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Oh @#$%


Minnesota dems, well forget it.

"Oops! Minn. Dems' news release has profane link
Aug 1 03:50 AM US/Eastern

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Next time, Minnesota's Democratic Party says, it will closely check its Internet links before sending news releases.

The party on Thursday recalled a statement criticizing Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty because it mistakenly linked to a profane YouTube video of an elderly Chinese woman repeating obscenities.

Andrew O'Leary, executive director of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, as the Democratic Party is known in Minnesota, says the link was provided by an outside researcher.

He says the party did not check the link before sending the release to the news media.

O'Leary says the party "obviously made a mistake."

The release challenged Pawlenty, a potential 2012 presidential candidate, for criticizing President Barack Obama at a Republican National Committee meeting. "
Oops! Minn. Dems' news release has profane link

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Welcome to Farm Life.

God, it's been a long time since I worked on a farm.

You have to thank the farmers for keeping food on the table.

Thank You Farm Life for taking me back in time.

This is a Case 730. I think my dad had a Case 1030 back in 1960, 61 or 62.

Health Care Questions For Congresman Kagen, Wis. 8th

It started with "I Got Your Questions Right Here" from Lakeshore Laments. Now Ol' Broad takes us to the next step. Specific sections and page numbers of the house health care bill.

Now here is somethings we can ask Congressman Kagen at his listening sessions on
Monday and Tuesday. Let's see if he brings a copy of the bill and will anyone ask him if he read it?

Driving Map to Green Bay session Monday, August 3, 2009, 7:00 PM

Driving Map to Appleton session. Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 10:00 AM
From An Ol' Broad's Rambling. For those who doubt.
HR 3200 Should NEVER See The Light Of Day! , An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings
I will highlight some for you to think about. It's long but well worth the read.

If you need something to put on your a sign, try section, page # and two or three words like Sec 122 Page 29 "No Health Rationing"

Remember when making signs, keep it short and sweet. Don't write a book. Remember the KISS method. "Keep It Simple Stupid"

If you care about your freedom, BE THERE Monday, Tuesday or both listening sessions.

I also copied all of the pdf so the MSM can do their homework for Monday and Tuesday. Sorry, won't happen, wishful thinking.

Obama Administration’s Health Care Plan
HR 3200 currently under consideration in the House of Representatives

• Sec. 113, Pg. 21-22 of the Health Care (HC) Bill MANDATES a government audit of the books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self-insure in order to “ensure that the law does not provide incentives for small and mid-size employers to self-insure”!
• Sec. 122, Pg. 29, Lines 4-16 - YOUR HEALTH CARE WILL BE RATIONED!
• Sec. 123, Pg. 30 - THERE WILL BE A GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE deciding what treatments and benefits you get.
• Sec. 142, Pg. 42 - The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your benefits for you. You have no choice!
• Sec. 152, Pg. 50-51 - HC will be provided to ALL NON-US citizens.
• Sec. 163, Pg. 58-59 beginning at line 5 - Government will have real-time access to individual’s finances & a National ID health care card will be issued!
• Sec. 163, Pg. 59, Lines 21-24 - Government will have direct access to your bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.
• Sec. 164, Pg. 65 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in unions & community organizations (ACORN).
• Sec. 201, Pg. 72, Lines 8-14 - Government is creating an HC Exchange to bring private plans under government control.

• Sec. 203, Pg. 84 - Government mandates ALL benefit packages for private Health Care plans in the exchange.
• Sec. 203, Pg. 85, Line 7 - Specifications of benefit levels for plans means that the government will define your HC plan and has the ability to ration your health care!
• Sec. 205, Pg. 95, Lines 8-18 - The government will use groups (i.e., ACORN & AmeriCorps) to “inform and educate” (sign up) individuals for government plan.
• Sec. 205, Pg. 102, Lines 12-18 - Medicaid-eligible individuals will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid. No freedom to choose.
• Sec. 223, Pg. 124, Lines 24-25 - No company can sue the government for price-fixing. No “administrative of judicial review” against a government monopoly.
• Sec. 225, Pg. 127, Lines 1-16 - Doctors – the government will tell YOU what you can make. “The Secretary shall provide for the annual participation of physicians under the public health insurance option, for which payment may be made for services furnished during the year.”
• Sec. 312, Pg. 145, Lines 15-17 - Employers MUST auto-enroll employees into public option plan.
• Sec. 313, Pg. 149, Lines 16-23 - ANY employer with payroll $400,000 and above who does not provide public option pays 8% tax on all payroll.
• Sec. 313, Pg. 150, Lines 9-13 - Businesses with payroll between $251,000 and $400,000 who do not provide public option pay 2-6% tax on all payroll.
• Sec. 401.59B, Pg. 167, Lines 18-23 - ANY individual who does not have acceptable care, according to government, will be taxed 2.5% of income.
• Sec. 59B, Pg. 170, Line 1 - Any NONRESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes. (Americans will pay for their health care.)
• Sec. 431, Pg. 195, Lines 1-3 - Officers and employees of HC Administration (government) will have access to ALL Americans’ financial and personal records.
• Sec. 441, Pg. 203, Lines 14-15 - “The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax.” Yes, it says that.
• Sec. 1121, Pg. 239, Lines 14-24 - The government will limit and reduce physician services for Medicaid. Seniors, low income and poor are the ones affected.
• Sec. 1121, Pg. 241, Lines 6-8 - Doctors, it does not matter what specialty you have; you’ll all be paid the same. “Service categories established under this paragraph shall apply without regard to the specialty of the physician furnishing the service.”
• Sec. 1122, Pg. 253, Lines 10-23 - The government “validates work relative value units” (sets value of doctor’s time), professional judgment, methods etc. (defining the value of humans).
• Sec. 1131, Pg. 265 - Government mandates and controls productivity for private HC industries. “Incorporating Productivity Improvements into Market Basket Updates that Do Not Already Incorporate Such Improvements.”
• Sec. 1141, Pg. 268 - The government regulates rental and purchase of power-driven wheelchairs.
• Sec. 1145, Pg. 272 - Treatment of certain cancer hospitals: Cancer patients and their treatment are open to rationing!
• Sec. 1151, Pg. 280 - The government will penalize hospitals for what government deems preventable readmissions (incentives for hospital to not treat and release).
• Sec. 1151, Pg. 298, Lines 9-11 - Doctors, treat a patient during initial admission that results in a readmission and the government will penalize you for that action.
• Sec. 1156, Pg. 317, Lines 13-20 - “PROHIBITION on physician ownership or Investment.” Government tells doctors what/how much they can own.
• Sec. 1156, Pg. 317-318, Lines 21-25, 1-3 - “PROHIBITION on Expansion of Facility Capacity.” The government will mandate that hospitals cannot expand (“number of operating rooms or beds”).
• Sec. 1156, Pg. 321, Lines 2-13 - Hospitals have opportunity to apply for exception BUT community input required.
• Sec. 1162, Pg. 335-339, Lines 16-25 - The government mandates establishment of outcome-based measures. Rationing.
• Sec. 1162, Pg. 341, Lines 3-9 - The government has authority to disqualify Medicare Advantage Plans (Part B), HMOs, etc. This will force people into a government plan.

“The Secretary may determine not to identify a Medicare Advantage plan if the Secretary has identified deficiencies in the plan’s compliance with rules for such plans under this part.”
• Sec. 1177, Pg. 354 - Government will RESTRICT enrollment of special needs people! “Extension of Authority of Special Needs Plans to Restrict Enrollment.”
• Sec. 1191, Pg. 379 - Government creates more bureaucracy – “Telehealth Advisory Committee.” HC by phone or the Internet – dial 1 for your health care advice?
• Sec. 1233, Pg. 425, Lines 4-12 - Government mandates Advance (Death) Care Planning consultation. Think Senior Citizens and end of life. END-OF-LIFE COUNSELING. SOME IN THE ADMINISTRATION HAVE ALREADY DISCUSSED RATIONING HEALTH CARE FOR THE ELDERLY.
• Sec. 1233, Pg. 425, Lines 17-19 - Government WILL instruct and consult regarding living wills and durable powers of attorney. Mandatory end-of-life planning!
• Sec. 1233, Pg. 425-426, Lines 22-25, 1-3 - Government provides approved list of end-of-life resources, guiding you in death.
• Sec. 1233, Pg. 427, Lines 15-24 - Government mandates program for orders for life-sustaining treatment (i.e. end of life). The government has a say in how your life ends.
• Sec. 1233, Pg. 429, Lines 1-9 - An “advanced care planning consult” will be used as patient’s health deteriorates.
• Sec. 1233, Pg. 429, Lines 10-12 - “Advanced Care Consultation” may include an ORDER for end-of-life plans - from the government.
• Sec. 1233, Pg. 429, Lines 13-25 - The government will specify which Doctors (professional authority under state law includes Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistants) can write an end-of-life order.
• Sec. 1233, Pg. 430, Lines 11-15 - The government will decide what level of treatment you will have at end of life, according to preset methods (not individually decided).
• Sec. 1302, Pg. 468, Lines 16-21 - “Community-Based Home Medical Services means a nonprofit community-based or state-based organization.”

• Sec. 1302, Pg. 472, Lines 14-17 - PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANIZATION: One monthly payment to a community-based organization. Like ACORN?
• Sec. 1308, Pg. 489 - The government will cover Marriage and Family therapy. This will involve government control of your marriage.
• Sec. 1308, Pg. 494-498 - The government will cover Mental Health Services including defining, creating and rationing those services.
• Sec. 1401, Pg. 502 - Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research Established. Big Brother is watching how your treatment works.
• Sec. 1401, Pg. 503, Lines 13-19 - The government will build registries and data networks from YOUR electronic medical records. “The Center may secure directly from any department or agency of the United States information necessary to enable it to carry out this section.”
• Sec. 1401, Pg. 503, Lines 21-25 - The government may secure data directly from any department or agency of the US, including your data.
• Sec. 1401, Pg. 503, Lines 21-25 - The “Center” will collect data both “published and unpublished” (that means public & your private information).
• Sec. 1401, Pg. 506, Lines 19-21 - An “Appointed Clinical Perspective Advisory Panel” will advise The Center and recommend policies that would allow for public access of data.
• Sec. 1401, Pg. 518, Lines 21-25 - The Commission will have input from HC consumer representatives.
• Sec. 1411, Pg. 524, Lines 18-22 - Establishes the “Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund.” More taxes for ALL.
• Sec. 1441, Pg. 621, Lines 20-25 - The government will define “NEW Quality” measures in HC. Since when does government know about quality?
• Sec. 1442, Pg. 622, Lines 2-9 - To pay for the Quality Standards, government will transfer money from “qualified entities” (government Trust Funds) to other government Trust Funds. More Taxes.

• Sec. 1442, Pg. 624, Lines 19-23 - Qualified Entities: “The Secretary shall ensure that the entity is a public, nonprofit or academic institution with technical expertise in the area of health quality measurement.”
• Sec. 1442, Pg. 623, Lines 5-10 - “Quality” measures shall be designed to assess outcomes and functional status of patients.
• Sec. 1442, Pg. 623, Lines 15-17 - “Quality” measures shall be designed to profile you, including race, age, gender, place of residence, etc.
• Sec. 1443, Pg. 628 - The government will give “Multi-Stake Holders” pre-rulemaking input into selection of “quality” measures.
• Sec. 1443, Pg. 630-31, Lines 9-24, 1-9 - Those Multi-Stake Holder groups include unions and groups like ACORN deciding what constitutes quality.
• Sec. 1444, Pg. 632, Lines 14-25 - The government may implement any “Quality measure” of HC services that bureaucrats see fit.
• Sec. 1444, Pg. 632-333, Lines 14-25, 1-9 - The Secretary may issue nonendorsed “Quality Measures” for physician and dialysis services.
• Sec. 1251 (beginning), Pg. 634 to 652 - “Physician Payments Sunshine Provision” – government wants to shine sunlight on Doctors but not government. “Reports on financial relationships between manufacturers and distributors . . . and between physicians and other health care entities.”
• Sec. 1501 (beginning), Pg. 659-670 - Doctors in Residency – government will tell you where your residency will be, thus where you’ll live.
• Sec. 1503 (beginning), Pg. 675-685 - Government will regulate hospitals in EVERY aspect of residency programs, including teaching hospitals.
• Sec. 1601 (beginning), Pg. 685-699 - Increased funding to fight waste, fraud, and abuse. (Like the government with an $18 million website?)
• Sec. 1619, Pg. 700-703 - If your part of HC plan isn’t in the government’s HC Exchange but you qualify for federal aid, you don’t have to pay.
• Sec. 1128G, Pg. 704-708 - If the Secretary determines there is a “significant risk of fraudulent activity,” on HC provider or supplier, the government can do a background check.

• Sec. 1632, Pg. 710, Lines 8-14 - The Secretary has broad powers to deny HC providers and suppliers admittance into HC Exchange. Your doctor could be thrown out of business.
• Sec. 1637, Pg. 718-719 - ANY Doctor who orders durable medical equipment or home medical services is REQUIRED to be enrolled in, or eligible for, Medicare.
• Sec. 1639, Pg. 721 - Government MANDATES that Doctors must have face-to-face with patient to certify patient for home health services.
• Sec. 1639, Pg. 723-24, Lines 23-25, 1-5 - The same government certifications will apply to Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s health plan: Your kids).
• Sec. 1640, Pg. 723, Lines 16-22 - The government reserves right to apply face-to-face certification for patient to ANY other HC service.
• Sec. 1651, Pg. 734, Lines 16-25 - Proposes, for law enforcement sake, that the Secretary of HHS will give Attorney General access to ALL medical data.
• Sec. 1701 (beginning), Pg. 739-756 - The government sets guidelines for subsidizing the uninsured (and you have to pay for them).
• Sec. 1704, Pg. 756-761 - The government will shift burden of payments to Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) to states (your taxes).
• Sec. 1711, Pg. 764 - The government will require preventative services - including vaccinations (no choice).
• Sec. 1713, Pg. 768 - Government-determined Nurse Home Visitation Services (Hello union paybacks).
• Sec. 1713, Pg. 768, Lines 3-5 - Nurse Home Visit Services – Service #1: “Improving maternal or child health and pregnancy outcomes or increasing birth intervals between pregnancies.” Compulsory ABORTIONS?
• Sec. 1713, Pg. 768, Lines 11-14 - Nurse Home Visit Services include determinations of economic self-sufficiency, employment advancement and school-readiness.
• Sec. 1714, Pg. 769 - Federal government mandates eligibility for State Family Planning Services. Abortion and government control intertwined.

• Sec. 1733, Pg. 788-798 - Government will set and mandate drug prices, therefore controlling which drugs are brought to market. (Goodbye innovation and private research.)
• Sec. 1744, Pg. 796-799 - Establishes PAYMENTS for graduate medical education. The government will now control your doctor’s education.
• Sec.1751, Pg. 800 - The government will decide which Health Care conditions will be paid. Say “RATION!”
• Sec. 1759, Pg. 809 - Billing Agents, clearinghouses, or other alternate payees are required to register. The government takes over private payment systems too.
• Sec. 1801, Pg. 819-823 - The Government will identify individuals “likely to be ineligible” for subsidies. Will access all personal financial information.
• Sec. 1802, Pg. 823-828 - Government sets up Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund. Another bottomless tax pit.
• Sec. 4375, Pg. 828-832, Lines 12-16 - Government will impose a fee on ALL private health insurance plans, including self-insured, to pay for Trust Fund!
• Sec. 4377, Pg. 835, Lines 11-13 - Fees imposed by government for Trust Fund shall be treated as if they were taxes.
• Sec. 440, Pg. 837-839 - The government will design and implement Home Visitation Program for families with young kids and families that are expecting children.
• Sec. 1904, Pg. 843-844 - This Home Visitation Program includes the government coming into your house and teaching/telling you how to parent!
• Sec. 2002, Pg. 858 - The government will establish a Public Health Fund at a cost of $88,800,000,000 (That’s Billions).
• Sec. 2201, Pg. 864 - The government will MANDATE the establishment of a National Health Service Corps.
o Sec. 2201 - “Fulfillment of Obligated Service Requirement”
o Sec. 2201, Pg. 864-875 - The NHS Corps is a program where Doctors perform mandatory HC for 2 years for partial loan repayment.
• Sec. 2212, Pg. 875-891 - The government takes over the education of Medical students and Doctors through education and loans.

• Sec. 340L, Pg. 897 - The government will establish a Public Health Workforce Corps to ensure an adequate supply of public health professionals.
• Sec. 340L, Pg. 897 - The Public Health Workforce Corps shall consist of civilian employees of the United States as Secretary deems necessary.
• Sec. 340L, Pg. 897 - The Public Health Workforce Corps shall consist of officers of Regular and Reserve Corps of Service.
• Sec. 340M, Pg. 899 - The Public Health Workforce Corps includes veterinarians. Will animals have heath care too?
• Sec. 2233, Pg. 909 - The government will develop, build and run Public Health Training Centers.
• Sec. 2241, Pg. 912-913 - Government starts a HC affirmative action program under the guise of diversity scholarships.
• Sec. 2251, Pg. 915 - Government MANDATES cultural and linguistic competency training for HC professionals.
• Sec. 3111, Pg. 931 - The government will establish a Preventative and Wellness Trust fund, with initial cost of $30,800,000,000 (Billions more).
• Sec. 3121, Pg. 934, Lines 21-22 - Government will identify specific goals and objectives for prevention and wellness activities. More control of your life.
• Sec. 3121, Pg. 935, Lines 1-2 - The government will develop “Healthy People & National Public Health Performance Standards.” They will tell us what to eat?
• Sec. 3131, Pg. 942, Lines 22-25 - “Task Force on Community Preventive Services.” More government? Under the Offices of Surgeon General, Public Health Services, Minority Health and Women’s Health.
• Sec. 3141, Pg. 949-979 - BIG GOVERNMENT core public health infrastructure includes workforce capacity, lab systems, health information systems, etc.
• Sec. 2511, Pg. 992 - Government will establish school-based “health” clinics. Your children will be indoctrinated and your grandchildren may be aborted!

• Sec. 399Z-1, Pg. 993 - School-Based Health Clinics will be integrated into the school environment. More government brainwashing in school.
• Sec. 2521, Pg. 1000 - The government will establish a National Medical Device Registry. Will you be tracked?

Information from Liberty Counsel.

I will be the guy with the orange shirt and Army hat

Congressman Kagen Coming Home

From Jo at FoxPolitics.

Looks like Congressman Kagen will also have a listening session in Appleton.
Kagen listening sessions NEXT WEEK

Listening sessions scheduled by Representative Steve Kagen - 8th District - so far are as follows:
Monday, August 3, 2009, 7:00 PM
Brown County Library - Main Branch
Auditorium - Lower Level
515 Pine Street, Green Bay

Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 10:00 AM
The Thompson Community
Ogilvie Auditorium Center
820 W. College Ave., Appleton

Jo Egelhoff,
" - Appleton, WI News - What's really going on in the Fox Cities

Thanks Jo for the information.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Texting Saves Time or Girls Night Out

From the Appleton Post Crescent.

What would people do without texting or
do we call this the girls night out
"Three women charged, one wanted in motel room assault on Fond du Lac man they said was sleeping around
The Post-Crescent • July 31, 2009

CHILTON — Four Fox Valley women face felony charges in connection with the ambush-style assault of a Fond du Lac man whom they say had many too many affairs.

The women are accused of attacking the man Thursday at a Stockbridge motel, where he was lured by the offer of a rubdown from one of the women.

The man voluntarily submitted to being bound and blindfolded by one of the women — Therese A. Ziemann, 47, of Menasha, according to the criminal complaint. She then cut off his underwear with a scissors and summoned the other women to the room with a text message." Three women charged, one wanted in motel room assault on Fond du Lac man they said was sleeping around | | Appleton Post-Crescent
I also read super glue was used. OUCH!!!!!

Harley Four Tee Five

Article from the Shawano Leader and picture from
 The new Cafe (racer) Society: "Doc" Hopkins Four-Tee-Five
about our local Harley dealer.

For those Harley lovers. WOW!

"Steve ‘Doc’ Hopkins creates second giant Harley-Davidson cycle
By Nathan Falk, Leader Reporter

It was about a year ago that Steve “Doc” Hopkins, owner of Doc’s Harley-Davidson of Shawano County, had an outlandish idea.

He wanted to build a four-engine motorcycle that seated five people. He built the engineering marvel in just 17 days and rode it through the Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary Parade in Milwaukee last summer. The bike was named the “Four-Tee-Five,” in reference to the fact that it utilized four, Harley-Davidson, Flathead, 45ci motors."
Doc’s goal is to ride this impressive motorcycle, loaded with nine passengers to the 69th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is an annual event that attracts hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts to the small town of Sturgis, South Dakota each year in August.

Weather permitting, the motorcycle will travel most of the 900 miles from Doc’s Harley-Davidson to Sturgis. Hopkins’ departure is planned for Saturday, with plans to reach downtown Sturgis Monday. The bike will be on display at Harley-Davidson of Sturgis.

Am I Too Early?

We'll Take Them.

From BreitBart and

I've worked a long time in the UP and the people of Upper Michigan are good hearted GREAT people.
"Lawmaker: Michigan map isn't complete without U.P.
By David Eggert
Associated Press Writer / July 14, 2009

That's only the Lower Peninsula. To make sure the Upper Peninsula is not forgotten, state lawmaker Michael Lahti proposed legislation requiring that both be included on official publications that include an image or map. A state House committee unanimously approved the measure Tuesday.

The U.P. has nearly one-third of Michigan's land area but just 3 percent of its population. Some "Yoopers," as residents call themselves, felt slighted last year when a state-sponsored tourism commercial only showed the more populous Lower Peninsula. The television ad was later fixed.

People have also seen maps elsewhere that show the U.P. as part of Wisconsin or Canada -- or not at all."
Lawmaker: Michigan map isn't complete without U.P. -

If lower Michigan doesn't want them , we will. If we had to have a dem congressman, we would take Bart Stupak hands down over Steve Kagen. At least Stupak is against abortion.

On second thought why doesn't the UP tell the south to stick and create their own state!

Finally Some Backbone

From the Peshtigo Times.

People in Marinete County need to call their representative to thank them for this or chew the reps that wanted to ram this through.
"Marinette Co. Board Rejects Proposed Union Agreements
The item was very near to the end of the Marinette County Board meeting agenda Tuesday, July 28, but it stirred up determined opposition. It was entitled “Tentative Agreements - AFSCME” (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) for three units, Courthouse, Public Health, and Library wage contacts.

Marinette County Corporation Counsel Gale Mattison handled the presentation, and began noting some changes that applied to all three unions. Included was an agreement to co-pay $50 for any emergency room visit, but the $50 is waived if the person is admitted as a patient. There were some apparent union concessions on prescription drugs. There were four pages of detail of what seemed relatively minor changes, and Mattison spent about 25 minutes going over them with a very detailed summary.

The item that stuck with many supervisors was an apparent 3% wage increase, though a timing element made it hard to calculate. It provided for a 3% raise in wages for all employees, with a staggered schedule, 2% on April 1 and 1% added Oct. 1.

Mattison noted that Wisconsin’s Arbitration Law is not related to national economics, but considers “ability to pay” only.

A question came up about national health care, and she responded it is uncertain at present, but if nationwide, “We would sit down and talk about it.”

Jerry PIllath asked for and moved for a postponement of the issue, saying time should be allowed for reading and study of the five page document. Mattison cautioned against delay, as retroactive payments will be an added cost. “Waiting is detrimental”, she warned.

Bob Fraik agreed with Pillath, and said insufficient advance information means “We don’t know what we’ re voting on.”

“It’s in front of us. Why postpone?” asked Ken Keller, adding, “The information was in her presentation.”

Vilas Schroeder agreed with Keller, saying “Let’s move forward!”

Jerry Martens called for the question, and Pillath’s motion to postpone lost 22-8. Only Al Sauld, Connie Seefeldt, Russ Bauer, Paul Gustafson, Shirley Kaufman, Alice Baumgarten, Pillath and Fraik voted for postponement.

Then things warmed up. Connie Seefeldt had a heartfelt comment, “This does not reflect on the performance of any of our employees, but unemployment is up in some areas to 25%. Economic conditions do not indicate the levels of increase.” As to the motion to approve the union settlements, she said, “I can’t give in peacefully. There is a time for everything, and this is my time to say “No!”

Chairman George Bousley complained about Wisconsin’s arbitration law. “I have a problem with our arbitration. I am voting against this to tell the state that it is wrong. Somebody has to tell the state ‘Give us a break!’”

Then came the vote, a 17-13 defeat of the union settlements as presented. Voting no were George Bousley, Cheryl Wruk, Nick Lakari, Bauer, Mike Behnke, Gustafson, Mike Cassidy, Ted Sauve, Baumgarten, Kaufman, Al Mans, Bob Fraik, Russ Bousley, Sauld, Martens, Seefeldt, Pillath, and Fraik.

Voting in favor were Steve Dill, Joe Policello, Ken Mattison, John Guarisco, Al Greason, Ken Casper, Kathy Just, Schroeder, Mel Sharpe, Bill Walker, Carol Faucett, Lawrence Nichols, and Keller.

“What now?” asked Guarisco, and the likelihood was it would come up at the special Aug. 4 meeting. If no agreement is reached the issue will go to binding arbitration.
" Peshtigo Times Wisconsin Community Newspaper

Free Dish T V

From the Escanaba Daily Press.

Where is the left on giving everyone in Michigan free Dish T V

"Digital TV switch still hitting bumps
By Jenny Lancour
POSTED: July 31, 2009

ESCANABA - The recent switchover from analog to digital television has left some people in the dark, especially for those who get stations over the air.

Many viewers do not know how to receive the channels they can pick up. Others are left out in the dark completely and cannot receive the channels they did in the past while others are receiving channels they didn't have before.

On June 12, full-power television stations across the nation switched over from the analog signal to a digital signal, as required by the Federal Communications Commission.

Before then and since then, retailers of electronic equipment have been selling converter boxes like hotcakes. Digital televisions have also been in high demand.

"Those have been (selling) steady since Black Friday," said Dan DeRouin who works at Pioneer TV and Appliance in Escanaba.

As is common with change, customers have been complaining about the switchover. When they visit the store, employees ask customers about the equipment they have and try to help with any signal issues from that standpoint, he said.

For channel issues that go beyond available equipment, the customers are recommended to call their local stations, DeRouin said.

"Basically, if you're in this area or south, you're not getting channel 6 anymore...over the air," he said.

Sonny Reschka, vice president of operations and chief engineer at WLUC-TV6, said the local station has been receiving several phone calls regarding the new digital system.

Reception of the local station over the air is related to several factors, he said. From the station's end, it involves tower height, type, power and frequency. From the customer's end, it can involve converter boxes, digital televisions, and the right antennas pointed in the right direction.

Another major factor in reception is the terrain, he added.

"We're this digital beast turns out," Reschka said. Land terrain, obstructions and distance are now playing a bigger role in whether or not viewers get channels, he said.

"Digital is an all or nothing process," he said, explaining reception will not ever be fuzzy like the analog system but will only be received or not received with digital. Common questions are answered on the station's Web site.

Reschka said the outlook is improving for increased viewer reception of the digital system. Satellite customers with Dish Network are now offered local stations. This has increased the TV6 audience 25-30 percent and includes customers who have never received the local station, he said. Direct TV is working to have local stations available to over-the-air customers by this fall or early winter, he added.

In an effort to increase its signal area, TV6 is looking to up its power from 63,000 watts to 83,000 watts and increase its tower height to 186 feet, Reschka said. It's tower is located southeast of Republic.

"With increases in power and height, that will certainly enhance our coverage area," Reschka said. Currently the viewership is more than 200,000 customers.

According to Craig Gierke, manager at Radio Shack in Escanaba, the local business has answered hundreds of customer questions and sold hundreds of converter boxes. Employees will assist with how to hook up boxes and antennas.

But for some households, no equipment is going to allow them to receive stations, the manager said.

"Some people are very upset," he said, explaining their frustration with the loss of some local channels. "There are huge areas that don't have television reception...It's all about where you live."

Gierke said the only current option for over-the-air reception of local channels is to subscribe to Dish Network which offers, as of July 8, the options to pick up local stations like WLUC and PBS.

"In the long term, digital will be a real good thing with multiple programs on one station. But in the short term, not," he said.

Escanaba's Walmart sold thousands of converter boxes before and after the transition and antenna sales were also high, said Marlene Poquette, manager of the electronics department.

Customers have also expressed concerns about reception with the digital switchover, she added, saying they have not hooked up their equipment correctly or they do not get the stations.

Area cable customers did not experience interruptions in their cable service except for maybe right when the switchover occurred, said Sandra Gottschalk, operations manager at Charter Communications which has an office in Escanaba.

"It was a seamless transition for Charter Communications customers," she said. "We did a lot of education before (the switchover). If you have Charter Communications, you're fine."" Digital TV switch still hitting bumps - | News, Sports, Jobs, Escanaba Information | The Daily Press

The Ideologue,

From the only paper of record in Wisconsin, the Lakeland-Times.
7/28/2009 10:16:00 AM
Obama's petard is ideology, but whom will it hoist?
Richard Moore
Investigative Reporter

After a half-year in office, we finally have one question answered about President Barack Obama. Pure and simple, the man is an ideologue, and ideology is his petard.

"The only question left to be answered is this: Will he hoist himself on his own instrument of destruction, or will he blow up the American economy for decades and generations to come?"
Obama's petard is ideology, but whom will it hoist?
What is clear,
The only thing clear today is that the Obama administration's policies are a ticking time bomb, a true ideological petard, a missile set to blast a gaping hole in our lives and hoist every economically and politically dismembered one of us into the air.

Why don't we read this from the rest of the MSM in Wisconsin.
Where is the
PG ?
Where is the

Thank you Mr Moore.

Organic Sucker

From Lakeshore Laments and MSNBC.

It's so funny when in the grocery stores people are looking for this organic foods and paying big money because they think it is better for them. I'd call them a, organic sucker.
"Organic food is no healthier, study finds
Review of 162 studies over 50 years show no significant benefits

LONDON - Organic food has no nutritional or health benefits over ordinary food, according to a major study published Wednesday.

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine said consumers were paying higher prices for organic food because of its perceived health benefits, creating a global organic market worth an estimated $48 billion in 2007.

A systematic review of 162 scientific papers published in the scientific literature over the last 50 years, however, found there was no significant difference.
Story continues below ↓advertisement | your ad here

"A small number of differences in nutrient content were found to exist between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs, but these are unlikely to be of any public health relevance," said Alan Dangour, one of the report's authors.

"Our review indicates that there is currently no evidence to support the selection of organically over conventionally produced foods on the basis of nutritional superiority."

The results of research, which was commissioned by the British government's Food Standards Agency, were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Sales of organic food have fallen in some markets, including Britain, as recession has led consumers to cut back on purchases.

The Soil Association said in April that growth in sales of organic products in Britain slowed to just 1.7 percent in 2008, well below the average annual growth rate of 26 percent over the last decade, following a plunge in demand at the end of the year." Organic food is no healthier, study finds - Diet and nutrition-

Monday Tea Party Meeting

From the Green Bay Press .

"Kagen to hold health session in Green Bay

July 31, 2009

U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, will hold a public listening session on Monday in Green Bay to discuss the latest news about health-care reform.

The 8th District congressman will meet with constituents at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the Brown County Central Library, 515 Pine St.

Kagen said he wants to discuss the latest health-care bill and hear input from the community."
Kagen to hold health session in Green Bay | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
If you care about this country, this state, your future, bring your signs and let Steve Kagen know your concerns. Time to bring out the Gitmo shirt.

See you there.

From A Conservative Governor

From someone I can believe is conservative not some from the RNC who are RINO.
Like a lot of folks, I’m worried about the direction our country is headed in right now. At the federal level, just about every idea relies on increased spending, higher taxes, more borrowing, or a combination of the three.

While we can’t begin changing who controls Congress for another year, we can begin the GOP comeback right now.

At the state level in New Jersey and Virginia, things aren’t a whole lot different than they are in Washington, D.C.

New Jersey Democrat Governor Jon Corzine has hiked taxes by billions of dollars, increased the state’s debt, and lost billions of retirees’ dollars by investing them in risky hedge funds.

Meanwhile in Virginia, the Democratic candidate for governor won't stand up against job killing measures like card check and cap and trade while refusing to take tax hikes off the table.

In short, the Democratic gubernatorial candidates in New Jersey and Virginia are embracing the same failed ideas as the tax-and-spend Democrats who control Congress and the White House.

That’s why the governors’ races taking place right now in these two states are so important. They are the only two statewide elections this year and will be viewed as a referendum on the Democrats’ national policies.

So, regardless of whether you live in Trenton or Topeka, you should be concerned about the governor’s race in New Jersey. And no matter if you live in Richmond or Reno, what happens in the Virginia race matters.

The good news is that the Republican candidates are leading in both states thanks in large part to the support the RGA has been able to provide their campaigns. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to broadcast any television advertisements or mail any campaign flyers without your help. Thank you.

We are going to do everything we can to keep the pressure on in both states between now and Election Day. Occasionally, we will be asking for your help and I hope you will consider assisting us by donating your time, energy, or financial resources.

In 2010, we will have 37 governors’ races and a historic opportunity to redraw the political map. Chances are we will be competing in your state. All of our jobs will be a lot easier next year if we win in New Jersey and Virginia this year.

Thank you for joining me in fighting for a GOP comeback.


Governor Haley Barbour

RGA Chairman

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wisconsin Full-Time Payroll

From the Wisconsin paper of record "The Lakeland-Times"
and the famous Richard Moore.
Plus 109, Total 69,247 to 69,356.

 In Wisconsin, a rose is not a rose by any other name

Fondy Merc, Raise's For Everyone

From the Fond du Lac Reporter.

Did you get what you wished for and did you get what you voted for?

Did you really vote for change?

"Merc's parent company: Earnings fell 52 percent
Brunswick Corp. attributes scond-quarter figures to economic woes

For The Reporter • July 30, 2009

The sputtering economy continues to take its toll on the parent company of Fond du Lac’s largest employer.

Brunswick Corp., which operates Mercury Marine, reported second-quarter sales of $718.3 million, a 52 percent decrease. The company recorded sales of $1,485.4 million the same time last year.

Brunswick, which also owns billiards and fitness segments, attributed the decrease primarily to marine sales — including engines and boats — dropping 56 percent from year-ago levels.

The marine engine segment, including Mercury Marine Group, saw net sales of $415.2 million, down 43 percent from the same time last year. The segment reported an operating loss of $7.8 million, including restructuring charges of $9.6 million.

International sales, which represented 42 percent of the segment, fell by 45 percent, according to a company press release." Merc's parent company: Earnings fell 52 percent | | Fond du Lac Reporter

Change you can believe in?

So what will the union and Diamond Jim do about this? Life is GOOD? Can we ask the question, do the employee's of Merc in Fondy want jobs or will their union sell them out? Do they want a raise or do they want their job?

Can someone tell me how many weeks of unemployment you can get and will job training help the good people in Fond Du Lac? Will you please talk to Jim about job training!

I ask, did Merc's union and the democrat politicians of Wisconsin sell Merc employee's out?

Time will tell!

Politicians vote for higher taxes!

People have less money to spend!

People go on less vacations!

Fisherman and boaters buy less boat motors!

Brunswick, sells less motors!

Brunswick e
arnings fall 52 percent!

Brunswick consolidates!

Will Fond du Lac Merc stay in Wisconsin?

What say you employee's of Merc and people of Fony?


Dam Near Russia

From JSOnline.

D N R, Russia, I say we're there already.
"Family appealing loss of cabin, land
Judge rules DNR owns lakefront site

By Nicholas Penzenstadler of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: July 29, 2009

For 44 years, Gerald Wied and his family have enjoyed fishing, snowmobiling and hunting at their log cabin in northeastern Wisconsin. They paid taxes on the land, considered it their own.

But this week, Marinette County Circuit Judge David G. Miron ruled the 4-acre parcel on Lake Noquebay belongs to the Department of Natural Resources.

The Green Bay family can't vacation there anymore.

Although the land had been in the family since 1965, a county assessor in 2003 discovered they did not own a 700-foot stretch of land where their cabin rests. The state actually owns it.

Two years ago, the DNR filed a lawsuit that ended Tuesday with the order that declared the land belonged to the state.

The twist: Had the family bought the land a few years earlier, the state would not have a claim to it today.

"This isn't about who's right, it's about what's right," Wied said, adding that they will appeal the decision.

Here's what happened:

In 1998, the Legislature changed a real estate law that had stated that if people possessed any disputed land, uninterrupted, for more than 40 years, it was legally theirs.

The Wieds argued that because they bought the land in 1965, and have occupied it for 44 years, it should be theirs.

However, the judge denied that defense, ruling the law applies only until 1998. Therefore, they would have had to have purchased the land before 1958.

Officials with the DNR argued in court documents that by building the cabin, the family "destroyed the natural state of the lands."
Cabin must go

The agency plans to restore the land to its natural state, requiring the Wieds to move or demolish the cabin, cap their well and remove two sanitation tanks.

Tom Turner, spokesman for the DNR, said the dispute is out of their hands and would not speculate on many details of the case.

"We're letting the court speak for us," Turner said. "There were a lot of differences of opinion that went into the courtroom on both sides."

Wied said the DNR has been bullying him for years since officials discovered the valuable land was theirs.

"The DNR is a big government agency that doesn't have anyone to answer to," Wied said.

Wied is angry, in part, over the thousands of dollars in property taxes he has paid over the years for land he now doesn't own.

John Lefebvre, a zoning administrator with the county, said because the Wieds enjoyed the land and cabin, they were correctly charged taxes. Lefebvre pointed out that Wied owns an additional 180 feet of lakefront property that will not be taken by the DNR.

Wied's attorney, David Herrick, said the DNR targeted the high-value land and refused to negotiate with the family.

"If this would have been a 500-foot parcel at an end of the Nicolet National Forest, it wouldn't have been such an issue."
'Part of our history'

Wied is especially upset that the land won't remain in the family.

His father bought the property near Crivitz in 1965. The large family pitched in to make improvements on an existing cabin, then built a new log cabin on the lakefront in 1985.

Wied bought the land, and his own children and grandchildren have enjoyed summers on the lake.

"It's bigger than wood and concrete, it's part of our history and part of our family," Wied said." Family appealing loss of cabin, land - JSOnline

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Sour Mash Time

From Rush and the Weekly Standard.
So they want to increase taxes on adult beverages.

"A Spirited Defense

Remember when it was rumored that some drinks in New York City were costing as much as $10? Now, of course, cocktails can cost as much as $20 at a trendy District bar. But in this economy, things couldn’t possibly get worse, could they?

According to the beverage giant Diageo, the answer is yes. From an email I received last night from my good friend Johnnie Walker (which Diageo owns):

The U.S. Senate is considering a proposal that would dramatically raise what they call “lifestyle taxes” to pay for a huge federal health care program. Under this proposal you would be paying more for some of the simple things you enjoy, such as a soft drink and your favorite alcohol beverages. The proposal calls for a staggering increase in federal taxes on alcohol beverages of up to 229 percent!...

Small businesses--your local wine, grocery, convenience stores and restaurants--will see sales go down. An estimated 160,000 people in the hospitality industry will lose their jobs--in an industry that has already lost 540,000 jobs over the past year. The last time the federal government raised taxes on distilled spirits nearly 100,000 people lost their jobs....

Nearly 60 percent of the price you pay at the store for distilled spirits already goes for federal, state, local taxes and other government fees. Do not let the government add more to an already hefty tax burden. You may agree that our health care system needs to be reformed, but not on the backs of hard working Americans."
The Weekly Standard

Guess we should all brush up on,

 "Making Pure Corn Whiskey" - Book (Distillation Supplies & Alcohol Flavorings)

 How to Make Corn Whiskey |

FREE Alcoholic beverage recipes. Make your own Homemade Still.

Ziploc Omelet

From a e mail.

This is great for NASCAR or football tailgating.

(This works great !!! Good for when all your family is together. The best part is that no one has to wait for their special omelet !!!)

Have guests write their name on a quart-size Ziploc freezer bag with permanent marker.

Crack 2 eggs (large or extra-large) into the bag (not more than 2) shake to combine them.

Put out a variety of ingredients such as: cheeses, ham, onion, green pepper, tomato, hash browns, salsa, etc.

Each guest adds prepared ingredients of choice to their bag and shake. Make sure to get the air out of the bag and zip it up.

Place the bags into rolling, boiling water for exactly 13 minutes [we did 15 minutes]. You can usually cook 6-8 omelets in a large pot. For more, make another pot of boiling water.

Open the bags and the omelet will roll out easily. Be prepared for everyone to be amazed.

Nice to serve with fresh fruit and coffee cake; everyone gets involved in the process and a great conversation piece.

Imagine having these ready the night before, and putting the bag in boiling water while you get ready. And in 15 minutes, you've got a nice omelette for a quick breakfast!!!   

Green Bay Press Gives Democrats Cover

The Green Bay Press writes here about earmarks.

What's missing from this editorial? Two, if a republican governor and republican legislators passed these earmarks would they be named in this editorial?
"Editorial: In spite of benefits, earmarks need to go

July 29, 2009

In our continuing examination of the 2009-11 state budget, we found a mix of projects for Northeastern Wisconsin ranging from restoring a stone barn to creating jobs for released prisoners.

We scoured the 692-page document for specific mentions of the 186 cities, towns and villages in the seven counties in which they are located — Brown, Door, Kewaunee, Marinette, Manitowoc, Oconto and Shawano. That review turned up more than $13.6 million in funds; however, more than $2.8 million of those allocations are split with other municipalities.

The price tag wasn't surprising. It's just that some projects benefit a select few.

The largest share — more than $6.7 million — is designated for remodeling of Rose and Wood halls on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus. This project, which is part of a "space use plan" originally adopted in the mid-1990s, makes sense, as well as the Innovation Entrepreneurship Institute to be established on campus for $100,000 over the next two years.

What fails to make sense are the pet projects that made their way into the budget.

The town of Chase in Oconto County gets $100,000 for its Stone Barn historic site (provided that it raises an additional $300,000 from outside sources); the town of Wausaukee in Marinette County will construct a heavy-duty vehicle storage garage, although the more than $2.8 million pot of money will be shared with three other communities; and the town of Wrightstown's recycling bins for $46,000.

The village of Bellevue gets $1.35 million for Manitowoc Road reconstruction and its street beautification project.

A Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo from June details location-specific "earmarks" contained within the proposed budget from the Joint Finance Committee and the Assembly Democratic Caucus. According to that memo, the Stone Barn project was listed among allocations under state building projects even though the State Building Commission did not recommend the funding for inclusion in the budget.

Our informal analysis, of course, does not reflect the non-fiscal items that affect our region. For example, the provision that allows the Oneida tribe to obtain a liquor license from the village of Hobart is not reflected in our scan of the budget." Editorial: In spite of benefits, earmarks need to go | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), famous for his presidential bid and push for smaller government, routinely grants constituents' requests to insert special projects ("pork") into the federal budget. Then he votes against the budgets. There's an odd logic to that: His single vote is not going to change the system, so he may as well make sure his district gets some of the spending.

In that spirit we find these budget items helpful to the people of Northeastern Wisconsin — even as we're surprised that in the state's horrendous fiscal condition they were able to muster $13.6 million for these projects.

As we have said on similar federal issues, pork barrel spending is misguided. Projects that truly merit state or federal dollars should stand on their own and be subject to a yes-or-no vote. There's a tendency to say that as long as this kind of largess continues, every town or village or city or county should get its fair share. But the system won't change until legislators end the practice altogether.

Where are the names of those that passed this?
Doyle, Hansen, Nelson?
The MSM, aid and cover to the left.

Democrat Voter Base

From the Green Bay Press. My mother would be SHOCKED, I say SHOCKED!

Reason # 25 on winning votes for democrats.
"Possible instances of voter fraud sent to Brown County District Attorney
Green Bay clerk's office uncovers 3 suspected cases

By Paul Srubas • • July 29, 2009

Three cases of suspected voter fraud will be referred to the Brown County District Attorney's office this week for possible charges.

Green Bay City Clerk Chad Weininger said his office staff uncovered the three cases while poring over voting records from the November election.

In addition to the referrals to the district attorney, Weininger's office has removed the names of 271 convicted felons from its poll lists.

One case involves a convicted felon voting by absentee ballot.

City officials became aware of him when he requested an absentee ballot for the spring election, and they discovered he voted in the presidential election, Weininger said.

The man is a patient at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute and on probation, which prohibits him from legally voting.

Another case involves a man who used a local business as his home address when registering to vote.

People at the business notified City Hall that address verification notices for the man were showing up in their mail. Weininger said the man could have been registering under an assumed name.

A third case involves a man who listed a post office box as his residential address, which isn't legal on voter registration.

The federal Help America Vote Act and the State Voter Registration System, both in place for the first time in a presidential election this fall, helped city officials discover the three suspects, but the investigation process is time consuming, Weininger said.

It offers little or no protection against major voter fraud.

The state needs to start allowing poll workers to require driver's licenses or state identification cards, Weininger said.

"We need to protect the voting process," he said." Possible instances of voter fraud sent to Brown County District Attorney | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Now let's multiply that by every town in Wisconsin and you come up with the winning vote for the left.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#17 Crown Royal Car

"Crown Royal becomes primary sponsor on No. 17
Move means McMurray will not be with Roush in 2010
By Team Release
July 28, 2009
04:22 PM EDT

CONCORD, N.C. -- Roush Fenway Racing announced Tuesday that Diageo, parent company of Crown Royal, has renewed its multi-year sponsorship. Crown Royal will serve as the primary sponsor for Matt Kenseth and the No. 17 Cup Series team for 18 Cup events in 2010.

"I'm excited about teaming up with Crown Royal," said Kenseth, one of only five drivers in NASCAR history to win the Cup rookie of the year award, a Cup championship and the Daytona 500."
NASCAR.COM - Crown Royal becomes primary sponsor on No. 17 - Jul 28, 2009

Wonder What The Poor People Are Doing

Just Trying To Get Home

Only 10 Rounds

Always Brett, All The Time

From Brett's Web site
"Report: Favre opts to remain retired

by Kevin Seifert

July 28, 2009

Quarterback Brett Favre has informed Minnesota Vikings officials that he will remain retired, according to The Star Tribune.

Coach Brad Childress confirmed the news to the Star Tribune, leaving the Vikings in an unexpected and awkward spot with training camp set to open Wednesday. The Vikings are now left to choose between Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels as their 2009 starter.

"I just think it was a rare opportunity to explore a Hall of Fame quarterback who had background in the NFC and in this division," Childress said to the newspaper. "He knows our system inside out ... This doesn't change anything about how I feel about our football team."

Kevin Seifert covers the NFC North for"
Official Website of Brett Favre » News » Report: Favre opts to remain retired

Dam, I was hoping to see one more season.

Enjoy the retirement.

Steve Kagen Whopper Health Care

From the L A Times and Hysterical Raisin concerning health care. Picture is a Whopper which I prefer to competition.
"Representative Steve Kagen, a Wisconsin Democrat first elected in 2006, was an allergist whose patients included two asthmatic children of a single mother who were so ill that they could not go to school. He wrote prescriptions, but a few weeks later, the children returned to the office still suffering.

“She unzipped her bag, and she pulled out the same prescriptions,” Dr. Kagen said. “She said, ‘I went to the pharmacy, I could see the medicine my kids need and I can’t afford to buy it.’ ”

As a short-term solution, Dr. Kagen gave her samples of the drug. "
Is there a doctor in the House? Yeah, 14 of ‘em! « HYSTERICAL RAISINS

Let me just put a few questions out there.

Kagen said a single mother came back to see him. Was there really a mother and her two children or is this out of the left's playbook?

Did he charge her for the second visit? Obvious he did! He didn't brag it was a no charge. How could he charge this poor mother for two visits? If she was poor and was getting government assistance, did he overcharge the government for the two visits?

The single mother went to the pharmacy and seen the medicine her children needed. How did she know what her children needed? Did Kagen giver her the wrong prescription? Did DR. Kagen explain the medicine he prescribed and did he tell her about the more expensive medicine? Did Dr. Kegan give the single mother and her children the wrong medicine? Why couldn't he prescribe better medicine first? What was he doing? What really did happen?

As a short term solution Dr. Kagen then gave the mother samples! So Dr. Kagen gave free medicine that he got free from those evil drug companies? Would you see samples from those evil drug companies in the new health care? Kagen gave free samples away but made the mother first buy the wrong medicine!

Who was the single mother and who are the children Dr. Steve Kagen put through weeks of suffering at his allergy clinic? How could he have done this to a poor single mother? Where is the outrage? Where is the MSM? Did this really happen? Is this another whopper of a story from Steve Kagen? What are we to believe?

And now he wants to give us government run medicine? Another whopper of a story from Congressman Steve Kagen. What else can the people of the 8th district believe from their own congressman?

It's time Steve Kagen answers some serious questions when he comes home on recess.