Saturday, October 24, 2015

RIP, Maureen O'Hara at 95

A real Hollywood loss.

Maureen O'Hara, the Queen of Technicolor, Dies at 95 Who will never forget Miracle on 34th Street, Great films with the Duke and many other great films. Thank you Ms. O'Hara. Surely Missed.

Survey Says, Jeb Having Problems, Is It Time To Drop??????

It would seem Jeb is having problems with the campaign.

From USA Today.

Jeb Bush says he is making campaign 'adjustment'
Staff reductions and pay cuts.

Survey says????????? Is it time for Jeb Bush to quit the campaign?


Fox Cities The Drive No More, It's Now "JACK" Crap

What do we do now! They took the Drive off the air!

From All Access 

MIDWEST COMMUNICATIONS Classic Rock WYDR/GREEN BAY has flipped to Adult Hits 94.3 JACK-FM, effective at noon (CT)

94.3 JACK-FM will operate without disc jockeys but all music is locally programmed, merging thousands of hit songs from the '70s, '80s, '90s, '00’s and current, with a playlist "four times larger than the typical NORTHEAST WISCONSIN radio station. MIDWEST COMMUNICATIONS' NASHVILLE station WCJK (96.3 JACK-FM), has proven extremely successful in that market.

Why do I want to hear Michel Jackson or any music from the "00"? Where is Classic Rock!

I guess 105.3 WRLO out of Rhinlander is the only and last Classic Rock in Northern Wisconsin.

Jack FM is Jack CRAP! Time to delete from bookmarks

Voting For President Obama Get's You This

The last two presidential elections results from Menominee County, a reservation in north central Wisconsin gave the election overwhelmingly to President Obama. In fact the people of Menominee county vote almost 100% democrat every election. We do give credit for a handful on the reservation for not always towing the democrat line. There are some brave people who vote republican or conservative.

What does voting democrat and helping President Obama get elected twice get you in return?

Federal raid of hemp sparks outrage by Menominee tribe

The story was from WTAQ.

The tribe is having fits with President Obama on this. We also post a statement here from the Menominee Tribe from the Wheeler Report.

Paybacks are HE**!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back To The Future 2015, Ties To Calumet Michigan

Since today is Back To The Future day, 2015, we give you some future trivia information concerning the head of discipline and Calumet Michigan. 

James Stewart Tolkan (born June 20, 1931) is an American actor, often cast as a strict, overbearing, bald-headed authority figure.

Tolkan was born in Calumet, Michigan, the son of Marjorie and Ralph M. Tolkan,[3] a cattle dealer, and attended the University of Iowa, Coe College, the Actors Studio and Eastern Arizona College.[4] Tolkan currently lives in Lake Placid, New York. 

See complete Wikipedia.

What other famous person is from Calumet Michigan?

Hint, he was played by Ronald Reagan in a movie! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Walker, Republicans, Democrats and The Media

We find this at Rush It starts around 17 - 18 minutes in hour 2. It's an interesting read or listen at his site. The discussion really hits home with a lot of voters in this country and in the state of Wisconsin.

Caller: George W. Bush gave us Obama. Bush didn’t fight back against smears.

The bottom line, George W. Bush let the democrats and the media roll all over. He wouldn't stand up to negative attacks that were not true. 

We wonder why in Wisconsin, Scott Walker and most in the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly let the democrats and the media roll them almost all of the time? It was a joke in the Wiscosnin Senate today while they were voting on amendments to the States John Doe laws.

What do they get? John Doe, lies about the budget surplus, and on and on and on! Obviously Scott Walker was not ready for Washington. Walker got rolled by democrats and the media and decided to take his toys and went home.

When will republicans stand up to democrats. In Wisconsin and in Washington. 

It's like, the 8th District Congressman in Wisconsin is proud he is a No Labels guy who just wants to get along with democrats! We didn't send a carpetbagger to Washington to get along with the left!

Wisconsin Democrats Busy At John Doe Hearing, Coupon Watch

Watching Wisconsin Eye on the John Doe tabling of Democratic amendments, we see how hard Wisconsin democrats are working against t.

While Sen. Lena Taylor is speaking, looks like Sen. Tim Carpenter is looking through coupons from his Sunday paper or this weeks ads from a local Target, Walmart or Farm and Fleet.

If you go back to Wisconsin Eye, Sen. Taylor is speaking at 3:15 pm, you can see Carpenter page through some adds and not focusing on the business his constituents sent him there to perform.

Link to Wiscosnin Eye

The hearing is just a scam by Wisconsin democrats. We don't understand how republicans are letting this sham pass. If the shoe was on the other foot, would democrats let republicans speak? Taylor, Carpenter, Lassa and Fred Risser would tell them , you lost, so sad, too bad!

Two Election Clerks Want To Keep Wisconsin GAB

Major breaking news! The following headline.

Election clerks register support for state’s embattled Government Accountability Board

So two election clerks, one, out of 72 counties in the state and one from the hundreds of cities and voting districts in the state want to keep the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board as is. Notice the two are from Dane County. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

And this is a news story?