Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Town Hero

From Wednesday.

"Pulaski fire chief killed in accident at station

Gannett Wisconsin Media • July 23, 2008

PULASKI — Pulaski Tri-County fire chief Frank Wichlacz was killed in an accident at the fire station this morning." Pulaski fire chief killed in accident at station | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

It's been many years since I called Pulaski my home. I am sad to say my hometown lost a real hero and good person of the community. I was young and don't recall Frank but know he was a hero in his own right.

Frank Wichlacz RIP

May your soul be with God in heaven.


Thanks to Patrick McIlheran ans Kevin Fischer.

"Why they don't like roundabouts
By Patrick McIlheran
Thursday, Jul 24 2008, 11:28 AM
I wrote an essay in the Journal Sentinel last Sunday about roundabouts. People don't seem to like them, I wrote, which puzzled me, since I find the fact you don't have to stop for traffic lights captivating.

I was inspired in part by a story in the Journal Sentinel saying we'd be seeing more of them and, then, by Franklin Now blogger Kevin Fischer's reaction to the story (and his tip about a worrisome lawsuit in Michigan). What is the problem, I wondered, and I called some roundabout critics." Patrick McIlheran: Right On</a>

My reason for not having roundabouts.

They started in EUROPE. Do I need to give any other reason.

You want an example, Barack in Germany, case closed.

I hate any ROUNDABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oconto County Unemployment

"Oconto County

Despite some layoffs in the area boating industry, there's good news for a change in Oconto County.

The latest unemployment figures for the county from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development show that the jobless rate in the county has dipped to 4.9 percent — a three-year low — as of June 1.

A month earlier it was at 5.9 percent, and a year ago for the same time period it was at 5.5 percent.

Oconto County remains at a higher percentage than most area counties, except Marinette County, which was reported at 5 percent unemployment. Kewaunee County had the lowest 3.6, followed by Brown 4.1, Manitowoc 4.2, Shawano 4.3 and Door 4.4.

In the entire area, the total labor force is estimated at 167,411, with 160,244 employed.

— Oconto County Reporter" NEWs In Northeastern Wisconsin | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

How can you go from 5.9 % to 4.9 % in 30 days? Great news but I question the drop?

Can it be 1% of the unemployed are no longer getting benefits?

I thought the economy is rotten under Bush.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sheboygan Police Department

From, Sheboygan Shenanigans Link to full article and audio.

"Standing Strong for Sheboygan!

* About the Author


Posted on July 22, 2008
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NOT true. Recall: Far too little, far too late, far too costly AND Our PD will never be fully staffed under this admin

And here we go again…just this morning, on WJUB, Perez once again claims we “increased” our PD by six officers. (Listen to audio to hear it for yourself). Never mind the petty details such as we were DOWN at LEAST nine - latest word I received is that it is now TWELVE. Yes, they hired six new officers, but that still leaves them DOWN. Plus, “full staff” should really be higher as it hasn’t been changed to meet the growing level of crime in Sheboygan (growing by leaps and bounds; the last word on gangs — from the Street Crimes Unit – is that there are now 45 to 50 gangs known to have activity in Sheboygan).

We had an Aunt from Sheboygan and know some good friends by Kohler.

What the heck is happening in Sheboygan?

The Veep Race

From Time CNN

"Edwards, Nunn on Obama's Veep List
Thursday, Jun. 19, 2008

(WASHINGTON) — Former presidential candidate John Edwards and former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn are on a list of potential running mates for Democrat Barack Obama, according to a Michigan Congresswoman. " Edwards, Nunn on Obama's Veep List - TIME

Interesting choices.

Name That Tune

Here are the lyrics.

You think that I don't feel love
But what I feel for you is real love
In other's eyes I see reflected
A hurt, scorned, rejected

Name the Song................. Update - Love child

Name the group that made it famous.................... Diana Ross and Supremes

How does this song relate to 2008 politics....................... Breck girl John Edwards

Link to story

Isn't John Breck Edwards in the Veep hunt?

Sorry for the thousands that played "name that tune" that didn't win.


"Iran to increase refining capacity
Tue, 22 Jul 2008 10:19:15 " Press TV - Iran to increase refining capacity

Iran is set to sharply increase its refining capacity in an attempt to cut gasoline imports and ease the burden on state coffers.

"Iran has invested 15 billion euros to build seven new refineries," said Aminollah Eskandari, a director at the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company on Monday. "Seven billion dollars are also allocated to boost the capacity of the existing refineries."

The country's refining capacity, Eskandari said, could double to 3.3 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2012 from the current 1.56 million bpd.

Iran, the world's fourth largest oil producer, lacks adequate refining capacity to meet domestic demand. The country is predicted to spend above $7 billion this year on imports of heavily-subsidized gasoline.

Iran plans to cut domestic consumption by introducing a gasoline rationing program and doing away with energy subsidies.

Under the rationing scheme, fuel is sold at 1,000 rials (about 11 US cents) a liter. Since March, drivers can purchase more gasoline than their quota (120 liters a month for private cars) at free market price of 4,000 rials per liter.

So Iran is short on gasoline, will build seven new refineries and will ration gas to cut domestic consumption. Did you see that , even when they ration it's only .11 a liter. Wow!

Here in the U S the left just wants to ration gas.

Shouldn't AlGore talk to the people in Iran?

Everywhere But Here

"Iran discovers new oil reserves
Tue, 22 Jul 2008 12:53:22 " Press TV - Iran discovers new oil reserves

Iran has found a new oil field holding in-place reserves of about 500 million barrels, Oil Minister Gholam-Hossein Nozari has said.

The new oil field, Arvand, is located in the city of Abadan in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, Nozari said on Tuesday on the sidelines of a petrochemical conference in Tehran.

The new report came as the country announced this month the discovery of two new oil fields with in-place reserves of more than 1.6 billion barrels.

Iran is the world's fourth oil producer and holds the world's second largest reserves. The country's oil reserves are estimated at around 136 billion barrels.

Must be nice to be able to explore for more oil!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kagen Watch Appleton, HR 800

H.R. 800: Employee Free Choice Act of 2007

From You Tube

In the above You Tube Steve Kagen talks of being "an original co sponsor", Excuse me, there are 233 other co sponsors. So who was the original? What kind of a shirt is our congressman wearing? Who paid for the shirt? Was it paid for with tax payers money? Was it a campaign donation? Birthday present, Christmas gift?

Background information on HR 800 .

"Legislation > 2007-2008 (110th Congress)
H.R. 800: Employee Free Choice Act of 2007

To amend the National Labor Relations Act to establish an efficient system to enable employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts, and for other purposes." H.R. 800: Employee Free Choice Act of 2007 (

This bill has been passed in the House. The bill now goes on to be voted on in the Senate. Keep in mind that debate may be taking place on a companion bill in the Senate, rather than on this particular bill. [Last Updated: Jul 4, 2008]

House Keeping Issues

Been meaning to do this sooner and finally got it done.

Some good information from Pine River World News.

Added link to Monitoring Iran on my favorite links.

Good to keep up on world news from the Middle East, not that anything ever happens.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Energy Plan

Steve Kagen is getting feed back from his drilling in Alaska bill from the Daily Kos. He even has to clarify his position to the left, Why can't he clarify is positions to the voters of the 8th?

Update [2008-7-17 19:4:34 by Congressman Steve Kagen]:
Wow - I didn’t mean to stir up such a hubbub. I do want to make sure you’re clear on where I stand on this before I get on an airplane to fly back to my district.

Just one comment from many.
"Wisconsin has excellent wind power locations, especially on and near Lake Michigan, with most of the best IN DISTRICT 8.

And perhaps surprisingly, there are suitable solar locations too. I think they even have some decent hydropower locations. which haven't been used yet.

We should keep our oil in the ground for when it's really expensive. Don't Drain America First." Daily Kos: Plan for Energy for Americans [UPDATED]

Can you picture what Lake Michigan and the Bay of Green Bay will look like with Steve Kagen as your 8th district congressman.

People of Suamico, wouldn't that be beautiful. Vote Steve Kagen and vote for wind power in the 8th district.

People of Oconto, that would really make your shoreline a picture worth a 1000 words. Vote Steve Kagen and vote for wind power in the 8th district.

People of Kewaunee, Sturgeon Bay, great for tourism! Vote Steve Kagen and vote for wind power in the 8th district.

Manitowoc, you could do a windmill scenic boat tour to generate extra money. Vote Steve Kagen and vote for wind power in the 8th district.

Marinette, can you see a hundred wind mills overlooking your beautiful shores. Vote Steve Kagen and vote for wind power in the 8th district.

Steve Kagen is trying to please the people that don't even live in Wisconsin and they are telling him what he should do.

Anyone living or those who enjoy the shores of the 8th district, do you still want Steve Kagen being your next 8th district Congressman. Kagen is pushing for renewable energy. What do you think he is talking about!

Keep looking at those windmills, you will see them sooner then you think.

It would be a great ad spot for anyone running for any office in this years election, wouldn't it? Steve Kagen's face overlooking the blue waters of the bay of Green Bay with a 1000 windmills churning around and around. Chad Fradette , what is Dave Hansen's position on Renewable energy? Will local politicians vote for windmills along our shores. Now is the time to ask.

A 100,000 windmills along the eastern shore. It will be just BEAUTIFUL. I can just see them now.

Sorry, the dems will not get my vote! No windmills for me, give me ANWR oil!

Steve Kagen, People Are Not Fools

Not sure if any of this was reported but here is my take.

From the Steve Kagen web site. The latest trial balloon floated by his campaign. Does he really think the people of the 8th district are fools? Did or will anyone in the MSM ask Steve about his bill, "Drilling for New Oil in Alaska"?

Drilling for New Oil in Alaska

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D. today called for increased drilling for new oil in the Alaskan National Petroleum Reserve, with all oil obtained being to American citizens.

Kagen’s “Oil For Americans Act,” which would restore the prohibition against exporting Alaskan oil to foreign countries and declare that oil drilled in America should be sold solely in America, was included as a provision in the “Drill Responsibly in Leased Lands Act – the DRILL Act - debated in the House today.

Didn't we try prohibition once before?
“The Oil for Americans Act guarantees that every single drop of oil coming out of Alaska goes to American citizens,” Kagen said. “We should be drilling for our own oil and guaranteeing it goes to Americans.”

The DRILL Act increases domestic oil supply by speeding the development of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPR-A), requiring the Secretary of Interior to offer at least one lease sale annually in the NPR-A. The bill incorporates Kagen’s proposed ‘Use It or Lose It’ legislation, which requires oil producers to drill on domestic leases they already hold or give the leases to someone who will.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska[1] (NPR-A) is an area of land in the Alaska North Slope owned by the United States Federal Government. It lies to the west of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is also federally owned land on the North Slope. At a size of 23.5 million acres (95,000 km²), it has been described as "the largest tract of undisturbed public land in the United States" (the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is 19 million acres (77,000 km²)) and includes a point 120 miles (190 km) from the nearest village or driveable road.

Why will Steve Kagen not drill in ANWR but will drill in "the largest tract of undisturbed public land in the United States"? Where are the environmentalists on this? What is his reasoning for destroying undisturbed public land? People of the press, please do your job here!

Also in the Kagen bill, "offer at least one lease sale annually in the NPR-A." One lease, how about 100 leases? Why not a 1000? Why only one? He is taking the people of the 8th district for fools! Did anyone call him on this?

Importantly, the bill also calls on the White House to use its powers to facilitate the completion of oil pipelines into the NPR-A and to facilitate the construction of a Alaska natural gas pipeline to the continental United States to quickly move the gas to the marketplace.

"Calls on the White House to use it's powers?" Why didn't he put that part into the bill? Congress writes the bills and the President signs or veto's it. Where will the money for construction come from? Excuse me Steve, you in congress propose the spending, HELLO! The President can't react and Steve Kagen will call the President a "do nothing President" Isn't that a slick move? Kind of like a shell game with no pea underneath. Again, the people of the 8th district are not stupid!

Congressman Kagen has created an Energy Advisory Committee made up of local business and industry leaders to explore the impact and implication of the current energy situation.

Did anyone report what his advisory committee told him specifically?

This entry was posted on Thursday, July 17th, 2008 at 3:37 pm and is filed under Press Releases

So Steve Kagen wants to destroy "the largest tract of undisturbed public land in the United States" and no one asks why!

It would be nice to see a T V report on what the NPR looks like today and how Steve Kagen wants to destroy it with drilling oil. No, no, we can't drill and burn the ANWR oil but the rest of Alaska can go to hell in a hand basket. Could be a home run for a T V or radio spot.

Steve Kagen, will you just sponsor a bill and vote yes to drill in ANWR and drill off shore and we will all see oil and gas prices go down fast.

Steve Kagen thinks the people of the 8th district are idiots and fools. Kagen put this stupid bill out so he can tell his constituents he is doing something for high fuel prices. The bill makes no sense , the President veto's it and Steve Kagen will say the President and republicans are doing nothing for high energy prices. Steve Kagen is playing us all for fools and idiots.

Just like the Chinese Proverb. - "Fool me once Shame on you Fool me twice Shame on me."
The people of the 8th district will not be fooled a second time in the upcoming election.

Let's send Steve Kagen back to private practice.

Brown County Fair

Thursday August 14th: Ted Nugent Brown County Fair.

Right wing, gun toting, conservative.

What more could you ask for at a county fair.

Link to fair information