Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dems, Ruling Class, Yes, This Is Who We Are

Politico. about Christine O'donnell.

"The conservative movement was told to curl up in a fetal position and just stay there for the next eight years, thank you very much. Well, how things have changed," O'Donnell said, to cheers.

And this,

"Will they attack us? Yes. Will they smear our backgrounds and distort our records? Undoubtedly. Will they lie about us, harass our families, namecall to try to intimidate us? They will. There's nothing safe about it. But is it worth it?" she said.

and this,

Well, let me ask you. Is freedom worth it?" she asked, as the crowd chanted "Yes." "Is America worth it?"

and this,

"We're not trying to take back our country. We are our country," O'Donnell said, before making a subtle reference to a phrase Obama has been using on the campaign trail. "That's what's happening in America today, the grown-ups are taking away the keys."

Steve Kagen, Rule Of The Jungle

Nancy Pelosi puppet Steve Kagen inserts foot into mouth again. How did I miss this? Thanks to TrogloPundit.

Even with anti-incumbent sentiment on the rise among voters, Kagen Tuesday dismissed the idea his race would be affected.

“Anger leads to anarchy, and anarchy to poverty for everyone. Take a look south of our border, you’ll see what anarchy brings you. Thousands of people being murdered, no rule of law. I believe in the rule of the law, not the rule of the jungle,” Kagen said.

Steve Kagen must really be scared of the voters. Let's see, we already have poverty, thousands of people murdered every day and what does he mean by "the rule of the jungle"?

Anarchy, he doesn't have a clue what anarchy is coming if we don't dump all democrats who are ruining this country.
Those evil voters who want change, less government, their freedom back and people like Kagen out of office are the downfall of this country? One comment at Trog's blog mentioned,

Sounds like Rep. Kagan wants to deport Tea Partiers to Mexico.

Yes, that's what Kagen must mean! Is Steve Kagen the person the voters in the 8th want? We now will see if Reid Ribble is ready for prime time.

Wis. Paper Of Record Expands

From the Lakeland-Times

Though the economic environment of the region, state and nation has taken a dive the past year, that didn't mean the time wasn't right.

That was the feeling of Gregg Walker and his wife, Kim, the owners of Walker Communications LLC, when they announced this week that they will purchase The Rhinelander Daily News effective Sept. 30.

This means we will have more honest reporting in our area. As you know the only newspapers that give honest reporting in Wisconsin is the Lakeland-Times and Shawano Leader.

Good for Walker LLC

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Most Visited Post

Seems one post I made back on November 28, 2007 keeps them coming back.

Sorry Owen.

Dallas Cowboy Jokes 2

What Is $1,320,645.17

As of 6:30 am


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did or Will Pelosi Puppet Steve Kagen Sign On?

From CNN

A group of Democrats sent a letter to House Democratic leaders urging them to extend expiring tax breaks for all income levels.

Washington (CNN) – Thirty-one House Democrats, most of whom face tough re-election bids this fall, have signed a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer urging them to extend expiring tax breaks for all income levels, including the wealthy.

Nicolet D M 101 Part 3

Forgot to tell to tell my few readers.

I was sitting on the porch the other night waiting for election totals to come in and heard, too dark to see, a buck bolt across the front of the yard. I didn't see him but heard him grunt 3 times after that. It's getting colder every night up here at the compound and deer season is just around the corner.

Also after voting on Tuesday I decided to take a drive around the Nicolet. Drove down old HWY 64 and had to stop 5 times to let turkeys cross the road. Must of been a good summer for turkeys in that area.

Obamonamics, Ah, Ah, Ah

Carl over at Squawk Box is interviewing Larry Summers from the Obama administration about the economics of the U S economy.

I gave up counting Summers saying Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah,around 30.

Unemployment still 450,000 reported this morning. Inflation up today. Does he even have a clue on what the present administration is doing?

Pulaski Wis School Board Apointment

From the Green Bay Press. Not much information from the GBP on the new Pulaski School Board Member.

Strong Hill replaces Hynes on Pulaski School Board
Donsia Strong Hill will finish William Hynes' term on the Pulaski School Board.

Was Secretary of Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing under Diamond Jim Doyle.

January 2003October 2004 (1 year 10 months)

Senior Policy Analyst

The White House

(Government Agency; 201-500 employees; Government Administration industry)

19931995 (2 years )

Here is her information from Linkedln

Her specialty

Donsia Strong Hill’s Specialties:

Bond, underwriter's or borrower's counsel. Public policy advice and gov't relations.

Wonder if the school board needs her expertise to borrow more money? Get more taxpayers money from Washington or it's good to have a lawyer on the board in case they run into a legal situation. Wonder if all the taxpayers were in the loop on the appointment? Oh sorry the tax payers were not involved. It was the teachers union who had to give their blessing.

Like I said the P G was vague on the news report and I just thought, who is she?

Huh, interesting?

U P Wolves Gone Wild

From the Escanaba Daily Press.

PERRONVILLE -Two dairy farmers in eastern Menominee County are frustrated with wolves that are using their farms for feeding grounds. Between the two homesteads, 17 cows have been killed in more than a year's time.

Can She Raise A Million Dollars in 24 hours

Rush primed the pump on his show yesterday.

Will Christine O'Donnel raise over a million bucks in 24 hours. At the time of this post, looks like she raised $870,000 in less then a day.

The following link shows her progress and just in case, if you want to donate a buck to her campaign.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pulaski School District Still Run By The Teachers Union

From the Shawano Leader.

By Leader staff

The Pulaski Community School District is seeking a 2 percent increase in the levy for the 2010-11 school year.

Residents attending the meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 15 will be asked to vote on the increase from $13,635,965 to $13,926,276.

The general fund budget, which is the budget that contains most of the district’s revenues and expenditures, shows a slight increase of 3.1 percent.

Because property values in the district are not projected to increase and may actually decrease, the small increase in the total levy may yield a tax rate increase somewhere between 2 to 4 percent, according to superintendent Dr. Mel Lightner.

“With a normal property growth rate increase we would have seen a tax rate decrease,” he said. “However, since there may be a property value decrease, the small levy increase will produce a small tax rate increase.”

Residents of the Pulaski Community School District are invited to attend the annual meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Ripley Performing Arts Center in Pulaski High School.

“As challenging as this year’s budget was to balance, the forecast for next year and beyond is even more challenging,” Lightner said. “The Pulaski Community School District does a great job educating children and serving the community, however, it looks like tough choices will have to be made in the future. The state of Wisconsin projected a substantial budget deficit for the next two years. They will most likely give less money to school districts.”

For the 2009-10 and 2010-11 school year, the state reduced the amount each school district could raise in revenue. This has caused most school districts to make cuts in personnel and programs. The Pulaski Community School District balanced the budget by instituting employee layoffs, reducing hours, reducing benefits and freezing administrator salaries.

“Tough decisions had to be made in order to balance the budget. We were able to make cuts without raising class sizes or cutting programs for our students,’ said Dr. Lightner.

At the annual meeting, the 2010-2011 district budget will be presented, and various funds within the overall budget will be explained. This meeting offers an opportunity for residents to learn how the district allocates the money it receives from federal, state and local sources.

When I lived in Pulaski I attended last years meeting on the school budget. Just like last year the superintendent is asking for more money and laying the ground work for the next couple years of much higher taxes for the property owners in the district. Last year nothing was said about a pay freeze. No freeze on benefits. People are hurting in this country and the super didn't have the guts to stand up to the union.

Last year he purchased a front end loader to plow winter snow. What did that do? Add union employees and add to the payroll and benefits of the district. You talk about wasteful spending. Did you know all the bus drivers are union employees in Pulaski?

I remember last year some of the teachers cars with Obama stickers on the bumpers. I just knew who was running the district. This year just like last year, nothing will be said about laying off union teachers in the district or pay and benefit freezes. They will stand up and say they are for the children, we have the best school district in the state. We will have to cut janitors, cut office help, cut the band, take away sports, we cannot afford them, but no mention of the teachers giving something up.

The inmates (teachers union) are running the school district and they think their cash cow (property owners) will always take care of them.

The people who pay the bill better stop the Pulaski school district heavy handed spending before the bottom falls out. A side note, the school board is aligned and run by the teachers union so it's probably a lost cause. Pulaski Wisconsin is like living in the Moscow of the west, Madison Wis. Liberalism spreading like a cancer throughout the students and people living there.

Wonder who and how many people show up at tonight's meeting. I guess those who do show up should just bend over in their chairs and just take it!

Will they?

Suring Tells State, Get Bent

From the Shawano Leader

By Joan Koehne, Wolf River Media

At its meeting Sept. 8, the Suring School Board cited too much red tape and too little funding when it rejected the federal government’s recent gift to the district.

The district was awarded $183 in Federal Education Job Act Fund money to rehire staff, but board members voted to reject the gift and send a letter expressing their disappointment in how the money was distributed.

The state allocated funds based on the school aid formula, which takes into account land values, but doesn’t favor land-rich districts like Suring. Because of the high value of its resort properties, Suring Schools receive more of their operating revenues from taxpayers than through state aid.

This is the opposite of the neighboring school district in Gillett, which relies heavily on state aids. The Gillett School District approved two full-time and one part-time staff position with the $127,540 it was allotted from the Federal Education Job Act Fund.

Board members complained that while neighboring districts received six-digit awards, they received less than $200 — an amount that wouldn’t even cover the staff time to file the nine reports required by the government, if the gift were accepted.

Gillett down the road relies on so much state aid to stay afloat? Why? Some day I see consolidation between Suring and Gillett.

Unofficial Results Oconto County

Oconto County Primary unofficial results

News About The Ruling Class

Dad 29 has the bad news.

The Establishment, Crumbling.

We're for real!

Taking Back The State Of Wisconsin

It was a hard fought election for all candidates. I just want to thank those that got out to vote. Without your vote we do not have the freedom endowed by our forefathers.

Thank You all voters.

We have a tough road ahead but it's a good start. We all need to work together to get this state and country back on track.

We're mad as hell and we want our country and state back.

Walker, Kleefisch, Johnson, Duffy, and Kapanke, are just some people who will help us do that.

We need to give them our help and support.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Roth Drops

Seems Roger Roth just dropped out of the 8th race with 29% of the vote.

Looks like we have a ..... running against Kagen.

Good luck Reid.

O'Donnell Wins Delaware

From the Maritime Sentry

I can not say it any better then Maritime.

The only one who is shocked about these results is the establishment. The American people are fed up with business as usual in both parties. We are not going to take the scraps from the table anymore. We want our Republic back. You can either get on board or be left behind.

Less Then An Hour Till The Polls Close

No I don't TWIT, so this is the best I can do.

You know I'm sitting here in the middle of the Nicolet forest waiting for the polls to close. I'm bored right now so I will pacify myself and tell you what I am thinking. Since I'm a nobody and have no idea what the outcome of tonight's primary election will be I will just throw this out there. Plus, I only have two followers, who cares.

My hope Walker does take Wisconsin.

Johnson in!

Cross my fingers on Kleefisch.

In the Wisconsin 8th district I see Roth, Ribble and "T" splitting the vote in the Appleton area. That leaves the rest of the district as a toss up. Eagle River could go to "T" with her endorsement , which I still don't understand by the supposedly conservative groups in that area. Lost of lot of RESPECT for the people there. Possibly a greater # of votes gong for Ribble in Door County. Thank You Marc which still has me perplexed. That leaves the rest of the district leaning Roth.

I will assume, (you know what the first three letters in that word are) that Roth will take the the race.

Yes, I could be wrong tomorrow morning but what else do I have to do waiting for the totals to come in.

Remember, this is my blog and I can say what I think! I don't see anyone else going out on a limb and making a political guess.

Anyone else want to play the political crap shoot?

1/4 Proud Dad

Just got off the phone with Berry Laker daughter.

I first will tell you I tried to call her after work to see if she will vote tonight. To my surprise she already voted. Some how her ballot was rejected but was able to re-vote to cast her ballot.

I am DAM proud of my daughter.

As far as Berry Laker son # 1, 2 and future daughter in law, I text'd them and told them they had till 8 pm to vote on the upper east side of Milwaukee. No they did not vote in our township. They pretty much live full time in Milwaukee and make their residence there. So far, no response.

I guess when they start paying taxes like their sister they will pay attention to their money and their vote.

With a die hard Roosevelt democrat mother ( she wants us to pay for her car insurance and gasoline for her car), liberal sister and two brothers which I have no idea if they vote, I consider this day a success.


That's my girl!!!!!!!!!!

They Call Him "The Streak"

From the Green Bay Press.

PULASKI — A 17-year-old Pulaski High School student is facing disciplinary action and possible court fines after he allegedly streaked across the high school football field during a varsity game Friday night, authorities said Monday.

Well I guess it's not as bad as other things children can do. The boy must of talked to one of his grandparents who did it back in the 60's or 70's.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nicolet Deer Management 101 Part 2

This evening I had God's gift of observing a pair of twin fawns outside my back window.

One had spots and the other no spots. Yes, I know they are twins because the other day they were sucking on ma ma, oops, breast feeding on their mother. I have seen the three in the area for the past month or two.

I'm not an expert like the WDNR but my guess is,

1) the one with no spots was born first or

2) the one without spots is a buck and the one with spots is a doe.

What say you?

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday.

What Your Vote in Wisconsin Means

This is how important your vote on Tuesday means. The vote in Delaware is just as important as our vote in Wisconsin. From ABC News. Christine O'Donnell is fighting the republican machine in Delaware.
"The Republican Party has lost its way," O'Donnell said. "They get behind candidates like my opponent who don't even support the Republican platform, who continue to support the Democrats' agenda, lock-step-and-barrel."

Just like Scott Walker in the race in Wisconsin on the Governor's race, or Rebbecca Kleefisch for Lt. Gov. it has to mean something to you. Do you not want change in Madison? Yes they are republicans but their message is what we have been waiting for. You say your a tea party activist and you will not vote for real conservative's in the election in Wisconsin? If your a Tea Party enthusiast, then how can you not vote for Walker or Kleefisch? Walker is for less government, no train to Madison, less taxes, more power to the people of Wisconsin. Kleefisch will not back raiding the transportation fund, raiding the doctors fund or back tax increases like Brett Davis did in the past.

As Mark Belling said on today's show, WISN 1130.

Paraphrasing, "we have been waiting 20 years or longer for someone to come in and change the direction of this state and you say you cannot vote for Walker or Kleefisch"? They are truly conservative and that has to mean something to you.
We have been waiting to take back our government and some will throw it away.

Just like Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, the republican party needs to realize.


If you believe in change, you believe you are a part of tea party movement, then in your heart, you cannot vote for just anyone. The two may be republicans but they tell me who they are and what they will do in Madison. Walker and Kleefisch will give us back our state which is more then I can say about some running in the Wisconsin 8th!

Your vote on Tuesday will give us the direction of this state and the direction of congress and President Obama.

Vote Walker.

Vote Kleefisch,

Vote Johnson,

Secretary of State, Vote David King,

Vote Roth,

My vote is for Jim Sanfilippo for State Treasure, he want's checks and balances on spending in Wisconsin,

and in my local area,

Jeff Mursau in the 36th and

Mike Jansen for Oconto County Sheriff.

If you want change, you can vote for who you are told to vote for or vote for change in Wisconsin.

My Vote For The Wis. 8th

This is not a tough call on my part. I have not been sitting on the fence but thought I would wait till today to explain my decision. There are four candidates on the ballot for the Wisconsin Congressional 8th district. Candidate Mark Savard has since stepped down from the race but is still on the ballot. I also will note there are a lot of good conservative blogs in the Wis. 8th. They all have deep beliefs in who they are choosing in this race. Isn't our country great. God Bless America.

Now, let me get to the point. I do not endorse any candidate. I will only tell you who I believe in, who I will vote for and who I think should defeat Steve Kagen. That is the bottom line in this race. Steve Kagen is bad for the 8th district and needs to be sent home to his private practice. A side note, notice how Kagen is running commercials calling himself "Dr Steve Kagen", Dr Kagen will not be able to run away from his vote on Obama Care.

"T" - Terri McCormick

1) Terri McCormick ran back in 2006 against John Gard. She keeps bringing up the 06 election and accuses the republicans of backing Gard and dissing her. The bottom line, she did not have major support in 06 but also has an ax to grind about it. I was not very happy when I heard a lot of her supporters went to the Steve Kagen camp that year. That just stuck me strange at the time.

2) McCormick got a lot of her campaign money from gamblers and others in Nevada. What support is she getting from the people of the 8th? Is she running in Wisconsin or Nevada?

3) When I heard she slammed Roger Roth, a vet who served in Iraq about his service, that took me over the top. Rhymes With Clowns posted about it and Party of Know has a post and this image of Roger Roth.

Belittling the honorable contribution of military men and women who don't happen to be in the infantry is bad enough.

How can McCormick say such a thing. She's a loose cannon. McCormick is too into herself trying to be a consultant to the voters of the 8th and trying to sell more of the book she wrote.

No I cannot vote for Terri McCormick.

Reid Ribble.

I will be up front with you in that I was offered twice to sit down with Mr Ribble. I could not and will not have a discussion with Mr Ribble. I'm just a voter in Wisconsin who happens to blog. I'm just a guppy in an Olympic swimming pool.

I have only two issues with Mr. Ribble

First the young Gun endorsement from the NRCC. When Ribble announced his candidacy the NRCC hand picked Ribble as their candidate. That is my problem with with the republican party. Can they at least let the primary run it's course? A repeat from the Washington Independent about the Scozzafaca debacle in New York just turned my guts.
I was told Ribble was not on the Young Guns list and I was told he is on the lower tier of candidates on the Young Guns list. His campaign tells me no and the NRCC from last year had him on the list. From the Hill, see for yourself. So who am I supposed to believe? The wave of change is not happening because voters believe in the NRCC. So the republican party is telling voters who to vote for?

Second, the residency issue. When I heard rumbles of Ribble's residency I e mailed him and asked him that very question. On October 27th of 2009 he answered my question on his address.

I do live just a couple miles outside the district. I have stated this from the beginning of my campaign and who knows, with all the gerrymandering that goes on I may be smack dab in the middle of the 8th district after the next census. As a lifelong Fox Valley resident I have lived in and out of the 8th district several times. As you may know the southern border changes a lot. (At one time it was as far north as Green Bay)

I grew up in the 8th district, went to high school in the district, my business is in the district, most of my work and projects are in the district, I coached high school volleyball for 20 years in the district. As a lifelong resident of this area, I know this district and the issues facing it, and I have a vision for Wisconsin and America that I believe matches this district's values. I have the background and roots in this district that makes me exceptionally qualified to serve the residents of District 8 and that is what I will do each and every day in Congress.

Additionally, if the U.S. Constitution isn't concerned where I sleep at night I think the voters might not be concerned either. Since you are a conservative, I am sure that you appreciate the U.S. Constitution’s take on this and know that there is no requirement to live in a district - just the state. Let's not get distracted from seeing the big picture issues facing all Americans. The economy, jobs, taxes, two ongoing wars, etc, etc. Hopefully this answer satisfies your concern about where I sleep at night. Would it now make a difference if I choose to move to Kaukauna where my business is? Would the accusations go away or be worse? Unlike many candidates I have been honest and forth coming about where I live instead of renting an apartment or living in a hotel as some others did. In fact I have lived in the Fox Valley all of my life and made my career there and since Congressman Kagen seems so out of touch with what this country, state and district needs I am happy to campaign for real change.
So he says, "the U.S. Constitution isn't concerned where I sleep at night I think the voters might not be concerned either." Huh!

Then on September 11th, 2010 Try 2 Focus posted an article from the Appleton Post Crescent dated September 8th 2010.

You have a home in Sherwood (in the 6th Congressional District) and, after you announced your candidacy, you found a home in De Pere. You consider De Pere your primary residence?

That's where my wife and I reside. In part, we moved to De Pere because we made a decision early on in our campaign that we wanted to have our campaign office and presence in Green Bay. That was a strategic decision we made.

The issue of residency has rarely come up in the course of the conversation because people who live here know I'm from here. There's certainly no constitutional requirement for me to live a mile north from where I live now so I can be in the district — from where I live in Sherwood, my home that's in Sherwood. But they know that I've been here my whole life.

Now wait one minute. After he announce his candidacy he moved to DePere? Why didn't he tell me he moved last year in his response to me? My issue would of been put to bed, end of discussion. The issue of residency has rarely come up? Why has it not come up until last week? Did the APC ask Ribble specifically where he lives, how long has he lived there, notice the issue was brushed over. The press is either asleep or keeping it under wraps till after the primary. And what's this from last week?

"There's certainly no constitutional requirement for me to live a mile north from where I live now so I can be in the district — from where I live in Sherwood, my home that's in Sherwood."

Can someone translate that for me? I also have a problem with the JSOnline article that shows this about Ribble.

Reid Ribble

Age: 54

Address; time in district: 1959 Schuring Road, De Pere; 30 years.

Occupation: Full-time candidate; previously owned roofing and recording companies.

Elective offices: None.

Other government experience: None.

Education: Graduated from Appleton East High School; attended Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Address; time in District, 30 years? I can understand his business was in the district for 30 years but that's not where he lived for thirty years! Was that a mistake in the paper? Someone pulling my leg here? COME ON!

You ask, but Berry Laker, he's right on a lot of the issues. Cut him some slack! He's got a lot of campaign money! Wink, wink, nod, nod, don't worry about it! Berry, let it go! It's no big deal!

Sorry, I will not vote for Reid Ribble.

Roger Roth

On the issues, he will repeal Obama Care, wants to ban earmarks, wants a balance budget amendment to stop the out of control spending. Right on immigration, 2nd amendment and energy. As a veteran he has served our country and will stand up for the people of the 8th district.

Roger may not have the blessing of the republican party right now but he stands for the average people of this district. Roth will get this economy back on track. He will make decisions to get jobs created, reduce big government and get Washington out of our hair. He a conservative that I can trust. But Berry Laker, he will not beat Kagen! Who says? He doesn't have a fancy web site, he needs work on his campaigning style? That may be true but he will represent me in Washington on getting this country back to the future all Americans are endowed. Party of Know made a great quote about the Roth campaign.

The way I see it, it's the 4th Quarter, Team Roger is two touchdowns behind, and the 1979 playbook's just not working. It may be up to the fans to rush the field and drag Roger across the goal line because the 'coach', whoever that is, isn't getting the job done. My advice to the campaign and the fans as well is this: find Roger's awesome and share the heck out of it before the primaries or prepare an office for Roger at the family business. Which one will it be? It looks like it's up to you, the fan, to decide...

I'm rushing the field. Count my vote for team Roger Roth.

My Vote For Wisconsin Gov.

Tomorrows primary election brings me to my vote for the next governor of Wisconsin. I'm a conservative and will not comment today on Tom Barret being on the milk carton, king of the poop dump democrat. I see only two candidates to make my decision.

Mark Neumann,

Neumann is republican and supposedly a conservative. The issues I have with Mr. Neumann are

1) He's for government backed green technology, has not said as far as I know he is against ethanol mandates. I wonder if his business of building green homes have anything to do with it.

2) He runs negative ads against Scott Walker and then accuses Walker and Barret of negative ads, you mean to tell me Mark is as clean as the wind driven snow?. The sound bites he used in his commercial didn't sound negative to me. What a reach.

3) He now blows his horn that he has the endorsement of the tea party. The tea party movement does not have any leaders. What is he talking about? I consider myself a tea party person trying to change the status quo in Washington and anyone who says they are a leader of the tea party has to be off there rocker. I will say there are groups of people who get together trying to change politics but they are regular people who might of never gotten involved in politics before. They want change and have no where else to go since the republicans are sometimes no different then democrats.

4) The bridge to no where. Neumann voted for the pork stuffed bill back in the 90's when he was in congress. If your from Wisconsin, you have to know that Wisconsin 5th Congressional District Congressman
Jim Sensenbrenner is a true champion of fighting big government. He voted no on that bill and he said point blank Mark Neumann was one of the few republicans at the time who voted yes. Nuemann voted for big government. What will Neumann do in Madison? Will he work with the liberal left in Madison to get along, work hand and hand with democrats? He also voted no on a tax break for people also back in the 90's. Neumann cannot deny his past votes.

5) Neumann promises a property tax cut to the people of Wisconsin. Wake up people, it's not a tax rebate! It's not a tax break! It postpones your property taxes one year but you still have to pay the same taxes. It a gimmick! How can anyone fall for such a scheme.
Democrats are trying like hell to get Neumann past the primary because they know they have a good chance of getting Tom Barret elected with a run against Neumann. I cannot vote for Mark Neumann.

The second candidate,
Scott Walker.

Walker gave back over three hundred thousand dollars of his salary as Milwaukee County Executive. Walker is doing in Milwaukee county what he can do for the state of Wisconsin. We need to fix the state budget deficit, create jobs in Wisconsin and and need to stop the Milwaukee to Madison high speed rail system.

Walker is our best chance to get Wisconsin back on track. Diamond Jim Doyle and the democrats in Madison destroyed the future of this GREAT state. It will not be easy, yes, we will have to sacrifice for the future, no I am not talking about tax increases. I am talking about someone who will stand up for the people of Wisconsin, stand up against state and teachers unions and give our children a future they can believe they will have.

It will not be easy. It's important that Walker also get's help from conservatives in the state senate and assembly. The democrats that sold us down the drain have to be thrown out of Madison. Don't be mislead by democrats running for state office that they will change Madison. Campaigning means telling you something you want to hear but then in Madison raise taxes, raid transportation funds and take away more and more of our freedom.

I will vote for Scott Walker.

Wow, A Half Dozen Protest

From the Appleton Post Crescent about Saturday's Tea Party Rally in Racine.

Half a dozen students from Horlick High School showed up to protest. One teen criticized the tea party's politics as too right-wing.

So over 3000 protest and the left can only find six snot nose, probably union teachers children to protest against it.