Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gillett Class Of 2008

To my son Joseph and all the good young adults from Gillett High School who are graduating at Gillett tomorrow afternoon. If I was graduating, I would like to hear something like this. Just some thoughts on their future. They are a good group of young adults and I wish them much success in their lives.

My commencement address to the class of 2008

Let me welcome and thank all friends, guests, faculty, distinguished guests, families of our graduates and to you the great class of 2008. It's certainly a pleasure and honor to speak to you today. I first ask the parents of these aspiring adults to remember the day these young men and women were brought into this world. Do you remember the very first time you looked upon your child with great happiness, excitement and joy, I certainly do. I know how proud you must feel today.

To you the graduates. From the days of diapers and Gerber baby food, to Barney to I pods, laptops and text messaging. No, I do not know how to text, so I know it's 2G2BT and please do not LMHO.

You the class of 2008 started 1st grade back in 1995. The top movie was Toy Story,Will Ferrell started on Saturday night live and in August the 95th U.S. Golf Amateur Championship was won by a young man named Tiger Woods.

Since then you all have memories of history, memories of life, memories of winning and losing. Memories of band concerts, track meets, proms and homecoming. You may over many years forget the days of home room, the names but not the faces of your teachers and forget the one day you and your classmates were surprised after graduation practice when Mr Santacroce told you to leave , you were done at Gillett High School.You would enter Gillett High school from that day forward as a spectator, a visitor, or maybe a parent to this school system. You seen your last day at Gillett High School as a student. You all have that one special time in your life, never forget these specials days at Gillett. It is a part of your life you will take with you. You will take it to your future education, to your future jobs and for some to your future family.

I know you all have dreams. Dreams of who you want to be, of what you want to do in life. Hold those dreams near and dear to your heart. You are a part of the American dream and the American dream is why all of you are here. The American dream started with our founding fathers over 230 years ago. It was the American dream that brought people to this part of Oconto County. It was dreams that built the automobiles of today, landed a man on the moon and gave you cell phones and video games.
If someone told Thomas Edison that his dream of making a light was a failure we would never have the light bulb today. He believed in his dream so much that after 9,999 failed attempts that it finally worked after just one more try.No one in this great country can suppress your dreams. No one can ever tell you your dreams are crazy or dreams don't come true. Look up, reach your hand to the sky and grab that cloud you see in the heavens. It's yours if you only try, it's yours only if you want it. Never stop dreaming

With those dreams never forget there also comes great responsibility. It is your responsibility to care for the less fortunate then you. To help your neighbor as you would want them to help you. To care for your family, the ones that brought you into this world and to those some of you will bring into this world. It is also your responsibility to take care of your selves.
Do the right thing..

Learn something new every day of your life, read books, go to a play, read the newspaper. Keep your mind sharp. Exercise your mind and you will go far. If you tell your mind you want something , your mind will find a way to get it for you. Your mind is a powerful tool.
Always have positive thoughts. But remember, with that power always be careful, if you tell your mind negative or bad thoughts your mind will also get you that. So always think positive, the glass is always half full!

You will also have failure in your life. You will make mistakes. Do not fret. Everyone fails at something. No one is perfect. If a batter can hit 400 in baseball they are a star. No one ever talks about the 600 times out of a 1000 they didn't get to base. Learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them. Remember Thomas Edison and 10,00 light bulbs.

You have your dreams and and you have your responsibility, you will fail at times, but do not let it get to you. Everything will be fine. Life is a learned process.You have a great future.

Are you ready to go forward into this world? Will you go forward to further your education, to start new job and some, to start your own business. I know you will.

Before you start your lives today there is one more thing I ask you to consider. Character, I heard this from someone, not really sure who, but they told me the definition.

Character is doing something right or good when no one is looking. No one has to see you doing something good. Have good character.

So when no one is looking, go forward and take your dreams ,your responsibility,your learning, your failures and your good character. Do the best you can . Be the best you can be and you will be successful at what ever you do with your life .

To the Gillett High School class of 2008

As Mr Spock in Star trek said.

Live long and prosper

Gillett Graduation

Graduation June 1

The Gillett School District will hold the Class of 2008 commencement ceremony at 1:30 on Sunday, June 1st. The ceremony will be held in the T.S. Lindow gymnasim." Gillett Secondary School - GSD Home

Something Good

At something good came from the farm bill.

"Meat sales to go cross-country
Farm bill provision helps small plants

Posted: May 30, 2008

By next year, JMG Wholesale Meats plans to start selling products on the Internet, to customers across the country - something they have been prevented from doing in the past." JS Online: Meat sales to go cross-country

Now, thanks to a provision in the farm bill passed by Congress this month, small, local meat plants such as JMG will be able to sell across state lines, without federal inspection. The farm bill provision eliminates a 30-year-old law banning state-inspected meats from crossing state lines.

"Today is a day a lot of us in the meat industry have been hoping about for a long time," said Rob Noerenberg, business manager for JMG.

This should make the great products from Miesfeld's Meat Market in Sheboygan expand even further. I you have not been to Miesfeld's, you are missing a lot. Link to Great Brats and other goodies.Give them a try,

Gay Marriage Ban Upheld

"Judge upholds state's ban on gay marriage
Pairing two sentences in amendment was OK, justice rules
Posted: May 31, 2008

Madison - A Dane County judge upheld Wisconsin's constitutional ban on gay marriage and substantially similar legal relationships on Friday, saying the amendment was properly presented to voters in a November 2006 statewide referendum." JS Online: Judge upholds state's ban on gay marriage

Dane County Circuit Judge Richard G. Niess said the pairing of two sentences in the amendment - one addressing marriage and the other similar legal relationships, such as civil unions - did not violate a provision in the Wisconsin Constitution that says if more than one amendment is submitted, voters must be able to vote for or against each amendment separately.

The case was brought by Bill McConkey, who lives in Door County and teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

McConkey said he was offended by the amendment because one of his seven daughters is gay and he thinks it unfairly takes protections away from certain people.

McConkey's lawsuit raised several objections to the amendment, but Niess left open only the question of whether the amendment was properly presented to voters.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Russel, You Stay Home

Russ needs to stay home, Typical lib from Wisconsin. He talked to three different Indian officials. They must of LOL. What a putz. I bet they told him his mom was calling him and to "get lost"!

"FRIDAY, May 30, 2008, 11:50 a.m.
By Craig Gilbert
Feingold asks India to lower Harley tariff

Washington - Returning from a trip to India, Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold said Friday he had urged officials there to lower what he called a "patently unfair" tariff on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Feingold said he had raised the issue with three different government officials in India, arguing that India doesn't produce the same kinds of heavyweight motorcycles, and that opening up the market to Harley would produce revenue for India, since the current 60% tariff is too high for Harley to sells its cycles there. " JS Online: NewsWatch

How does it feel Russ. You guys want to sue oil companies and anyone else you can get your hands on.

I know it is hard on Harley but what hypocrisy.

Asked in the interview about new comments from CIA Director Michael Hayden in Friday's Washington Post that the U.S. is making major strides against al-Qaida in the Mideast and in Pakistan, Feingold was sharply critical.

"I think he's wrong," said Feingold.

"Based on things I've seen here, there are elements of fantasy" in the picture Hayden offered. "I don't think it tracks with reality. ... It's terribly (important) it should not be looked at through rose-colored glasses," Feingold said.

In characterizing Hayden's views in the interview, the Washington Post reported that he sees al-Qaida as essentially defeated in Iraq and Saudi Arabia and on the defensive elsewhere, including in its presumed haven along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Wow, did Russ really say "he sees al-Qaida as essentially defeated in Iraq and Saudi Arabia".

Holy cow batman!

Does She need help moving

"SUSAN SARANDON, who appeared in three films last year and won kudos for her TV movie "Bernard and Doris," is still not a contented soul. She says if John McCain gets elected, she will move to Italy or Canada. She adds, "It's a critical time, but I have faith in the American people."" POLLACK WAS LOVED - New York Post

How many times do we hear this from these useless people and they never follow through with what they say.

I never liked Susan anyway.

O K , I Will Wait

Not much more I can say.

From Rush May 29,2008

"We stay where we are because the party is going to essentially make it easier for us to retake it. " A Third Party Isn't the Way

The journey begins.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gillett Secondary School, Good Job

"Gillett principal stuck on his students

May 29, 2008

Sam Santacroce, principal of Gillett Secondary School, agreed to be duct-taped to a wall if the Gillett Middle School Students purchased more than 200 books at the Scholastic Book Fair. The students met the goal, and Santacroce scheduled an assembly Friday to fulfill his part of the agreement. Students had an opportunity to purchase a strip of duct tape to have the honor of taping him to the wall. The middle school raised $115, which will be used for the seventh- and eighth-grade dance on Friday. Santacroce hung from the wall for at least three minutes before he began to slip." Gillett principal stuck on his students | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Oh Ba ba

This upsets me since those of you that have read my blog on a regular basis know that I was hoping Diamond Jim would be gone and now Barbara Lawton would now be the governor of Wisconsin. You have let me down! I no longer can back you in any political future!

"Lt. gov. says use of word was inexcusable

The Associated Press • May 29, 2008

KEWAUNEE — The lieutenant governor is apologizing for using the word “scabs” to describe replacement workers at Kewaunee Fabrication." Lawton apologizes for “scabs” comment | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Barbara Lawton, Green Bay, used the word a couple of times while visiting striking union workers outside the Kewaunee plant earlier this week.

Boilermakers Local 487 has been on strike since May 12 over wages and benefits. The company has been operating with temporary workers since May 19.

Some replacement workers told WLUK-TV they were offended by Lawton’s use of the term. But, Boilermakers said they appreciate Lawton’s blunt words.

Lawton said Wednesday her use of the word “scab” was “an absolutely inexcusable mistake.”

I know someone back in 1979 and my God Barbara "scabbed" in Little Chute. It started on Sunday night at 11:00 pm. There were shootings at office personnel homes. Then drivers were brought in from Ohio. and on Wednesday the trucks started rolling and the union decided to come to the table. Wonder why they decided to get their jobs back? Side note, the guy got paid for working 90 hours in six days.
Made some good money .

Union trash talk will get people no where.

Ba Ba, watch what you say about people.

Sorry Ba Ba, you lost my vote. Ah, you didn't have it to begin with.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gillett Tiger Baseball

Final score Brillion 10 - Gillett 8

The team made a great effort.

Top of the 7th score 10 to 8 , two runners on base, two outs.

Just couldn't seal the deal but they gave it a good fight. To the seniors and all their team mates , You had a good year. The underclassmen now have to show what they can do next year.

Gillett Baseball

Gillett, vs. Brillion

4:30 Today at Brillion.

Good Luck Tigers

From Owen at "Boots and Sabers"

"More People Using Food Stamps in Wisconsin

This looks bad.

Need for food stamps rising

Madison - Rising food prices and the slumping economy have contributed to a steep increase in food stamp participation in Wisconsin.

The number of households in the food stamp program, called FoodShare, has increased nearly 10% since a year ago, higher than the 6.5% increase seen nationally.

No doubt, the high food and energy prices are causing hardship. But also remember this:

Sorry, but $186.85 is a lot of money for groceries. It wouldn’t feed my family of six, but it would make a huge dent in the grocery bill. The purpose of food stamps is not for the taxpayers to buy all of a family’s groceries. The purpose of food stamps is to help them buy the staples to keep everyone healthy. Don’t cry to me that “the level of benefits is sometimes a disincentive for people to apply” when the taxpayers are struggling to pay their own bills. If $185.85 per month is too little for someone to bother with applying, then they surely don’t need it.

And for the record, an average of $186.85 is about $33 million per month in taxpayer-funded food for folks in Wisconsin. " Boots & Sabers - The blogging will continue until morale improves...

Owen, when is enough, enough? You make some great points and one has to wonder what will our future bring? You are right on the travesty of the food stamp program, bully!

How long will people put up with handouts and conservative people flipping the bill? I will tell you I am not a McCain fan! What is the difference between all three candidates today? Not very much so far! What happens if McCain wins, gov keeps spending, gas prices go higher, the economy goes south. It will put a nail in the Republican Party. It is those rascally republicans fault, never a democrat! We have to all get along and give up our beliefs for the sake of winning an election. Is it better to cave to the left and center for the sake of getting along? To get the moderate vote, to get elected? I am not happy with President Bush but for how many more years no matter who is in office will they say "it's Bush's fault, for God's sake, he is not running for office, get over it!

I agree people are getting used to feeding at the trough, but no matter what the right tries to do or what the right will say, it is always our fault! I wonder if it is better to vote (Obama or Clinton) and let the house of cards fall. You republicans , don't get bent out of shape for that comment unless you are insecure! Someone has to say what is on the mind of people who don't read blogs, watch CNN and read the local newspapers with a slant from the left.

No matter what the right does, people go for the handouts and it’s the candidate with the elephant that is to blame for the bloated big government! I know I am suppose to tow the party line but I question the party. What is our direction? How much more blame can we take? It is not all our fault! To get elected we have to move to the center? The blogs on the right do the very best to get the word out but it only gets to other bloggers, and politicians in our gov., not much farther! I as a blogger am trying to package , correct spell, correct format to look like I am professional! In the end, does it really matter? Slick marketing does not connect with a lot in main stream America. I have said before, "I blog for myself and not what others might think or say. I blog to someday tell my children or grand children what their crazy old man and grandfather thought and said. I do not get paid so you have the choice to read or don't read my blog! Jim, if I use the wrong there or their , get over it!

There are a few like Scott Walker that hold my beliefs in their future. Some so called conservatives will say one thing in the press and vote different, ie farm bill, suing OPEC just to name a few.

The need for food stamps is not a new issue, it is not because of high fuel prices that the gov. advertises for more people to take food stamps! It is the creation of gov. that people feel the "I have it coming" attitude after they just decided not to pay their home mortgage loan.

The blogs make some great points but when will a conservative take charge and do what is right, No matter what happens to gov., to welfare , to food stamps, to ear marks, to social security, My family and I will not participate. We will do what is best for ourselves and the hell with the rest.

Someone once told me that character is doing something good or right when no one is looking. I hope my children have learned that and can take that with them the rest of their lives.

I think I had enough for one night. Thank you Owen for letting me vent from your post. I feel better now.

Monday, May 26, 2008

No Raises

My oh my, what will become of this? Smaller raises, not no raises. What do we do when we have to pay more for gasoline? We cut and save and spend less without any raises for some. Why not just cut the whole raise ? Interesting.
"Doyle: Smaller raises for state workers

Associated Press

Most state employees likely will see smaller pay increases in July because of the state budget shortfall, Gov. Jim Doyle's administration said Friday.

Under pay plans approved last year, University of Wisconsin System faculty and academic staff and nonunion state workers expected to receive a 2 percent increase in July and a 1 percent bump next April.

But the Office of State Employment Relations proposed changes Friday as part of a plan to save $25 million to help balance the budget." WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL

The proposal would give UW, nonunion employees and state elected officials only a 1 percent raise, instead of the 2 percent expected, on July 6. It would eliminate the raise in April and replace that with a 2 percent increase in June 2009.

Union workers also would get the same wage increases under proposed contracts already negotiated with the state.

Family Thank You

On this Memorial day I wish to thank some from my family for their service to our country.

Uncle Roman M - who served during WWII

Uncle Ed M. - who served in WWII

Uncle Tony L - Who served in WWII

Uncle Ed S - who served in Korea

Gentlemen, it is an honor that you served to give everyone a chance to live in this great country.

Thank you