Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kagen On The Corner

From WOWN 99.3 out of Shawano.

It seems Congressmen Kagen was in Shawano Wis. this past week. From the "you can't make this stuff up " file. With Eliot Spitzer and new New York gov. David A. Paterson's stories of hookers and extra affairs, who planned Congressman's Kagen's week? It sure tells all! To you on the left, remember, I didn't write this!

"Congressman Steve Kagen was in Shawano this week for Congress on the Corner."

What is he doing........................? I feel d.... , oh, can't go there. Well, someone planned this event. If his staff planned this , he better look for new staff! Hey, maybe he and his staff planned this. I can hear their conversation. We can have congress on the corner. GREAT IDEA! We will take their money and they won't even know it! It's just the people of Shawano. Get me a trucker that's not working today!

OK, I will say it, our 8th district congressman is selling himself at every corner for votes for the upcoming election. As Barack has said, "words mean things". Use any word you see fit! They all mean the same. Dr. K is selling himself. Now I feel dirty for even thinking about how bad this guy is and why he will say anything to anybody for just a vote. Well, here's the story.

Kagen fights for Economic Turnaround
By Doug Erdman Congressman

Steve Kagen was in Shawano this week for Congress on the Corner. Kagen was asked about the economy and he responded this government caused this recession, he said the U.S. Economy is in tatters and we are headed south because the price for gallon of gas is going up and thats because the dollar is going down in value. Kagen said he is fighting the good fight but is not making much ground with this president, he said he will continue to fight but with an Oil President and an Oil Vice President you are not going to make much headway. Gas as we speak is about 3.29 in most areas but the cost of diesel has skyrocket to over 4 dollars a gallon. Kagen said he spoke with the independent truckers earlier this week and he said they are about ready to shut down their trucks, if that happens it would mean a disaster to the industry and this country.

First, Congressman Kagen, when did this recession start? Why
are you spreading lies! There may be a recession in the future but let's have one before you call it one. Do people really know what recession means?

recession - (rĭ-sěsh'ən) Pronunciation Key n.
An extended decline in general business activity, typically two consecutive

quarters of falling real gross national product. What two quarters were negative growth?

Second, truckers, businesses and common folks are paying high gas prices, high food prices, high taxes! Hey Steve, how about drilling in ANWR? How about getting rid of blended fuels?

New Kagen Ad spot. Steve standing on the corner with his hand out.
"Together We Will"

We need to send Dr. Kagen back to private practice

Words, Just Words

I keep hearing Obama's double speak. One day his words means something, the next day, they don't! Then another day someones elses words might mean something and the next day those words might mean something else. Depends if any words are for or against Mr Obama. What I just said makes no sense but neither do a lot of politicians!

This is not a left only problem. Why in God's name do we have RINO's. They only say what they want us to hear. They make promises that they break. They cozy up with the left just to be liked. From Lance Burri at Badger Blog Alliance . March 20,was the anniversary of the Republican party in Ripon. Here's the link. What does the Republican party mean today? I have to question myself from time to time. Let me clarify,
I am and always will be a conservative first.

Watching two movies this week has brought out some extra passion. National Treasure and HBO's John Adams.

Words do mean things. Some good words to think about. I will not add a link. If you can't find the link, move to Canada! Everyone should know where it came from and what it means. I am getting a little fed up with the left, some republicans and a lot of voters in this country. When will people wake up? I will not compromise my beliefs! Let the movement begin!

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness

John Adams

Sitting in Newberry Mi. Tuesday night I got to watch the second episode of John Adams. I don't have HBO so I will have to wait for the DVD's to come out. Here's a little write up.

Viewers vote for HBO's 'John Adams'
The first two episodes of the historical miniseries attracted 2.65 million viewers.

The first two episodes of the seven-part series that aired
Sunday drew 2.65 million viewers on average, one of the network's highest viewerships for a premiere in recent months. The miniseries, starring Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney, airs on Sundays through April 20.

Another HBO project did not fare so well, however. The network has decided to drop "12 Miles of Bad Road," a dramedy by "Designing Women" creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason that executives had originally touted as one
of their most promising series for the coming year.

First let me say this is a show all should see. Second when I see Paul Giamatti, I remember him with his blue face in Big Fat Liar. Oh well, he is doing one great job in this movie. Third, isn't it grand to see the (Clinton hacks) Bloodworth- Thomason struggle to make a good movie.

I feel bad, NOT!

If you have the chance on Sunday nights to watch John Adams, please do. So much of our history is forgotten and not taught in our school systems, what a shame!

What A Week

Went to Upper Michigan this past week. Looks like I missed a lot?
Monday- Plan & pack for the drive
Tuesday- Drive to Sault Ste Marie and Newberry Mi.
Wednesday- Marquette mi.
Thursday - Houghton, Hancock, the birthplace of the Gipper and south to Bruce Crossing.
Friday - Paperwork day
Also Friday, junior tuned 18.
A special thanks to all my customers and the people of Michigan.
Again to my thousands of readers, HA, Ha, I sometimes make trips to upper Michigan for my job. I have no blackberry, no lap top, no modern toys to play with. Hey just a thought, I might try to get my boys to fill in for me when I'm AWOL from the computer.