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Vodka on the ROCKS, Vermouth, No Olives

You young pup's should never count us old guy's out!!!!!!!!!

Geeeeeeeeeez It


The OLD MAN WON!!!!!!!

That's my guy!!!!!!!

Yo Baby!!!!!!!!!

"Martin wins Southern 500

Mark Martin raced at Darlington like he had been there a time or two. As other cars bounced off the walls in a record-caution night, Martin laid low until it was time to go, winning for the second time there and for the second time in the past four races.
" NASCAR.COM - News, Schedule, Drivers, Tracks, Fantasy & Video from NASCAR

It's Time to DRINK,


Friday, May 08, 2009

Breck Girl Paternity Test

From Freedom Eden.
"Friday, May 08, 2009
John Edwards and the Paternity Test"
FREEDOM EDEN: John Edwards and the Paternity Test

Where's the MSM?

Steve Kagen, Show Me The Money

From the Press Gazette
BY RICHARD RYMAN • • May 8, 2009

"Kagen said Wisconsin is to receive $4 billion in stimulus money, which is meant to be used on roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure.

“Our hope is (the state is) not going to use the $4 billion to plug the leaks,” he said.
Kagen said his office prepared a handbook on the stimulus and would soon be launching a Web site providing “all the information contractors need to get after this money.”" Construction firms: Where's our share of stimulus money? | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Steve, show em the money!

Did anyone specifically ask Steve Kagen when the money would start flowing? Did anyone ask him if most of the money kicks in in 2010? Do we need to find someone with a back bone to ask Kagen hard hitting meaningful questions?

People are looking for money to work and Kagen gets a pass again.

Steve Kagen and the MSM seem to be, well, you know what they say "Politics makes strange bedfellows" !

Where's the money Steve?

Where's the MSM?

MSM Paybacks Are Hell

From the Green Bay Press.
"Editorial: Legislature wrong to cut notices from newspaper

May 8, 2009

Lawmakers crafting the state budget bill tucked in a provision this week to stop state agencies from running public notices in the official newspaper and replace them with Internet postings."
Editorial: Legislature wrong to cut notices from newspaper | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

What's The Saying, " You make your bed , you sleep in it. This is just the 1st round for the left to screw anyone they can. Even the MSM get's whacked by the left.

Green Bay Press, keep propping up Dave Hansen!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Steve Kagen, Yea Right, Where Is The MSM?

From the DNC of Brown County
"WASHINGTON, DC -- Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D. is working hard to restore accountability and common sense to our financial system. Kagen voted for the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act and the Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act - two key measures that would end fraud and abuse and create an economy that rewards hard work and responsibility." Democratic Party of Brown County - Kagen Votes for an Economy that Works for Everyone

You got that right. He is working hard at what?

"And, finally, Rep. Steven Kagan will be shaking hands (and taking checks) at the Washington Nationals game against the Houston Astros this evening." Shenanigans: What is Congress up to today? -

When will the 8th District MSM wake up and ask some hard questions?

DNC of Brown County, are you running scared by putting such dribble out about Steve Kagen or did Steve and his weak staff make you put this post out?

I feel sorry for Steve Kagen's staff. They deserve better then Steve Kagen. It's just a matter of time before they get thrown under the bus by Mr. Kagen!

Tie Colors?

From Drudge and the Fix.

"How badly did Sen. Arlen Specter (D) hurt his reelection prospects over the past week? Photo by Gerald Martineau of the Washington Post" The Fix - White House Cheat Sheet: Sifting Through the Specter Damage

Obama with a blue tie? Blue state.

Biden with a black and pink? What state does he represent?

Spector with a red / blue tie. Will he make up his mind already!

Dam It " 24"

From the New York Post.

"Hard-drinking "24" star Kiefer Sutherland, who allegedly head-butted a top fashion designer at a celeb-studded party earlier this week, surrendered to police this afternoon" SUTHERLAND TURNS HIMSELF IN FOLLOWING 'ASSAULT' - New York Post

The guy was looking for it. He's looking for extra cash. He should of sent him to the president's daughter!

Good going Keith!

Drudge Has It Right, "Drip, Drip, Drip"

From Drudge and the Washington Post.
"CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of 'Enhanced Interrogations'

By Paul Kane
Intelligence officials released documents this evening saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was briefed in September 2002 about the use of harsh interrogation tactics against al-Qaeda prisoners, seemingly contradicting her repeated statements over the past 18 months that she was never told that these techniques were actually being used." CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of 'Enhanced Interrogations' - Capitol Briefing

Have a Sun-Drop


For those that drink Sun-Drop soda , this is good news for a local bottler from Shawano, Wis. Twigs Beverage.
"Inside Jay Falls' office, old photos of a Sun-Drop-sponsored car driven by the late Dale Earnhardt cover his walls.

Green and yellow die cast stock cars wrapped in the Sun-Drop logo line his shelves reminding him of a period when small, locally-owned companies could afford to sponsor a car in NASCAR's premier series and the partnerships were forged through friendship." NASCAR.COM - Smaller sponsors finding new fits in today's NASCAR - May 6, 2009

Sun-Drop in the Nationwide series.

Holy CRAP, Mark Martin


"CONCORD, N.C. -- Mark Martin will return to drive the Hendrick Motorsports No. 5 Chevrolet for the entire 36-race Cup Series season in 2010. It will be the 22nd full-time Cup campaign of Martin's career and his second with car owner Rick Hendrick."
NASCAR.COM - Martin to run full 2010 Cup season in Hendrick No. 5 - May 6, 2009

Dam, that's my guy,


UW Milwaukee

From 620 WTMJ.

What the heck is going on at UWM. Better talk to Berry Lake son #1 on this!

"By Elizabeth Braun By Charles Benson

Story Created: May 6, 2009, Story Updated: May 7, 2009

Police arrested a UW Milwaukee graduate student and teaching assistant on Monday after he turned himself in.

What police want to know is if he's part of a group of 20 to 30 anarchists intent on committing violence.

The vandalism was extensive and expensive for east side businesses. Windows were smashed by a group of self-titled anarchists who were wearing black ninja costumes." UWM Student Suspected in East Side Vandalism | Newsradio 620 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Talk, Sports, Weather | Local Headlines

Better put these boys away for awhile and have them pay for all damages.

Chase Wisconsin Fundraising Picnic

From Preservation Magizine.

"Wisconsin Town Restores Stone Barn

By Kate Nickel | Online Only | May 6, 2009

Next month, Chase, Wisconsin, will take the first steps toward creating a museum inside of the town's iconic stone barn. The Chase Stone Barn Fundraising Picnic June 6 will benefit restoration of the barn, and construction of an adjacent park."
Wisconsin Town Restores Stone Barn

Link to the Town of Chase

If you have time and want to have a good time please join them on June 6th.

Dave Hansen Now On The Record

From the Kenosha News.

From Green Bay's own Dave Hansen

 "He said the law would not hurt the economy."

Kenosha News | Lawmakers send bill enhancing discrimination penalties to Doyle

What will business in Wisconsin do now?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Lawyers With UW Students

From WTMJ.

Now this guy knows what it's like to be a conservative, a tax payer and the real people of this country.
""Overall, I feel that a very high price will be paid through a much more legalistic code of conduct for students," Egley wrote."
UW Regents Consider Conduct Code Changes | Today's TMJ4 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Weather, Sports, WTMJ | Local News

Liberals eating their own!

MSM Propping Up Barack

From WBAY Action 2 News.

Talk about slanted reporting from Obama 2 News. The first line states pending home sales were up and in the next seven lines they give numbers of lower home sales compared to last year.

Was this on tonight's news? How did people watching it take the news after Kristin's report. Painting the news the way they want you to hear it! Not what is honest and real! Good news is a heartbeat away? A heartbeat away from a heart attack!

Hey Kristin, did you call and get comments from Steve Kagen and Dave Hansen on these numbers?
"Taking the Heartbeat of Local Housing Sales

Updated: May 6, 2009 04:11 PM "
By Kristin Byrne

Numbers released this week show pending home sales for March were up slightly and so was construction spending nationally.

Data from the Realtors Association of Northeast Wisconsin show 315 homes were sold in Brown County from January through March of this year.

The same period last year, 433 homes were sold -- or 118 homes more.

In Outagamie County, 214 homes were sold in the first quarter of the year compared to 326 homes last year -- that's down 112.

In fact, data for every county in our area show fewer homes were sold in the first three months of this year compared to the first three months of last year.

Action 2 News looked at building permits for new residential properties in our area, because the U.S. Census Bureau says most building permits turn into housing starts.

Numbers show building permits down in Green Bay. The city had 16 building permits in March, about half of what it had in February when it had 30.

Appleton had 25 building permits for March, only slightly off the 28 it had in February.

But in Oshkosh-Neenah and in Fond du Lac, building permits are up. The Oshkosh-Neenah area had eleven more permits in March than February, while Fond du Lac had two more.

Despite the statistics, some first-time home buyers say the price to purchase right now is just right.

At 23 years old, Andy Rosendahl has something to smile about. "I just bought my first house."

He says he made the decision to buy because of an $8,000 tax credit the government offers to first-time home buyers -- money from the federal stimulus package.

"The incentive was there. I've been looking for about a year," he said. "So when this year's $8,000 tax credit came up, it was enough to push me to home ownership.

Lauren Swan says she and her husband had the same feeling. "It's a nice incentive for first-time home buyers," she said.

She and her husband plan to use that tax credit to make some home improvements.

She says the tax credit is a win-win situation for both her family and the economy. "I think that if that helps jump start the economy then more power to them."

Both home buyers say they would have waited as long as it took until the right deal entered the picture. The tax incentive was just that.

And both believe the government incentive is spurring a home buyer trend.

"I have another one of my girlfriends that also her and her husband also just purchased a home, too, so I think it's a nice incentive to buy a home," Swan says.

"Some of my friends and colleagues in my same age bracket are starting to look at home, starting to take the plunge," Rosendahl says. "The time is right, though. On top of the tax credit it's a buyer's market."
 Taking the Heartbeat of Local Housing Sales - WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News:

What is Kagen doing in Washington?
"And, finally, Rep. Steven Kagan will be shaking hands (and taking checks) at the Washington Nationals game against the Houston Astros this evening." Shenanigans: What is Congress up to today? -

What is Dave Hansen doing in Madison?

"Fake Guns a Real Concern for Lawmakers and Police" Fake Guns a Real Concern for Lawmakers and Police - WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News:

When are we going to get real honest reporting from the MSM?

Eye On Dave Hansen

From WBAY.
A step away from taking the real ones away too!
30th District, State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay)
"Fake Guns a Real Concern for Lawmakers and Police
By Matt Smith
Updated: May 6, 2009 08:29 AM "

A bill working its way through the state Legislature could soon impose jail time for using a fake gun in public.

It's a bill recommended by police who must always respond as if a real gun were in play.

Last Friday night, several Green Bay police officers were dispatched to the city's west side for a weapons call. The report was two juveniles walking around with rifles.

Once on the scene, officers learned they were toy guns.

"You can't just go ahead and assume it's not real and that it is fake and it's no big deal --because it is a big deal in this day in age," Captain Karl Fleury said.

And it could become even bigger, meaning potential jail time if the situation escalated and the fake guns were used to threaten another person.

"If kids are playing, I don't think that's the intent here, but if you're committing a crime it would increase that as well, because if you're using a fake gun or a real gun it's a threat," State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) said.

Hansen is the lead author of the bill in the Senate, which if made into law would increase the penalty for using any type of fake or replica gun to threaten someone or help commit a crime.

He was contacted by Green Bay police concerned about the growing number of incidents involving fake weapons.

"Nowadays with the replicas and lookalikes, they're so realistic you can't determine if they're real or not," Fleury said.

"From our standpoint, not just resources but there's a potential for a real tragedy happening," Sergeant Pat DeWall of the Appleton Police Department said.

Right now if you use a fake gun to threaten someone, you're fined no more than $500. If this bill passes, that fine would increase up to $10,000 plus the potential to spend up to nine months in jail.

Police and legislators want this bill to send a strong message not only to criminals but kids who, like last Friday, think playing with a toy gun is no big deal.

"The children need to know the risk they run in this day in age by displaying or having something like that," Fleury said.

Fake Guns a Real Concern for Lawmakers and Police - WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News:

Why do we need another law?

Fake, real, use one to commit a crime and you go to jail.

Where's the hang up here?

Just the next step to banning real and all guns.

Balls In Oklahoma

From NewsOK

Compare the politicians from Wisconsin to the ones from Oklahoma.
House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty
Published: May 5, 2009
Modified: May 6, 2009 at 12:51 pm
"Congress should not be providing bailouts to financial institutions and automakers, he said. "
House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty |

They certainly are right and have the balls to do something about it!

Gasoline Going Up

From Bloomberg.
"Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future
162.80 Gal
5.58 Change - up
3.55 % change - up
17:14" Time of last trade Energy Prices

Nymex Crude Future 56.34 Barrel, up 2.50 up 4.64 %

My guess if this will stay at 1.63 wholesale,

we should see 2.30 to 2.45 gal.

This is only my opinion.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Berry Laker's New Home

About 95% complete on the move from Berry Lake.

First want to thank all the good people we had for friends and neighbors in the most beautiful part of Wisconsin. For the nine years we were there it was difficult to move from such great memories. From building our dream house to seeing our daughter married, and two boys grow into men, it was a dream come true.

Thank you one and all to the people of Berry Lake, the people of Underhill, the people of Gillett (one GREAT school system) and all the people in Oconto County, we are going to miss you.

A big thank you to our two neighbors next door on Berry Lake. The ones living there and the ones from Sheboygan, We're going to miss all of you! God Bless you and your families.

Good bye Berry Lake and here we come Pulaski Wisconsin.


Just some quick thoughts.

I was born here so it hard to believe after 42 years I have moved back.
Glad no one remembers me. One brother and my mother live in town.

I'm back home ma!

Still a NASCAR fan. Even have the # 5 Martin flag in the window.

Major nationality- Polish

Pot holes all over town.

Pulaski Polka Days July 23 - 26, 2009. 31 st year

Large school system.

Pulaski News.

Our Church St. Casimir

To bad for Carver Yachts, you vote for democrats and see what you get.

To Steve Kagen Wisconsin 8th district. "you still have me for a constituent. Aren't you lucky! He,he,he,he,he!

Good Bye Gary Tauchen , I know you won't miss me. I don't like RINO's anyway.
See ya Gary.

Hello Dave Hansen 30th Senate District. Thought I would start off on the right foot. You'll be hearing from me Dave or better yet, Dave give me a call and we can talk.

Here is Dave's contact information.

Madison Office

Room 18 South
State Capitol
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882

Voting Address

920 Coppens Road
Green Bay, WI 54303


(608) 266-5670 Or
(866) 221-9395

District Telephone

(920) 492-2200


(608) 267-6791


My other state senator Robert Cowles

John Nygren - 89th Assembly District.

All and all since the day's my dad owned a gas station on the west side of town it's good to be home.

More to come for the next five to ten years.

Scott Walker For Wisconsin

From B & S. from the Wisconsin RNC Convention

Part one

Part Two

Thanks Owen for the coverage.

Oconto County, Getting Guts

From Peshtigo Times. A little old but worth reading.

Bully, Oconto County board.
"Oconto Co. Board Raps Proposed Doyle Budget
Displeasure, even anger, over the many policy issues included in AB 75 - the Biannual Wisconsin State Budget Bill - came through loud and clear at the Oconto County Board meeting Thursday, April 23. So did specific objections to several of the provisions that will become law without separate action, debate, and legislative responsibility if the budget is approved as presented by Gov. Jim Doyle. There also was formal opposition to some operational policies of the Chequemegon Nicolet National Forest, and to a DNR-proposal to extend the muzzle loading deer gun season to Dec. 31 of this year.

“These changes should not be part of the budget,” declared Board Chair Lee Rymer of at least one of the major policy shifts buried in Doyle’s budget. “It’s political in nature and all they’re trying to do is help the large contractors who supported him (Doyle) in the election!”, Rymer said of one of the provisions.

“Let’s get all these policy issues out of the budget bill and give the public a chance to comment on them separately,” Rymer added.

Rymer was referring in general to the approximately 80 policy decisions “hidden” in the budget bill, and in particular to two provisions: one that would change “prevailing wage law” requirements, adding greatly to the cost of local government projects, and discouraging small local contractors from bidding on government jobs, large or small; and another that critics say will add greatly to the cost of vehicle liability coverage for governments and individuals.

Rymer said the ploy of burying policy changes in the budget bill was started by Gov. Lee Sherman Dreyfus and is being expanded by Doyle. He said Wisconsin Counties Asociation (WCA) also had objected to the policy inclusions in the budget bill, and a letter from Sen. Dave Hansen indicated 45 of the 80 proposed policy issues have been removed.

General discussion from the floor indicated supervisors shared the sentiments against including policy changes in an 1,800-page bill that is supposed to be the state spending plan for the next two years. Someone commented that even legalization of gay marriage is included in the budget proposals.

Vote was 30 to one in favor of a resolution opposing the prevailing wage law changes and calling on the governor and the legislature “to disallow policy changes in the biannual budget bill and restrict policy changes and statutory and regulatory changes to legislation that is specific to said regulations and policies as separate legislation.” Supervisor Vernon Zoeller cast the sole opposing vote.

It was the first of three resolutions from the Economic Development and Tourism Committee explained to the board by Bruce Mommaerts, who works closely with them as administrator of the Oconto County Economic Development Corporation and as Oconto County’s delegate to the 11-county North Central International Trade, Business and Economic Development Council (ITBEC).

The prevailing wage law provision, Mommaerts said, would require all companies that deal with state, county or municipal governments to pay Davis/Bacon wages on all projects and purchases over $2,000, change the bidding law threshold from $48,000 for a “single-trade” project and $234,000 for “multiple trade” projects to $2,000, and create “a new class of projects” subject to those requirements. The new class, to be called “publicly funded private construction projects,” would be any project that receives a grant, is part of a cooperative agreement, TIF District project, etc., and in effect would apply to everything Mommaerts and his corporation do to add to the county’s economic base.

Mommaerts said in some cases the Davis/Bacon wages are more than $10 per hour higher than usual local wages, and record keeping requirements are so difficult that many small local contractors will simply find it is not worth the trouble. This will mean higher costs for local taxpayers and even greater problems trying to live within budget limits. Mommaerts suggested Doyle included the provision to help the large contractors who supported him in the election.

Supervisor Rose Stellmacher said the previous week a similar resolution was passed by the Riverview Town Board, and she felt it would be helpful if other towns, cities and villages pass them also and send them along to the governor and their representatives in the Legislature. She asked other supervisors to convey this message to their local governments.

Mommaerts said ITBEC is asking its 11 member counties to express their opposition to this measure. All supervisors except Zoeller supported the resolution.

Talk then turned to a resolution objecting to application of the Chequemegon Nicolet National Forest (CNNF) to the Wisconsin DNR for Tier 2 in the “Green Tier” program. Mommaerts pointed out that program is for private businesses that want to prove they are “green”, and declared the National Forest is not a private business.

This resolution also came from the Economic Development and Tourism Committee, and is based on the fear the National Forest is being more and more moved toward becoming a national park, and one more step toward a “no roads, no cut” policy that was helped along last fall when an initiative to close many of the roads in the forest was allowed to stay in the forest plan. Vote was 29 supervisors in favor of the resolution and two opposed. opposing votes were cast by Supervisors Zoeller and Terry Brazeau. Neither explained why they were opposed.

Mommaerts said the economies of the northern communities developed from forest products and still depend heavily on them. “National Forest policies are hurting the local economy,” Mommaerts declared. He said it is frustrating for businesses in the north to see forest products being wasted by lack of timely harvest in the surrounding National Forest, while they are forced to import raw materials from Canada and local loggers are looking for business.

Supervisor Dick Gilles said even wildlife is harmed by harvest restrictions in the National Forest. He declared if trees are not cut when they should be there is no new growth, and eventually no browse for deer or other animals that thus are being denied places to hide and food to eat.

Mommaerts said he has been told by people who work for the Forest Service that the forest in Florence County is already almost totally devoid of underbrush, which is what happens when there is a full forest canopy as in the Cathedral Pines area.

Supervisor Eugene Winter said now the Obama administration is talking about putting a cap on the number of recreational trails in the National Forests, and to limit cutting there because the trees create oxygen for the air we breathe.

Mommaerts said it does seem like some of the trails may be cut off, and they are deciding not to allow cutting in the north so the cities can continue to grow. “They’re trading development in the northern part of the state for development in the southern part.”

The resolution states the Green Tier program is intended for “green” private businesses, and the National Forest is not a private business. It also states Oconto County has determined that the management plan for the forest is not being faithfully implemented and it has not beeen managed as a renewable resource under sustainable forest management practices. It further states the CNNF has failed to manage the national forest in compliance with the Clark-McNary Act of 1976 . This act requires national forests to give balanced consideration to all resources and outlined policies and procedures for management.

It goes on to say this failure has had a negative impact on local community’s tax revenues, tourism development and the wood and forestry industries.

The resolution calls on Wisconsin DNR to hold public hearings on the Green Tier application and schedule public informational meetings within the counties that have CNNF lands to better acquaint residents with what enrollment in the Green Tier program would mean, and has asked that the ITBEC or representatives of its member counties participate in any negotiations concerning a Green Tier participation contract for the CNNF. Member counties are Florence, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Menominee, Oconto, Oneida, Portage, Shawano, Vilas, Waupaca and Wood.

Copies of the resolution are to be sent to Chief of the Forest Service; Joan Marburger, Project Coordinator for the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest, all Federal Representatives, Doyle, and all state representatives. Copies are also to be forwarded to all counties that contain CNNF lands, and to Wisconsin Counties Association.

A resolution asking the DNR not to extend the Wisconsin Deer Gun Muzzle Loader season was also supported by 30 to one vote, again with only Zoeller opposed.

Mommaerts said there is reason to object, both on an economic basis and because of the impact on the deer herd. He said the DNR now admits they have over estimated the deer population and under estimated the number or predators, particularly in the northern areas.

From an economic standpoint, if the shooting season is extended, recreational trails cannot be opened, and if there is snow, the week between Christmas and New Years can be just as important economically to the northern communities as four extra weekends of snow. In 2007, tourist business during that week was the only thing that allowed many businesses to survive. “If we want to protect our sales tax revenues, we really cannot see extending the shooting season,” Mommaerts declared.

There also is almost no support from sportsmen. Mommaerts said at the recent Conservation Congress meeting in his area only eight people supported the extended muzzle loading season, and the rest overwhelmingly opposed it.

Supervisor Jim Lacourciere wondered if there was a way to allow both muzzle load hunting and open recreational trails, perhaps by restricting areas, but Mommaerts felt that would not work. He said in terms of income, there is no way muzzle loaders would bring in more income than ATVS and snowmobiles.

Mommaerts said he himself is a muzzle load hunter, and sees no need for the extended season. He said he can hunt during any gun season, in any T-zone area and during the 7-day extended gun season. He said there is absolutely no evidence of any need for added herd control.

A resolution expressing opposition to a budget bill provision and Senate Bill 20 that would change insurance laws originated with the Finance and Insurance Committee and was unanimously supported by the full County Board with no opposing votes.

County Administrator Kevin Hamann said if the proposals are implemented, county insurance costs would increase dramatically. “It could cost us millions of dollars in the future...this is just a bad bill that we need to oppose.

Supervisor Richard Giles commented it could affect everyone personally as well, in terms of higher insurance costs and higher taxes. He said he has written to all his state representatives and urged everyone else to do likewise.

The resolution states Doyle’s Executive Budget Bill contains several anti-tort “reform” proposals, among them:

*A provision that would force a defendant to pay 100 percent of the damages in an accident even if they were found to have as little as one percent of liability. He said counties and other governmental units would be especially hard hit because of the “deep pockets” theory.

*Mandatory minimum auto liability insurance limits would force individuals, companies and local governments to pay for higher levels of insurance;

*Changing the definition of an underinsured motorist in a way that increases insurance claims;

*Requiring insurance companies to cover uninsured motorist claims when no contact was made between the insured’s car and another car, thereby increasing the risk of fraudulent claims;

*Allowing “stacking” of coverage for underinsured motorists so that coverage limits for an accident are not limited to the policy relating to the specific vehicle involved in the accident, and

*Forcing excess or umbrella insurers to offer to cover certain claims when the coverage was not requested by the insured.

Rymer said Wisconsin counties Associaton (WCA) has sent letters to all counties in the state warning them of the impact of these changes, adding, “That’s a lot of opposition.”

There were comments the provisions were intended to increase income for attorneys.

Rymer repeated his earlier objections to inclusion of non-budget items in a budget bill. “These things get in there... That’s not the way to do business!”

When the roll was called there were no opposing votes.
" Peshtigo Times Wisconsin Community Newspaper

Not sure how to take Oconto County after the last couple of elections. Keeps moving left!

Steve Kagen, Watch The Shakedown

From Monday's Politico.
"And, finally, Rep. Steven Kagan will be shaking hands (and taking checks) at the Washington Nationals game against the Houston Astros this evening." Shenanigans: What is Congress up to today? -

Looks like Steve Kagen is looking out for the people of the 8th District!

Steve Kagen shaking down campaign money. Who would of thought!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Martin 5th

"RICHMOND, Va. -- Through each of their separate hazes of smoke that occurred while they wrecked during Saturday night's Crown Royal 400 at Richmond International Raceway, Jeff Burton, Mark Martin, Jamie McMurray and Marcos Ambrose would've never thought a top-10 finish was possible." NASCAR.COM - Burton, Martin, McMurray overcome spins for top-10s - May 3, 2009