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PATCO, Reagan Puts It On The Line

Anyone Remember PATCO, 1981

Quote From President Reagan, "they are violating the law" 

This is right after the strike was called.

Obama Gets Briefing On U P, Yooper Style

Obama’s briefing on the U.P. - | News, Sports, Jobs, Escanaba Information | The Daily Press:
February 10, 2011 - By Andy Heller

FLINT - News item: President Obama will visit Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Mich., today to deliver a speech praising the university's high-speed wireless data network.

Aide: 'OK, Mr. President, time for your briefing on the Upper Peninsula - her people and their customs and peculiarities.'

Obama: 'All right, proceed.'

Aide: 'OK, first, a reminder that while Marquette is small, this is an opportunity to address a key demographic.'

Obama: 'Democrats?'"

Aide: "No, cold people. The U.P. is very, very cold, so if the applause for your speech seems a little muffled, don't be surprised."

Obama: "Winter blues?"

Aide: "No, mittens. Now, for your opening quip, remember that people in the U.P. do not root for the Detroit Lions."

Obama: "They don't? But it's Michigan."

Aide: "Two things at work there, Mr. President. First, the Lions are the Lions. There aren't a lot of doctorate degrees in the U.P., but people know a loser when they see one. Then there's the fact that Detroit is something like 47 hours from the U.P. while Green Bay is just down the snowmobile trail."

Obama: "You mean road."

Aide: "No, sir, I mean snowmobile trail. It's February. And while I'm on the subject, remember not to joke about spring coming soon. Remember, in the U.P. winter starts in September and lasts until, well, near as I can tell from these average temperature charts, June. So they're not even halfway through winter."

Obama: "Got it. They'll be a bit crabby then."

Aide: "Not at all, sir. Exactly the opposite. A few of them may seem a bit, um, giddy."

Obama: "Snow madness?"

Aide: "No sir, Budweiser. Now, when you look out over the crowd you'll probably notice a lot of people in plaid. Apparently it's the official color of the U.P."

You can read the rest at the link , it's pretty good.
I wonder if the President was told about the Da Yoopers?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, by the way, it's a spoof, you know, a joke, you know, like from the Onion.

Bonduel Union, Shocked, And Some Will Have To Get Another Job?

From The Shawano Leader

This is a shock and an outrage’

It did not take long for area educators to respond to Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to eliminate nearly all public employee collective bargaining rights to help plug a $3.6 billion budget hole.

“This is a shock and an outrage,” said Christine Reinke, president of the Bonduel Education Association, which represents the district’s teachers. “He’s attacking teachers’ rights, and it is ultimately going to affect the kids.”

The governor’s proposal would affect approximately 175,000 public sector employees — including state and local government workers and teachers — who are union represented in Wisconsin, according to Associated Press reports. The number includes an estimated 39,000 are state employees and more than 106,000 teachers.

Reinke, who has been involved with education for more than 20 years and represents about 70 teachers in the union, said she already has heard concerns from other teachers.

“I’ve spoken with teachers who worry that they’ll have to get another job or find something else that pays more,” she said.

Find another job? Say what? It's only about a little more for them to pay for health care and retirement.

First, did the Leader ask what these teachers are paying for health care? Did the Leader ask how much they pay for their retirement? The Leader talks to union leaders and doesn't get any comments from any teachers? I mean teachers that are not union presidents.

If these teachers would of sacrificed a little in the past, maybe this wouldn't of happened. The greed from the union bosses will get the best of the rank and file.What goes around, comes around. 

Let's just be honest here, the union bosses are scared to death of losing their extra pay and status. I bet the rank and file would love to see them go but would never say it or admit they said it.

Fake I D's, Where's Big Sis

The Rhinelander Daily News - Online news and information for the Rhinelander, Wisconsin region:
"Last Updated: Thursday, February 10, 2011 5:16 PM CST

Ex-Wis. DOT employee, others indicted for fake IDs

A federal grand jury has indicted six people, including a former state Department of Transportation worker, with conspiring to produce fake driver's licenses.

According to the indictment and federal prosecutors, 36-year-old Khue Xiong used his position at a state DOT Division of Motor Vehicles office in Stevens Point to produce about 70 fake driver's licenses for illegal immigrants between the end of 2009 and mid-2010.

The others members of the alleged conspiracy found buyers for the licenses and collected cash from them. They kept some of the money for themselves and funneled some of it to Xiong. They then passed on the licenses to the buyers.

Online court records did not list an attorney for Xiong."

Hey Winnig, Your Whining, Your Not Running Against Gableman

From The Shawano Leader

Winnig advocates for Supreme Court position

Supreme Court Justice David Prosser will face a challenge from three candidates in Tuesday’s primary. The top two finishers in the primary election will advance to the April 5 election.

Vying for Prosser’s seat are JoAnne Kloppenburg, an assistant attorney general; Marla Stephens, director of the state public defender’s appellate division; and Joel Winnig, a Madison attorney in private practice.

Winnig, who called himself an “anti-establishment lawyer,” stopped in for an interview at the Shawano Leader on Friday and said he is running to take back the state’s high court for the people of Wisconsin. He said the court is currently beholden to special interests.

Winnig also said he has called for the resignation of Justice Michael Gableman, who won the 2008 election after running a campaign ad that was condemned by newspaper editorial boards across the state as a misleading attempt at race baiting.

The state Supreme Court deadlocked 3-3 on whether Gableman committed misconduct. Prosser voted in support of Gableman.

“There are two things people could do to improve the Supreme Court,” Winnig said. “One is vote for me, the other is get rid of Gableman.”

Can these democratic candidates please stop running against Gableman! How can Winnig be a supreme court judge if has a ax to grind with Gableman? 

What is a “anti-establishment lawyer,” anyway?

Do you think Winnig would vote against an average person from Shawano if he didn't like them? Judges are supposed to rule on law, not rule on who they like or dislike!

So who should you vote for? 

Well, David Prosser of course. 

Tell your friends, Prosser needs every vote he can get this Tuesday.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wis. State, County workers. I'll Be Glad To Take Your Job. Make My Day

Since I'm out of work, if the state and county workers want to go on strike and lose their job, I'll be glad to step in. Oconto County, give me a call!

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says National Guard ready for any unrest over anti-union bill | | Green Bay Press Gazette:
MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker said Friday he wants to end collective bargaining for nearly all public employees because the state is broke and there’s no point negotiating with the unions when there is nothing to offer."

I can drive trucks.

Have Gov Walker Give Me and Others A Call, We'll Work For The State

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says National Guard ready for any unrest over anti-union bill | | Green Bay Press Gazette:


MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker said Friday he wants to end collective bargaining for nearly all public employees because the state is broke and there’s no point negotiating with the unions when there is nothing to offer."

Even Shawano Lost Their Own, Bass Pro Shop

From the Shawano Leader

Wetlands issue hits home

City officials are waiting to see what the leadership change in Madison might mean for development in Shawano, particularly in light of an exemption from Department of Natural Resources permitting rules passed last week for a Green Bay developer.

A bill designed to lure Bass Pro Shops to Green Bay was signed Friday by Gov. Scott Walker. It allows Neenah-based car dealer John Bergstrom to fill in about an acre-and-a-half of wetland between U.S. Highway 41 and the Green Bay Packers’ stadium without a permit.

The exception to the DNR rule caught the attention of Shawano officials still upset over the loss last year of a major development project scuttled by an impasse over wetlands.

“It’s very disturbing that here we had an opportunity to attract a business that was going to create approximately 100 jobs over time at (pay) rates that are probably above the average rate in Shawano,” City Administrator Jim Stadler said. “All of sudden you have a change in governor and now it appears the state is open for business.”

Team Industries Inc. of Kaukauna — a manufacturer of high quality fabricated piping and vessels — expressed interest in August 2009 in purchasing the former Komatsu property, if additional acreage adjacent to the facility could be secured to create an outside storage area.

The additional acreage included 5.5 acres of wetlands, which the city was offering to replace elsewhere. But the DNR expressed serious concerns about the project and declined to give Team any indication of what its chances would be for approval.

Months of intensive effort, significant investment of municipal resources and pleas for help all the way to then-Gov. Jim Doyle’s office, failed to resolve the issue. Then, in February of last year, Team announced it was no longer pursuing the Komatsu facility.

Stadler said Team and the city were never able to get past the first step in the DNR process.

You can read the rest at the above link. 

Makes you wonder why the democrat party of Shawano County even exists? People of Shawano, with friends like them, who needs  enemies.Democrats, Jim Doyle and the WDNR has screwed the people of Shawano and they still get voted into office.

You Can Thank Your Leadership, Jim Doyle and Democrats

The Unions can thank their leadership, Jim Doyle and democrats for letting this get out of hand with wages and benefits. JSOnline has the details.

Walker budget plan would limit state unions to negotiating only on salaries - JSOnline:

Democrats denounce budget repair bill, saying it amounts to governor ‘declaring war’
 By Jason Stein and Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel"

If the unions want to play hardball, I know there are a lot of unemployed people in Wisconsin to step right in! The union membership in Wisconsin have to understand all the people of Wisconsin have to sacrifice during this bad economy. Will they work with Walker or maybe be unemployed like many of us now in Wisconsin.

Remember PATCO!

Kloppenburg Against Landowners, Worked With Old WDNR

GREAT work from Media Trackers You can read expanded info at their link 

Seems JoAnn is a big supporter of the old WDNR. I say old WDNR because Walker and Stepp will change the department for the betterment of the people of Wisconsin. 

Kloppenburg Against Property and Business Owners

February 10, 2011, Milwaukee, WI—Media Trackers recently completed a comprehensivereview of news reports showing State Supreme Court Candidate, JoAnne Kloppenburg's bias against property owners and business owners.

We were even a bit stunned to find her strong stance against property owners and private industry,” said Dena Rochwerger-Braun, communications director for Media Trackers. “The right to own private property, and the free enterprise system are fundamental to American values that it appears JoAnn Kloppenburg disagrees with.”

A detailed account of her work against homeowners can be found here, while her record against developers and corporations can be found here.

Some highlights from the reports include:

  • A couple who purchased land and received permits only to have the DNR and Kloppenburg fight a proposed house because the land was subsequently named a wetland area.
  • Fighting a 70-year-old man to move his house further from a lake. The battle cost the man $80,000.
  • Not allowing a Kenosha woman to add a deck to her Grandfather's 1936 home.
  • Putting a condo project out-of-business after the developers fight with the DOJ
  • judgment against a waste water treatment company where $40,000 of DOJ lawyer fees were included in the settlement.

On Feb. 15 Wisconsin voters go to the poll for the primary to narrow down the field for a seat on the state's highest court.

It is a little frightening to think that Wisconsin voters would even consider putting someone on the court for ten year who has such an established animus towards private property and property owners,” said Rochwerger-Braun. “Kloppenburg's record clearly shows she doesn't have the average Wisconsin Joe's interests at heart.”   

Another reason to vote for David Prosser for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moore, How To Save Medicaid And Allow Walker To Save The Economy

A good read on what Scott Walker is up against with the budget deficit  and one place to save.

 Richard Moore

Medicaid is a behemoth for any number of reasons – the recession among them – and the new federal health-care law, if it stays intact, will make it even more of a monster. But also among the reasons Medicaid’s shortfall is so drastic is that it is too generous.

Democrats like to pounce on such pronouncements as proof that people who make such statements are heartless political beasts who care nothing about the welfare of the poor.

It is no such thing, of course; what it is is a statement of reality."

And This.

Dennis Smith, Wisconsin’s new secretary of Health Services, said it best in a Jan. 26 budget hearing in Washington: “The best solution to ease the tremendous pressures on state budgets is to get people back to work,” Smith testified.

A must read.

Antigo, Deer Making It Through Mild Winter

Deer doing ok so far.

Bessemer, Kudos To Gogebic County Board

County nixes airport loan

"2/9/2011 11:52:00 PM

BESSEMER -- The Gogebic County Board of Commissioners Wednesday rejected a request for a $20,000 loan to advertise jet airline service at the Gogebic-Iron County Airport.

Airport manager Duane DuRay said Frontier Airlines, which will begin jet service on April 18, relies on local communities to advertise.

But commissioner Don Pezzetti, of Wakefield, noted Frontier will receive a federal subsidy of $3 million to provide essential air service at the airport for two years. Pezzetti said Frontier should advertise with its own funds.

In the original article they never said it was a advertising loan. And it never said Frontier was getting 3 mil from the tax payers. People of Gogebic County, thank your board members for doing the right thing.

Green Bay Packer Trivia

In 1968, Lombardi Ave was renamed after the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers. 

What was the original street name? 

Another Reason To Vote For Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

From Boots and Sabers about the three democratic candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

Supreme Court Candidates Break Bad on Gableman

 "First, it’s not an issue in this campaign and to raise it is just petty partisanship. Second, if any of these jokers make it to the court, they will have to work with Gableman. How will their comments affect court operations?

Stupid and irresponsible BS. Are these people we want on the court?"

Spread the word, Vote this coming Tuesday for David Prosser. 

Tell your friends and neighbors or the changes in Madison last November will be all for not! 

Now get out the vote!

Badgers Win

Watching the first half was uggggggggggly! 

Was feeling tired and decided to shut off the game and hope for the best. I guess it was good luck not watching the Badgers pull this one out. 

Now, bring on Ohio State.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Where's The Parents In Wis. Thrill Kill

"Thrill kill" quashed by DNR - JSOnline:
By Lee Bergquist of the Journal Sentinel
Feb. 9, 2011 12:23 p.m.

The Department of Natural Resources said Wednesday that 12 teenage males, ranging in ages from 16 to 19, have been apprehended in connection with a contest that called for the illegal killing of raccoons and deer.

The DNR filed allegations with prosecutors in Brown and Manitowoc counties over shooting and beating deaths of raccoons and intentionally striking deer with vehicles.

The suspects include eight from Brown County; two from Calumet County, one from Outagamie County, and one from Manitowoc County."

Rhinelander, Mmmmmm, Chocolate, Friday Night

The Rhinelander Daily News - Online news and information for the Rhinelander, Wisconsin region: "

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 9:16 AM CST
Enjoy a ‘Taste of Chocolate’ this weekend

Chocolate, in all it’s forms and varieties, will be the flavor du jour this Friday.

Downtown Rhinelander, Inc. is hosting the fourth annual Taste of Chocolate event Friday evening, Feb. 11, from 5 to 8 p.m.

There are a limited number of Snickers Golden Tickets available. Tickets are priced at $5 for entry into the $1,000 Downtown Bucks giveaway and a taste of chocolate at each of the 27 participating businesses. Tickets can be purchased at Trig’s Grocery service counter in Rhinelander, Minocqua and Eagle River. Tickets are also sold at Northern Coffee Haus, Associated Bank and Rhinelander Café & Pub."

When You Stole A Horse In Western History

The Rhinelander Daily News - Online news and information for the Rhinelander, Wisconsin region: "Last Updated: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 9:16 AM CST
Brothers busted pawning snowmobiles
Ill. men allegedly stole sleds here, took them to other states

A pair of stepbrothers from Illinois have been charged with stealing snowmobiles in the Northwoods and pawning them in other states.

Today in History, The Beatles

Today in History, Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011 - Sault Ste. Marie, MI - Sault Ste. Marie Evening News: "Eastern Upper Peninsula —
Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011
Today is the 40th day of 2011. There are 325 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:"

1964, The Beatles made their first live American television appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show," broadcast from New York on CBS.

Ironwood Mi, Why Should County Spend $20,000 on Advertising

From the Ironwood Daily Globe 

Board proposes airport ad campaign:

 "2/9/2011 12:21:00

IRONWOOD TOWNSHIP -- Now that the Gogebic-Iron County Airport has the schedule it has been awaiting for the past four years, airport board chairman Joe Bonovetz said, 'It's time to let the public know what's going on.'

Frontier Airlines will come on-board on April 18 and is proposing earlier (5:37 a.m. except on Sundays and 4:37 p.m., except for Saturdays) flights to Milwaukee, and later flights into Ironwood (2:35 p.m, and 9:35 p.m.) flights, except for Saturdays.

Frontier will overnight planes in Ironwood, Bonovetz noted.

Bonovetz is proposing an advertising campaign to alert the public of the change in scheduling and hopefully increasing airport boarding numbers.

Bonovetz, a member of the Gogebic County Board of Commissioners, will seek $20,000 for advertising at today's 5 p.m. county board meeting. He said he will ask that the money be taken out of the county's delinquent tax revolving fund."

When is it the responsibility for government to advertise for a private business? Was this a secret deal agreed to by the county and Frontier? If the county has extra money laying around for this, why not reduce taxes to the people of Gogebic County. Frontier decided to be in Ironwood, let them build their business.

Michigan, No Personal Property Taxes

Seems Michigan is looking at eliminating personal property taxes which doesn't sit well with local municipalities.Looks pretty good to business.

Kingsford against property tax plan - | news, sports, business, jobs - The Daily News:

"The Senate Finance Committee is preparing to take testimony on Senate Bill 34, which is sponsored by State Sen. Mike Nofs, R-Battle Creek.

According to a Municipal League alert, Nofs has expressed a willingness to look for replacement revenue. However, the League also notes that State Sen. Jack Brandenburg, R-Harrison Township, who chairs the Finance Committee, supports having no business taxes at all in Michigan.

Personal property includes items not permanently affixed to land, such as equipment, furniture, tools or computers. In Michigan, only businesses pay the personal property tax."

Gov Walker Has An Open Door To Local Officials

From the Daily Reporter via Boots And Sabers..

Walker Taking Calls

"“He’s a guy that will take phone calls,” Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt said.

Schmitt has talked to Walker several times, he said, including conversations in which they have discussed specific ways to promote business in Green Bay.

“I talked to him about Greenwood Fuels, a company that’s expanding. They’ve put $20 million into it,” Schmitt said.

“He said to his assistant, ‘Set up a visit.’ Just like that; not, ‘OK, send this to this department.’ It was awesome.”"

This extra from Daily Reporter. Dems are and always will be partisan.

Walker extends hand to local officials

Despite Walker’s efforts to connect with local officials, an adversarial tone remains among left-leaning candidates — including Cieslewicz, who is up for re-election — running for local offices. Many candidates have aimed their campaigns as squarely at the Walker administration and its policies as they have toward their opponents.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Did The U S Just Take Over Canada

If this is true, doesn't Congress  have to authorized by a vote for this? 

From IntelTrends
Obama Creates World’s First Superstate With U.S.-Canada Merger
By Sorcha Faal
February 8, 2011

In a shocking coup d’état said to rival Nazi Germany’s 1938 Anschluss (German for “link-up”) of the Austrian Republic, the United States this past week effectively took control of Canada creating what is being called by Russian diplomatic officials as the world’s first 21st Century “Superstate”.

The United States announcement of this “merger” between these two North American nations was made February 4th by a posting on the WhiteHouse.Gov website of President Obama and which, in part, says:

This from the White House Press Release

Joint Statement by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada on Regulatory Cooperation | The White House:
"The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 04, 2011
Joint Statement by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada on Regulatory Cooperation

Today, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have directed the creation of a United States-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC), composed of senior regulatory, trade, and foreign affairs officials from both governments. In recognition of our $1 trillion annual trade and investment relationship, the RCC has a two-year mandate to work together to promote economic growth, job creation, and benefits to our consumers and businesses through increased regulatory transparency and coordination."

They have directed that the first meeting of the RCC be convened within 90 days by the relevant agencies in the United States and Canada.

The President and the Prime Minister have taken this initiative because they believe that their citizens deserve smarter, more effective approaches to regulation that enhance the economic competitiveness and well-being of the United States and Canada, while maintaining high standards of public health and safety and environmental protection. Improving regulatory cooperation and adopting compatible approaches will lead to greater prosperity on both sides of the border and will in no way diminish the sovereignty of either the United States or Canada or the ability of either country to carry out its regulatory functions according to its domestic and legal policy requirements.

And this from the Star in Canada.

Canada kept U.S. border talks under wraps: document

Les Whittington and Tonda MacCharles
Ottawa Bureau
OTTAWA—The federal government deliberately kept negotiations on a border deal with Washington secret while it planned ways to massage public opinion in favour of the pact, according to a confidential communications strategy.

The 14-page public relations document recommended that talks keep a “low public profile” in the months leading up to the announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama. At the same time, the government would secretly engage “stakeholders” — interested parties such as big business groups and others — in a way that respected “the confidentiality of the announcement.”

In advance, the government departments involved — including industry, foreign affairs, international trade and citizenship and immigration — were to “align supportive stakeholders to speak positively about the announcement,” according to the strategy prepared by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ officials.

Obama U P Visit. All Welcome But You Have To Have An Invitation

Details of Obama's upcoming trip to U.P. released | | The Detroit News: "Last Updated: February 08. 2011 9:52AM

Nathan Hurst / Detroit News Washington Bureau
Washington— Northern Michigan University will be in the spotlight Thursday as the Upper Peninsula college plays host to President Barack Obama.
Full details of the presidential visit Up North were released today by the White House."

The speech in the university's Superior Dome sports facility is open to the public by invitation only.

I guess if you want to see the president you have to have a invitation. 

No Tea party , conservatives welcome. 

Elton John Lands In Duluth

Duluth lands Elton John concert | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota:

Amsoil Arena's first major concert will bring the British pop and rock star to Duluth for the first time.
By: Christa Lawler, Duluth News Tribune

"When Amsoil Arena opened, Duluth Entertainment Convention Center officials promised big-name headliners. How about a bespectacled, piano-playing new daddy with a ton of flare?

According to tour listings on Elton John’s website, the man behind “Rocket Man,” “Tiny Dancer” and “Candle in the Wind” will perform May 6 with his band at the new arena. It was one of three new shows added to Elton John’s “Greatest Hits Live” tour on Monday.

DECC executive director Dan Russell confirmed the show."

A Day Late, Thought He Might Of Forgot

Obama calls Packers coach Mike McCarthy to congratulate him on Super Bowl win -

"WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama has spoken with Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy to congratulate him and the team on their Super Bowl win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The White House says that Obama, who was neutral on the Super Bowl after his beloved hometown Chicago Bears got knocked out of contention, told McCarthy that 'even a Bears fan' can appreciate what the victory means to Green Bay and Wisconsin.

The president asked McCarthy to pass on how impressed he was with MVP Aaron Rodgers' season. He also said he looked forward to hosting the Packers at the White House — an outcome he noted had been predicted by Packers player Charles Woodson."

ESPN In Ironwood Mi.

ESPN, meet Cody Rye: "2/8/2011 12:09:00 AM

IRONWOOD Ð Has Nimrod Nation II arrived?

Just when things seemed to be settling down for Cody Rye and his family after their whirlwind experience with the High School Rudy Awards, the national media has caught on to the Cody Rye story.

Rye will be attending Michigan Technological University in the fall and the school newspaper did a story on him.

Now sports giant ESPN wants to do segment on Rye.

Ben Houser is a senior producer for ESPN's E:60 program. Houser called the Rye home on Friday and left a message that ESPN was getting the ball rolling by sending a two-person film crew to Ironwood today and Wednesday. Rye knew this was coming a month-and-a-half ago but ESPN swore him to secrecy.

Great Lakes Water Shortages, Flooding , Which Is It?

Great Lakes areas may face water shortages | | Green Bay Press Gazette:

Climate, municipal use affect levels, report says

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Despite having more fresh water than anywhere else in the world, the Great Lakes region could experience shortages in some locations because of climate shifts or surging demand, a federal analysis says."

Could of fooled me with all the snow the great lakes have received lately. Ans this from ACCU weather.

This anticipated warm-up, however, could be hazardous for people living in low-lying areas or near rivers and streams, especially where a large amount of snow has accumulated.
Areas of the Northeast, including parts of western Massachusetts and Upstate New York, could have flooding problems, said Expert Senior Meteorologist Elliot Abrams.

This image courtesy of NOHRSC, shows the current snow/water equivalent as of Feb. 7. Areas ranging from purple to pink have between 2 and 10 inches of liquid.
So what are you to believe? Water shortage or flooding? 

Monday, February 07, 2011

Eulogy to President Reagan by Margaret Thatcher

Why not watch this? 

Update, I had to add GW.

Update 2,Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada  

It's A Super Bowl Record

Super Bowl XLV Breaks Viewing Record, Averages 111 Million Viewers

"Update ( 12:10p PT) Super Bowl XLV averaged 111 million viewers to become the most-watched program ever, breaking the previous record (last year’s Super Bowl) of 106.5 million.

Additionally, almost 163 million viewers watched at least part of the game — another record and surpassing last year’s game by over 9 million:

Game Total Viewers
Super Bowl XLV (Packers-Steelers), 2/6/11 162.9 million"

Update from Feb 2, 2009. From CNN.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Obama called the Superbowl winners the Pittsburgh Steelers after their big win Sunday night, White House officials said Monday.

Obama started with the team's owner Dan Rooney. The two developed a rapport after Rooney had given Obama a game ball from the conference championship earlier.

The president also called coach Mike Tomlin, and the quarterback "Big Ben" Roethlisberger to congratulate them. He invited everyone to visit the White House.

Obama was rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers and threw a bipartisan Superbowl party for the occasion.

Obama Snubs Packer Nation

RealClearPolitics - Video - Gibbs: Obama Has Not Called Packers Yet To Congratulate Them

"White House press secretary says President Obama hasn't called anyone from the Packers team after they won the Super Bowl on Sunday."


I-500 Win, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Lucky Number 7: Davidson ices another I-500 title - Sault Ste. Marie, MI - Sault Ste. Marie Evening News:
"Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. —
After the 2010 shocker delivered by the Cadarette Collision piloting an Arctic Cat to its first victory in 42 years, things returned to normal for the 43rd running of the International 500 Snowmobile Race with the event’s winningest driver teaming up with the event’s winningest manufacturer.
Corey Davidson of Holt, Minn. captured his seventh checkered flag, racing the #3 machine with Travis Hjelle while Polaris posted its 22nd track victory by less than five seconds.
Davidson and Hjelle did not dominate the competition on Saturday, but opted to merely remain within striking distance throughout the day. They had just enough left in the final laps to overtake the #33 Skid Row Racing Arctic Cat of Isaac Wolfgang, allowing driver errors and mechanical failures to eliminate most of the other serious threats during the first 490 laps."

Sunday, February 06, 2011

PSA, Internet Shut Down

Warning to all bloggers and internet viewers.

Internet inactivity will be 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm Central

It will not be a virus,
it will not be a blackout and
it will not be  a power shortage.

It will just be the world watching the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl.

My Itinerary For Today

This should be enough!
Enjoy your day, Be safe and be responsible. 

Happy Birthday Mr President