Saturday, November 10, 2007

They Just Keep Taking More

Thanks to Dad 29.

When will Diamond Jim and Madison stop this .
They take money from another fund and still raise our taxes!!!!!!!!!!

To refresh your memories:
The "Party In Government" (PIG party) includes Democrats and Republicans who vote for the interests of Large Government--that is, not for the Common Good, nor for the interests of taxpayers.
Not only did the PIG steal $200 million from the MD's of Wisconsin (and, indirectly, sick people who visit those MD's); they are also stealing from municipalities (and, indirectly, taxpayers) by raiding the Recycling Fund.
According to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, the Recycling Fund was established in 1989 specifically to pay for grants to municipal and county recycling programs, help administer those programs and enforce the state's recycling regulations.Pretty clear language, no?The fund's revenue comes from a recycling surcharge and a recycling tipping fee charged for each ton of trash dumped in a Wisconsin landfill.
If you put trash or recycling at the curb, YOU are paying for this....While the total amount of recycling grants has been frozen at $24.5 million since the 1999-2000 fiscal year, the fund has built up a surplus that has drawn the attention of legislative budget writers.
In the last state budget bill, $33 million was transferred out of the Recycling Fund to the general fund and the Conservation Fund for other uses over a two-year period.
The current biennial budget bill, signed by Doyle last month, makes allocations from the Recycling Fund of $4 million for a soybean crushing facility in Evansville, $22 million for renewable energy grants and loans to be distributed through the Department of Commerce and $4.5 million to pay for shipping to other states PCB-contaminated sediment resulting from a cleanup of the Fox River.
Evansville is represented by Brett Davis (R) and J Erpenbach (D).You'd think that the PIGS had enough with that.
The budget bill also increased the revenue flowing into the fund by $9 million with an increase from $3 to $4 per ton in the state-imposed tipping fee on garbage placed in landfills in Wisconsin.Not only do the PIGs steal the money, they then raise the taxes so they can steal MORE money in future budgets.
It's becoming more and more tempting to reach out and slap Legislators when they're lurking near our children, isn't it?
They're not the sort one wants around to warp our childrens' minds.

You people need to drink some Pepsi Max and

WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice On The Lake

Wow, Saturday
November 10,2007
8:12 a m .

Ice on Berry Lake.

Not much, but it's ICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To My Sons

My two sons , I hope, will be off to collage in the next couple
of years and I know they will have to work one of these to make money.
I sure am PROUD of my whole family.

You libs out there are going to say government should pay people for these jobs.
Raise the minimum wage! It's always dribble from you lefties!
A job is a job! You have to earn money and you have to start somewhere! Money doesn't grow on trees! Mommy and Daddy cant always flip the bill for you cry baby libs.
This is what we call the real world!

From YAHOO Finance Marketwatch

The 10 Worst Jobs in America
by Ruth Mantell
Thursday, November 1, 2007provided by

Models are paid millions to twirl in the latest bra and panty set.
Right? Nope -- not unless they are one of an extremely small (and beautiful) handful of young women.
Last year, models made a median hourly wage of $11.22, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bit less than twice the minimum wage of $5.85. Not so glamorous.

"Most models take other jobs. They're waiters. It gives them the flexibility to go to model calls and auditions," said Ean Williams, executive director of DC Fashion Week, a designer showcase held twice a year in the nation's capital. "There are a lot of people that are very beautiful, very talented, that don't make it in the business."

The young and beautiful aren't the only ones working like dogs and earning peanuts. In fact, models, demonstrators and product promoters rank No. 8 on a new list of the 10 worst jobs in America.
Who gets the shortest end of the stick? Coffee shop hosts and cafeteria counter attendants, according to a report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research and the Center for Social Policy at the University of Massachusetts.
Eighty-seven percent of restaurant-host and counter-attendant jobs were categorized as "bad," meaning they paid less than the median wage in 1979, adjusted for inflation, and had neither employer-sponsored health insurance nor a retirement plan. That translates to a wage today of $16.50 an hour or $34,320 per year for a full-time, full-year worker, according to the report.
About 79% of jobs in the models, demonstrators, and product promoters category are bad, according to the report, which covers 2003 through 2005 using Census Bureau data.
John Schmitt, a senior economist with CEPR, said the categories heavily composed of bad jobs haven't improved in recent years.

"The composition is basically the same. It's not like suddenly it's a different world for people," he said.
Occupations with the highest concentrations of bad jobs:
Rank Job Percentage of bad jobs

1 Hosts and hostesses, restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop 87.0%

2 Counter attendants, cafeteria, food concession, and coffee shop 87.0%

3 Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers 85.4%

4 Fabric and apparel patternmakers 82.2%

5 Lifeguards and other protective-service workers 81.6%

6 Waiters and waitresses 80.4%

7 Tour and travel guides 79.4%

8 Models, demonstrators, and product promoters 79.2%

9 Dishwashers 78.8%

10 Motion picture projectionists 78.1%

In 2005, almost one-third of American workers had a job that met all three bad criteria, about the same share as in 1979, according to the report.
"Even worse, despite substantial economic growth since the end of the 1970s, the share of bad jobs in the U.S. economy has remained essentially unchanged for over a quarter century," according to the report.
Quite a few of the bad job categories are those that might typically be considered summer jobs for teenagers or students trying to save for a car or help pay for school. Many are in the service industry, with categories such as tour guides, ticket takers and dishwashers making it into the top 10 bad occupational categories. Jobs typically found in food service took four of the 10 spots.

Link to full article

Tax Cuts Don't Work

"Aw Shucks, you know tax cuts don't work". That's what all the libs say.

Well, well this is an interesting article from the Opinion Journal

The Supply-Side Solution

Didn't Renaldus Magnus bring up supply side economics?
We miss you, Mr President.

If tax-cut strategies don't work, why are they so popular abroad?
Friday, November 9, 2007 12:01 a.m. EST
I recently spoke with Mart Laar, the former prime minister of Estonia and the godfather of that nation's flat tax. The major opposition to his tax reform, he explained, was not the citizenry; rather it came from the economists and the other Wise Men of government.

"I was told, 'We cannot do a flat tax. It is untested. It will not work. It will cause budget deficits," Mr. Laar recalls. However, he believed it would work because of what he'd read about it in Milton Friedman's classic, "Free to Choose." And so, in 1994, Mr. Laar ignored the economic pundits and snapped into place a 23% flat tax. Estonia has since experienced one of the most rapid growth spurts of any nation in the world.

There's a lesson here for our country: Revolutionary ideas in economics, especially if they don't leverage the power of the state, are often resisted by the intellectual elite. Ronald Reagan discovered this in 1980 when he was ridiculed by the establishment for proposing cuts in marginal tax rates as a cure for the high inflation and economic malaise of the 1970s.

Link to a good read.

It's quite simple you lib's and candy's.
Lower taxes , more money in the peoples pockets.
Raise taxes ,less money in your pocket,
politicians think it's their money.
It's OUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

NR 115

For Lake and water property owners of Wisconsin.
Will people just sit there and do nothing?
Link to Fair Zoning . org

Link To Bill NR 115

The Wisconsin DNR is proposing changes to the state’s shoreland zoning regulations. These changes will be applied to existing homes and property. THE VALUE and ENJOYMENT of your home or property could be affected. The proposed changes include:
1. Placing strict limits on the size of homes and the amount of impervious surface areas (structures, driveways, decks, etc.) within 300 feet of the water; Your lot may be unbuildable.

2. Increased minimum lot size requirements;

3. New rules for where you store your boat and dock on your property.

4. Prohibiting all expansion of buildings located within 35 feet of the water;

5. New restrictions on the removal and trimming of brush and trees between your home and the water.

Links to web sites concerning NR 115 . Special thanks to Kay At BLPOA for gathering a lot of information.

The Wisconsin Association of Lakes

Taxpayers for Fair Zoning:

Homeowners Alliance:

The complete draft from the DNR (22 pages) can be viewed at this site FYI:

Our freedom's are slowly being eroded.

When will people wake up.

A comment about the Berry Lake web site.
As you see the home page it seems something like NR 115 would be something that should be mentioned on the web site. O, maybe we should not talk about controversial issues concerning Berry Lake.

Link To Berry Lake Web site

Wait, what's on the home page- here are the headlines.

If this is good news I would hate to see some bad news.

a message from the Wisconsin Association of Lakes...
The state budget was finally passed on October 26, 2007. Included in the 2007-2009 biennial budget are several increases in state funding for programs that are important to lakes:
Tax increase
Aquatic Invasive Species funding
Funding for Aquatic Species
grants has been increased by 250%.
Tax increase
Polluted runoff funding
Six million dollars in new funds has been appropriated to implement polluted runoff rules in addition to the base amount of $520,000 per year.
Tax increase
Stewardship program
Funding for the Stewardship program will increase to $86 million in 2011--a 40% increase over the current funding level of $60 million a year.
Tax increase

All Free money from the Tax payers of Wisconsin.

Can I give some ideas for future headlines on the Berry Lake Web Site.
Lake Owners pay out of pocket expences foe EWM.......
Property Taxes on Berry Lake go up......
Fishing Clubs attracted to Berry Lake for trophy fish.... also spread EWM........
Proper ways to take boats out of lake where EWM exists..........
WDNR fine's property owners for having wind socks close to lake......
Property owner fined for not picking up oak leaves...........
Safty tip , leave doors unlocked to minimize break in's in area.......
If you have any ideas for front page headlines , let me know.
O K, I know this may not be funny to some people ("hey lighten up"), but if people believe raising taxes are good , than you can't blame me for trying to funny.

It's easy to spend somebodies money when it's not yours, or is it your money?
Oh, by the way if you are a resident of Underhill, property taxes will go up 1% or more .
Hold onto your wallet's.

Police State - WDNR

So Buckwheat was killed by the WDNR!
This story has been going around and everyone thought it was a poacher.
Well, well, simply amazing.
From the Shawano Leader online

Neighbors mourn deer killed in yard
By Donna Hobscheid, Leader Reporter
On Sunday, Oct. 26, Janet Hiebing had been watching a deer, who she called Buckwheat, out her window. The animal roamed the neighborhood by Lulu Lake and became a pet of sorts.
She turned to grab her camera and when she turned back, she saw a stranger with a gun aimed at the small deer.
“I pounded on the window. He looked at me and continued to move toward the deer. Buckwheat never moved,” Hiebing wrote in a tribute to Buckwheat she sent to the Leader. “By the time I got outside, he shot her.”
Hiebing said she yelled at the man who told her it was his job as he put the deer in his truck and drove away.
“I went to look out the sunroom (window) — a big mess of blood by our bird feeder and another mess by a tree just off the corner of the garage and a trail of blood on the gravel driveway along the garage — that he left for us to clean up,” Hiebing wrote.
The person who shot the deer was DNR conservation warden Mark Schraufnagel, according to his supervisor, Robert Goerlinger, who talked to Hiebing after the incident.
Schraufnagel was responding to a complaint of a deer that was wearing a tight dog collar and was painted orange, Goerlinger said in a written response to questions e-mailed from the Leader.
“It is our policy to immediately deal with escaped deer or deer that have been in some form of captivity (in this case collared) due to disease concerns and potential risks to human safety,” said Goerlinger, who is based in the DNR’s Peshtigo office. “This particular deer we did not know the origin of or history of, but a recent report indicates someone nearly got seriously hurt by this deer. Historically wild animals that are treated as pets can eventually pose significant safety risks.”

I like this next comment!

Hiebing called the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department about the incident and said she was told a warden can come into a homeowner’s yard and shoot an animal that was being kept as a pet. Goerlinger confirmed this.

Yep, your right the DNR can do anything they want when ever or where ever they want. Are they a part of the POLICE state?

Hiebing said she had not captured Buckwheat. She has volunteered at a nature center and says she has always respected wild deer.
“She was free to wander the neighborhood as she pleased,” Hiebing said.
State law allows for feeding in small amounts — 2 gallons or less — and the incident did not involve a feeding violation, Goerlinger said. He added, however, that providing food for wildlife can make them dependent on humans.
“Handing food to wildlife puts them on welfare, so to speak,” Goerlinger said.
Goerlinger met with Hiebing to better visualize and assess the incident. She said Schraufnagel had been rude to her and didn’t identify himself. Goerlinger said Schraufnagel didn’t break any work rules, but agreed the situation could have been handled better.
Hiebing said she appreciated Goerlinger coming to meet with her.
Other options to deal with the animal — such as dart guns or nets — do not always work safely, Goerlinger said.
“The bottom line in this particular instance is nobody got hurt and the unknown risk to the deer herd was minimized,” Goerlinger said.
Schraufnagel said it was a difficult situation for all involved.
“It’s not something we are really excited to have to deal with, but we have a job to do,” Schraufnagel said.
He also reminded area residents that especially in spring time when fawns and other young animals are around to leave them alone.
“The doe is usually somewhere in the vicinity, but you can’t see her, but we need to let nature take its course,” Schraufnagel said.

Bottom line , what people say is true,
the WDNR has the freedom to do anything,
to anybody,
at any time.

UWM East Side and CRIME

My wife on Wednesday took my two boys to a tour of UWM in Milwaukee. Wowy, zowy, the school is great. They even have free wifi around the campus. They even have co ed sports. Wow, they can even get jobs being refs in some of the school sports.

Well, all this is fine and dandy but it sure seems the crime on the east side and UWM is not getting any better.

Take the point of this article by JS Online .
Thanks also to Mark Belling for making me think outside the box.

Shooting near UWM sparks safety fears
Some vow to move as assaults jump in area
Posted: Nov. 6, 2007
The shooting of a student near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Monday night comes as assaults have leaped 67% in neighborhoods surrounding the campus, the Journal Sentinel found.
Although campus officials and Milwaukee police have responded by boosting patrols in the area, some students have become more fearful, and at least a few of them are considering a change.
"I'm moving," said Jacob Goodall, 19, a UWM sophomore from Black Creek in Outagamie County who has lived on N. Murray Ave. since August. "I'm out of here. It's not worth it anymore. I have to walk places in the dark."

This is interesting
Monday's shooting victim, 21, was pistol-whipped and shot in the leg as he fled from two people who demanded money as he walked toward his home in the 2700 block of N. Murray about 11 p.m., Schwartz said. Police recovered suspected marijuana from the victim. He was reported in satisfactory condition Tuesday afternoon at a hospital.
Say what? "Police recovered suspected marijuana from the victim".

Is anyone going to ask or say what really happened here!

Are some of the kids at UWM and some of the east side residents into the drug culture. Was this a drug deal gone bad? Did the victim refuse to pay the two gunman? Was the grade of the pot not up to the standards of the user. This is all speculation on my part but will any one ask these questions or do we just close our eyes to crime, to drugs, etc, etc, etc.

Was the victim charged with marijuana possession? Just asking the questions.

Do I want my boys to go to UWM, not likely. Not because of the crime factor . Not because of the drugs. They will have to deal with life where ever they go. They are better than that and there are other schools to choose from. There mother needs to cut the apron strings on her two little boys. Just to let you know they are 16 and 17 and a lot taller than there parents 6' and 6' 3 in. There mother also works in Milwaukee downtown during the week. Mama's little boys.

I guess their father will have to be the bad guy again and explain some common sense.

Link to complete article

Corruption Case

From the JS Online

Complete article.

New trial ordered in Jensen corruption case
Posted: Nov. 8, 2007
Madison - A state appeals court Thursday granted former state Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen a new trial after determining a Dane County judge gave the jury improper instructions in Jensen's public misconduct case.

Mark Belling was right on on his comments about this.
Why is Patrick Marley calling this case corruption when it was not. A simple case of the left setting the agenda and the poor saps out there sucking it in! Shame on Patrick Marley for drinking the lefts kool aid or simply being a partisan hack for the lib's!
Patrick , some day you might become a newspaper reporter for some important newspaper.

Jensen, 47, and four other lawmakers were convicted in 2005 and 2006 of directing aides to campaign at taxpayer expense. Jensen, a Town of Brookfield Republican, took his case to trial; the others pleaded guilty in deals with prosecutors.
How do you get directing aids to campaign and corruption. For which how many Dem's admitted to doing the same thing and Burke did nothing!

Scott Jensen did not deserve to go through this. I hope he comes back in some capacity to lead Conservatives back to better government. There doesn't seem to be many true conservitives around any more, just more and more RINO's. Look at my state rep who voted for the tax increase with Diamond Jim. Thank you Mr Tauchen !

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kagen Watch

It's been a while since there has been a Kagen watch on this web site.

Holy Cow, From the Appleton Post Crescent

Posted November 7, 2007
U.S. Rep. Kagen joins lawmakers in touting border bill
It would increase surveillance, add 8,000 agents
By ELLYN FERGUSON Press-Gazette Washington bureau
WASHINGTON — Employers would be required to verify that their workers are in the United States legally under legislation backed by Rep. Steve Kagen and introduced Tuesday.

Everywhere I have been (in the district), people are all saying the same thing. ... 'I want my country back. I want my borders that I can see and defend,'" Kagen, D-Appleton, said.
He has been in his district???????????????????????????

I think re election time is rolling around and Dr K is planning early!

"As a small businessman, I understand that anything Congress does should not impose more costs to doing business," said Kagen, who founded and operated a chain of allergy clinics before being elected to Congress.
Ya right, you understand small business!

Wisconsin does not have a large population of undocumented immigrants, but the matter stirs strong emotions in Kagen's district. Illegal immigration was an issue in his 2006 race and could be again in the 2008 race.
How does he know how big the illegal immigration population is and was it a big deal in the 2006 election. The MSM must of kept it on the back burner!

The main point, Dr K is gearing up for the election!
When all is said and done, Dr K will vote his liberal heart and pass amnesty for illegal aliens. They need the votes!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Back from the U P

Just pulled in from a three day run through Upper Michigan.

8 to 10 inch's of snow in Negaunee.
Tuesday morning sleeping in my hotel room, wake up at 2:00 am and check to see how much snow we have. Low and behold the fire trucks are across the street and one of the houses the collage kids rent is burning in the 30 to 40 mph winds. One road into the hotel and no road out until the fire is out . Wonder if the kids didn't know how to run the furn us or did they plug some space heater in and everything they had was gone. Finally at 8 :30 am I could leave. Thank the good Lord no one was hurt.

Well , finish my paper work and head to Milwaukee in the morning, the two boys have surgery tomorrow morning at children's. Don't think the worst. We have insurance and the only specialist for what the boys have is in Milwaukee. No it is not as bad as it sounds. Just some bone growths the inherited from there father.

I need to catch up on all the news. Seems you get lost if you don't have Internet for a couple days.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

T minus 30 min.

Less than 30 minutes before the Packer Chief game.

Good luck to Brett and the Pack.

What a season, thanks for the ride so far and keep the wins going.

I have to say before this season that I was not a fan of Ted T. and Mike M. My jury is still out but as a Conservative , if I am wrong , I will be the first to admit it.

Also Tom Brady is my quarterback in fan football. Tom, score some points for me.

I hope Tom meets Brett in the Super Bowl.

Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blog Sites

Just a word about Blog sites.

We can all see how important the Internet has become.

With what happened to Jeni in Sheboygan, it shows us all how important our first amendment rights mean to the average joe or joey on the street.

The libs on the left get elected and with their power comes abuse. Abuse that most people I know are too ignorant to understand since that's all they listen and see is the MSM.

Some day, those that don't understand will wake up and finally see what is going on. They will finally see the light and hopefully it will not be too late.

Thank you to all the bloggers that keep us informed on what they do not hear from the MSM.

Special thanks to a few of many,



Blogger Beer.

Keep us all informed.

Berry Laker