Saturday, December 26, 2009

Missed One Of My Favorites

Steve over at Market Place has a GREAT Christmas listening list.
"Around the time I was born, my parents started buying 99-cent Christmas albums sold by a natural source for Christmas music: tire dealers."
Marketplace of Ideas Blog - Steve’s almost ultimate Christmas album

Steve was certainly right about the old .99 Christmas albums. I remember Firestone had them at my dad's Sinclair gas station back in the 60's when he had gas wars for 22.9 a gal . Thanks Steve for bringing back those 40 year plus memories.

All of Steve's are great picks but I will add a couple of my favorites to his list. One from Burl Ives From You Tube

And Perry Como- C H R I S T M A S, from You Tube

Krakow High Noon Riders

New Snow Club web site link.

Krakow High Noon Riders snowmobile club of Wisconsin.

As they say on the web site, "IT'S TIME TO RIDE" Join a club and ride. I highly recommend the Krakow High Noon Riders

Very Berry Laker Belated Merry Christmas

Sorry for the down time at Berry Laker.

Spent time at the the NEW compound in northern Wisconsin.

More on the new compound later.

To all my friends on and off the web, to you and your family and love ones, I hope the reason for the season was a good and Blessed one.

A belated


and may God Bless you all

from the Berry Laker family.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kicked Out

From JSOnline.
Maybe a new kicker might help. Should Crosby be kicked out?

"Crosby's slump costly
New holder no help as kicker misses from 34
By Greg A. Bedard of the Journal Sentinel

Pittsburgh — The Green Bay Packers are running out of ways to get kicker Mason Crosby out of his slump.

This week the Packers, purely to give Crosby more confidence, decided to replace quarterback Matt Flynn as the field-goal holder with punter Jeremy Kapinos.

It didn't work."
Crosby's slump costly - JSOnline