Saturday, August 13, 2011

Aaron Rogers A Conservative

From the Green Bay Press.

Two points about the visit by the Green Bay Packers to the White House with Obama.

 Woodson presented Obama with a stock certificate for a share in the Green Bay franchise, the only publicly owned team in the National Football League. The president also received a team jersey with No. 1 and “Commander in Chief” on it.

First, what will Obama do with the stock certificate? Try to sell it. It's worth more than the US Dollar.

Second. did anyone notice Aaron Rogers was standing on the right side on the steps going up to the White House. The MVP and he wasn't front and center with the prez. Makes you wonder.

“Being a history major, this is a special experience to be in the White House. It’s incredible, “ Rodgers told reporters later. “To do it with the guys you spent so much time with and went through so much together, it’s a special, special day.” Asked what he thinks Obama will do with a jersey from the archrivals of his favorite team, Rodgers didn’t hold out much hope. “I’m not sure this one’s going to make a wall or even a first storage unit,” he said. “Might be in one of the backup storage units.”

A packer jersey in the back up storage unit! Batta bing, botta boom, Right out the writers from Jay Leno. 

If Rogers is a history major then he was away from the prez because of what the president is doing to this country. A true history expert knows what is happening to this country. He wanted nothing to do with Obama. 

Seems Aaron Rogers is showing his conservative political views. 

Way to go # 12. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

White House Has Empty Seats

Watching the live feed of the Green Bay Packers visiting Obama at the White House. 

When everyone sits, there are empty seats to the lower left of the screen.

Wonder Why?

Jim Holperin Giving Up On His Election Bid

Once in a while the Shawano Leader let's the cat out of the bag even if they don't know it. Seems the people of Shawano will get a tax rate decrease because of Scott Walker and the republicans legislation from this past spring.  Seems Jim Holperin is not sure if that is good for the people of Wisconsin. 

First, why did the Leader ask Holperin this question? He doesn't represent the Shawano school district. Besides that, seems Jim is more concerned about the teachers union then the people of Wisconsin. 

"Does the tax rate decrease indicate his plan is working?

Not surprisingly, local legislators offered differing opinions.

Sen. Jim Holperin, D-Conover, said the plan may be working, but the budget changes meant less revenue for Shawano School District.

“That was our concern,” said Holperin, who opposed the budget repair bill. As property tax rates fall, it “usually — not every case, but usually — means less revenue for school districts to operate the schools on. It’s good news, I guess, for the property taxpayers of the state; it’s not so good news for the school districts of the state.”"

Second, Holperin thinks the Walker plan may be working? Jim, so you agree with Governor Walker?  Hell is freezing over.

Mrs B made a good point. Seems Jim Holperin isn't even trying to get elected. Did he give up on the election five days before the election?  This is telling. 

Then Holperin is not sure if a tax rate decrease is good? Holy cow. 

Jim Holperin is out of touch with his voters and needs to be given his pink slip on Tuesday. 

This would be a GREAT commercial to run before Tuesday. 

People of Wisconsin get a tax decrease and Jim Holperin says, "It’s good news, I guess, for the property taxpayers of the state"! 

Jim, give us a straight answer. Is it or is it not good for tax payers. Is Holperin for the people of Wisconsin or for the unions who are giving him money?  

I guess it's time for Kim Simac to represent us in Madsion. 

Vote Simac August 16th.

Wis Dog Depredations by Wolves Heating Up

Here's another to add to the list. 

2011 Current Dog Depredations by Wolves in Wisconsin - WDNR:

"8/11/11 Monroe County
 Starlight 1 dog injured
(Lab, female, 10 years)"

Still haven't heard anything more about HWY Q Washington / Waukesha Cty horse killing  as of today. Trying to get the media in southeastern Wisconsin to dig into this. 

Herb Kohl, Hillary For President?

Quotes from Herb in Hudson. Seems Herb awoke from his slumber.
From Hudson Star Observer. 

Did Herb really say this? 

“It’s been an honor and privilege to serve,” Kohl said. “I truly love my job, but it’s time to give someone else a chance to serve – a person should not get too attached to a public office.”

So Kohl has been in Washington for 24 years and now he thinks people should not get too attached to public office. You can't make this stuff up. So how many years is a long enough time to serve? Wow!

Regarding the United States economy, Kohl said there is a need for a new direction to conduct the economy.

So Herb woke up and throws president Obama under the bus? Herb is saying we need a different president to get the economy going in another direction. Why hasn't he said these things before? What will other dems say about this? 

Is Herb saying Hillary should run next year? 

So when will Hillary resign to run for the president?   

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holperin Not Sure, Then Knows His Voters

WJFW TV-12, WJFWDT 12.1 and Newswatch 12 - Stories

"And Holperin acknowledges it will be a close race as both candidates try to sway the undecided voters one way or the other.

'I've found that as I've traveled around the district over the past two or three months, that more than in any other election I've been involved in, people know how they're going to vote,' Holperin says. 'They know how they feel about me, they know how they feel about my opponent and they were ready to vote three months ago.'

And those voters won't have to wait long to cast their ballot."

Jim here makes a couple of assumptions. First, so he traveled the last two or three months in his district. Since he doesn't visit his district very much, he's not sure how long he's been campaigning.  He admits that's the most he has ever campaigned? What's he done before? Seems Jim is out of touch with his voters.  

Second, he knows how his constituents feel about him? 

You bet Jim, we didn't like you running off to Illinois instead of doing your work in Madison. Time to send you back to private life.

Vote Kim Simac Tuesday.



Another Dem Goes Missing

From Eau Claire Leader. Word yesterday was Sandy Pasch never made any comments about her lost campaign  to Alberta Darling. Sandy went AWOL. So what happened in western Wisconsin? Harsdorf whipped Moore and what happens? 

Both parties claim victory after recall elections - Leader-Telegram: Front Page

"Sen. Sheila Harsdorf, R-River Falls, who defeated Democratic challenger Shelly Moore of River Falls by a 58 to 42 percent total, didn't hesitate sharing her opinion as to what message 10th Senate District voters were sending by handing her the decisive victory.

'I think the voters had spoken in the last election and they reaffirmed that message last night,' Harsdorf said Wednesday. 'The people of the 10th District asked us to get our fiscal house in order, and they recognize that Wisconsin is on the right track.'

Though Moore couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday, Democratic party leaders offered an entirely different take on what they termed an uphill election in which Republican incumbents held huge advantages, including long-time incumbency and districts that clearly were GOP-leaning in their makeup."

So where is Shelly Moore for a comment? Couldn't be reached? 

Should we put her on a milk carton as being missing? 

Insert picture of your favorite Wisconsin Democrat.
We can only smile at the lefts superiority.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dewy Moment In Wisconsin

Shawano Leader Moment.

The online edition still has one of the Dewy headline moments in last nights State Senate Election.

From the AP via Shawano Leader this morning.

Dems on verge of winning Senate control

Someone over at the Leader must of been hoping last night. Wonder how Tim feels today.

Thank You Wisconsin Voters

Jay over at 1130 wisn is giving kudos to the republican party, grass roots workers, women in the republican party, etc, etc, etc. and they deserve a big thanks but the real 

goes to the voters of Wisconsin.

The voters who went out and voted to keep Wisconsin going forward. Every election for the past year the talking heads told us every election, "will republicans come out and vote? Will the silent majority come out to vote? Will we go back to the Jim Doyle days of Wisconsin. 

The people voted in Scott Walker and the republican change in the Wisconsin legislature. They voted in David Prosser. Last night 4 of 6 republicans kept their seats. They kept their seats because the silent majority, the tea party, the conservatives came out to vote. The voters knew what was on the line and came out and made their voice heard. Good job.


again, voters of Wisconsin. 

Now it's time for us to take back the two democrat senate seats this coming Tuesday. Get out the vote August 16th.

Update : 8:10 am. Alberta Darling called into Jay Weber's show and thanked the voters. Darling is a real class person, good to see.  A lot of people can say "your welcome" Alberta.

Update 9:15 am : Charlie Sykes 620 WTMJ thanking voters in Richfield, Men Falls and other areas. Good show Charlie. The voters say your welcome Charlie. 

What The Hell Is Cowles Saying

From the Green Bay Press. Rob Cowles won 56 to 43, with 51.7 percent of active registered voters casting ballots which you don't read until the twelfth paragraph. Cowles trounced Nusbaum! This wasn't a close vote! The right spoke with their votes! Then the last two paragraphs we read this from Cowles.  

 Regardless of the outcome Tuesday night, Cowles — long considered one of the more moderate members of his party — said both sides need to begin working together and putting the past six months behind them.

“It’s my inclination to work with people. I know it’s going to be difficult to put the wounds behind us,” he said. "But I think in talking to my colleagues the last few days, I think there’s a strong will to do that.”

What the heck is he talking about? Has he lost his mind?  "Work with people", "put the wounds behind us", say what? The dems, unions, teachers were out to throw him out of office. They were willing to spend as much money as they could, say anything they wanted and would do anything to boot Cowles out of office, and he wants to get along? Talking about "putting the wounds behind us", voters of the right have been castigated, spit on, swore at and he wants the people who voted for him to just forget what they did to him and the silent majority. What the heck are you saying Rob? You won, they lost! 

Cowles won, Nusbaum lost and we can stick our finger at the unions for what they did to the people of Wisconsin! Did he forget Madison this past spring? Did he forget people getting death threats? Did he forget the damage to the capitol? 

Now is not the time for compromise! We have the dems with their tails between their legs and we will not turn the other cheek! 

Rob Cowles won his election because the people of his district want to take this state forward, not backwards and work with democrats. If Cowles wants those same votes next year, he better change his mind set and do the work the voters sent him to Madison for. If he doesn't change there will be someone running against him in the next election.

Republicans 4 of 6, Get Out The Crying Towel

JSOnline reports last nights election results. After dems, unions and the Obama administration spent how many millions of dollars and could not take over the Wisconsin senate. 

Call me a wambulance!!!!!!!!!!!

Republicans take 4 of 6 in recall elections, hold Senate - JSOnline:

"Democrats won two state Senate seats in Tuesday's historic recall elections, but failed to capture a third seat that would have given them control of the chamber.

By keeping a majority in the Senate, Republicans retained their monopoly on state government because they also hold the Assembly and governor's office. Tuesday's elections narrowed their majority - at least for now - from 19-14 to a razor-thin 17-16.

Republicans may be able to gain back some of the losses next week, when two Democrats face recall elections.

Democrats had hoped to block the Republican agenda by taking control of the Senate in the recall elections, but the GOP should be able to continue to advance its agenda."

Question. Will dems spend big money to hold the two Dem Wisconsin state senate seats in next weeks elections? 

In northern Wisconsin we vote for 

Send Jim Holperin home next Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Froedtert Update

Had some GREAT friends and readers wonder about son # 1 who is still at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. Thank you for your concerns. I need to thank the everyone helping Son # 1. The main doctor is doing everything he can for our boy. 

Well, it's day 8 and today he is getting an ulta sound done on some of his incisions. They think he might have some infection. If it shows positive on infection he goes back into surgery for the fourth time.  

Hang in there son, you'll get through this and be better for it. Your dads very proud of you. 

I'm waiting this fall to take you to a top level golf course with your brother for 18, a cart, on me. How about we see some playoff games this fall with the Brewers and watch them win the World Series. You need to see your hero Ryan Braun, maybe get you a Zack Greinke shirt.

Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.    

Lord, please help him.

Wisconsin, Get Out and Vote

Election day for some state senate races. 

If you want to go back to the days of Jim Doyle

 and a $3 billion budget deficit then stay home. If you want to see Wisconsin prosper then get out and vote for the republicans that saved our state. 

Voter districts and information here. 

Sunday, August 07, 2011

'I Wouldn't Wish This On Anyone"

I cannot comment on this. From CNN via Drudge.

'I wouldn't wish this on anyone,' Navy SEAL widow says
By Alan Duke, CNN

Link to video.

God Bless these brave people.

Wisconsin HWY Q Wolf / Horse Attack

Possible Wolf?

Has anyone seen or heard of a horse killed around the Waukesha / Washington County line HWY Q, where a horse might of been killed by a possible wolf in southeastern Wisconsin? 

Any leads or information, let me know. Heard a rumor about this yesterday from someone who lives in the area. 

Was it a wolf? Was it a coyote?

What is the WDNR saying about it? 

That's all I know for now. 

NASCAR / ESPN Tramples On U S Soldiers

Around 11:45 am central time. 

Watching the Sprint Cup pre race on ESPN they were interviewing David Ragan # 6. and in the background they were playing taps for the crowd. I can only assume they were playing taps for the killed soldiers in Afghanistan from this past weekend. Why else this weekend would they be playing taps at a NASCAR event?

How can ESPN disrespect the people who gave their lives for their country. The producers and the
T V people should of stopped the interview and carried the playing of taps for every American that was watching their pre race program. 

If NASCAR cares about the people who are in the armed forces , ESPN needs to give an apology for being such air heads. 

My God, American servicemen were killed.  

NASCAR got all bent out of shape over the minister in Nashville but they let ESPN trample on spirit of the US Armed forces.

NASCAR, your better then that. ESPN, you have no excuse. 

Someone tell me I'm wrong on what I heard on ESPN

Farmers Get Who They Vote For

I see this article about new regulations for farmers. From JSOnline.

Farmers thrash idea of commercial licenses - JSOnline:

 "Tim Strobel has been driving a tractor for 20 years, so he's a bit puzzled that federal officials are kicking around an idea that could ultimately force him - and anyone else operating farm machinery - to get a commercial driver's license.

Yes, the same kind of license that interstate truckers must have to operate their rigs.

'I am not against some training, but this is going a little bit overboard,' said Strobel, a dairy farmer from Watertown.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has been collecting public comments on the notion, which the agency insists doesn't yet merit being called a 'proposal.'

But it's far enough along that the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, state Agriculture Secretary Ben Brancel, and a bipartisan group of 21 U.S. senators, among others, are speaking out against it.

Farm Bureau officials say Transportation Department proposals aimed at reclassifying agricultural machinery as commercial motor vehicles could lead to a requirement that farmers get a commercial license to move equipment on roads between fields and to their local grain mills.

It's 'overreaching and unnecessary,' said Karen Gefvert, Wisconsin Farm Bureau director of governmental relations."

Huh, So farmers don't mind milk subsidies, ethanol subsidies and all the other handouts they get from the government. You don't say! 

 Now the arm of big brother tells them to get a CDL and they say it is overreaching? 

You can't have it your way all the time. 

Keep voting for democrats and RINO's and this is what you get! What will they make farmers do next ?