have sparked fears that Washington aims to ramp up its presence and retaliate against suspected Abu Sayyaf rebels, whom the US and European Union have identified as an international terrorist organization with links to al-Qaeda. Those concerns have renewed calls among legislators to either scrap or renegotiate the terms of the Philippines-US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA). " Asia Times Online :: Southeast Asia news and business from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam

Hold On Dear, Wait A Little Longer

We can't make the game in Green Bay on 11/1 so we're waiting for the hype to climax. This is a strictly business here people. It's Mrs Berry Lakers tickets and she needs the price to rise a little more before she sells her two tickets. Two single seats at the end of row 26 and 32. Six to ten yard line on the north west corner. Best part, no fighting people to go get a beer or go to the bathroom. Right next to the tunnel. From the Green Bay Press.
"Garrity has sold tickets and tour packages to fans from 46 states for Favre's visit to Lambeau Field. It's an event he's calling a "sports spectacle" and appeals to sports fans beyond supporters of each team.

Tickets start at $225 and climb as high as $500 for mid-field seats." Fans snap up tickets to Monday's Packers-Vikings showdown | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

"I Wish Our Washington Republicans Were This Disciplined!"

Was It Slept - Slept

Hey Whoopi, is slept - slept the same as rape - rape?
From the New York Post
"Letterman reveals $2M 'sextortion' plot


Last Updated: 6:39 AM, October 2, 2009

Posted: 3:37 AM, October 2, 2009
David Letterman dropped an on-air bombshell last night -- admitting he had slept with his "Late Show" female staffers, and revealing he was the victim of a $2 million shakedown plot over the shocking affairs.
Letterman reveals $2M 'sextortion' plot

One less show to watch, move along

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sausage, Cheese, Pork and Rice

"Pawlenty, Doyle wagering on weekend football
Last update: October 1, 2009 - 4:34 PM

With two days of cross-border football looming, the governors of Minnesota and Wisconsin are engaging in the time-honored polaitical gimmick of wagering home state products on the outcome of the games.

The offices of Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Gov. Jim Doyle announced today that they're betting food on the Minnesota-Wisconsin game Saturday. Two days later, when the Vikings and the Green Bay Packers meet, they've put beer on the line.

At stake in the college game at TCF Bank Stadium will be Doyle's offer of Usinger's sausages and Carr Valley cheeses, versus Pawlenty's pork tenderloin from Hormel and Minnesota wild rice.

On Monday, beer, brands unspecified, are at stake.

Both governors offered canned remarks about the bet.

"In addition to two Minnesota victories, state officials will be on hand to welcome thousands of Wisconsinites who will likely decide to defect to Minnesota," Pawlenty is quoted as saying."

Doyle's response: "Of course there are many deep, important reasons why Wisconsin will be counting on the Badgers and the Packers to win, but not least among them is that we're all intrigued by what 'Minnesota beer' might be,"" Pawlenty, Doyle wagering on weekend football |

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf

From JSOnline
"The hearing was the latest sign that Democrats who control the Legislature are not afraid to challenge the administration of Gov. Jim Doyle, a fellow Democrat. They have been increasingly willing to vent frustration publicly since Doyle surprised them in June by vetoing their plan to create a Milwaukee County transit authority that could levy a sales tax." Lawmakers outraged by state contracting costs - JSOnline

It's all for show, move on.

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