Friday, September 03, 2010

Kagen's Boat Has A Leak reports a stop by Nancy Pelosi's puppet Congressman Steve Kagen at Marinette Marine
As for MMC's odds of being awarded the deal? "I'm very confident. We make the best ships. We've got the best price. The Navy likes the ship. So, we've got everything in our corner," Kagen said, eliciting cheers from the crowd of MMC employees.

"I'm working hard every day to guarantee we get this contract for the LCS ships."

How does Kagen know MM has the best price? Did the company tell him the bid to the defense department? How can he guarantee MM will get the contract? If the company does all the work, ( put the bid out) how can Kagen take credit for the contract if they get it?

Are those union members that out of touch with reality that they would cheer for Kagen when he has nothing to do with their jobs? It's company management and the workers quality work that gives them job security! Steve Kagens ship has a leak and is going down!
We're all in the same canoe together, so let's start pulling in the same direction - and that's going forward," he said. "We can't afford to have somebody without having their paddle in the water and pushing backwards - so let's take that positive step together."

He's at a giant ship building company and he say's were all in a CANOE? Say what? You can go to the above link to read the whole thing.

He reminds me of Gilligan on the old T V show!
Will this captain go down with the ship?

Nicolet Deer 101

No I'm not a deer expert, just some observations.

1) A fawn lost it's spots this past week.

2) A small I'm assuming under two year old 4 point buck still hangs around mom. Second time I seen the pair this summer. I would think he will leave mom this fall.

3)Also after the rain last night a doe and her fawn must of licked the grass for water. A hour later that 4 point buck was licking the same spot. I can only assume he was picking up the doe's scent for the rut this fall.

Isn't the north woods GREAT.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Martin 102 Out

From Atlanta this Sunday.

1--Kevin Harvick3521Leader240311164,919,170
2--Jeff Gordon3242-279240010134,116,150
3+5Kyle Busch3170-35124236124,490,770
4+2Carl Edwards3113-40824105123,725,480
5-2Denny Hamlin3108-41324059103,953,740
6-2Tony Stewart3107-41424206133,802,130
7--Jeff Burton3101-42024004123,653,340
8+1Matt Kenseth3095-42624005103,822,470
9-4Jimmie Johnson3077-44424158124,945,530
10--Kurt Busch3073-44824228145,188,010
11--Greg Biffle3055-46624015143,569,190
12--Clint Bowyer2920-60124004123,180,930
13+2Jamie McMurray2820-7012432795,228,270
14-1Mark Martin2819-7022410573,123,240

My Vote For Wis. Senate

This is an easy one.

How can anyone living in Wisconsin vote Russ Feingold. He is no maverick! As in some of his commercials, he is not frugal with the tax payers money.

Obama Care, the bail out, the stimulus, McCain Feingold need I go on? Where are the jobs Russ? Do the people of Wisconsin want to send Russ back to Washington to take away more of our freedom? Take away more of our money? How far will Russ go to keep moving government more to socialism. What else can you call it.

We need to change Washington and Ron Johnson is the man that will do it.

You can go to his web site for more information.

I'm voting for Ron Johnson.

My Vote For Wis. 36th Assemble District

The two candidates I find running for the Wisconsin 36th are Democrat Anne Woznicki from Florence and Republican Jeff Mursau from Crivits.

First, Anne Woznicki - On her web site she has three categories on the issues. On "Creating Jobs In Northern Wisconsin", she states

The people of northern Wisconsin need a legislator who will bring home a piece of the pie to our district.

Oh boy, sounds like a typical liberal, promising that pie. On "Adequately Funding Public Schools", she states,

Both Republicans and Democrats recognize that this is a problem that must be addressed, yet they have failed to act.

It was the democrats in Anne's party that gave us this problem with ending the QEA. You know she would be in the pocket of the teachers union. What dem isn't? On"Conserving Natural Resources and Exploring Green Energy" she states,

We have the resources necessary for potential energy sources, such as wood pulp, corn, switchgrass, manure, water, wind, and sun.

Ok, sounds good but why should government and the tax payers of Wisconsin pay the bill on renewable energy? If renewable energy is the future then let private business create and sell it. Ethanol or manure mandates paid by the tax payers is not the way to go. You wonder why Jim Doyle and the left in Madison gave us a deficit. We need less government and not more. Her green position is all manure. Notice she does not address the issue of gun rights. Hummmmmmm.....

I think she ran for assembly when she lived in Manitowoc and lost. If you want higher taxes, more government then vote for Woznicki

My other choice is Jeff Mursau. Mr Mursau votes,

Yes for for voter ID,

Yes on Partial Birth/late Term Abortion Ban,

No on AB75 , 2209 Budget Bill

No on Mandatory Kindergarten,

Yes on concealed Carry, and more. on
link from Project Vote Smart.

I am not happy with all his votes Smoking ban, wind power, etc. but with Woznicki's party in control Mursau could not do a lot with Diamond Jim Doyle and the rest on the left running Wisconsin.

I have only lived in the 36th district since February but I have to say to change Wisconsin I need Mursau back in Madison. With other conservatives elected we need to take back Wisconsin.

I will vote for Jeff Mursau

My Vote For Wis. Lt Governor

I will not endorse any candidate. I will only tell you who I will vote for and why.

Three candidates are running in the upcoming republican primary for Lt. Gov..

State Rep. Brett Davis, Superior Mayor Dave Ross and Rebecca Kleefisch. Let's look at each candidate and my thoughts on them.

Sept. 10, update. To be fair to all candidates I did omit one that is on the ballot that I did not mention. Nicholas Voegeli is also on the republican primary ballot.

Nicholas Voegeli - graduate of Marquette, worked in both private and public accounting. He is a CPA and CMA who resides in Sun Praire Wisconsin. Retired as a Lt Commander after 20 years active / reserve duty as a Navy officer. Ran for Lt gov. in 2006. I have also read several links to Mr Voegeli. He has also read and commented on some of my posts. It was not fair leaving him out of my post on Lt gov which is the reason for adding this information. Mr Voegeli makes some very good points, has written several editorials and was on Wisconsin Public Radio but as of today I cannot make a fair assumption of his candidacy but at least wanted to let my two readers know some of his information.

Another updated candidate,

Robert Lorge - Here is a link to his web site. He was not on my radar screen so I cannot say either way on his positions.

I will admit of my lack of knowledge on the above two candidates. Because of my lack of their positions at this late date I cannot make a call on them. I am just a voter and will not go into the voting booth and take a guess on who I should vote for. I have to draw my own conclusion and make my vote count. There has been times in the past either in state or local races I had no idea who that person was. In those cases, I did not cast a vote for that specific race. Just telling you my position. Now to the three candidates that I know about.

Dave Ross - if you don't own a gun and want the Milwaukee to Madison high speed rail system, then he's your man. Ross was a member of "Mayors Against Illegal Guns. What gun would Ross consider illegal? You have to really think about that. High speed rail, Who is going to flip the bill to run that ill conceived choo choo train? The people of Wisconsin will pay for it out of the transportation funds. The funding the state uses for roads in the state. Or maybe a new rail tax, I can see it now. Sorry, Mr Ross is not my choice.

Brett Davis - the person picked and backed by a lot of republicans in the state. As state representative Davis sponsored ethanol mandates. He voted for mandates on ethanol and now say's he is against it. Say what, another John Kerry? Davis a republican ( say what) voted with Jim Doyle to increase taxes in Wisconsin. Voted for the money being taken from the Patients Compensation fund which was overturned by the state supreme court. So now the state is on the hook for the 200 million dollars plus interest that the state will have to pay back to doctors. Thank you Brett Davis for your votes.

With republicans like Davis why didn't he run as a democrat? God forbid Davis is elected, something happens to the next governor and Davis would the be gov. and pick up right where Jim Doyle left off. People like Davis, Diamond Jim Doyle and other democrats got us into this mess. Rino's like Davis is not my choice for Lt gov. You wonder why I have problems with the republican party. They back candidates that are not conservative.

Rebecca Kleefisch - ok, she has no political experience. So! All politicians started some where. Yes, in Wisconsin the Lt Governor's position depending on who the Governor is can be a do nothing position. Look at Bab's Lawton. Rebeeca is married to Joel Kleefisch who is the state representative for the Wisconsin 36th district. You think Rebeeca doesn't know how Madison works? Raising taxes and fee's, raiding doctors and road funds, standing up for voter fraud. What more does she have to know? The bottom line, Kleefisch is a conservative. I see Kleefisch making changes in Madison. Changes we need today. Do you want change or do you want the same old same old?

From her web site

I’m pro-life. I believe life begins at conception and ends at natural death and that we need to respect the dignity of life at all stages.
I believe in our right to protect our families. I’ve received gun training and while I may not yet be an Olympic-caliber marksman, I do know I have a right to protect my family. I believe Concealed Carry would deter crime in Wisconsin. I understand that hunting has been a cherished family tradition in our great state for generations. I will work to protect and respect the rights of responsible gun owners.

With the right governor elected and Rebecca Kleefisch as Lt Gov., we can turn around this mess that Doyle, Lawton, Davis and the rest on the left got us into.

I'm voting for Kleefisch

Link to her web site.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

EPA Grading Cars Can't Work

From Crunch Gear.

The EPA is revising the window stickers seen on new cars to more accurately reflect the capabilities of electric and hybrid vehicles. They’re also proposing, rather boldly, that a big fat letter grade head the sticker, ranging from A+ (for plug-in electric vehicles) to D (for Veyrens and R8's)

How can the EPA expect the younger buyers of vehicles to even know what "A", "B", "C" and "D" stand for. Most students taught today do not get letter grades anymore from the union teachers in school.

It's going to back fire on them, For those that still remember letter grades, what are the ones that graduated with all "D's" supposed to do. They will buy the gas guzzling SUV's and trucks because that is the only letter they know! Then the government will raise their taxes for buying such a vehicle. The poor children can't win. The superior intellect of government today.

Will the EPA now tell teachers across the country to go back to giving grades with letters A to D? That might be an improvement!

Crude Still Dropping

From Bloomberg News.

Crude, oil, natural gas and gasoline still going down.

Nymex Crude Future 74.16 -.54 -.72 09:58
Dated Brent Spot 76.25 .73 .97 10:07
WTI Cushing Spot 74.07 -.63 -.84 09:06

Nymex Heating Oil Future 202.24 -.28 -.14 09:57
Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future 193.30 -.11 -.06 09:52

Nymex Henry Hub Future 3.76 -.05 -1.42 09:58
Henry Hub Spot 3.77 .03 .80 08/30
New York City Gate Spot 4.19 .12 2.95 08/30

Time to call on what LP is running. Need to fill up for winter. Last week was 2.0895.

Reid Ribble, "Young Gun"

From You Tube and the RNC.

Seems the RNC has chosen their candidate in the Wisconsin 8th District, Reid Ribble before the Wisconsin September primary.

If you stop video at about 45 secs., if I'm not mistaken he is on the left side. Maybe I'm wrong. Will someone correct me? Is he not pictured in the spot? Is he not one of the Young Guns?

So we are to follow like sheep on who the anointed candidates are?


Happy Days, Economy Grew 8.8 %

Let's have a party. All dems will be re elected in November.

Yahoo Finance.

economy grew 8.8 percent in the June quarter, its fastest pace in over two years, as good farm and manufacturing output lifted growth back to its pre-crisis trajectory.

Sorry, it wasn't the U S. The economy in India grew 8.8%. Opps, Maybe it will be the dems in India that will get re elected.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My "McDonald's", Mc Triple Sandwich

You need to try this.

You go to McDonald's and order 1 one dollar McDouble and 1 one dollar McChichen sandwich. In your car or at the the table you open both packages and remove the bottom bun on both sandwiches. You take the McChicken and place it on top of the McDouble to make one triple sandwich for only two bucks.

You get two all beef patties, two slices of cheese, ketchup, pickles, mustard, onions, a grilled chicken breast, lettuce , special sauce ( maybe mayo, not sure) and what ever I missed and sink your teeth and taste buds into one of the most cheapest delectable sandwiches in your life.

You know, if McDonald's were thinking, they would save one bun. How much is that worth? I throw two halves away to make this and they would add to their profit's! That's right, McDonald's are not into profit! Also, the people at McDonald's already know how to make both sandwiches and bottom line, they would save the cost of one bun. Naw, profits are not what they are looking for. Here's an idea, maybe they should come up with a two dollar menu at their stores? Naw, I must be wishful thinking.

Yes, I thought of this and should be compensated for the idea. I'm not asking for much. I am trying to buy Mr's B a blue new Ford Mustang.

If you are looking for a cheap (two buck's) GREAT meal, give it a try.

Steve Kagen Running Scared Part 2

Nancy Pelosi puppet Steve Kagen is doing a 50 stop, 4 day tour of the Wisconsin's 8th district. You can't make this stuff up. The headline,

"Kagen Tour Focuses on Retaining Jobs"

From WBAYChannel 2.

You know WBAY 2 got their headline from Kagen's staff. "Retaining jobs?" What about creating jobs for the people who are out of work? Maybe a better headline would of been,

"Kagen Tour Focuses On Creating Jobs" !!!!!!!

Maybe WBAY who backs Kagen will change their report to the above on Tuesday.

The guy is a PUTZ and is running scared right now!

Is this who should represent you in Washington?
Your vote will count in November.

Seniors, Joke Of The Day

Some day all of us will get old.
This is dedicated to all of us who are seniors, to all of you who know seniors, and to all of you who will become seniors.

"WHERE is my SUNDAY paper?!"
The irate customer calling the newspaper office, loudly demanded to know where her Sunday edition was.

"Madam", said the newspaper employee, "today is Saturday. The Sunday paper is not delivered until tomorrow, on SUNDAY".
There was quite and long pause on the other end of the phone, followed by a ray of recognition as she was heard to mutter,
"Well, crap, that explains why no one was at church today

Steve Kagen, Drive By's The 8th, Update, "He's Running Scared"

Nancy Pelosi puppet Congressman Steve Kagen drives past voters in the 8th.
From Fox 11 Green Bay.

Visiting 50 cities in 4 days

Updated: Monday, 30 Aug 2010, 10:22 AM CDT
Published : Monday, 30 Aug 2010, 10:10 AM CDT

U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, D-8th Dist., began a district-wide tour today as he gets into full re-election mode.

Kagen plans to visit 50 cities in four days to meet supporters that have invited him to each city along the way.

The district tour began this morning at the Harmony Café in Green Bay and will take him to Oconto, Oconto Falls, Coleman, Peshtigo, Marinette and other locations to the north. His tour follows the release of polls conducted for some of his republican opponents that show Kagen trailing in the race for Congress.

FOX 11's Mark Leland will have more from the candidates vying for the 8th Congressional District seat tonight on FOX 11 News at Five.

How can you stop at 12 - 15 towns and places per day in the district and be able to meet the voters? I bet if he see a group of people on a corner he will wave and drive through. Yep, we seen them.

This is what you call drive by campaigning. If there is one tea party person, you know for sure he won't stop.

What a putz!

Update, 4:00 pm,

After thinking about this post I hope the main stream media, (Fox 11) will call it like it is, Steve Kagen is running scared for his 8th district seat in Wisconsin. Why would he do 50 stops in only four days.

Makes you kind of wonder?

2010 Dog Depredations by Wolves Through August 29th

I think this is getting out of hand. From the Wisconsin DNR.

Since February one dog injured and now three dogs killed.

County Oconto
Area Peshtigo Brook
1 dog killed (Plott, female, 3 yrs)

Ribble, Residency Question?

Did I miss something last week? From the Appleton Post Crescent

The Ribble poll was made public Thursday morning and was welcomed news for a candidate trying to overcome questions about his residency in the district and his immigration stance.

Who asked him about his residency? Where was it reported about his residency? Oh, you mean the post over at the Party of Know from the August 27th article from J S Online?

At the end of the article, the JS lists some short bio material on each candidate. Here's the entry for Reid Ribble...

Reid Ribble

Age: 54

Address; time in district: 1959 Schuring Road, De Pere; 30 years.

Occupation: Full-time candidate; previously owned roofing and recording companies.

Elective offices: None.

Other government experience: None.

Education: Graduated from Appleton East High School; attended Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Family: Married, two children.

So what? Well, first of all their is no 'Shuring Road' in De Pere so I can only assume they mean 'Scheuring Road', right? Well? According to Google Maps, '1959 Scheuring Road' is a lot next to the Community First Credit Union in an area zoned commercial. Here's the Google Maps streetview of 'Reid's address'...
If you go to his post you can see a picture of Ribble's residence.

Wait a minute.

Where does he live?

Sherwood which is in the 6th Congressional district or in the 8th Congressional district?

He's lived in the 8th district for 30 years?

So when Reid was 24, he moved to DePere?

Where did J S Online get their information? Maybe Dan Bice should clarify the article information. Should or did they already come out with a correction to their article?

What I read or heard from WTAQ's Jerry Bader's debate of the three candidates last Friday, Jerry and the other three people posing questions didn't bring it up. That was disappointing.

Will someone in the media please put this question to bed. If Ribble lives in the 6th and it's no big deal to the voters, fine, admit it! If he lives at the above address ( an empty lot) in DePere, then fine too. Why would the Ribble campaign give out different information? Where does he live? Will Mr. Ribble put out a press release to clarify this? I would say, don't hold your breath.

This has to be addressed before the primaries or you will see it as an October surprise.