Saturday, August 06, 2011

NASCAR Didn't Like Smok'n Hot Wife

Nashville track says it will not host NASCAR events in 2012 - ESPN:

"CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There will be no more guitar trophy celebrations at Nashville Superspeedway for NASCAR.

Dover Motorsports Inc., owner of the track that has hosted two Nationwide Series events in each of the past 10 years and at least one Truck Series race since 2001, has informed NASCAR that it will not seek any events in 2012."

"Nashville is a tremendous market filled with passionate race fans,'' said Cliff Hawks, the vice president and general manager of Nashville Superspeedway. "We have some extremely dedicated and talented employees who have made this track a great destination.

"But the reality is after 10 years of effort we have to face the fact that without a Sprint Cup race and/or a significant change in the operating model for other events, we simply cannot continue."

Hawks said the remaining events on the 2011 schedule will not be impacted.

Only my opin. NASCAR didn't like the minister who gave the invocation at the last Nashville race. No matter what the press release said, NASCAR told the track to back out in 2012 and maybe will get another chance in 2013. 

The right wing gun loving Christen right had to take it on the chin. Here's the video in case you forgot.

 It is what makes the fans of NASCAR. Another reason NASCAR will lose viewership and revenue. 

What say you?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Four More Years? Time To Start.......

1:31 pm central time.

Dow down 388,

We need four more years of Obama?

Boehner and RINOs have to go!

How to start your own tea party group.

What say you?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dog Depredations Nicolet, First In 2011


Peshtigo Brook Pack- Oconto County
On August 2nd, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated a a bear hound while training on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. The incident occurred on 7/29 or 8/1 in the Town of Armstrong, Oconto County. The depredation was due to the Peshtigo Brook Pack, which consisted of two adults last winter. This pack probably has pups and are using rendezvous sites. Wolves are highly defensive of both pups and rendezvous sites and both hunters and dog trainers should be aware of the potential conflict between wolves and their dogs in the caution area depicted in the map below. The caution area follows Highway 32 on the west, Highway 64 on the south, Parkway Road on the east, and County W to the north..

2011 Dog Depredations by Wolves

Hey, I know that area. I know some guys who hunt there.

It's Milwaukee Wednesday

 It's Wednesday around 10:30. 

Son # 1 got some rest after last nights 2nd surgery to clean out some internal bleeding and to take pressure off a swollen leg muscle. Marie is still worried about her son.That's what moms are for. Sorry son, you have to go back to surgery on Thursday to check again on all your incisions. 

What happen to the Brewers last night? Both teams threw intentional pitches.

Driving in on  Wisconsin Ave. from Hwy 41 to 76th St. I seen a ton of recall Walker signs. the teachers and professors have some nice houses along with their good union pay to put up anti Walker signs.

On the debt ceiling vote. What's the only difference between Gwen Moore and Paul Ryan? Botta bing, botta boom, a letter after their name!

What's the only difference between Ron Kind and Reed Ribble? They live on the opposite sides of the state.

What's the diffrence between Tammy Baldwin and Jim Sensenbrenner? Only one is running for Herb Kohls seat!

Botta bing, botta boom.

Who will be more surprised next November when they both get rolled out of office? Obama or the republican party? Who cares, they both will be  gone! 

Time to go.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Par for The Course In Milwaukee

Day two. Long Day in ICU and now. 

Well, son # 1, you are going through the same problem you had in one of your previous surgeries.

The doctor had blood work done and it came back where your blood seems to be clotting and giving you pain in your foot and groin area. You know, along the incision up your whole leg. This is another first for the doctor. Your a test case for him. We thank God you have such a good doctor. He mentioned that is why he makes late visits in the afternoon to make sure his patients are doing well. he knows what he's doing. We need to celebrate with a Martini & r o s s i  for the work and care he is giving you. Thank you 

Back into surgery and we are waiting for you to come out. 

Called the other children to fill them in. No problems staying here till we get you back to full strength.  

Right now the Brewers are ahead 3 - 2.

Hang in there buddy.

Milwaukee Update

Tuesday August 2nd, 9:30 am sitting in Hospitals Dining room, level 1.

Since I told Berry Laker Son # 1 I was blogging about him, ( he didn't seemed as thrilled as I was when I told him) I guess I should say some impressive things since someday he may read this. I won't hold my breath on when he will ever read this.

Son, very proud of you. The doc came in and asked if you felt like a truck hit you. You said yes. The doc said that was a good sign. Foot was swollen, another good sign. Blood is flowing to foot. Doc said he will move you out of ICU later today. Another good sign, he didn't feel your pulse with his hand but did hear it with ultra sound equipment. Hope it keeps working once swelling goes down.

Doc said today would be the worse day for pain and will get better as days go on. Only one vein he could work on, main vein was 6 cm, other one was 1 cm. Not sure if he said cm, mm or what exact size they were but you didn't have a lot of blood flowing to your leg. your mom and I are glad your in good hands. 

Your mother loves you very much but we might begin calling her "Marie", you know Raymonds mother on Everyone Loves Raymond. Today you need your rest so you can deal with the pain. I will try to drag her out from your room for a while. We need to change oil in you and your brothers car and I'm interested in seeing the new Woodmans in Menominee Falls. Hopefully it worked and you were able to rest on your own today.

Dam proud of you.

You made the right choice coming to Froedtert.

Day 2 in Milwaukee

Just some random thoughts about the last 24 hours.

The family Center (place to stay during surgery and wait) at Froedtert is super. Great people, wifi and free coffee and cookies. Do not, I repeat, do not try to move all your belongings into one of the private booths or rooms unless you ask first. They are reserved.

Never take driving directions from Mrs Berry Laker. Ask Father John. 

Father John came to see Son # 1 because he said he owned him a visit. Many years ago the boys served mass for father john. they served the Midnight mass one Christmas night. Son # 1 knew Father had no servers for Christmas day mass. We were at a very small church. Son # 1 came in  to serve that morning and as he was getting ready, Father asked him why he was there. Son # 1 said he knew Father was alone that morning and said that was his Christmas present to the Good Father. Father John never forgot that morning with son # 1.

It's great Froedtert will stamp your parking ticket to get free parking for all family members and guests but $2 a day for parking is cheep and for all the things the hospital does, they could charge everybody the $2 and help defray costs.

The doctor spoke to us around 5:00 pm last night. Didn't sugar coat anything. it was worse then he thought. They had to get another surgeon in to remove another bone growth on the back of his leg. They could only connect one new vein to his lower leg. Time will tell and we hope it will take and give our boy circulation to his lower leg and foot. 

When Father John was giving our son a prayer up in ICU around 7:00 and making the sign of the Cross on his forehead, the nurse asked our son if he wanted to see a priest. Father John said he was a priest and was on retainer with the family. It was one of the funny moments. Thank you Father John.

I am staying at Mrs B's apartment on the upper east side. Nice little place. To sit on the thrown or take a shower you have to sit or stand sideways. Yes, it's a small studio apartment but am glad Mrs B has her own place. 

Off to see my boy and see what progress he's made.

it's always good to visit Milwaukee. It makes me appreciate living in the Nicolet Forest.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Back In Milwaukee

Sitting here at Froedtert Hospital waiting for Berry Laker son # 1 to get done with his Peripheral artery bypass -leg surgery. He's been in for seven hours and still no word yet.

The poor boy is getting surgery that only old farts over 60 get done. He's hoping no GB Packer, M Brewer or M Buck's player doesn't come to visit him unless he knows who it is. When he and his brother were small, they had surgery at Children's next door and a Milwaukee Buck player came in and they were too small to know who he was? We still joke about that with him.

Pretty proud of him for how tough he is about getting this kind of surgery done. He's looking forward to graduating from UWM and working in the aerospace industry in engineering.

He even might get a visit from Father John.

We just hope and pray everything will go good for my boy. He's in Gods and his doctors and nurses hands right now. 

Hang in there son # 1, we're all pulling for you. 

The old mans proud of you.