Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Water Company

Congratulations to:

Joe Gamsky , Dennis Hose and some investers for started Langlade Springs Water Company.

It's good to know why the spirit in America is still alive.

People risking everything in life to start thier own bussiness .

Takes a lot of guts. Artical is from the Antigo Daily Journal. Again congratulations !!!!!!

New water company.

Gasoline Price Check

Daily gas price check in Wisconsin. 8:00 a m

Wholesale price = 1.5042 gal

Green Bay Lowest = 2.15 gal
Appleton Lowest = 2.19 gal
Milwaukee Lowest = 2.15 gal

Taxes on one Gallon of Gasoline in Wisconsin = .47

Wow -------- Jackson Mo. = 1.90 gal

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dr Kagen - 8th District

I finnally decided that I should start commenting on the upcoming election.

Thanks to Charlie Sykes and for this information

My first is on Dr. Steve Kagen.

While I believe Dr K. means well, I think he has his priorities mixed up. He came out with his ethics plan and most of it is same old same old! "Stop dead of the night voting ", "close the revolving door"," ending rampent cronyism" . What does all this mean? But then he states , "eliminate last minute political attack ads"! Do we the people have the right of free speech? Do we want someone to tell us to be quiet just because someone disagree's with them? Then there's "Prohibit discredited gimmicks such as the misnamed Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) promoted by extremists on the venomous right". What is this? Just because we pay taxes which would pay Dr. K's salary if elected, I could not ask my elected officials to put a cap or to hold the line on tax increases? I guess I'm a extremist WOW!!!!!!!!! Do we live in Russia or Wisconsin? As it is stated on DR. K's ploitical signs "Together We Will". Is he telling me it means. "Together We Will"- stop free speech? "Together We Will" Raise my taxes? "Together We Will" let illegal imigrantes collect Wisconsin social programs paid by Wisconsin tax payers? Dr. K needs to consentrate on his own bussiness in 07 . The people of Wisconsin need to send John Gard to Washington in November!!!

If you have a "Together We Will " example of Dr K's whoppers,let me know and I will pass it along .

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Berry Lake

3:30 pm
Temperture 74 degrees

What a great fall day at Berry Lake.

Underhill town meeting tonight 7:30 . One part of tonights meeting should be the Town budget for next year. Anything worthwhile I will pass on tonight after meeting .

Parents Need To Know

Do you wonder who your children are talking to on the internet. I have two boys fifteen and sixteen and do wonder who they are talking to in there chat rooms , emails etc. Do you know what POS means ?????? "parent over shoulder " See complete artical from Chicago Sun Times , Thank to Charlie Sykes for the information Internet vocabulary for parents

Daily Gasoline Prices

Daily gas price check in Wisconsin.

3:00 p m

Wholesale price = 1.46 gal
Green Bay Lowest = 2.15 gal
Appleton Lowest = 2.19 gal
Milwaukee Lowest = 2.17 gal
Taxes on one Gallon of Gasoline in Wisconsin = .47

Wow -------- Jackson Mo. = 1.83 gal