Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sectional Track at Marathon

From the Green Bay Press.

I think junior took 10. First one in the family to make it to sectionals. Congrats to all the athletes.
"DIVISION 3: Marathon Sectional


Team scores: Wild Rose 75, Edgar 64, Marathon 56, Newman 53, Marion 46, Stratford 39, Lena/St Thomas Aquinas 33, Loyal 32, Athens 30, Gillett 25, Rosholt 22, Florence 20, Manawa 19, Suring 17, Pacellil 17, Conserve/Phelps 16, Granton 16, Port Edwards 16, Gresham Community/Bowler 16, Coleman 15, Tigerton 14, Amherst 12, Tri-County 11, Marshfield Columbus 9, Pittsville 9, Crivitz 6, Niagara 5, Iola-Scandinavia 5, Spencer 4

Winners and area state qualifiers

100 — 1. Logan Malueg, Marion, 10.94.

200 — 1. Malueg, Marion, 22.64; 3. Chad Strehlow, Suring, 23.01.

400 — 1. Joon Yong Choi, Conserve, 51.81.

800 — 1. Tom Kenote, Gresham, 1:58.70; 2. Dusty Raatz, Gillett, 1:59.84.

1,600 — 1. Matt Zuelke, Stratford, 4:39.88.

3,200 — 1. Caleb Hudson, Gillett, 10:11.69.

110 hurdles — 1. Sean Casey, Loyal, 15.42; 3. Victor Duffrin, Lena, 15.69.

300 hurdles — 1. Sean Casey, Loyal, 40.05; 3. Matt Maye, Coleman, 40.66; 4. Thad Harrison, Florence, 41.72.

400 relay — 1. Marion 44.19.

800 relay — 1. Manawa 1:33.37; 4. Lena/St Thomas Aquinas 1:34.58.

1,600 relay — 1. Marathon 3:30.95.

3,200 relay — 1. Marathon 8:25.33.

Pole vault — 1. Brett Passini, Newman, 14-6; 2. Tyler Wagner, Lena, 14-0; 3. Bryan Klister, Lena, 14-0.

Long jump — 1. Gabe Pospyhalla, Edgar, 20-5½; 3. Nick Krause, Gillett, 20-2¼.

Triple jump — 1. Patrick Lemmer, Edgar, 43-6.

High jump — 1. Josh LeFleur, Florence, 6-5.

Shot put — 1. Adam Nowak, Edgar, 50-4; 4. Chad Strehlow, Suring, 49-10.

Discus — 1. Austin Kaiser, Marathon, 162-5.


Team scores: Edgar 113, Newman 88.5, Marathon 53.5, Pittsville 53, Florence 52, Rosholt 50, Wild Rose 29, Iola-Scandinavia 29, Niagara 27, Pacelli 24, Port Edwards 19, Stratford 17.5, Suring 17.5, Coleman 14.5, Tigerton 14, Marshfield Columbus 14, Gillett 13, Loyal 12, Three Lakes 8, Gresham Community/Bowler 8, Marion 8, Athens 7, Manawa 6.5, Amherst 6, Shiocton 4, Conserve/Phelps 4, Crivitz 4, Lena/St Thomas Aquinas 3

Winners and area state qualifiers

100 — 1. Aileen Lemanski, Florence, 12.53.

200 —1. Lemanski, Florence, 25.95.

400 — 1. Jamie Vandenberg, Niagara, 57.34; 4. Amy Werner, Three Lakes, 1:02.10.

800 — 1. Vandenberg, Niagara, 2:18.13.

1,600 — 1. Carli Kronstedt, Pittsville, 5:26.07; 2. Annette Lemanski, Florence, 5:26.60.

3,200 — 1. Carli Kronstedt, Pittville, 11:50.87.

100 hurdles — 1. Tessa Thurs, Edgar, 15.70; 3. Kyrsten Carter, Coleman, 16.34.

300 hurdles — 1. Thurs, Edgar, 46.31; 3. Shannon Schaal, Gillett, 48.18.

400 relay — 1. Edgar 50.78.

800 relay — 1. Newman 1:45.57; 2.

1,600 relay — 1. Newman 4:06.07; 3. Florence 4:08.40; 4. Niagara 4:11.15.

3,200 relay — 1. Pittsville 9:49.14.

Pole vault — 1. Faryn Wirkus, Edgar, 10-6; 4. Stephanie School, Suring, 9-6.

Long jump — 1. Aileen Lemanski, Florence, 17-6½; 4. Kristin Kresse, Suring, 15-9¾.

Triple jump — 1. Emily Schuster, Newman, 34-0½; 4. Katie Brownson, Florence, 33-5¾.

High jump — 1. Rachel Melum, Iola-Scandinavia, 5-5.

Shot put — 1. Haley Zakrzewski, Rosholt, 37-11¾.

Discus — 1. Megan Elliott, Marathon, 118-7; 2. 2. Theresa Nowak, Coleman, 109-02." WIAA sectional track results | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Friday, May 29, 2009

Why Spend The Money, "U.S. 41/Wisconsin 29" Interchange

From the Green Bay Press.

Why Are we spending all this money and make all these changes if we all will drive the Obama cars.

"U.S. 41/Wisconsin 29 interchange to get 8 roundabouts
DOT holds public meeting on project, set for 2011

By Malavika Jagannathan • • May 28, 2009

About 50 people attended a public meeting Wednesday evening to see the changes proposed by the Department of Transportation for the interchange of U.S. 41 and Wisconsin 29, including eight roundabouts.

The interchange is pegged for major reconstruction between 2011 and 2015 to separate regional traffic between the freeways from local traffic on Shawano Avenue.

About 160,000 vehicles will travel through U.S. 41 and Wisconsin 29 in 2035, according to the DOT.

Hobart resident Tuf Zimmer, who lives in the Indian Trails neighborhood, said he feels more positive about the project after seeing the information presented at the meeting but is concerned with the eight roundabouts being installed at intersections and ramps.

"I'm going to have to go through seven if I want to go to Fleet Farm, and that's my concern," Zimmer said.

"But 10 years from now it'll be good."

Eight interchanges along the highway in Brown County will be reconstructed as part of a massive U.S. 41 reconstruction project.

The improvements on Wisconsin 29 will occur concurrently with the interchange work. That work is planned for 2011, although the exact schedule has yet to be mapped out, U.S. 41 communications manager Kris Schuller said.

Other changes include a frontage road between Brown County J and Packerland Drive, an interchange at Packerland Drive, a free flow interchange between Wisconsin 29 and U.S. 41, reconstruction of Taylor Street between Dousman Street and the railroad crossing south of Shawano Avenue and roundabouts at various intersections.

Keith Schuch of ELS Escort Limousine received a letter from the DOT about the meeting and came with the concern that his business's larger vehicles and stretch limos wouldn't fit around the roundabouts.

But Schuch, who lives near Wisconsin 29 and whose business is located on Hinkle Street, thinks the project will be a nice addition to the area.

"I think it'll be great when it's done, but it's going to be a headache while it's being built," Schuh said.

♦ Read the DOT fact sheet on the project." U.S. 41/Wisconsin 29 interchange to get 8 roundabouts | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Gasoline Futures Up

Does this mean we have inflation on gasoline? Just checking Bloomberg and this is what it showed on wholesale gasoline prices.

This morning I thought it was around 1.86 gal on the wholesale market.
"Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future
53344.00  Gal
up 44.00
up.08 %
Date 05/29" Energy Prices

Wait till inflation kicks in, it may cost you

$53,344. 00 gal for gasoline under the O years.

Hang on to your wallets.

The Way to a Beautiful Lawn

Just watching the Brewer win and my lawn tractor came up.

Man, I miss a GREAT looking lawn.
"The Way to a Beautiful Lawn

Step up to one of the finest cutting machines ever built. The Broadmoor combines heavy-duty premium features like a 10-gauge welded steel chassis, advanced traction systems and our exclusive Free Floating™ mower with a full-width roller system. It's a balanced, versatile and comfortable design that gives you a fantastic lawn tractor with no compromises."
Broadmoor / Lawn Tractors / Products / Simplicity

Only with a Simplicity

Shawano Hwy 22 Bridge Rebuild

From the Shawano Leader.

"By Donna Hobscheid, Leader Reporter

A six-month closure of the Highway 22 bridge into Shawano may be two years off, but businesses are already concerned about access.

Reconstruction of the bridge is expected to run from April to October of 2011.

“It’s going to be a major impact on us,” said Dave Slaughter, general manager of the Comfort Inn & Suites just south of the bridge.

He was also concerned about any temporary closure of Riverbend Road, which leads to their driveway.

“We can’t close our driveway. We’re a 24-hour business,” said Slaughter, who was among about a dozen business people, municipal officials and residents who attended an information meeting Wednesday at Shawano Community High School."

Link to article

Why not just build a new bridge next to the old bridge and keep the old one open till the new one is completed!

Da, sorry, that would just be too easy!

But it would cost too much! Do you really think a bridge built in 2011 will not cost more money?

Where's the stimulus?

Start building it now!

Crap or get off the pot!

Where is Steve Kagen on this?

Steve get off your dead butt and get this going!

Pravda See's It, Are Americans Blind ????

From Pravda.
"It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.

True, the situation has been well prepared on and off for the past century, especially the past twenty years. The initial testing grounds was conducted upon our Holy Russia and a bloody test it was. But we Russians would not just roll over and give up our freedoms and our souls, no matter how much money Wall Street poured into the fists of the Marxists.

Those lessons were taken and used to properly prepare the American populace for the surrender of their freedoms and souls, to the whims of their elites and betters. "

American capitalism gone with a whimper - Pravda.Ru

Open Carry Stroll Minocqua

From the most popular and outstanding Lakeland-Times
"5/29/2009 9:52:00 AM Gregg Walker photo.
Open-carry proponents take a stroll through Minocqua
Have a gun, will carry
Samantha Hernandez

On an overcast Friday afternoon, two guys decided to take a walk around downtown Minocqua - while openly carrying firearms.

Open-carry proponents take a stroll through Minocqua

Reply Letter From A Grandfather

Got this from an e mail. How True, how true.


John is 63 years old and owns his own business.
He is a life-long republican and sees his dream of retiring next year is now all but
gone. With the stock market crashing and all the new taxes coming

his way, john knows he will be working for a good number more years.


John has a granddaughter. Ashley is a recent college grad. She

drives a late model car, wears all the latest fashions, and also

likes going out and eating out a lot. Ashley campaigned hard for

Obama, and after he won the election she made sure her grandfather

(and all other republican family members) received more than an

earful on how the world is going to be a much better place now that

Obama won the election.


Ashley recently found herself short of cash and cannot pay her

bills, again. As she has done many other times in the past, she

e-mailed her grandfather asking for some financial help.        


Here is his reply:




I am replying to your request for more money. Ashley, you know I

love you dearly and am sympathetic to your financial plight.

Unfortunately, times have changed. With the election of president

Obama, your grandmother and I have had to set forth a bold new

economic plan of our own....The  'Ashley Economic Plan'. Let me



Your grandmother and I are highly productive, wage-earning tax

payers. As you know, we have lived a comfortable life and in return

have forgone many things like fancy vacations, luxury cars, etc. We

have worked hard and were looking forward to retiring soon. But this

plan has changed. Your president is significantly raising our

personal and business taxes. He says it is so he can give our hard

earned money to other people. Do you know what this means, Ashley?

It means less income for us. Less income means we must cut back on

many business and personal expenditures. One example is, we were

forced to let go of our receptionist today. You know her. She always

gave you candy when you visited my office. Did you know she worked

for us for the past 18 years? I can't afford her anymore.


That is a taste of the business side. Some personal economic

effects of Obama's new taxation policies include none other than

you. You know very well that over the years your grandmother and

I have given you thousands of dollars in cash, tuition assistance, food,

housing, clothing, gifts, etc., Etc. By your vote, you have chosen another

family over ours for help. Judging from your e-mail requesting more

money, I recommend you call 202-456-1111. That is the direct telephone

number for the White House. You yourself repeatedly  told me I was

foolish to vote republican. You said Mr. Obama is going to be the

people's president and is going to help every American live a better



Based upon everything you have told me and things we heard from him

as he campaigned, I am sure Mr. Obama will be happy to send a check

or transfer money into your checking account. Have him call me for

the transaction and account numbers, which by now I know by heart.


Perhaps you now can understand what I have been saying for all my

life: Those who vote for the president should consider what the

impact of an election will be on the nation as a whole, and not just

be concerned with what they can get for themselves (welfare, etc.).


What Obama voters don't seem to realize is all of the "government's"

money he is 'redistributing' to illegal aliens and non-taxpaying

Americans (deemed "less fortunate") comes from tax money collected

from income tax-paying families.


Remember how you told me, "only the richest of the rich will be

affected"? Guess what, honey? Because of our business, your

grandmother and I are now considered to be the richest of the rich.

On paper, it might look that way. But in the real world, we are far

from it.


But, as you said while campaigning for Obama, some people will have

to carry more of the burden so all of America can prosper. You

understand what that means, right? It means that raising taxes on

productive people results in them having less money. Less money

for everything, including granddaughters.


Congratulations on your choice for "change".   For future

reference, I encourage you to attempt to add up the total value

of the gifts and money you've received from us over the years,

and compare it to what you expect to get over the next four years

from  Mr. Obama.


Remember, we love you dearly... But from now on you'll need to call

the number referenced above when you need help.


Good luck, sweetheart.





Thursday, May 28, 2009

What If Hillary Won

From Dick Morris.

Just asking, would today be different if Hillary won?

"By Dick Morris

Published on on May 26,2009

Asked why he was naming some of his rivals to top administration jobs, President Lyndon B. Johnson said it best: “I’d rather have them inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in.” President Obama seems to echo Johnson’s management style in his handling of Bill and Hillary Clinton." THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING CLINTONS at

Later in the article.
How long will Hillary subject herself to this discipline? Likely as long as Obama is popular. Should his ratings fade, she might move away from the president and could even consider a primary contest against him in 2012.

I Second That

Ol' Broad on Republicans.

I agree!
"Conservatism works, and you dipwads forgot about that! You think the Party lost because the tent wasn’t big enough? Give me a break! Y’all lost because you forgot that sound principles will bring in more folks to that big tent. Y’all go right ahead and keep compromising yourself into non-existence, but you can leave me out of your tent! Too many piles of poop, too many flies, and way too many fleas!"
An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings

NASCAR Breaking News


I guess it was just a matter of time.
"Eury Jr. out as crew chief for slumping Earnhardt
By The Associated Press
May 28, 2009
11:45 AM EDT

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. will have a new crew chief starting with this weekend's race at Dover." NASCAR.COM - Eury Jr. out as crew chief for slumping Earnhardt - May 28, 2009

Look out for the 88!

No Choice, Hansen

"No Choice Hansen", sounds like a good slogan for the next election.
From the Green Bay Press
"Sen. Dave Hansen, a Green Bay Democrat and member of the Joint Finance Committee, said legislators had no choice but to raise the surcharge." Waste fees may be dumped on Brown County | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Way To Go Gillett

From The Green Bay Press
"At Suring


Team scores: Niagara 122.5, Florence 116, Suring 104.5, Coleman 83, Crivitz 73, Gillett 66, Lena/Marinette St. Thomas 60, Three Lakes 55, Bowler 8, Conserve 5.

Sectional qualifiers

100: 1, Liz Butler, N, 13.40; 2, Aileen Lemanski, F, 13.45; 3, Katie Richard, F, 13.78; 4, Kate Neitzer, Cr, 13.81. 200: 1, Aileen Lemanski, F, 27.69; 2, Kate Neitzer, Cr, 28.37; 3, Brittany Servent, TL, 29.16; 4, Brooke Strehlow, Sur, 29.41. 400: 1, Jamie Vandenberg, N, 1:00.16; 2, Abby Strehlow, Sur, 1:06.15; 3, Cali Trepp, N, 1:06.90; 4, Aimee Davids, B, 1:09.63. 800: 1, Jamie Vandenberg, N, 2:29.72; 2, Hannah Peterson, TL, 2:41.34; 3, Sarah Clark, G, 2:42.33; 4, Sydney Rietveld, Cole, 2:42.43. 1,600: 1, Annette Lemanski, F, 5:44.35; 2, Molly Hischke, G, 5:47.09; 3, Jenna Jagiello, L, 5:47.57; 4, Lindsy Cook, TL, 5:51.64. 3,200: 1, Beth Beyer, L, 12:31.43; 2, Gretchen Peterson, TL, 12:31.98; 3, Katie Collins, G, 13:11.89; 4, Tina Lanouette, Con, 13:19.85. 100 hurdles: 1, Kyrsten Carter, Cole, 16.46; 2, Shannon Schaal, G, 17.34; 3, Kayla Johnson, Cole, 17.56; 4, Shelley Prost, N, 17.74. 300 hurdles: 1, Kyrsten Carter, Cole, 47.02; 2, Shannon Schaal, G, 49.52; 3, Katie Brownson, F, 49.55; 4, Sarah Depas, N, 53.73. 400 relay: 1, Florence (Katie Richard, Aileen Lemanski, Katie Brownson, Rachel Koehn), 53.23; 2, Niagara (Jamie Skowronek, Haylee Rose, Ashley Lundin, Liz Butler), 54.35; 3, Crivitz (Sam Wiedemeier, Katlyn Zorn, Jenne Wiedemeier, Kate Neitzer), 56.34; 4, Suring (Seger Borchardt, Stephanie Trepanier, Katie Hull, Stephanie School), 59.42. 800 relay: 1, Suring (Emily Jaeger, Brooke Strehlow, Abby Strehlow, Anna Jaeger), 1:53.64; 2, Coleman (Cherise Patz, Jenna Kerr, Kaitlin Fiedorowicz, Kyrsten Carter), 1:57.05; 3, Three Lakes (Jordan Kwaterski, Kristen Kwaterski, Bekah Vought, Brittany Servent), 2:03.24; 4, Crivitz (Sam Wiedemeier, Katlyn Zorn, Kortney Groeschl, Emily Neitzer), 2:05.02. 1,600 relay: 1, Niagara (Jamie Skowronek, Ashley Lundin, Liz Butler, Jamie Vandenberg), 4:13.51; 2, Gillett (Rebecca Timm, Molly Hischke, Amber Rosenlund, Shannon Schaal), 4:19.63; 3, Suring (Brooke Strehlow, Emily Jaeger, Abby Strehlow, Brittany Thomas), 4:26.80; 4, Florence (Britta Paulson, Katie Brownson, Annette Lemanski, Rachel Koehn), 4:28.44. 3,200 relay: 1, Three Lakes (Lindsy Cook, Hannah Peterson, Amy Levandoski, Gretchen Peterson), 10:40.07; 2, Florence (Nita Englund, Anna Englund, Annette Lemanski, Vicki Smith), 10:53.81; 3, Suring (Lindsey Schroeder, Brittany Thomas, Heather Heimerl, Caryssa Berg), 10:59.79; 4, Gillett (Chaelsea Baranczyk, Sarah Clark, Katie Collins, Breann Johnson), 11:00.35. High jump: 1, Ashley Lundin, N, 5-0; 2, Kyrsten Carter, Cole, 4-8; 3, Amanda Morin, N, 4-7; 4, Emily Jaeger, Sur, 4-6. Pole vault: 1, Stephanie School, Sur, 8-9; 2, Liz Butler, N, 8-6; 3, Jenne Wiedemeier, Cr, 8-0; 4, Alyx Knudson, Cr, 8-0. Long jump: 1, Aileen Lemanski, F, 16-9½; 2, Kate Neitzer, Cr, 14-6½; 3, Anna Jaeger, Sur, 14-4½; 4, Taylor Hanrahan, L, 14-4. Triple jump: 1, Rachel Koehn, F, 32-11½; 2, Katie Brownson, F, 31-8½; 3, Anna Jaeger, Sur, 31-5; 4, Kayla Johnson, Cole, 29-6½. Shot put: 1, Melissa Skudlark, Cr, 33-11¾; 2, Cortney D'Agostino, F, 32-7½; 3, Becky Huberty, L, 31-11; 4, Kira Cook, Sur, 31-9. Discus: 1, Chelsea Henkel, G, 100-7; 2, Jenny Jarvis, N, 99-11; 3, Melissa Skudlark, Cr, 98-8; 4, Taylor Hanrahan, L, 96-4.


Team scores: Suring 124, Lena/St. Thomas Aquinas 122, Gillett 106, Florence 87, Coleman 63.5, Crivitz 50, Niagara 49.5, Gresham/Bowler 46, Conserver/Phelps 42, Three Lakes 1.

Sectional qualifiers

100 – 1. Joon Yong Choi, Con, 11.76; 2. Ryan Otradovec, Sur, 11.81; 3. Ben Potter, Nia, 12.03; 4. Jordan Argall, Col, 12.07. 200 – 1. Chad Strehlow, Sur, 24.03; 2. Choi, Con, 24.31; 3. Ben Potter, Nia, 24.46; 4. Ryan Otradovec, Sur, 24.66. 400 – 1. Choi, Con, 53.12; 2. Nick Daniels, Gre, 53.48; 3. Chad Strehlow, Sur, 54.08; 4. Dave Brostowitz, Lena, 54.99. 800 – 1. Tom Kenote, Gre, 2:02.85; 2. Dusty Raatz, Gil, 2:04.82; 3. Tyler Coppens, Nia, 2:12.86; 4. Alex Kohn, Gil, 2:15.13. 1,600 – 1. Tom Kenote, Gre, 4:53.21; 2. Matt Wubben, Lena, 4:55.80; 3. Cole Wincent, Con, 4:57.71; 4. Zac Jones, Flor, 5:02.17. 3,200 – 1. Caleb Hudson, Gil, 10:48.44; 2. Andrew Clark, Gil, 10:50.49; 3. Cole Wincent, Con, 10:58.15; 4. Matt Wubben, Lena, 10:59.27. 110 hurdles – 1. Nick Krause, Gil, 17.15; 2. Thad Harrison, Flor, 17.50; 3. Victor Duffrin, Lena, 18.35; 4. Taylor Anderson, Col, 18.80. 300 hurdles – 1. Victor Duffrin, Lena, 42.12; 2. Matt Maye, Col, 42.15; 3. Thad Harrison, Flor, 43.34; 4. Nick Krause, Gil, 44.07. 400 relay – 1. Coleman 46.82 (Jordan Argall, Jack Kotecki, Trevor Earley, Matt Maye) 46.82; 2. Lena/St Thomas Aquinas 47.87; 3. Niagara 47.88; 4. Gillett 48.84. 800 relay – 1. Suring (Ryan Otradovec, Earl School, Chad Strehlow, Kevin Christensen) 1:36.85; 2. Lena/St Thomas Aquinas 1:37.05; 3. Coleman 1:37.68; 4. Gillett 1:41.89. 1,600 relay – 1. Lena/St Thomas Aquinas 3:41.21 (Zach Klister, Victor Duffrin, Dave Brostowitz, Justin Larmay) 3:41.21; 2. Gillett 3:42.48; 3. Florence 3:51.97; 4. Gresham Community/Bowler 3:52.66. 3,200 relay – 1. Florence 8:57.03 (Ben Brownson, Zac Jones, Cody Moser, Jacob Jones) 8:57.03; 2. Crivitz 9:07.32; 3. Coleman 9:13.81; 4. Suring 9:33.66. Pole vault – 1. Bryan Klister, Lena, 14-7; 2. Tyler Wagner, Lena, 14-0; 3. Luke Imig, Lena, 11-0; 4. Derek Heimerl, Sur, 10-6. Long jump – 1. Nick Krause, Gil, 19-3; 2. Josh LeFleur, Flor, 18-10¾; 3. Kevin Christensen, Sur, 18-6; 4. Dave Brostowitz, Lena, 18-1. Triple jump – 1. Kevin Christensen, Sur, 38-8½; 2. Josh LeFleur, Flor, 37-8; 3. Matt Maye, Col, 37-0¼; 4. Jordan Sexton, Nia, 36-9. High jump – 1. Josh LeFleur, Flor, 6-2; 2. Jordan Sexton, Nia, 5-10; 3. Kevin Christensen, Sur, 5-8; 4. Weston Sexton, Nia, 5-2. Shot put – 1. Dan Nevlen, Cri, 49-11½; 2. Sam Ermis, Cri, 48-3¾; 3. Ryan Paulick, Sur, 46-10½; 4. Chad Strehlow, Sur, 46-2¾. Discus – 1. Dan Nevlen, Criv, 146-0; 2. David Socha, Gill, 132-5; 3. Ryan Paulick, Sur, 123-5; 4. Jonathon Zahn, Sur, 123-5."
Division 3 track and field: Simon paces Algoma girls | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Going to Sectionals!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Local, Major League Starter

From Try 2 Focus
"West DePere graduate Jason Berken (2002) will be making his Major League debut tonight after being called up by the Baltimore Orioles yesterday." Try 2 Focus


"By Spencer Fordin /
The Orioles' bats went to work for Jason Berken in his Majors debut, as Adam Jones' fifth-inning two-run homer was the deciding blow that put the Orioles ahead and gave the rookie the victory. Aubrey Huff and Nolan Reimold also went deep." Game Wrapup | News


Track Regional

High School Track Regional At Suring Tonight.

Way to go Robert, second in discuss and off the sectionals.

Hope to see information from Press Gazette in the morning.

Another One

"SEOUL, May 27 (Yonhap) -- North Korea launched an additional short-range missile from its east coast Tuesday night, an official at the South Korean presidential office said Wednesday." YONHAP NEWS

Monday, May 25, 2009

Playing Fricken Golf?

Subject: Pool report 5/25/09

POTUS is, reportedly, golfing with Marvin Nicholson. No actual glimpses of the presidential golf game. Aides say POTUS paused at 3 p.m. to observe a moment of silence. " DRUDGE REPORT 2009®

NASCAR ..............S U C K ' S

It's only 6:28 p m eastern, 5:28 central, and they have lights!

Why call the race!


S U C K ' S

Coke 600

5:15 p m

The fans want the race to end, but not at 5:13 pm.

The track has lights!

Finish the race if it takes till midnight!

Don't cut the race off at 6:15 pm!

Stop It, Please

I am watching AMC.

Earlier it was "the Battle of the Bulge.

Now Patton is playing.

Please stop playing John McCain talking about hero's!

I give John McCain credit for being an American, but I stop short and say he has sold out his COUNTRY in his political life with McCain Fiengold etc, stc, etc.

Enough said.

Take Johnie Mac off of AMC!

Let's Try It Again, Monday Version

"Next: Coca-Cola 600

After rain washed out NASCAR's longest race Sunday, Kasey Kahne and the rest of the field will try again on Monday and the forecast looks much more promising. There's a slight chance for a stray shower throughout the afternoon with the heavy stuff not expected until the evening. Green is scheduled for noon ET. TV coverage on FOX.
" NASCAR.COM - News, Schedule, Drivers, Tracks, Fantasy & Video from NASCAR

Memorial Day Honor From The Blogs

On this special Day we honor our Brave men and women who served and serve today for our freedom.

Great posts from Great Americans. These are just some of what is out there.

"A sacred day" Badger Blogger

"Remember" Boots and Sabers - The blogging will continue until morale improves...

"Memorial Day" Dad29
"You serve so I can be free" - Appleton, WI News - What's really going on in the Fox Cities

"Please take a moment " Lakeshore Laments
"Today is Memorial Day," Marketplace of Ideas Blog

"Memorial Day 2009:" Michelle Malkin » Memorial Day 2009: Giving thanks for those who made the ultimate sacrifice
"I want to thank all my fellow veteran brothers and sisters "
The Maritime Sentry

May 25, 2009" Real Debate Wisconsin
"No one has greater love…" Sheboygan Spirit
"Freedom isn't free " Stepping Right Up!
"his memorial day, take time to remember…"
THE Right Side of Wisconsin Blog Network

North Korea, Another N Bomb

From Rueters.
"Obama says North Korea nuclear test a "grave concern"
Mon May 25, 2009 8:42am EDT

" Obama says North Korea nuclear test a grave concern | Politics | Reuters

Didn't we go over this before?

Zucker Takes On Democrat Appeasement

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Off Till Sunday

"Rain washes out 50th running of Coca-Cola 600
Race moved to noon ET on Monday, rain forecast all week
By Raygan Swan, NASCAR.COM
May 24, 2009
09:46 PM EDT" NASCAR.COM - Rain washes out 50th running of Coca-Cola 600 - May 24, 2009

Coca-Cola 600

From , race on FOX.
"Next: Coca-Cola 600

Ryan Newman hasn't won a Cup race since the 2008 Daytona 500, but he hopes to change that tonight at Lowe's Motor Speedway -- as long as the weather allows. It's cloudy at LMS and there is a threat of storms all night, but NASCAR is hopeful the entire race will be run. Green is scheduled for 6:03 p.m. ET. TV coverage is on FOX.
" NASCAR.COM - News, Schedule, Drivers, Tracks, Fantasy & Video from NASCAR

You know my pick to win.

Yes, A Liberal Republican

From Politico.
"“Rush will not get his wish and Mr. Cheney was misinformed – I am still a Republican
,” " Colin Powell fires back at Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney - Jonathan Martin -

With republicans like Powell who needs the democrats. That's right, they are one and the same!

General Powell, not welcome in my party!

Mine is the Conservative Party.

Living With The Liberal Left, Rape at Two In The Afternoon

"Officer Moses said Thomas is a known panhandler in Spokane, but does not have a history of sexual assault or rape. However, he does have record with the police department.

"He has minor infractions for trespassing," Moses said.

Although witnesses were disturbed and shocked having seen a rape play out in broad daylight, Moses says a rape like this is extremely rare. " Rape at Riverfront Park in broad daylight - News, Weather and Sports for Spokane, WA and Coeur d'Alene, ID |

How long will we put up with the liberal left. So "he does have record with the police department", really!

We are expected to live under their rules and where does it it get us? Panhandlers raping in broad daylight. I am assuming Washington State has concealed carry! Someone should of reacted!

How much will we have to take.

Not much more.

We need to take our country back, and soon!

Best To Leave The Country For A While

From Yahoo News.
"US House Speaker Pelosi in China for climate talks

US House Speaker Pelosi in China for climate talks AFP/Getty Images/File – US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, seen here, who is a longtime critic of Beijing's …
Sun May 24, 9:49 am ET

BEIJING (AFP) – US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a longtime critic of Beijing's rule over Tibet and its rights record, arrived in China on Sunday for a trip focused on energy and climate change." US House Speaker Pelosi in China for climate talks - Yahoo! News

Family Thank you 2009

"On this Memorial day weekend, I wish to thank some from my family for their service to our country.I know there are others in the family bu

Uncle Roman M - who served during WWII

Uncle Ed M. - who served in WWII

Uncle Tony L - Who served in WWII

Uncle Ed S - who served in Korea

James A. S who served in the US Army.

Gentlemen, it is an honor that you served to give everyone a chance to live in this great country.

Thank you"

Nationwide Winner Saturday

"Bliss-fully patient

Mike Bliss took the lead on a quirky caution that split the field, and when the rain came he was celebrating. Bliss earned his first Nationwide Series victory since 2004.
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Tonight, the longest race of the year, 600 miles.

Memorial Day Services 2009

From the Green Bay Press.

You can go to the link below for your area.

♦ Memorial Day services: Monday. All veterans posts — Mixtacki-Johnson Post 337 and the auxiliary, VFW Post 9719, the Angelica-Pulaski AMVETS Post 160 and the Krakow-Pulaski PLAV Post 178 and auxiliary — will put flags on the gravesites of 540 veterans at 11 cemeteries.

The services will be held at 9 a.m. at the Ripley Performing Arts Auditorium, Pulaski High School, 1040 S. St. Augustine St. John Maino will be the speaker and the normal tradition of reading all veterans names." Memorial Day Services 2009 | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

When Is A Blogger A Journalist

From the Green Bay Press.
"Bill aimed to protect journalists introduced in Wisconsin
Reporters would not be required to reveal sources

By SCOTT BAUER • The Associated Press • May 24, 2009

MADISON — Journalists would have protection from having to reveal confidential sources or information under a law proposed by two Democrats, one a former reporter.

Wisconsin has court rulings offering some protections for reporters in Wisconsin, but no state law." Bill aimed to protect journalists introduced in Wisconsin | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Is a journalist a blogger if they have a blog?

Is a blogger a journalist if they don't work for a newspaper?

Is not a blog a newspaper in non print form?

Dave Hansen's Whopper Of The Weekend

From WBAY.
"Sen. Hasen said, "The other side has the ability to say we should be spending more money at a time when there is none and it seems kind of different that way, but we've got to be conservative" Working the Weekend to Fix the Budget - WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News:

First, It's H A N S E N not Hasen. It's not my spell check mistake.

Second, who in the republican party is saying "we should be spending more money at a time when there is none" and Hansen is now saying "we've got to be conservative"! That's a WHOPPER!

Shame on Dave Hansen for trying to spin, twist, deceive, no matter what you call it, lie to the people of Wisconsin concerning the budget shortfall. It's Diamond Jim Doyle, Hansen himself and the democratic party that is taking the people of Wisconsin to the cleaners and he blames the other party!

Shame on WBAY for not calling him on it.

Will anyone else in the MSM call them out on their ponzi scheme to rape and pillage the people of Wisconsin of their own hard working money.

Won't happen! Well maybe when the MSM get's used and abused like the people of Wisconsin and maybe, just maybe start reporting the real news about those democratic carpetbaggers in the state of Wisconsin.

Dave Hansen, You and your party are out of control so please stop telling WHOPPERS!