Saturday, June 05, 2010

Wolf Pack Near Compound

I guess I was not seeing things this past winter behind the compound. So there is a pack of four wolves in the area. Sure glad a friend told us about this. It would of been nice to hear it from the WDNR first and a little sooner then June. They must like to keep things like this under wraps. 

"Peshtigo Brook Pack - Oconto County
On February 3rd, wolves from the Peshtigo Brook pack injured a hound while training on the Oconto County Forest. This is a new pack that established last winter and currently contains four wolves. Hunters and dog trainers should be aware of the potential conflict and should exercise caution within the caution area outlined on the map below.
" 2010 Current Dog Depredations by Wolves in Wisconsin - WDNR

Also, isn't it quaint that the WDNR uses the word "DEPREDATIONS"


   /ˌdɛprɪˈdeɪʃən/ Show Spelled[dep-ri-dey-shuhn] Show IPA
the act of preying upon or plundering; robbery; ravage."
Depredations | Define Depredations at

Better give Berry Laker daughter a heads up when she brings their pup to the compound.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bud Buckles

Looks like Bud Selig buckled to the umpire union in not reversing a no hitter. Think about it. Four umpires on the field, official scorer upstairs and no one would reverse the call. So today the umpires blew the call and Selig was caught between upsetting the umpire union or do what is right.
"Jun 3, 2010 4:16 pm US/Eastern
Commissioner: MLB Won't Reverse Blown Call
Bud Selig Congratulates Pitcher, Says League Will Look Into Expanding Use Of Instant Replays"
Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig Considering Instant Replays, But Won't Reverse Call -

If bud would of reversed the call the umpires would of went on strike.

You think I'm kidding?

Think about it.

# 16, The Biff

Mrs B's driver in NASCAR. She is looking for a Biff Win. The Biff is rated 14th.
Good luck honey, did I tell you I love you!

From Power Ranking.

"Greg Biffle

Here's one suggestion as to what The Biff and the rest of the Ford bunch might do to end their victory hex: Call them Mercurys. Hey, it worked for David Pearson." NASCAR.COM

The old man is rated 8th.

Moose Sighting

"IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. - A young bull moose was spotted near Pine Mountain Resort in Iron Mountain on Tuesday evening." Pine River World News

The Last Two weeks

It's been a hectic two weeks up at the compound. Spent time on vacation with Mrs B (the love of my life) and the Berry Laker clan. In case anyone is interested, I'll fill you in on a my adventures. In no particular order since Mid May.

Moved the kids from dorms to apartment on the upper east side.
Meet my first homeless person looking for money for food. I should of offered him to carry tubs to second floor apartment for two bucks. You know they will never work for cash.
I still think the upper east siders are a bunch of snobs.
Got an e mail from my friend in Algoma. It's been a while but it was good to touch base with my mentor.
Was it hot up here at the compound, three days at 92 +.

If you drink a shot of beer every minute for one hour, 60 minutes, 60 shots, would you get drunk? Still asking Berry Laker son # 2 for the answer.
Took a three hour tour with Mrs B and the neighbors on the Dusty Trails ATV trail system. You need to go to the play ground.
Saw my first bear. My neighbor showed us a 4 - 500 lb black bear. Just sitting there sunning himself.
Martin takes fourth at the 600. I sure hope he knows what he's doing. He's struggling but still 10th in sprint points. When or will he get his first win.
Meet my tea party neighbor from down the rode. Might throw some business his way.
Neighbors brother came over to drop three trees. When someone knows what they're doing, it sure makes life better. TIMMMMMMBBBBBEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!
I hate wood ticks, especially when you don't find them in time!
Gypsy moths all over the Nicolet, wonder if the WDNR will do anything to stop them.
Camper ready for the pilgrimage to Michigan .
It sure is nice to have the porch screened in. No bees, no fly's, no skeeters.
Digging a 150 ft trench for communication lines to update compound. Digging by hand with a spade shovel is not what I call fun.
Played 9 holes with the boys. First time this year, let the boys beat the old man. Found a nice course in the area. Parkway Golf Course. $18.00 for 9 holes and a cart.
Went to St Michael's at Chute Pond for Sunday church. If Sister Marla keeps doing the sermon I guess I'll take a pass at Chute Pond. Can I please hear Father Dave speak to the congregation! Glad I belong to St Casimir's and not St John's in Gillett.
Everyone back to beer town and polka town for work and school. Sure am proud of my children and grandchild. Please do not tell them I said that. I have to keep up my image as a father.

On politics.
Will gasoline stay low for the summer? With O in office, don't bet on it.
Tipper left Al because she turned conservative and will run for office somewhere as a republican.
Obama, hows that hope and change doing?
Johnson running against Russ, this is good.
Rush on vacation till June 15th. This is bad.
Did I miss anything?