Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hillary Turned 68, Who Really Cares?????

Hillary Clinton in Concord, New Hampshire
Hillary Clinton in Concord, New Hampshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hill turned 68.

Hillary Clinton to Celebrate 68th Birthday With a Fund-Raiser 

Who Really cares??????? Not most Americans!!!!!

Did the Trump send her a Happy B Day?

President Reagan Played With The Soviets In 1983

Had the Soviet's on the run. The headline.

In 1983 ‘war scare,’ Soviet leadership feared nuclear surprise attack by U.S.

President Reagan sure knew how to toy with the Soviets. Remember this joke by the President?


Is Hillary Feeling "The Bern"

Bernie unloads on the Clinton's in Iowa.

"Feel The Bern"

Story at Politico.

No Packer Game

It's a bye week and the Packers are off.

World Series doesn't stat till Tuesday,

What do we do today?

Oh well, Talladega is on this afternoon.

Go # 22!

Wisconsin Black Students Fall Further

Why is this happening in Wisconsin? Who's to blame? The headline.

Wisconsin graduation gap between white, black students tops in nation
Preliminary data shows the state's overall graduation rate for the 2013-2014 school year went up to 88.6 percent. While the rate for white students improved to 92.9 percent, the graduation for black students held steady (66.1%), meaning they fell further behind. 

Read more at WTAQ.

Question, who is running the State's Department of Education?

Question, what good are the teachers unions doing for Wisconsin students?

Question, with Milwaukee and Madison having the highest number of black students, who is running Milwaukee and Madison, republicans or democrats?

Question, how many promises do democrats make to get people to vote for them?

Question, what does voting for democrats do for the poor children and in this case, black students in Wisconsin?

No, this is not the fault of Scott Walker and Republicans from Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Pot With Colorado Ties

Hemp, Pot? What ever you want to call it, it seems the Obama administration took action against the Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin.

Officials with the Drug Enforcement Agency say the plants were high-grade marijuana plants. Menominee Tribal Chairman Gary Besaw says no, that was industrial hemp. 
On Friday, bulldozers were filling dump trucks with the plants from a field just west of Suring.
According to the DEA, the pot growing operation was led by growers from Colorado.

The full story from WTAQ.

Wow, why would the tribe bring in people from Colorado? Is there money being exchanged for services? There are plenty of people in the area that would grow pot for free.

Tribe not happy. If the Menominee are mad about the Feds taking their hemp, why not shut down the reservation like in the 1970's? Block all the roads and protest the government! Oh, that's right, there's a casino in Keshena. Can't kick the gamblers out of the county.

With Menominee being the poorest county in Wisconsin, why do the people of the Menominee Nation put up with leadership that can't seem to do anything good for it's people. And why do the voters of the county since the beginning of time always vote for democrats who keep them poor, and government dependent just for their vote?