Saturday, January 19, 2008

Anonymous Watch

Just a reminder to Anonymous.

From Rush,
"If You Believe Nothing, You Believe Everything" and
did you ever read a book titled,
"Great Moderates in History".

The above is for Anonymous,
doo yu undrstan or doo i needle to axplane leaf too yo?
Burry Lakr
sorry/ spellr ck din't werk.

Anonymous, Thank You

For those that might not know, I am now a part of a group of bloggers that are trying to make sure the truth is told about our 8th district congressman , our very own Steve Kagen. Mr Kagen is showing his incompetence when ever he speaks or tries to do work on behalf of the people of this area of Wisconsin.

The blog site is called "Who the Hell is Dr Kagen?

As Rush always says that when the light of truth is shown on liberals , you always see them scatter. It is my hope that Dr Kagen will scatter back to his practice after his upcoming re election bid. Dr. Kagen's staff will be working overtime on keeping track of our good doctor.
To Dr. Kagens staff, "you might have to keep looking over your shoulder", Yes, "you never know who might be watching or listening". This web site is our way of getting the truth out to the people of Northeastern Wisconsin.

In the past it seemed that most Conservative blog sites were from southeastern Wisconsin. Well there are others in northeastern Wisconsin that care about the people of the 8th district. There are a lot of good people out there, here are just a few of the people that stand up for what is good, for what is right and for what they believe in.

It is time for all to stand up, and let Mr Kagen know his time in congress will be coming to an end. The people of the 8th district deserve better.

Concerning my blog posts

At first it was a little strange to find out that people noticed my blog. Reading other blogs I now know what other bloggers go through from the left. You lefties and libs, what pathetic thoughts and beliefs you have. Because I choose to blog I need to remind people of something very important,

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Do I need to explain to you libs what the first Amendment means?

I am not a professional writer, nor a politician, or member of any MSM. I can only write what is on my mind and what is in my heart. I have strong conservative beliefs. I do not agree with liberals, lefties and or moderates, (go to the library and check out a book "Great Moderates of the World', you can't find one) I do not like RINO's, I am conservative before I am a republican.
What you see is what you get.

I write on blogs to voice my opinion. To vent some of my frustrations since the left have dumbed down so many in this country. My comments may not be politically correct, may not have proper grammar, may not have all i's doted or t's crossed, I do not get paid for my comments. If some sniveling wimpy lefty doesn't like my comments, that's O K. I ask all readers to my posts to comment anytime you see fit. Good or bad I'll always take them. To those on the web, I am not going away.


Now to what I am truly honored by.
I got a chuckle that someone would give me a comment on one of my posts from WTH . This person had nothing to say about the content of my post. Just spelling errors, etc., etc.,etc., yada,yada,yada. Again , what about the content. Can this be one of my english teachers from high school? Miss Dogot, it that you? You still remember me after thirty five years, I am impressed

From "Anonymous ", this (must be a lib) person doesn't have the guts to even tell me who they are. What, I don't bite. Tell me who you are and we can have a good discussion. We need more discussion of ideas, not punctuation, come on stand up for yourself.

Hey, Berry Laker! Get a grip -- your post is loaded with typos...extra
space after an inside bracket, spelled cheap 'cheep',spelled pastrami
'patrami'period instead of a ? after a question...spelled roomie 'roomy'No comma
in "Steve make some kind of bet!"And I can't even begin to comprehend what this
sentence means: "Since Dr. K. is just lost (you think) with what kind of wager
he can make with someone from New York, lets give him a hand."Make that two
questions that end with a period.Okay, I'm done...
7:57 AM

Tank yu "anonymous" fur at leste note i zing . I'm agan trudey honnorred, gee, golly, musov hit a ner(d)ve, du yu worrk fur Dr. Kagn? Maybee sumone on his staft. Anomyous , coud yu halp me wit spelchck?
Keyp given mee yur toughts.
Burry lakr,
howd i du? Dit i git a gripp?


What kind of nuts are falling from the tree's at MPS, from JS Online

board objects to federal provisos
Members won't comply
with some
requirements; schools could lose money
Jan. 19, 2008
With millions of dollars in aid to schools at stake, the
Milwaukee School Board has put the brakes on a main element of a plan to get
MPS off the list of
districts not measuring up under the federal No Child
Left Behind law.

"I dare them to take money out of kids'
classrooms," board member Jennifer
Morales said. She has led the charge to
oppose two steps required under a plan
the board agreed to in September for
dealing with MPS' label of District
Identified for Improvement under the
federal law. [Isn't
this the same Jennifer
Morales that wants to get her significant
other on the MPS
health care system]. [ Oh, but she can take
money from the kids for her
sweeties health care?]

Morales said she had reached the point of
refusing to cooperate any further
with the requirements of what she called a
failed law distracting MPS from doing things that
actually improve student
achievement. [Refusing to cooperate
seems pretty
"Now is the moment when we just say 'enough,' "
said. "If we don't hold the line and say, 'No way, we're not going to play
this stupid game and waste the taxpayers' money,' who is?"
[Wow, who is wasting taxpayers dollars?]

Later in the article.

MPS receives
$100 million a year in federal Title 1 education aid. Districts that do
comply with rules can be penalized by losing some of that money. [That makes sense, if you don't follow the rules you don't get
the money.]

Reacting to the board's actions, Elizabeth
Burmaster, state superintendent of public
instruction, said Friday, "If
they're not going to use the funds for what we
directed them to do, which
their board approved earlier, I guess we'd be looking
at not giving them
that money [ Holy cow, did Elizabeth Burmaster really say
that, ..................... I think I'm having a heart attack.................................]

Later in the article

Burmaster added, "Our expectation is that MPS will meet their obligations under
the DIFI plan, which they were obligated to develop under the No Child Left
Behind Act. . . . If not, they will be subject to sanctions under the

Link to full article

Call an ambulance, she said what? MPS should meet their obligations!!!!!!!
O K , let me take my nitro pills and catch my breath!

I know this might be difficult for Jennifer but lets clarify this for her.

Taxpayers give MPS money for the MPS school system!

MPS and the MPS school board are responsible for directing funds to educate the students.

MPS hires teachers , and pays bills to educate MPS students.

MPS has to follow federal and or state laws enacted so MPS can get extra funding to educate MPS students.

If MPS cannot follow the rules than they should not get the funding they are responsible for.
Jennifer, what do you not understand?

It makes taxpayers ask some real questions.
Why do people elect such idiots on their local school boards?
When will people wake up and stop electing those that are incompetent?
How long will taxes keep going up?
When will people wake up and say enough is enough, we're not taking this anymore?
I am not happy with our school district, but that is something this area's taxpayers need to address.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Press New York

From the New York Post


January 18, 2008 -- There was apparent danger for anyone approaching the
vicinity of Shaun O'Hara's locker, as the normally agreeable Giants center
issued a warning that didn't sound particularly threatening. "You might want to
watch out," O'Hara said yesterday afternoon.

I'm supposed to be a dirty player." With that, the first salvo of what had
been a quiet week hit the Giants like a snowball upside the helmet. After the
storm of hype leading up to the divisional playoff tussle with the hated
Cowboys, this was supposed to be the calm prior to Sunday's NFC Championship
game against the Packers. [ Oh, I must of

The quiet was interrupted by stinging accusations by the Packers that the
Giants - their offensive line in general and O'Hara in particular - as well as
Plaxico Burress are cheapshot artists who disregard the rules of the game and
try to inflict bodily harm. "I try to shower regularly. I use deodorant," O'Hara
cracked when asked about being characterized as a dirty player. [Booo Hooo, I'm not a durty payer]

Post wire reports Link to article

January 18, 2008 -- I LEFT, PLAY PASS 46, X POST, Z DEEP CROSS
they are, New York. Three key plays, diagrammed and detailed for The Post by
ESPN analyst and ex-Steeler fullback Merril Hoge, that can propel the
New York Giants past the Packers Sunday night and send Big Blue back
to the Super Bowl Feb. 3 in Glendale, Ariz. Check out Hoge's expertise on ESPN's
compelling “State Farm NFL Matchup" with Ron Jaworski and Sal Paolantonio,
produced by Greg Cosell, 8:30 Sunday morning.
Now here's a true gamebreaker!
QB Eli
Eli Manning (10) uses play-action to bait the linebackers and the
Pack's aggressive safeties out of position. With time afforded by a seven-man
blocking scheme, Manning will look for the home run to Burress or lead Toomer
deep across the field. Either way, this could develop into an explosive
downfield play.
The Giants ran this counter play
with great success against Green Bay in the first meeting. It's a good call
against the Packers because they play so much man coverage, so the Giants can
get easy blocks, and it looks like a passing formation. RB Ahmad
Ahmad Bradshaw (44), who didn't have any carries on Sept. 16, has
the speed to break this one big.

Here, WRs Amani Toomer (81) and Plaxico Burress (17) run 12-yard curls on
opposite sides. TE Kevin Boss curls into the middle, occupying a linebacker or
safety, and FB Madison Hedgecock (39) and RB Brandon Jacobs (27) run wide routes
on either side. The connection, most likely to Toomer, is a zone-buster, but the
Giants also use it vs. man coverage.

I don't think these plays will work!

Packer Giant Game

Green Bay 28

New York 21

O K, I may be giving New York some slak but we will see what happens.

All Bets Are On

Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brats again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happen to Diamond Jim.

You have to go to the last four paragraphs to see our Govs wager.

Posted January 18, 2008
All bets are on for championship game
The betting is under way in preparation for Sunday's game against the New
York Giants

[ Wow, we got] Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt is betting with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

[ And we even have] Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., betting Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Milwaukee.

Where's Russ Feingold on this?

The stakes for Sunday's Packers-Giants game are high in fat and rich in
lycopene: [Where's the food police?]Governors of Wisconsin, New York and New Jersey [ Holy cow, we got three of the biggest liberal governors in the country here.] are wagering bratwurst, pastrami and tomatoes.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle announced Thursday morning that New York Gov.
Eliot Spitzer accepted Doyle's friendly bet and put up a shipment of New York
pastrami if the Giants lose Sunday.

Doyle reports that New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine is offering a case of
"Jersey Fresh" tomatoes. [Come on John, tomatoes? what a cheep skate. Jim, are these tomatoes that you can throw at the Wisconsin assembly?]

The New York Giants play their games at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford,

If the Packers lose, Doyle owes both governors a shipment of bratwurst.

First I have to ask who's brats is he betting and what company paid his campaign fund?

Wait a minute. did the governor or his cronies read my article from last week? Only brats, where's the coho, where's the nuclear power plants? Where's the casino gift certificates? When are going to have some down and dirty wagers. I am truly disappointed!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thank You Jessica

Thank You Jessica!