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Berry Lake Artisan Well Feed Back

Some feed back about the artisan well in the town of Underhill.
To area residents and mostly the part time people of Berry Lake.
This pertains to the shutting down of the artisan well on the Franks school property.
Below is link to article

The artisan well at the old Frank School property on the corner of School
and Kelly Roads in the Town of Underhill was abandoned December 22, 2007. The well
had been running continuously since about 1912. In early in October 2007, an
anonymous complaint to the DNR about the well led to a series of exploratory
tests. Link full article.

I have heard some feedback concerning the artisan well and it does not seem to be positive.

Well, well, there are a lot of people that grew up on this lake, that were kids swimming on this lake, water skiing on this lake and just having fun together many summers of years gone by. Remember when Grandma Millie, Jackie, Don, Sandy, Dick, Dawn, John, Fred, Norma and a host of parents would let the kids have fun all summer long. The days when those kids would go to the artisan well to do????????????????????? I don't know what they did ( I was not around here at the time)? Those of you know who I am talking about . You were there, do you remember or have you forgotten your youth? What did you do there? Remember the fun and the memories you had there! Being at Berry Lake is also being at the artisan well, they are one in the same. They all are a part of ones youth, ones feeling of life we tell our children. Times have changed and people have changed.

We all get older and we think we are wiser in our old age. It is not wisdom that getting old gives us! It is your life's experiences that molded you, that shaped you, that formed your beliefs , that something that you pass on to the next generation.

We, of the baby boom generation are the self indulging, spoiled, self righteous, all for me and the Hell with the rest kind of people! We want everything now, we don't care about a lot unless it affects us! When there's nothing to benefit us ,we don't care. Some , not all indulge to the extreme! Tobacco , alcohol, cars, plains and trains, what ever we want, what ever we do it's to the extreme and its only for us! If it wasn't for the parents that may now be older and the parents that have long been gone, it is because of them that a lot of us are here. Did you ever thank them for what you have? For the hard work , the sacrifices they had so you would have what you have today.

I am truly disappointed. To me, it just shows how people simply don't care, they don't want to, hey, don't talk to me , just leave me alone.

The Town of Underhill is a small township. We don't have the services we would like but it is what it is. When we had a Gypsy moth problem , they helped us. When EWM arrived at Berry Lake they are now there to help us with the problem.

It would be nice if the people of Berry Lake and the people of Underhill could get together to save the artisan well. Something that has been a part of every ones life for so long. Yes for now it is capped off. Does anyone have the heart to reach out and help? Do anyone in this area care.

To you...... self righteous snobs on Berry Lake, you go ahead and do nothing. I am not talking to all but certainly a few! We will get a new well drilled! We will see the water flow once again. We will make Franks School a part of our history for all our generations to come.

Grandma Millie, Jackie, Don, Sandy,Dick, Dawn ,John, Fred, Norma and all the rest would sure be disappointed if we let our heritage die, to let our youth disappear, from the Alpha to the Omega, from our beginnings and to our end!

Can you think about the time when you were fifteen or sixteen years old at Berry Lake? Oh yea, I see that smile.

When someone asks you for advice, or asks for your help, maybe you can do something, anything, think about it!

The goal is to
drill a new well and
name that area a historical area
of the Town of Underhill.
Won't you join us?

You can contact me at


If the Packers win and Dallas looses,

Name something Jim Doyle should wager
Eliot Spitzer in a Packer Giant
NFC Championship game,
or what Eliot Spitzer should wager Jim Doyle.
(see related post "Nice Job Gov" below )

Coho Salmon again,


A Wisconsin Supreme court decision.

Winner gets an ata boy.

I'll post any clean but good entries as they come in.

Nice Job Gov.

From the Green Bay Press Gazette.
A fish , couldn't he think of maybe a gal of milk?

Posted January 12, 2008
Doyle tosses fish into Packers bet
MADISON — Gov. Jim
Doyle Friday upped the ante in a friendly wager made earlier this week with
Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire on today's playoff showdown between the Packers
and the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field.
In addition to putting Wisconsin
bratwurst on the line, he has also promised to include a freshly caught Lake
Michigan Coho Salmon if the Seahawks beat the Packers. If the Packers win,
Gregoire will send over Cougar Gold cheese, produced by the Washington State
University Creamery.
— Press-Gazette

Well, well, well, Nice that the gov is betting brats and coho salmon.
My hopes are that Diamond Jim will not have to pay the bet, all eyes on the Pack today.
But let us all have some fun and ask some intriguing questions.

Question 1, which Wisconsin brat would he give to the gov of Washington? Would Klements or Johnsonville or Miesfeld's or any of the other fine brat makers in Wisconsin have to be in a bidding war on who can give the most to Doyles campaign war chest. I can just hear it , "you tell Franks to up the ante, Jims meats is giving me $ 20,000.00". " and you tell Larry's over in Cecil that they still owe me for that state grant we gave them"!

Question 2, Who is going to catch the Coho if it is to be a fresh fish? " George ( some rookie WDNR officer) you go to Sheboygan and take the dnr boat and catch me a coho", " and don't come back till it's big one"! " I don't care if your on vacation, you don't get the fish you'll be inspecting septic tanks for the next twenty years"!

Ok, O k, the stars are in alignment and the Packers win and the Cowboys loose, and we have the game in Green Bay next weekend. Diamond Jim and Eliot Spitzer have to make some kind of wager for the Packer Giant game.

What will the wagers be?

Diamond Jim, could,

A gift certificates of any Wisconsin tribal casino of Eliots choice.
A carton of any cigs so New York could make more tobacco tax on them than Wisconsin.
A gift certificates for any excavating by certain trucking company's in the Kenosha Area.
Any Wisconsin supreme court decisions of Eliots choice pertaining to New York casinos buying into Wisconsin casinos or any positive New York / Wisconsin ruling.
One students full payment scholarship to Wisconsin's new Embryonic Stem cell research lab.
New York ownership of any nuclear power plant in Wisconsin, Eliots choice.

Eliot could offer,

Use of any New York state trooper to spy on any Wisconsin Republican of Jim's choice for a period of 30 days.
Use of one New York state helicopter for Jim or his staff for one full year.
One New York supreme court descion on letting a Wisconsin tribe have access to any land for future casino in New York state.
Use of Eliots limo for Jim and his friends in New York city for a fun weekend of Jims choice. including ten free tickets to any Broadway show.

Ah, isn't it great to dream.


HUMMMMMM, this is interesting?
Is this good or bad that foreign investors are propping up companies like CITI?
Are we truly in a global economy?
I remember the outrage that Japan was buying up our country back in the 70's, 80's , I'm not sure exactly when! You would of thought the world was ending.
I remember what, two years ago the outrage over Abu Dhabi or the UAE over the ports deal.
I can understand CITI is in financial trouble but is this good that China is bailing them out to the tune of 9 billion dollars?
Then we have Kuwait throwing in another 1 billion.

looks to secure further $14bn in new capital
By Henny Sender in New
Published: January 11 2008 22:02 Last updated: January 11 2008

Citigroup is putting the final touches to its
second big capital-raising effort in as many months, seeking up to $14bn from Chinese, Kuwaiti
and public market investors.

Under the proposal being discussed, the bulk of the money – roughly $9bn – would be most likely
to come from China, people familiar with the negotiations say. The Kuwait
Investment Authority would contribute about $1bn, while $2bn to $4bn would be raised through a public placement of

Wow 10 Billion!
As more US financial institutions raise capital from foreign sources,
largely from sovereign wealth funds, there is a growing debate about the
potential domestic political reaction, particularly during a presidential
election year.
Link to article from the Financial Times.

O K , I am not an expert in economics. I don't have a PHD from Harvard!
Is this good or bad? I don't know!
CITI needs money, the Chinese and Kuwaitis have money ( U S dollars from us buying cheep imports and expensive oil). Are we to blame for this happening? Are we the blame for everyone in the U S spending too much and for some not paying there bills, living high off the hog, you got to wonder.
I don't have the answers but I do feel sorry for the average American that cannot add 2 plus 2,
that holds Oprah Winfrey to a higher standard than our men and women serving our country,
to those who cannot understand whats really going on in this world. They listen to the MSM. They listen to the libs in this country! They expect Uncle Sam to take care of them ( cradle to grave)! Yea, Rush was right when he said that FDR's Social Security was one of the biggest scams of all time. Look at all the social programs in place now, and the libs want more! People are ignorant to issues, ignorant to problems, ignorant to the world in general!

Oh Yea, it's Bush and Cheney's fault.

It's the republicans fixing the voting machines in New Hampshire to have Hillary win.
It's people that sit on their brains and don't think with the one in their head! Oh she was crying, booo wooo, I think I'll vote for her.

Well ,this is a global economy and time will tell if things change or how things will work out.
How many of my close friends and family really understand or even care about what goes on in the world. I may not be very educated but there are times I think I have some common sense.

The upcoming elections in 08 are very important not only for the presidency , but also for state offices as well! We need to get the truth out and inform people on what is really good for them and make sure we don't have flim flame candidates brainwashing voters minds. Doctors, and black jack dealers beware ( Steve Kagen and Diamond Jim Doyle). Yea, I know Diamond Jim isn't running yet but his time will eventually come,
just like Dr K!
We need A collaborative effort to send Dr. Kagen back to private practice...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Feburary 9th,08 Pewaukee, Wisconsin

I have to tell you I am in a quandary!
I found this information on Defending the American Dream
from Americans for Prosperity

Help defend the American Dream in
Today, the
voices of average Americans are being
drowned out by lobbyists and special
interests. The result: policies that
are threatening to destroy the American
Dream – wasteful pork-barrel
spending, higher taxes, job-killing
regulations, and endless red-tape.

Link to the information

The gang of five is making me go through a mid life crises.
This is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know where this is going but it's all in the good Lords hands.
I 'm thinking of attending this event.
If you have even one ounce of common sense , look up the web sites.
All conservatives are welcome.
Even a lib might learn something and possible convert to conservatism.
Wouldn't that be a hoot.


Update 11:10 a m Sat.
Andy commented that since he didn't hear the show he wanted me to be a little more clearer on my comments. Sorry Andy, I did not tape it and will try to clarify as much as I can in Red. Comments in black are my original posts.

I cannot believe it, I am listening to NPR, Wow! I am a conservative and could not see myself ever listening to the left wing NPR. It's dribble most of the time. The money our tax dollars pay for NPR is a waste of my time and my tax dollars.

Not much but here's go ! No I'm not an expert, just my own thoughts and not all quotes are accurate. Just Paraphrasing.
Week in Review, 8 – 9 a.m., on the Ideas Network. 88.1 FM
Louis Fortis from the left and Jo Egelhoff from the Right

Late start, here goes. This is my first stab at live blogging, Andy can you tell?

The guy asking the question if a African American or a women can be elected president. - sounded like a professor from the UW system! Only thought it was some intellectual nerd trying to get on the radio!

Louis - (he's a lefty) what does Lilly white Iowa mean??????????????????
Seems a lefty can get away saying anything and a conservative would get thrown overboard!

Question about the New Hampshire election.
Jo, ( conservative ) GREAT answer on the electability issue! Character matters! See, it takes a conservative to make a valid true statement. To lefties, character doesn't matter. should I remind people of the blue dress.

Louis, ( lefty) wants a brokered convention- oh yea, he wants Algor!
You really can't make this up, ALGOR??????

Question was who's fault was it for the polls calling Obama the New Hampshire winner and Hillary winning after the vote.
The republicans are at fault for the touch screen conspiracy against Obama.
It's the dems vote and they blame the republicans , they wanted Hillary!
Always blame the RIGHT!
Wow, gotta love that!
CNN (Clinton News Network must be working overtime on the right wing conspiracy theory's).
Hillary said it was the vast right wing conspiracy back in 92!

Question about the state of the US economy.
Louis- ( lefty) state of economy- slowing, next year slowing down!
I thought he would blame Bush! More exports are bad?

Question was about how the accident in the fog by Madison was not as much of a story than some car accident in Florida.
Madison car accident headline in the news - Louis- (lefty) I don't really care unless we can blame society for it.
( paraphrasing )

Question was about the vote in New Hampshire.
Voter I D registration (Louis) ( lefty) -why is our turnout so low? Because the libs are just dumbing down society. Wow, there's no fraud, what about the fraud in Milwaukee. Yea Louis, did you remember all the Iraq's with there blue finger and we worry about cut tires and how many voters and collage students voting twice in two areas or two states!

Jo, ( from the right) good jab at the poll tax! Louis (lefty) took a jab at Jo about republicans liking or not liking a poll tax at election polling places.

Question was about who supports or does not support the states smoking ban.
Smoking ban- Louis- ( lefty) it's not an illegal substance.
Jo- ( from the right) good, throw it back at Doyle and the dems!

Question on Wisconsins min. wage.
Min wage - If min wage should go up , Louis, (lefty) why don't you give your thirty employee's a $15.00 raise? How about a $20.00 raise, how about $25.00. You a highly respected business owner, pay them the money! Why wait for the law to change!

These are only my comments and take no responsibility for phrases , comments or opinions.

Thanks Jo, ( GREAT Conservative from Appleton) you did GREAT ! We are glad we have someone like Jo in the Fox Valley.

P S Louis is from Milwaukee, don't know a lot about him, guess I have some homework to do.

Berry Laker

"Andy", I know this probably doesn't answer your question very well , but I am a novice and I really appreciate your comments.

8:00 am Today

Jo Egelhoff from will be on 88.1 FM in the Green Bay area, the Ideas Network this morning having a discussion with Shepherd Express Editor Louis Fortis, the show is Week in Review, 8 – 9 a.m.

I would think it should be a spirited debate.

Go Jo Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 th Paragraph

Editorial from January 11th issue of the Green Bay Press-Gazette
When will the Green Bay Press hold Diamond Jim's feet to the fire?
You don't find Diamond Jims name untill paragragh 12.

Posted January 11, 2008
Second state
breach is inexcusable

There's a familiar saying: Fool me
once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame
on me.

How did the
government of Wisconsin fail to protect its citizens' Social
numbers, not once, but twice?

A year ago, a contractor for the state
Department of Revenue mailed tax
booklets to approximately 170,000 residents
using labels emblazoned with their
Social Security numbers.
In an era
when thieves can empty a victim's bank and credit accounts armed
with a
name, address and Social Security number, the department's inability to
protect those numbers was nothing short of appalling.

Why does the
producer of mailing labels need that information in the first
place? And if
there is a legitimate answer to that question, how could the state
allowed the contractor to put the numbers on the labels?

Apparently not
enough people in state government took those questions
seriously, because
once again the privacy of thousands of Wisconsin citizens has
been breached.

The state Department of Health and Family Services confirmed Tuesday
that a
contractor mailed brochures to about 260,000 recipients of Medicaid,
and BadgerCare — and their Social Security numbers were printed
on the mailing

What part of the message "This can't happen
again" was so hard to

A Social Security Administration
publication, "Identity Theft and Your
Social Security Number," assures
readers that the SSA never releases personal
numbers "except when authorized
by law," and advises that when asked for the
number, "You should ask why
your number is needed, how it will be used and what
will happen if you

Those apparently are important questions even — or perhaps
especially —
when the state is asking for that information.

totally lost control of how government collects and uses and reuses
shares and disseminates information," said Carole Doeppers, former state
privacy advocate, in an interview with the Madison Capital Times. Doeppers
the head of the Office of the Privacy Advocate for its entire short
history: The
office opened in 1994 and was eliminated in the 1995-97 state

She thinks the Legislature should restore that office, which
promoted the protection of "personally identifiable" information.
We wonder if
creating a state agency to monitor other state agencies smacks
too much of the
fox guarding the henhouse.

For now, Gov. Jim Doyle
has ordered all state agencies to review their
procedures for protecting
personal information. He also needs to explain why,
after the Department of
Revenue's unforgivable mistake, the Department of Health
and Family Services
still had inadequate procedures in place a year later to
prevent this second

Until those answers are forthcoming, citizens should be
especially cautious
when an agency of the state of Wisconsin asks for their
Social Security numbers
— and, as in any other transaction, you should not
give it out until you're
satisfied it's absolutely necessary and the number
will be protected.

I can just hear the editorial person say, "Oh, but we did tell you the gov ordered a review of procedures"! Yea right!
Will the gov fire anyone over this?
Highly doubtful.
Time will tell. Na, never happen!

Go Figure

Go figure , that Diamond Jim and his cronies can have their head up their butt soooooooooooooooo far that they cannot even read a newspaper article.

Did he also jump the gun on his Obama endorsement?

We'll wait for the retraction.

From the Green Bay Press

Posted January 11, 2008
Governor fumbles Favre news
Gannett Wisconsin
MADISON — Favre mania is so big in Wisconsin that even the
suggestion of the Packers quarterback returning for an 18th season had the
governor's office committing a false start.
After Brett Favre told the
Biloxi (Miss.) Sun Herald that he "would like to continue longer," Gov. Jim
Doyle's office issued a statement:
"Like all Packer fans, I am thrilled that
Brett Favre will return to action next year for the green and gold … with this
announcement behind us, Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers can focus on the
task at hand: defeating the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday."
His return,
however is not a sure thing.
The Sun Herald quoted Favre as saying "this
could be my last game in Green Bay."
Doyle spokeswoman Carla Vigue said
Doyle's office made a mistake.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


From Greg Pierce from the Washington Times.

Interesting that they are from Arizona.

Local 2544 of the
National Border Patrol Council, the largest union among the nation's force of
rank-and-file U.S. Border Patrol agents, has yet to endorse anyone for
president, but it is taking aim at one particular candidate, reporter Jerry
Seper writes in his immigration blog at
will not endorse Sen. John McCain, even though he is currently representing our
home state of Arizona," the union local said in a posting on its Web
The union said Mr. McCain "has never been serious about immigration
enforcement, and he has never been serious about supporting the Border Patrol,"
adding that the Republican senator has routinely "minimized and trivialized" the
illegal-immigration problem in this country. It said the only "solution" he has
ever offered is a massive new amnesty program designed to reward illegal aliens
who have succeeded in violating the nation's laws."