Friday, March 11, 2011

Wis Beer Breweries, Who Will Brew Pickets Beer

Opportunity to make some big money.

Since Pickett's Beer in Iowa closed in 1985,

Is there a brewery in Wisconsin who will manufacture Picket's Beer? 12 pack cans?

Someone can make some big money in the near future. I bet Sendiks in Milwaukee and a lot of grocery stores that would buy a couple trucks to sell.

Sell them for $5.00 a 12 pk and sell a ton.

How about Picket Cakes at Bakeries? 

How about Picket Juice? 

We Have To Question Shawano Leader

This from who I thought was an upfront good reporter for the Shawano Leader.

This is a travesty’

By Tim Ryan

Was this a typo? This is a travesty’. Should there have been a question mark? Travesty to who? What about the travesty to the tax payers?

Shock, disbelief and anger over a sudden end to their collective bargaining rights drew more than 100 Shawano area teachers and other public workers to an impromptu rally Thursday afternoon on Main Street, where shouts of recall sometimes drowned out the horns of passing motorists supporting their cause.

“We are rallying for democracy and we want people to be united,” said Kim Bakeberg, president of the Shawano Education Association. “We’re here to save the American dream.”

So all others besides union workers, their american dream is not in play here. The people who pay these people are not important here. Seems Kim is trying to protect here behind here to keep her power! Here's another comment.

The rally was joined by some teachers who had retired several years ago, including former physical education teacher Matty Matheson.

“This is absolutely tragic,” she said. “This is a travesty.”

Matheson said the vote in Madison threatens the progress school districts have made in education.

“Once again our children’s children are going to be really hurting from what’s happening today,” she said. “I really wish Walker would think about what he’s doing morally instead of going through the money angle.”

This person is teaching your children. Her children's children will be bankrupted trying to pay her dear pension and health care. They aren't even born yet and she's tossing them under the school bus. And this.

Bonduel teacher Dan Weidner, former chair of Shawano County’s Democratic Party, said Republicans had “repealed 60 years of labor progress.”

First, seems Tim must of read my blog. He writes that good ole Dan was a former chair of the Shawano Democratic Party. I questioned him being a big shot in the SDP in his papers puff piece article for Dan last week.

Hey Dan, if your a teacher, can you please brush up on your history lessons or go back and take a basic math class.

Collective bargaining was signed into law by Gaylord Nelson in 1959. That's 52 years ago. Why didn't Dan just say it's been a 100, 200 years of collective bargaining.

Not sure what the headline was on the dead tree version of the Leader and not sure Tim Ryan purposely wrote the headline. Not sure if Tim's wife is a teacher. Not sure if Tim is in th unions hip pocket or was Tim threatened with a loss of union income for his paper?

Travesty, travesty to who. What about the people who pay these people's wages? That's a travesty! 

Someone pass that on to Tim Ryan the Shawano Leader.

I have to question him and his paper being one of the few leading non bias papers in Wisconsin. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recall Holperin Sign Up, Lakewood Sat

Just to let my two readers I will be collecting signatures for recalling our 12th District Senator, Jim Holperin 

Where - Lakewwood Wis. corner of HWy 32 and CTR F. 
It's the parking lot where ATV's and snowmobiles can unload in Lakewood. 

When- Saturday 3/12/11 - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm 

Tell your friends and neighbours.

P R LITJENS, 56th Assembly.

Way to go Michelle.


Madison- On Thursday, Representative Michelle Litjens (R-Vinland) released the
following statement on the passage of the Budget Repair Bill:

“This is not about collective bargaining. This bill has been about saving the jobs
and avoiding layoffs of our hardworking State and Local public employees.

“The fact is that we have a budgetary crisis in Wisconsin. If our elected officials,
both Republican and Democrat, had acted responsibly over the last 17 years, we would
not be here right now. I promised my constituents that I will balance the budget honestly
and that is exactly what we are laying the groundwork to do.

“It is unfortunate that our public employees were given bad information about this
bill. Wages were not cut. No one will be laid off. No one will go to work tomorrow
without protections from inmates. And no one will be forced to work overtime without
being justly compensated. The sky has not fallen and we are not putting public employees
in harms way.”

Holperin Coming Home For Rest?.

From Fox 9. Seems Jim worked hard in Illinois and needs some time off. 

Wisconsin Democrats Returning After 3 Weeks in Illinois:
"Updated: Thursday, 10 Mar 2011, 10:58 AM CST
Published : Thursday, 10 Mar 2011, 10:57 AM CST

MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsin Senate Democrats who fled to Illinois three weeks ago are coming back.

Sen. Jim Holperin said Thursday that he was on his way home to Conover and other Democrats were either on their way back or would be leaving soon.

He says there was no reason for them to stay away any longer since Senate Republicans passed the bill without them on Wednesday night.

He says he didn't think any of the other senators would return to the Capitol since the Senate wasn't scheduled to be in session again until April 5."

Dear Mr Holperin, Stay in Illinois, your not welcome. 

Joke Of The Day

Charlie Sheen butt jokes. Pretty funny. 

From Steve Breen. 


Herb Kohl Wakes Up For At Least One Vote

Holy cow, Herb Kohl is awake in Washington D C, a least he was awake yesterday. 

Senate rejects competing spending plans, leaves legislative stalemate - Patriot Action Network:

 "Ten Democrats and one independent, a mix of centrists and liberals, voted against the Democratic alternative for different reasons: Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), Carl Levin (D-Mich.), Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), Bill Nelson (Fla.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and Jim Webb (D-W.Va.).
Manchin, McCaskill, Sanders and both Ben and Bill Nelson face reelection in 2012"

Kohl is also up for re-election unless Russ steps in. 

Herb, you can back to sleep now.

Look Who is Calling A Coward A Coward

From Fox 11

Senate action: Walker happy, Hansen sad:

 "'Tonight's action by the Senate Republicans is an outrage,' said Sen. Dave Hansen, D-Green Bay, by phone. 'It's a cowardly act of betrayal to Wisconsin's tradition, democratic process and values. How they gutted 50 years of workers rights with no notice, no debate, and no concern for the impact of blind loyalty to governor walker's extreme agenda is going to have on Wisconsin families.'

Hansen said he doesn't know exactly when he'll return to Wisconsin."

Poor Dave Hansen. So Dave still doesn't know when he will come home? 

I guess he didn't get permission to come back home. 

On with the Hansen recall.

Madison Protesters Head For The Beach

Richard's Daily Blog - Richard Moore:
Posted by richardmoore on March 10, 2011 at 7:20 AM comments (0)
So the governor finally used the 'nuclear option' and after Assembly action later this morning, Walker will sign the bill and public-employee collective bargaining will be no more, for the most part.

So what happens now? For a while, the unions and the students will continue their days of rage. Students love to have an excuse to get out on the street, and unions love to have pawns they can put out on the streets. Unfortunately for the unions, Spring Break at UW-Madison starts in two days, so the students will probably head to the beach."

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Senator Fitzgerald's Press Release.

It's time someone stands with the people of Wisconsin and not with the democrats and their bosses, the unions. 

Link to Press Release

Ann Coulter is on Hanity. Is she hot for not seeing more of Walker on TV. She's also ticked it took the Wisconsin Senate so long on this. You go girl.

Will Teachers Walk Thursday, Friday

With what went down in Madison tonight, will teachers and state workers call in sick the next two days and protest in Madison? I say a lot will! 

Wis Senate pass revised bill, off to Assembly Thursday.

The older kids will not be happy tonight.

Good for Fitzgerald and the senate. Now pass it in the assembly and have Walker sign it Thursday night.

Yea Baby!

Wis Senate Vote Passesl

Wis. GOP strips public workers' bargaining rights

News from The Associated Press:
Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate voted Wednesday night to strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from public workers after discovering a way to bypass the chamber's missing Democrats.

All 14 Senate Democrats fled to Illinois nearly three weeks ago, preventing the chamber from having enough members present to consider Gov. Scott Walker's so-called 'budget repair bill' - a proposal introduced to plug a $137 million budget shortfall."

Out Of Conference Committee

Budget Repair Bill now going to Senate Floor.

Yea Baby, 


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Must See By Wisconsin Teachers Unions

Monday, March 07, 2011

Must See Walker Press Conference Today

Seems a little P O'd.

Take the dems to the WOOD SHED!!!!!!!!!

From Wisconsin Eye. 

You need to click watch.

Update. Through the whole interview, did anyone bring up Jim Holperin? 

Jimbo is crapping in his pants and is not sure who to listen to, what to say or what to do. He hasn't the guts to make a decision on his own. 

Jim Holperin is bought and paid for by the unions and has to go. 

Let us move forward with his recall and take him away from an office he is incapable of holding. 


What Would Scott Walker Do If Not For Lee Hollaway

What would of happened if it was not for Scott Walker fighting tooth and nail the past eight years with Lee Hollaway?

We have to thank Lee for preparing Mr Walker for his job in Madison. No one else could prepare Walker for the job he now holds. The down right dirty politics that Walker is now going through and what he faces in the future.

We can see Scott Walker stands for what he believes in and will stand with the tax payers of Wisconsin in what the voters of this state elected him and other republicans to do. He is standing in the storm of the main stream media and union intimidation and so far has not wavered.

He cannot waver, he will not waver, for if he does, the future of Wisconsin will be gone forever. Our children and grandchildren will know that their future was in the hands of one man and a group of republican officials who gave them their destiny or will forever throw them into their abyss.

Thank you Lee Hollaway for getting Scott Walker ready to be our Governor. With out you, our children's future would of been lost.Let's all thank Lee Hollaway.

A reminder of Mr Hollaway. Thank You for all you did!


Seems MATC Wasn't Done Yet

Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 17:32:51 -0600
Subject: Message from Dr. Burke
Dr. Burke asked that I send the following message on his behalf:

Earlier today the MATC District Board approved an agreement with members of Local 587. Negotiations began in mid-February and final agreement was reached last week.

The agreement will result in net savings of more than $4.2 million over two years. While Local 587 members will receive 1.5% salary increases over the next two years, they will be making contributions toward their pension benefit and increased healthcare contributions.

This agreement, like the one reached last month with Local 212, provides stability for the college and allows us to maintain our focus on the mission of the college - educating our students and serving the community. These agreements also allow us to maintain collective bargaining, which we recognize as an important principle and value.

Recent announcements from Madison create extremely challenging financial times for MATC and educational and governmental organizations throughout the state. We will continue to develop budget strategies that help preserve the meaningful work that takes place on our campuses every day.

Michael L. Burke, Ph.D.

Like It Or Not, " The Governor Is Absolutely Right."

From Richard Moore 

Home - Richard Moore:

 "How many times have we heard the lament: If only we had a leader who wouldn’t stick his or her finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing, who wouldn’t govern by reading the polls every morning?

We’ve all asked that question at one time or another. We’ve all wished for someone who would act according to principles rather than polls.

Like his principles or not, we’ve got such a leader. In fact, Gov. Scott Walker took to his Twitter account this past weekend to pass along an article from the Weekly Standard – more about that in a second – which Walker termed “a good reminder why long-term leadership matters more than temporary poll watching.”

The governor is absolutely right."

Like it or not, you need to read the whole article and ask yourself how can you not agree with Scott Walker.

Buy Walker T Shirt, Get Even With Union Thugs

Steve fills us in on the dirty tricks unions are pulling in Wisconsin. 

Marketplace of Ideas Blog:

When a Two Rivers High School student wore a green T-shirt supporting Gov. Scott Walker to school in late February, it set off a dispute involving a local business and the president of the Two Rivers Education Association.

B&D Embroidery & Screen Printing in Two Rivers made the shirt for the student on request, said Bridget VanGinkel, owner of the business with her husband, David. …

"On Feb. 24, VanGinkel said the business received what they perceived as a veiled threat of a boycott in an e-mail from Wes Glenna, president of the TREA and chairman of the technical education department at the high school.

Bridget VanGinkel forwarded to the Herald Times Reporter Glenna’s e-mail, sent from his school e-mail address after 10 p.m. It said:

“I was recently informed that you have plans to print pro-Walker shirts for some of the students in the Two Rivers School system. After checking out your website, I noticed that a great deal of your business comes from providing apparel to the Two Rivers, Manitowoc, and Mishicot school systems. I, really, don’t know what you’re thinking of.

“We, all, greatly appreciate the fact that you established your business in our community. However, have you taken the time to figure out how your recent decision could result in the loss of profits to your business?”

It was signed Wes Glenna, President, Two Rivers Education Association.

Glenna also sent the e-mail to all members of the teachers union in the Two Rivers district, VanGinkel said.

The store has been getting mostly negative phone calls and comments on Facebook since Glenna sent the e-mail, she said.

“It’s spreading like wildfire,” she said. “It was inappropriate. It’s not right.”"

Let's support businesses that are being threatened from the unions. Two can play that game. 

T Shirt you can buy from B & D Embroidery.  or buy something else from them. 

One Way To Save County & Town Expenses

Corn the solution to road-snowdrift problem? | | Wausau Daily Herald

"In a pilot program tested in southern Wisconsin, farmers left eight to 16 rows of corn standing in fields parallel to highways at the end of the growing season. The corn rows prevented snow from drifting onto the highways.

'It worked. The county gets calls over and over again that this intersection is so bad. But this year, it wasn't as near as bad as other years,' said Floyd Shirk of Lancaster, whose farm is along the intersection of highways 35 and 81 in Grant County.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation compensates farmers for not harvesting the corn they plant near highways. Farmers are paid 50 cents per bushel above the price paid for the crop."

Hey, if it works, let's do it. It's better then paying them for ethanol!

Possible Retirements Up, Hummmmmmmmm

Received this from an E mail from a friend in Townsend, Interesting
Special message regarding retirement-related statistics:
The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) provides the following Wisconsin Retirement
System (WRS) statistics as a courtesy to interested parties, including members of
the media. Our primary focus is to provide services to WRS members and employers. In the
wake of the budget repair bill, we are struggling to keep up with all who want information from
us. Yet, we understand the need to have this sort of information available. Please keep the
following in mind:

• ETF will not update these or any other statistics on a daily basis. For now, we will update
this document periodically or whenever new statistics become available.

• ETF does not ask members why they are retiring.

• 73% of WRS active employees are local government employees; 27% are state employees.

• During the week of February 14-18, 2011, ETF received more than three times the number
of requests for retirement estimates than it did the same week in 2010.

• During the week of February 21-25, 2011:

• ETF received 1,282 requests for retirement estimates.

• ETF received 574 retirement applications.

Retirement Estimate Requests — January-February 2010 vs. 2011
The table below compares the number of requests for formal retirement estimates received
by ETF in January and February 2010 and 2011. Figures show that as of February 25, 2011, the
number of retirement estimate requests have increased 69% over the fi rst two months in 2010.
Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) members request an estimate of their benefi ts prior to
fi ling an offi cial retirement application. The fi gures shown are no indication of the actual number
of WRS members that retired in a given year.

...................January.......February....Totals....% Change
2010......... 1,805 ........1,657 ........3,462 ........—
2011 ..........2,204 .......3,662* .......5,866*.....69%

*as of February 25, 2011

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Are These The Teachers You Want?

From Randy at Real Debate. Watch and make your own decision. Is this what you want your children and grand children to learn?

If you diagree, find out where you can recall your democratic senator from Wisconsin.

Time To Patronize These Wisconsin Businesses

Gateway Pundit via Dad 29 gives us the crap teachers and their unions are pulling. A good read with more pitures and letters from stupid teachers.

The unions continue to threaten local businesses in Wisconsin.
A trusted source in Wisconsin sent copies of the latest organized threats against Wisconsin businesses.

The attachments are all pictures of notes on the bulletin board in the teacher’s lounge at Wausau West. The person who took the pictures went to Channel 7 with them and was assured that a story would be done. It’s been more than 48 hours and nothing has been aired, so the person sent them to me and gave me permission to forward them to you. This person wishes to remain anonymous. Not sure what the best plan of attack is, but I’m more than glad to help out with anything.

Also, the teachers union leader at WW wanted to set up a table at Trig’s Pharmacy to have kids sign letters to Governor Walker and then they would be given an apple. Trig’s management said NO! Good for them!!

These are some businesses that are being targeted and ones we should patronize. 

M&I banks
Kwik Trip
Johnsonville (brats)
Russ Darrow
Wausau Homes
Wausau Papers
Wal Mart
Sargento cheese
Church Mutual Insurance ( hard to read, hope it's right)
Bergstrom Auto

And don't forget to shop at Trigs.

Guess Who's Birthday Is Today

This Day in History: March 6 —

"March 6
1836 The Alamo fell to Mexican forces.
1857 The Supreme Court ruled in Dred Scott v. Sandford that slaves were not citizens.
1930 Clarence Birdseye started to sell prepackaged frozen food for the first time, in Springfield, Massachusetts.
1957 The former British colonies of Togoland and the Gold Coast united to form independent Ghana.
1981 Walter Cronkite, 'the most trusted man in America,' retired from the CBS Evening News and was replaced by Dan Rather.
1997 Queen Elizabeth II launched the first royal website."

Famous people. Yes there are a lot more but these are some great folks.

John Stossel Journalist 6-Mar-1947 Libertarian reporter

Annette Kingsland Ziegler Judge 6-Mar-1964 Justice, Wisconsin Supreme Court

Michelangelo March 6 1475

Thirty years ago daddy's little girl was born at the hospital in Elkhorn Wisconsin. Her mom had problems and the doc had to use the salad spoons ( I don't know what they're called) to get her out..They laid her under the lamp all blue and lifeless. Within seconds she let out a yell and went from blue to red to the way she is today. Wow, have to tell you watching your child's birth is one of the most precious greatest miracles God gives us.

Berry Lakers daughter, daddy's little girl is 30 today. 

Love you dear.

Wonder If Burmaster Will Take A Pay Cut

The Rhinelander Daily News - Online news and information for the Rhinelander, Wisconsin region

"Nicolet Area Technical College is already making cuts in anticipation of reduced aid from the state in the next fiscal year.

Nicolet College President Elizabeth Burmaster said the school’s 2011-2012 budget process began in November, so she and other school staff were anxiously waiting for Gov. Scott Walker’s budget plans which were finally announced Tuesday."

With all the money Burmaster makes, maybe she should cut her pay 

Another Teacher Disciplined, Good

From the Appleton PC

OSHKOSH — The president of the Oshkosh teachers union has been disciplined for using his district e-mail to encourage others to call in sick to work so they could join protests in the state Capitol.

Also, district staff who joined the protests against Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill on Feb. 17 and 18 will not receive any sick leave pay and will have to reimburse the district the cost of a substitute teacher, school officials said Friday.

Extra Day Of School, Teachers Pay Docked, Good!

From the Appleton P C

The addition of a school day wasn't Kimberly's lone remedy for the instruction time lost in February.

Mayfield said the district had difficulty determining how many of their teachers had legitimate cause to miss school Feb. 18. The district, however, was able to identify a number of teachers who didn't have a valid excuse to miss school. Some were docked pay, had the absence documented in their employee file or both.

Appleton schools followed the same path.

On Feb. 17, Appleton schools had 209 staffers call in.

Don Hietpas, chief financial officer for the Appleton Area School District, said administrators followed up on all absences. Those who called in and shouldn't have were docked pay and had the absence noted in their personnel files, he said.

Player Dies After Winning Shot

What a hero.

Player dies after winning shot - | News, Sports, Jobs, Escanaba Information | The Daily Press

March 4, 2011 - AP

FENNVILLE, Mich. (AP) — A western Michigan high school basketball player collapsed on the court and later died after making the game-winning shot to cap his team’s perfect season.

Holland Hospital spokeswoman Deb Patterson says 16-yer-old Fennville High School basketball player Wes Leonard died Thursday night. A cause of death has not yet been determined.

Patterson says paramedics performed CPR on Leonard before he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The Holland Sentinel reported that Leonard had scored the game-winning layup in a 57-55 win over Bridgman in overtime to cap Fennville’s 20-0 season. Leonard fell to the ground after teammates and fans rushed the court."

Oconto County, "this money all comes from taxpayers"

Peshtigo Times reports on what could be $742,000 Less In State Shared Revenue for Oconto County.

Everyone's in the same boat but I thought it was interesting how Oconto County looks at it.I will high lite some in red.


Oconto Co. Expects $742,000 Less In State Shared Revenue

Peshtigo Times Wisconsin Community Newspaper:

"That’s why we have to get rid of collective bargaining,” Hamann commented. “Then you can decide what benefits to provide.” He said despite the publicity and the demonstrations going on around the state capitol in Madison there are still questions as to just which employees will be affected by the governor’s proposal to do away with collective bargaining and require certain public employees to pay a percentage of their health insurance and retirement benefits. He believes it applies to everyone except perhaps law enforcement.

Oconto County, Hamann said, will be affected immediately, since all labor contracts expired at the end of 2010. “If it (the budget repair bill) passes, we’ll have to make some big changes right away... We’ll need to eliminate retirement as of March 22....I don’t know if we can get it done that fast.”"

We need to remember that this money all comes from taxpayers,” Supervisor Gerald Gehling commented. “We’re $3 billion in debt!” He said the county cannot continue to provide the level of services that they have, and there will probably be layoffs at all levels. “Personally, I think the governor is on the right track...He’s doing what needs to be done.”

Supervisor Barbara Smith said her son had gone to Madison on Tuesday, when Jesse Jackson was there, just to see what it was like, and told her he found it uplifting. He told her the demonstrators were peaceful and friendly. There were no conflicts, in fact demonstrators on either side of the issue sometimes held signs for one another. Then she added, “Now if they’d just get those –– Democrats out of Illinois....Rockford is my hometown and they’re cluttering it up!”

Nice to live in Oconto County

Will Teachers Union Have This Guy Protesting In Madison?

Teacher facing sexual assault charges
Filed in Marinette County

Updated: Friday, 25 Feb 2011, 8:20 AM CST
Published : Thursday, 24 Feb 2011, 8:56 AM CST

Reporter: Cameron Clark
MARINETTE - A Wausaukee High School teacher is facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a female student.

Kurt Kostelecky, 35, has been charged with 11 felonies and one misdemeanor. The alleged incidents happened in Kostelecky's classroom when the girl was a freshman.

The alleged victim is now 17 years old and no longer attends Wausaukee High School."

Wonder if the teachers union will spring this guy out of jail to protest in Madison.? The dems did it for Jeff Wood last December. I wouldn't put it past em.

The GREAT teachers of Wisconsin. We're so proud of you!

Work 30 Days , Get Paid 0ne Year Salary

WLUK Fox 11 did a story on this wacky program in the Green Bay School district. Retire, worlk 10 says a year for three years and get one full year of salary. Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!

140 teacher retirement requests approved:

 "The emeritus program gives one full year's salary paid over three years. That is in addition to pension benefits. In return, the retiree provides 10 days of service to the district each year during that time. The emeritus program is something that has been negotiated into the teachers' contract through collective bargaining.

Last year 26 teachers and staff members applied for the program."

Where in the private sector do people get this when they retire? 

Answer, no where. We need to end all collective bargaining including for wages! Get rid of it, decertify the unions and let's start over!

BOMB THREAT At Walker, Where's The News Media? Silent again?

Got this from Real Debate.

BOMB THREAT At Scott Walker News Conference – Leftist Protester Arrested! | The Gateway Pundit:

"Far Left protester Patrick J. Knauf, 43, of Eau Claire was arrested on Wednesday for the violation of making a bomb scare under state statute 947.015."

On Wednesday a bomb threat was made at an aviation business in Eau Claire just hours after Governor Scott Walker spoke there. Police brought in a man who was protesting this week against the Republican governor.

The Pierce County Herald reported:

An investigation continues into a bomb threat made this week at an aviation business in Eau Claire, just hours after Governor Scott Walker held a news conference there.

Authorities said a 43-year-old Eau Claire man allegedly called in a threat to Heartland Aviation on Wednesday evening. The facility is next to the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in Eau Claire. The man is free on a signature bond. No charges have been filed yet, but the man is due back in Chippewa County Circuit Court on April 19th.

Investigators said the man took part in public demonstrations at the airport on Monday and Wednesday. His home was searched yesterday, and police are checking phone records and interviewing people. Eau Claire Police have asked for tips with more information.

A bomb threat was called in on a Walker rally and the media doesn’t report on it?

What, No Fox 11, No NASCAR From Las Vegas

What the heck is this?

DISH Network subscribers no longer are able to get WLUK, Channel 11, after the station and network failed to reach a contract agreement by the 1 a.m. Saturday deadline.

Jay Zollar, vice-president and general manager at WLUK, said on the station's Facebook page that negotiations will continue.

Guess I might have to get the rabbit ears out or go to my son in law's