Saturday, December 20, 2008

Berry Lake Ginger Bread Competition

Berry Lake Friday night ginger bread competition.

First Place - Berry Laker grandson.

Most originality - Berry Laker son # 2

Best Christmas theme - Berry Laker Penelope.

Bailout theme, didn't finish for lack of funding - Berry Laker daughter

Berry Laker son# 1 and Berry Laker son in law - disqualified for using alcoholic ornaments on houses.

Berry Laker friend of son # 2- also disqualified for putting pepperoni on house.

Berry Lake Family Christmas Weekend

It's 11:30 and it's SNOWING

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2008

Socha Christmas Weekend 2008

It's 10:15 pm and we are kicking off the Socha Family Christmas.

This is our last Christmas at Berry Lake.

We first want to thank all our friends and neighbors here on Berry Lake.

Comments before the festivities kick off.

Mr. Berry Laker. I thank God for my family. How blessed I am.

Mrs Berry Laker, "Where do you think you're going? Nobody's leaving. Nobody's walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We're all in this together. This is a full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency here. We're gonna press on, and we're gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny f**** Kaye. And when Santa squeezes his fat white a** down that chimney tonight, he's gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse." (Christmas Vacation)

First Berry Laker daughter, Zuzu Bailey: Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.
George Bailey: That's right, that's right.
George Bailey: Attaboy, Clarence.

First Berry Laker son, "Hans and Frans ready to conquer."

Second Berry Laker Son, "Wow, did you guys hear that one?!" and "Look what I can do?!"

First Berry Laker Son in Law, from Wrightstown finest, heck we might as well pull up a chair and have a beer.

First Berry Laker Grandson, "Happy New Year."

Penelope Berry Laker, "How come there isn't any pink on the Christmas tree!!!"

Ray,Berry Laker, friend of son # 2 , I'm never coming to the Socha's again!

The weekend starts tonight to decorate ginger bread houses.

9:00 am (it could be 10:00 a m Saturday we put up the 15 ft Christmas tree and house decorations followed by fun, naps and a camp fire by the lake.

Sunday morning after Christmas is gift opening. Mrs. Berry Laker and I are truly blessed.

I will try to blog of any exciting moments of our family weekend if time permits. Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Christmas 2008

One of my deep down thoughts on life is I wished I could have played a violin. Alas, I am too old to ever learn but thank God for You tube.

It would make most tear up listening to this great Christmas cannon.

Enjoy! The Christmas Canon, Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Merry Christams.

Spam Alert

From Lance at Badger Blog Alliance
"Sorry about the spam, folks
Somebody named "Alyysa" apparently got a $12,000 federal grant (you know how well those bailouts are overseen), and she's so excited she's posted comments offering to tell us how she did it on several posts here at BBA.

Please ignore her. Jib will, I'm sure, unleash some sort of computer-fu in the near future to get rid of her. In the meantime, we strongly suggest that you not click on the link she has so helpfully supplied.

UPDATE: Jib says "Hiiii-ya!"" Badger Blog Alliance

Beware of any emails or comments from this spammer.

WDNR Underestimated Again

From WBAY.

What a surprise!
"DNR Underestimated Black Bear Population

Updated: Dec 18, 2008 06:57 PM " WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News: DNR Underestimated Black Bear Population

By Jeff Alexander

Wisconsin wildlife officials now believe they have severely underestimated the state's black bear population. They say the proof of that is no further than the outskirts of Green Bay.

It was last fall Suamico resident Ted Gaura discovered he had a new neighbor living in his woods.

His deer trail camera captured the evidence.

"Obviously we knew that we have evidence right there that there's a bear in the area, and we've heard for quite some time -- there's been different sightings and such -- and then this year again we had one show up on the deer cam as well," Gaura said.

Jeff Pritzl is a wildlife biologist with the Department of Natural Resources. "Right here in Brown County, it's not that uncommon any more to hear about or even see black bears," he said.

Pritzl said the bear population is booming all over the state.

"Based on some of the newer information, we're thinking there could be as many as 30,000 animals, black bears in Wisconsin, whereas we've typically been considering it to be more in the 15,000 neighborhood."

DNR wildlife managers say they've underestimated the bear population in Wisconsin, and they say many of the bears are heading south.

"More people are dealing with bear issues. Where they thought 'I don't live in bear country,' well, more of Wisconsin is becoming bear country."

Pritzl says calls flooded his office throughout the summer and fall.

"Suamico, Sobieski, all the way down into the Hobart area, of people regularly seeing black bears moving through the neighborhood."

For the past ten years the State has paid Lion Crevier to pick up dead deer along Brown county roads. He's not just picking up deer any more.

"All of a sudden, this year, two calls and two bear. Quite surprising to get two in one year, so they're migrating south, I'd say," said Crevier.

The bears were hit by cars in Suamico, not far from Gaura's home.

It's estimated there are now up to ten, living and reproducing in Brown County, including at the Reforestation Camp where signs now warn visitors they may come across a bear.

And Pritzl says for those living in outlying areas, some habits have to change. Bird feeders and garbage cans might not be safe outside at night.

"What that means to people south of Highway 29 is that they're going to have to live like people do in the northern part of Wisconsin and just take into consideration that anything a bear could perceive as food they're going to, and that's going to bring them into an area looking for food," Pritzl said.

Despite plans to increase bear permits by 50 percent, the DNR expects bears to continue moving closer to cities.

"It's different, it's different when you're walking out in the dark whether it's the morning or night and you're hunting for deer and knowing that there's bears out there also," Gaura said.

Appleton Paper Closes Mill

From Wausau Daly Herald.
"Wausau Paper to close Appleton mill by end of 2009; will cut 90 jobs

By Mark Multer • Wausau Daily Herald • December 18, 2008

MOSINEE -- Wausau Paper will close its Appleton facility by the end of 2009 as it consolidates and streamlines operations." Wausau Paper to close Appleton mill by end of 2009; will cut 90 jobs | | Wausau Daily Herald

The closure will eliminate 90 jobs in Appleton and is part of a $6.6 million capital project that will relocate the company's converting equipment to its facilities in Brokaw and Brainerd, Minn.

In addition, Wausau Paper will relocate its Appleton and Brokaw distribution activities to a centralized location that will be determined early next year, according to a company statement issued Wednesday.

The closure of the Appleton facility will take place in phases, beginning in mid-2009, said Perry Grueber, a spokesman for the Mosinee-based paper manufacturer. Employees at the Appleton facility were notified Wednesday.

So where is Steve Kagen on these people that are losing their jobs in the valley? Maybe they didn't contribute to his campaign. Wonder how many people that are losing their job voted for Kagen!

Another mill in the valley closes, can anyone tell me how anyone would want to buy the Kimberly mill?

Maybe Wausau Paper should ask for a bailout!

Comment Section

To some that gave me comments on some of my posts ,

sorry, I had a spammer spam me and deleted some by mistake.

Please accept my apology if your comment didn't make it to the article.

Berry Laker

Buy Ford First


We need to stand up for Ford Motor Company. They are trying to get through this without the handout from government.

No government money, no government intervention, no government takeover.

"Ford says does it not need short-term loans from bailout" Ford says does it not need short-term loans from bailout

Dec 19 11:06 AM US/Eastern

     Ford Motor Co. said Friday it would not need a short-term loan from the government, but lauded the Bush administration's decision to extend aid to its cash-strapped competitors and renewed a request for a nine billion dollar line of credit.

"We do not face a near-term liquidity issue, and we are not seeking short-term financial assistance from the government," Ford president and chief executive officer Alan Mulally said in a statement.

Ford said it hoped to restructure its business without government assistance but requested the nine billion dollar line of credit as a "critical backstop or safeguard against worsening conditions."

The US government announced earlier Friday it would provide ailing automakers with 13.4 billion dollars in short-term financing in support of their restructuring, setting strict conditions to prove their viability.

"All of us at Ford appreciate the prudent step the administration has taken to address the near-term liquidity issues of GM and Chrysler," Mulally said.

"The US auto industry is highly interdependent, and a failure of one of our competitors would have a ripple effect that could jeopardize millions of jobs and further damage the already weakened US economy."

Ford said that while it is working to aggressively reduce costs it will continue to invest heavily in product development, including approximately 14 billion dollars over the next seven years to improve the fuel economy of its vehicles.

Ford said the comprehensive restructuring plan it presented to Congress will allow it to return to profitability by 2011

"While we clearly still have much more work to do, I am more convinced than ever that we have the right plan that will create a viable Ford going forward and position us for profitable growth," Mulally said.

Need a new car or truck,

Buy Ford first.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Custody Case Of Seven Year Old

Received this by e mail from a friend for news out of Green Bay.

I didn't see any coverage from the local T V radio or print media!

It's just disgraceful what some parents and their own relatives do to their children and how the courts take it upon themselves for placement of innocent children.

Green Bay, WI 11/25/08 (AP) - A seven-year-old boy was at the center of a Green Bay courtroom drama today when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulations requiring that family unity be maintained to the degree possible.

The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried out that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him.

.Read on,

After two recesses to check legal references and confer with child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Green Bay Packers, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of beating anyone.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wisconsin, We're Next.

"Gov. David Paterson unveils dire New York State budget that includes new taxes, layoffs and cuts

DAILY NEWS ALBANY BUREAU " Gov. David Paterson unveils dire New York State budget that includes new taxes, layoffs and cuts

Updated Tuesday, December 16th 2008, 7:10 PM

Albany Gov. Paterson released a $121 billion slash-and-burn budget Tuesday morning that slams New Yorkers with 88 new fees and taxes - even on their iPods.

But it's the $4 billion in new fees and taxes that are sure to aggravate everyday New Yorkers, who would be paying more for a host of services:

      An "iPod tax" that charges state and local sales tax for "digitally delivered entertainment services" - in other words, that new Beyonce song you download.
      State sales tax at movie theaters, sporting events, taxis, buses, limousines and cable and satellite TV and radio.
      Costlier driving with the repeal of the 8-cents-per-gallon sales tax cap on motor and diesel motor fuel, plus and increase in the auto rental tax.
      Tuition increases at SUNY and CUNY, $620 and $600 a year respectively.
      A 50 cent tax on cigars. The current tax is equal to 37% of the wholesale price, or 34 cents a cigar.
      No more sales tax break on clothes and shoes worth $110 or less, except during two weeks a year.
      Higher taxes on wine, beer and flavored malt beverages. He would also impose an 18% tax on non-nutritional drinks like soda.
      The rich would pay more for luxury items through an additional 5% tax imposed on cars costing more than $60,000, aircraft costing more than $500,000, yachts costing at least $200,000 and jewelry and furs costing in excess of $20,000.
      In addition, a host of a fees, including those related to motor vehicle licensing and registration, parks and auto insurance, would go up, as would various state-imposed fines.

Even with the cuts, the 2009-10 budget would increase a little more than 1%, the smallest hike since 1996-97.

For those who voted for the left and the RINO's you soon will get what you wished for!

HIGHER TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that will be only state taxes, wait for federal and local to skyrocket!

Public Service Announcement For Honey

From the Green Bay Press.

You city folks ever look inside a holding tank? It's honey for the honey wagon, SWEET! Some tips for those that don't know about septic systems

"Tips for maintaining your septic systems

December 16, 2008 " Tips for maintaining your septic systems | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

The state recommends these seasonal maintenance tips for people with private wastewater treatments systems:

# If you live in an area without a natural windbreak, you may want to consider installing a snow fence. If you added a layer of mulch over the area, the snow fence will help keep the mulch in place and will trap snow.

# Spread out your laundry schedule to one warm/hot load per day. Use normal amounts of water — the warmer the better.

# Don't leave water running all the time to prevent freezing. A slow trickle could freeze, while a steady stream could overload the system with water.

# Don't add antifreeze to the system.

# If you will be gone for more than a day or two, have someone visit and use water regularly. If you will be gone for an extended period (weeks or months), pumping the tank before leaving may be a good option, but always consult with a professional before deciding to have a tank pumped.

# Fix any leaky plumbing.

# Keep all vehicles (including ATVs and snowmobiles) and high-traffic people or animal activities off the system, all year.

# Make sure all risers, inspection pipes and manholes have tight covers. Adding insulation is a good idea. Unsecured covers represent a grave danger to children.

# If any seeping or ponding occurs, contact an onsite professional.

— Press-Gazette

Lets see, third DWI, 4.9 grams of marijuana and a 4-inch marijuana pipe

Picture and article from the Green Bay Press.

"Police report: State lawmaker urinated along road before arrest

The Associated Press • December 16, 2008 " Police report: State lawmaker urinated along road before arrest | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Rep. Jeffrey Wood admitted urinating but denied he had smashed his vehicle into a highway sign and a snowbank several miles away, according to the Wisconsin State Patrol arrest report. Asked what had damaged to his vehicle, which was missing a front license plate, Wood “suggested it happened during parking,” the report said.

A trooper found two small baggies containing a total of 4.9 grams of marijuana worth about $35 stored in the center arm rest and a 4-inch marijuana pipe, the report said.

The arrest report contains driving records that show Wood was convicted of drunken driving on Aug. 27, 1990, and his license was suspended for eight months.

Months after he got his license back, Wood refused to submit to a blood alcohol test on Oct. 26, 1991, in connection with another traffic stop. His license was revoked for 18 months.

What will his constituents do with him.

Throw the bum out!

Another Great Blog

Another GREAT blog I missed along the way.

The Asian Badger

A Red State Guy Who Moved to Asia.

Bitter experience has taught me that everytime you think no one can be that stupid, you’re proven wrong.

Keep up the GREAT work.

Please give em a read.

2009 Pro Bowl Selection

From A C
"On the NFC Pro Bowl team, Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner was selected to start on offense, with New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning slated to come off the bench. The other main offensive selections were Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson, Arizona wide-receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, and Tight End Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys. The NFC Defensive selections were led by Defensive Ends Justin Tuck (New York) and Julius Peppers (Carolina), as well as linebackers DeMarcus Ware (Dallas) and Lance Briggs (Chicago).

The AFC Pro Bowl team is led by quarterback Peyton Manning of Indianapolis, with his back-ups being Brett Favre (New York) and Jay Cutler (Denver). The starting running back for the AFC is Thomas Jones (New York) with the wide-receivers being Andre Johnson (Houston) and Brandon Marshall (Denver). On the other side of the ball (defense) defensive end Mario Williams (Houston) leads the way, and he is joined by Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu and James Harrison, as well as Baltimore Ravens Ed Reed and Ray Lewis." 2009 NFL Pro Bowl Rosters, Teams Selected - Associated Content

From the Green Bay Press

Two Green Bay Packers defensive backs -- safety Nick Collins and cornerback Charles Woodson -- were named today as starters for the NFC in the Pro Bowl.

Congrat Nick and Charles.

Ok, I will read it again. Maybe I missed something, I will read it one more time! No not there!

Where is A Rod?

Come on ! What is going on?

I see Warner, Brees, Manning, Manning, Favre, and Cutler. No A Rod!

For gosh sakes did that Favre guy from Green Bay get in again? Sorry!

That Favre guy from the Jets get in again?

Congrats to all the Pro Bowl picks.

What's that saying "what dish is best served cold"?

Why Not Chelsea?

From Yahoo News.
"Former US President Bill Clinton (L) and his daughter Chelsea Clinton listen to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) September 2008 in New York. Bill Clinton said he would back his wife Hillary if she became secretary of state but has even bigger political hopes for their daughter Chelsea, in an interview released Wednesday.
(AFP/File/Stan Honda)" Former US President Bill Clinton (L) and his daughter Chelsea ... - Yahoo! News Photos

Where is the outrage?

Another Clinton female dissed by Obama?

Where is the outrage?

A good question for my lefty family at Christmas dinner.

Caroline Kennedy or Chelsea Clinton for New York senate.

I can't wait.

Mountain Ambulance Service Receives Grant Money

From the Capitol Times

"9 Wisconsin fire departments receive federal grants

The Capital Times — 12/16/2008 5:22 am

Nine rural and small town fire departments in Wisconsin will receive grants from the Department of Homeland Security's Office for Domestic Preparedness, U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold has announced.

Feingold set a letter to the ODP last April strongly urging the office to grant applications for Firefighter Grants to communities across Wisconsin.

The nine grants total $650,000 and will be used for training and fitness as well as the purchase of personal protective equipment, purchase of firefighting vehicles and modifications to fire stations.

Communities receiving the grants include the Athens Area Fire Department in Marathon County, Balsam Lake Fire and Rescue Department on Polk County, Hiles Volunteer Fire Department in Forest County, Lancaster Fire Department in Grant County, Lyndon Station Fire and Rescue in Juneau County, Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department in Dane County, Mountain Ambulance Service in Oconto County, South Wayne Fire Department in Lafayette County, and the Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department in Manitowoc County. " news: 9 Wisconsin fire departments receive federal grants

That's about $72,000.0 per Fire Departments.

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Blog

A new day is dawning for

The New Republican

A good read from good conservative Americans from Wisconsin.

Give them a read.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Packers, Lack Of Leadership

From the Green Bay Press.

Obviously Rogers is not a leader yet if he is barking at players when he couldn't pull it out in the clutch!

"And the frustrations of a rapidly descending season blew open for all to see, with Rodgers and coach Mike McCarthy barking at rookie tight end Jermichael Finley for his alignment error on a key third down," Jaguars 20, Packers 16: Out of the playoffs | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

He and Rodgers barked at Finley for lining up on the wrong side of the field on a third-and-goal from Jacksonville’s 5 — after a timeout no less.

Green Bay is lacking leadership! Maybe in 2009 Rogers can become a leader. Not in 08!

Up Date

Green Bay is 5 & 9


From the Green Bay Press.
"Jaguars 20, Packers 16: Out of the playoffs

Press-Gazette • December 14, 2008 " Jaguars 20, Packers 16: Out of the playoffs | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Any comments?

Oh by the way, Jets 31 - Bills 27.

Side note, glad Mrs Berry Laker didn't buy the playoff tickets!

Side note, Roger's passer Rating 87.8.

It's 7:26 p m, it's kind of quiet in Packer country!

Advent - Gaudete Sunday, Rejoice

Gaudete Week

Our week begins with "Gaudete Sunday." Gaudete means "rejoice" in Latin. It comes from the first word of the Entrance antiphon on Sunday. The spirit of joy that begins this week comes from the words of Paul, "The Lord is near." This joyful spirit is marked by the third candle of our Advent wreath, which is rose colored, and the rose colored vestments often used at the Eucharist.

The second part of Advent begins on December 17th each year - this year, in 2008, it is Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent. For the last eight days before Christmas, the plan of the readings changes. The first readings are still from the prophesies, but now the gospels are from the infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke. We read the stories of faithful women and men who prepared the way for our salvation. We enter into the story of how Jesus' life began. These stories are filled with hints of what his life will mean for us. Faith and generosity overcome impossibility. Poverty and persecution reveal glory.

Preparing our Hearts and asking for Grace

We prepare this week by feeling the joy. We move through this week feeling a part of the waiting world that rejoices because our longing has prepared us to believe the reign of God is close at hand. And so we consciously ask:

Prepare our hearts
and remove the sadness
that hinders us from feeling
the joy and hope
which his presence
will bestow.

Each morning this week, in that brief moment we are becoming accustomed to, we want to light a third inner candle. Three candles, going from expectation, to longing, to joy. They represent our inner preparation, or inner perspective. In this world of "conflict and division," "greed and lust for power," we begin each day this week with a sense of liberating joy. Perhaps we can pause, breathe deeply and say,

"My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,
my spirit rejoices in God my savior."

Each day this week, we will continue to go through our everyday life, but we will experience the difference our faith can bring to it. We are confident that the grace we ask for will be given us. We will encounter sin - in our own hearts and in our experience of the sin of the world. We can pause in those moments, and feel the joy of the words,

"You are to name him Jesus,
because he will save his people
from their sins." Mt 1:21

We may experience the Light shining into dark places of our lives and showing us patterns of sinfulness, and inviting us to experience God's mercy and healing. Perhaps we wish to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconcilation this week. We may want to make gestures of reconcilation with a loved one, relative, friend or associate. With more light and joy, it is easier to say, "I'm sorry; let's begin again."

Each night this week we want to pause in gratitude. Whatever the day has brought, no matter how busy it has been, we can stop, before we fall asleep, to give thanks for a little more light, a little more freedom to walk by that light, in joy.

Our celebration of the coming of our Savior in history, is opening us up to experience his coming to us this year, and preparing us to await his coming in Glory.

Come, Lord Jesus. Come and visit your people.
We await your coming. Come, O Lord.