Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gillett, Great News

From The Green Bay Press
Three cheers to Wausaukee Composites. Keep Gillett growing. What a GREAT Story.
Posted February 9, 2008
Wausaukee Composites expands to Cuba City
Company expects to add 70 employees at 3 Wisconsin plants
By Richard
WAUSAUKEE — Wausaukee Composites will begin production of parts for wind
turbines at a new plant in Cuba City next week. The Marinette County composite plastic and fiberglass components manufacturer is building wind turbine A nacelle housings for two wind turbine generator manufacturers.

A nacelle is a protective covering on a generator. The company said the two contracts are expected to generate more than $35 million in sales over three years.

Production workers can apply at the plants in Wausaukee or Gillett, or at Nicolet Staffing in Iron Mountain, Manpower in Menominee or ABR Employment Services in Green Bay. Professional workers are being hired through the corporate headquarters at the Wausaukee plant.

The company has pretty much depleted the labor pool in Wausaukee and is
drawing workers from Green Bay and Marinette in Wisconsin and Iron Mountain,
Kingsford and Escanaba in Michigan, he said.

Does anyone notice what town is missing from the above list of cities near Michigan? The city I am thinking of is 4.3 miles from Iron Mountain Mi. and 4.3 miles from Kingsford Mi.

Can the Press Gazette say Niagara Wisconsin. I would say not. The Mill in Niagra is shutting down, and Wausaukee Composites cannot find the labor pool to fill the jobs.

Hello, something is not right with this picture.

What A Week

The drive from Waukesha was just lovely tonight!

Sorry all, I was in Milwaukee Thursday and Friday for a company meeting and Saturday for the AFP Summit. For all you new readers, I have no Internet access when I'm away from home.
That is the reason for being AWOL from the blog. I know you all missed me! Ha, Ha, that was a joke. More on the AFP summit later, you certainly missed history in the making.

Driving home tonight was a white-knuckle drive. Eight cars stuck in the ditch and two rollovers on 47 between Appleton and Black Creek. It was one of those nights driving home when it seemed like a bunch of Steve Kagen’s driving Hwy 41 and 47. Crossed into the 8th district and all hell broke loose. To the left, to the middle left, right of center, left of center, come on, make up your mind already. Tell me, what are you going to do? Come on, go a little faster! Seemed like Kagens campaign, all over the map! Hey make a decision, move over or go faster. Oh well, what a night.

Hope everyone is safe and warm tonight.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Mr.Reagan
February 6, 1911

What Stimulus Package?


US Senate fails to advance its own economic stimulus

Feb 6 06:54 PM
The US Senate failed Wednesday to advance its own version of an
economic stimulus program, boosting the odds for a White House-backed version
approved last week by the House of Representatives.

Backers fell short of the 60 votes needed to end debate and bring the
measure to the floor for passage, with the tally 58-41 in favor.

The vote came amid wrangling in Congress over the details of the stimulus
of some 150 billion dollars to help boost flagging growth by giving tax
and business

Huh, I thought the senate has it's act together. Sorry, where was Big Mac?
I am speechless!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This Guy’s Belief

This caught my eye. What can I say?

From the Washington Post

Limbaugh on McCain:
It's Better to Be Right All the Time
By Howard KurtzWashington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, February 5, 2008; C01
It may be the best sideshow in
presidential politics: the nation's top radio talker trying to take down the
Republican front-runner in today's Super Tuesday showdown.
"If I believe the country will suffer with either Hillary, Obama or McCain,
I would just as soon the Democrats take the hit . . . rather than a Republican
causing the debacle," he said. "And I would prefer not to have conservative
Republicans in the Congress paralyzed by having to support, out of party
loyalty, a Republican president who is not conservative."

Politically, Limbaugh remained loyal for much of President Bush's tenure,
but after the GOP lost both houses of Congress in 2006, he declared himself
"liberated," saying the Republicans had "let us down" and that "I no longer am
going to have to carry the water for people who I don't think deserve having
their water carried."

This is something I wrote last weekend which ties into the above. It may not be professional, the i's might not be doted and the t's might not be crossed, but it is how I think and what I believe! This was some thoughts I had after listening to Milwaukee talk radio Friday morning. I was going to E mail it but changed my mind. Tonight on fat Tuesday, I thought I would post it. I thought some day my family would be able to read how their father, their husband and their grandfather thought back in 2008.
I am writing to answer some comments from a radio show I was listening to on Friday Feb. 1, 2008. I heard my comment on the air "we had to have Jimmy Carter to get Ronald Reagan". I first feel the host is a high profile, very important person to the people of Milwaukee and to most of Wisconsin. The radio host surely has very key connections to the power brokers of Wisconsin and Washington. He has worked very hard to get to where he is in today’s world. People look up to him for his comments and opinions. He is one of a few icons in the state of Wisconsin. Again, he is very important to me and the people of Wisconsin.

I appreciate his thoughts but have to answer him when he asked his listeners to "don't step off the ledge with John Mc Cain". Yes, it is a very difficult time during this election cycle. We, yes I will say conservatives have our strong beliefs. If John Mc Cain may be better for the war on terror, that is fine, I accept people's opinion. I don't know if I speak for any other conservatives, but my beliefs are that John McCain is not a conservative. I do not want to bore you with my reasons, sorry (band of 14, amnesty for illegal, McCain Fiengold just to name a few).

He asked some of his callers if they could vote like Ann Coulter, for Hillary. Yes, he was putting others and me on the spot. No, I don't think I would vote for Hillary, but I know what Hillary is. It may be bad, but what you see is what you get. We may not like what she will do, but we know it will happen. Socialized medicine, tax increases, on and on. Again, we know what we will get. If something bad will happen, tax increases , tax increases, tax increases, at least the MSM will not blame conservitives. There is no guessing. I don't want more goverment. I want less goverment.

My beliefs tell me, John McCain is not the man. John Mc Cain will tell me, “I will give you a tax cut and give me a tax increase. He will say he will put in a Sam Alito and then nominate a Ruth Ginsburg! Concerning our troops that are now serving and those that have died for our freedom. We are all proud of the troops. Will Hillary pull the troops, not likely right away? Whether she does or doesn’t, the media will play it up as a victory no matter what.

John Mc Cain it will be said "he surrendered" to the MSM. If another 911 happens, (no I do not want another 911), no matter who is in office, the wrath of God and the United States will come down on who ever would try to break this GREAT country. Concerning respect for our troops, they were spat on after the Vietnam War. No matter who is in office the left will spit on them again and again. I do not like the left on how they treat the people that protect their freedom. Again our troops do not get the respect they deserve. We appreciate what our soldiers do for us, it will never change. They are the ones that will not hold their nose when shooting a terrorist. They will not think twice about protecting our freedoms. They believe in the oath and they uphold our freedom.

People ask us, "think about what you are doing ". "Is that what you want?" "Would you really vote for Hillary?" "Calm down, your on the ledge, let me talk you off the ledge!"

We are on a ledge! A ledge of our beliefs. We conservatives have our beliefs!

From Rush, "If you believe in nothing, you believe everything."

If someone's son was in school and his buddy told him to pass out the answers to that days exam and he said no, that would be cheeting! Should he do it because his buddy said he would get an A on the exam? Should he do what is right? Should he hold his nose, cheat the system and pass out the answers so his dad would be very proud of him when he can see an A on his report card? If someone's son was blackmailed on someone's street, "you drive the car while we take your dads brandy out of his house. " Don't worry, he won't know and if you don't do it, you'll get hurt. "Just close your eyes and you won't see anything!" Just don't look! What beliefs do people have?

My last example is a story from 1999. If we have strong beliefs, do we hold our nose and give up what we believe in? Do we give up our beliefs for something as simple as our own life? Are we willing to give the ultimate sacrifice?

Cassie Rene Bernall 1982 - April 20, 1999
When the shooting started, Cassie was in the library, studying Shakespeare.
The gunmen worked their way around to Cassie, who, like the rest of her
classmates, was hiding under a table, praying. One of the gunmen pointed his gun
at Cassie, and asked her the question: "Do you believe in God?” Cassie hesitated
a minute, then she looked right at him and his gun, answering, "Yes, I believe
in God". That was her last words. The gunman asked her "Why?” She had no time to
answer before she was shot to death.

People, please give some of us credit for our beliefs. We are not crazy, not stupid, not someone that will hold their nose in the voting booth. Not step off the ledge of sanity. We have passion in God, in our Country and our President. We cannot before God turn the other way. No I will not vote for John McCain. I cannot do something I do not believe in. A lot of talk show hosts are a part of my beliefs and they have taught me that I always should be “standing up for what’s right”!

I know why Mel Gibson quote from Brave Heart is played on Milwaukee radio. "You come here as free men and free men you are..................." , because we believe it!

We are the few that don't complain, don't bitch, just let the left and RINO's beat us up throughout our life. We will not take it anymore. Some may bend with the wind but we will not. What ever happens, we will get through it. As in nature, the weak will perish and the strong will survive. Like the Marines"We are the proud and the few" Let it also be known ,we are not few in numbers as some may think!

Don't make us give up what we believe. Our beliefs are not off the wall, not radical, not crazy, they are after all from Ronald Reagan.

Paul Socha
Gillett, Wi. 54124

Fat Tuesday

It's Fat Tuesday For Lent
looks like I Give up all Adult Beverages.
Wish Me Luck.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What More Can You Say

From Yahoo news

Need we make any comment? No, I think not!

By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer

Sun Feb 3, 11:40 AM ET
WASHINGTON - Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday she might be
willing to garnish the wages of workers who refuse to buy health insurance
to achieve coverage for all Americans.

Super Bowl 42

My Prediction

New England 27

New York 31

Tom Brady is an OK, But he's no Bart Starr