Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tiger Football


the Gillett Tigers took a beating last night

by the Crandon Cardinals -

final score 53 to 14.

Need to work on the basics boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Gillett Football 9/14/07

Well the Gillett Tigers take to the road tonight
to take on the team from Crandon.

Good luck to the team.
Good luck to # 56 and 87.

Kagen watch September 2007

From the Green Bay Press Gazette
Interesting opinion from DR "K"

Posted September 13, 2007
Steve Kagen column:
Enough is enough: 'Iraq is already gone'
Today our nation is no closer to an end to our occupation of Iraq, and we still have no clear exit strategy to our costly involvement in their religious civil war. Gen. David Petraeus has testified before Congress and I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude for his candid remarks and patriotic service. His testimony was truthful and revealing.

What dribble.

Second, and most importantly, the tribal peoples of Iraq do not want to live together. The minority Sunni Arabs, the Kurds in the north, and the Shiite majority do not share a common vision of national unity or a central government – period – as reflected in their centuries-old sectarian violence and the unending slaughter of innocent civilians.

Is he talking about Iraq or is he talking about the the United States? Will the Libs ever get along with the rest of society? Will the libs share our common vision on what is right and have national unity with the rest of the country? How many innocent people suffer or sometimes die every day ( unarmed citizen shot dead by armed robber) in this country because of the liberal dribble that comes from guys like this (Kagen and Fiengold) Liberal politicians , liberal judges ( like the judge in Sheboygan who let a sex offender off the hook), Liberal local leaders ( L A City concil) . The list goes on and on.

Link to complete betrayal piece

I like his next to last line .

"Enough is enough".

Yes Dr K , I have had enough of you,
We shall see the results of the next election.

What a dope, you think he is smoking his son's pipe?