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Hope and Change, Shawano Wis.


Leader photo Employees work on wood strips at Owens Flooring in this 2006 file photo. The 125,000-square-footplant opened in 2005 in Shawano. Owens employees were informed of the firm’s closure at a company-wide meeting Thursday afternoon.

From the Shawano Leader.
"Owens suddenly closes plants
By Kent Tempus, Leader editor

Owens, Inc., one of Shawano’s leading private employers, Thursday announced the immediate closure of its two plants in the city displacing an estimated 150 employees, a move which was confirmed Thursday evening by an attorney representing the firm.

While it is possible the two Owens Shawano manufacturing facilities may reopen, the plants will be sold at an auction early next year, explained Tim Nixon of Godfrey & Kahn in Green Bay, the legal adviser to Owens.

Owens — which received a loan package totaling $1.5 million in February that averted substantial layoffs at the time — again found itself caught in a credit crunch and was forced to discontinue its operations.

“The company’s “lender refused to advance additional funds the company needed to operate,” Nixon said. “The company had to shut down today for the obvious reason that you can’t pay them (employees).”

The company will seek approval in Shawano County Circuit Court today to be placed in receivership, Nixon said.

In a receivership, the assets of a company are placed under the control of a receiver who administers the assets for the court. The receiver manages the assets with the intent of preserving their value so they can ultimately be sold for the benefit of the debtor’s creditors.

“The company believes this is the best way to keep the business open and running in Shawano,” Nixon said. “It’s what (company president and CEO) Mr. Owens wants, and it’s the best way to find a new owner, and that’s why the company took this action.”

Demand for doors and flooring manufactured by Owens plummeted during the current recession because of the significant decline in new home construction. Along with increased foreign competition in the door and flooring markets, the sales decline of the past two years proved to be too much for Owens to withstand. When the company received the loan package earlier this year, Owens employed about 200 workers. In August, the firm furloughed 40 workers because of declining sales.

Michael Polsky of Milwaukee will be appointed the receiver for Owens. Polsky has served in that capacity for other many companies in the region and the state."

Job, jobs, jobs. Looks like Hope and Change and the stimulus is working? Let's all thank Steve Kagen for all the hard work he is doing for us in Washington.

Matt Frank WDNR Letter To NRB

"Madison -- DNR Secretary Matt Frank sent the following letter today to the Natural Resources Board pulling the 16-day seer season proposal off the board’s December agenda to give more time for review of the results of the 2009 hunt.

December 4, 2009

Christine Thomas, Chair

Natural Resources Board

Dear Chair Thomas and Natural Resource Board Members,

The Department has decided to remove the 16-day deer season proposal as an agenda item at the Natural Resources Board meeting next week. Given the preliminary harvest numbers for the 2009 nine-day hunt that the Department released earlier this week, we believe it is appropriate to postpone consideration of alternative herd control measures.

As we make important decisions about the best mix of policies to control the deer herd where it is over population goals and recover the herd where it is under population goals, I would like to give our staff more time to gather all the data from this season’s hunt and analyze it. This data is a critical component in the population models we use to estimate the size of the herd both regionally and statewide.

While we believe that a 16-day season remains a viable option for future consideration, removing this item from the Board’s December agenda makes it likely that there will not be sufficient time to implement it for the 2010 deer hunting season. The extra time we take now to carefully review this season’s deer harvest will be time well spent and will provide a better foundation for future herd management decision for the 2010 season and beyond.

Our 2009 pre-season forecasts anticipated a lower harvest. Preliminary harvest numbers from the just-completed nine-day gun hunt indicate a significant drop in harvest on the heels of 2008’s decline. We know that the herd is smaller in some areas, which is why we took action for the 2009 season. During this season, 13 deer management units had no bonus antlerless permits in order to restore the herd in those areas. 38 units were moved out of herd control to regular season, and we moved 29 units out of Earn-a-Buck, which contributed to a substantial decline in antlerless harvest. In all, the number of regular units increased from 21 in 2008 to 59 in 2009.

We will look carefully at the data to determine where we now stand with respect to the size of the deer population, which varies by region across the state. Preliminary numbers show a decline in buck harvest across the state. Hunters have reported seeing fewer deer on the landscape, and in some areas, a significant decline. For example, in the north and northeast, there are significant areas where the deer population is below goal. On the other hand, in the CWD zone in the southern part of the state, over-population has been a contributing factor to the increased prevalence of CWD in the deer herd, increasing the risk of spread. A full analysis of the 2009 harvest data will give us a better understanding of the size of the deer population as we make decisions for the 2010 hunt and future seasons.

At the Board’s meeting next week we still intend to present our regular report on the fall deer hunt, which will include preliminary harvest numbers, what hunters have been reporting and seeing, license sales, enforcement issues and other areas that we usually cover.

The 16-day proposal was developed from a process launched last April in response to widespread hunter concerns about earn-a-buck. The Board created a stakeholder committee that included strong representation from hunting organizations to consider effective alternatives to earn-a-buck. The Department went out for public comment this fall. We sincerely appreciate the hard work from staff and hunting organizations as well as widespread comment we received from hunters and the public.

The Department will continue to strive for the best deer hunting in the nation with a healthy, sustainable deer herd in balance with its habitat, including keeping crop and forest damage attributable to deer browsing at tolerable levels. We look forward to working with the Board, the Legislature, hunters, farmers, forest owners and the public over the months to come.


Matt Frank

WDNR News Release - DNR defers consideration on herd control alternatives

Badger Basketball

Sat Dec 5
12:00 PM CT   
vs. Grambling State

How's That Hope and Change Working

From the Green Bay Press.
"Miller Electric cutting 35 jobs
Gannett Wisconsin Media • December 4, 2009

APPLETON — Miller Electric Mfg. Co. is blaming the global recession and a drop in demand for welding equipment for its latest round of job cuts."
Miller Electric cutting 35 jobs | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Steve Kagen To Tax Twice Your 401 K.

From The Green Bay Press. Are you not a part of Wall Street with your retirement accounts?
"Kagen supports large stock-transfer fee
Proposal would tax transactions more than $100,000
By LARRY BIVINS • Press-Gazette Washington Bureau • December 4, 2009

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen said Thursday that it's time for Wall Street to repay Americans whose tax dollars were used to bolster a financial industry on the verge of collapse.

Kagen, D-Appleton, joined five House Democrats and one Senate Democrat in introducing legislation that calls for a quarter of a cent tax on large stock transactions.

The lawmakers say the measure would generate about $150 billion a year. Half of that could be used for job creation. The other half would go toward debt reduction.

"We rescued Wall Street, and now it's time for Wall Street to return the favor," Kagen said at a press conference. "Wall Street must help to pay off our debts and generate the jobs we need to work our way back into prosperity."

The bill targets speculators, and the transfer fee would apply only to stock transactions worth more than $100,000. For example, the tax on a $200,000 stock transaction would be $500.

A two-hundredths of a percent tax would be assessed on derivatives, including futures, options, swaps and credit default swaps.

The measure, introduced on the day President Barack Obama was hosting a job creation summit, is unlikely to get the backing of the White House. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said at a Group of 20 meeting in Scotland earlier this month that the administration was "not prepared to support" such a tax.

And Republicans are certain to oppose any tax increase.

"Raising taxes on investment is never a good idea, but with unemployment at 10.2 percent and continued economic uncertainty, this proposal is economically dangerous," said Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, who sits on the House Budget Committee.

Some business groups also are opposed.

Bill Welch, president and CEO of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said his group "wouldn't find this a terribly attractive idea."

Welch asked why not provide tax incentives for employers who hire if job creation is the goal.

"The issue isn't creating ideas to raise taxes," Welch said. "It's finding more incentives for companies to invest to create more jobs."

Kagen's office pointed out that Congress enacted a 0.2 percent on all sales or transfers of stock in 1914. That fee was doubled to 0.4 percent in 1932 during the Great Depression. It was scrapped in 1966.

"There is $47 trillion of trading — tiny amounts of stock traded in fractions of a second — that is socially useless," Kagen said. The tax, he said, would "make certain that Wall Street participates in the rebuilding of America's economy.""
Kagen supports large stock-transfer fee | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Our 8th district congressman wants to tax your 401 K twice. What a GREAT idea! Kagen's office could only come up with a 1914 law that was scrapped in 1966. How much more of your money will you let Steve Kagen take away!

Robbery By Future VA Clinic

From the Green Bay Press.
"Watch surveillance video of armed robbery at University Shell in Green Bay
December 5, 2009

Green Bay police have released the surveillance tape of a Nov. 9 armed robbery at the University Shell Gas Station, 2145 University Ave., in an effort to generate leads in the case." Watch surveillance video of armed robbery at University Shell in Green Bay | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Looks like the VA will have to hire more security at the new clinic. Remember the headline from Tony at the GBP
"Clinic location chosen to allow for easy access
By Tony Walter • • December 3, 2009

Officials likely picked the University Avenue location for the new veterans clinic because of its proximity to highways and other landmarks, Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt said Wednesday.

Glad the vets have concealed carry.

Thank you Congressman Kagen.

Fleet Farm Wins Again, Spread The Word

From Blogger Beer and real gasoline.
"Kidding aside, I have started going to Fleet Farm's gas station. At first, it was for the discount but very quickly I noticed something. Recently a buddy told me he goes to Fleet Farm for his fuel too, noting Fleet Farm's 87 octane fuel is ethanol-free! Now, he is a small engine freak and says even E10 is hard on small engines and their components.

My Suburban was getting roughly 15 mpg when it is rated at about 17 mpg. However, after switching to Fleet Farm gas I am now get close to 18 mpg! That is a 20% improvement for no extra cost. So, on a 25 gallon fill I can range about 450 instead of 375." Blogger Beer: It is not Ethanol it is Welfanol

Beer has it right on for saving or gaining mileage. I try to buy all my gas at Mills Fleet Farm. The extra miles per tank sure makes a diffrence. Spread the word, buy real gasoline at Mills Fleet Farm.

A GREAT gift idea for Christmas. A Fleet Farm Gift card for gasoline.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Green Bay VA Clinic Update 2

From the Green Bay Press.
"Clinic location chosen to allow for easy access
By Tony Walter • • December 3, 2009

Officials likely picked the University Avenue location for the new veterans clinic because of its proximity to highways and other landmarks, Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt said Wednesday.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs officials spent a week in Brown County this summer looking at as many as 50 potential locations.

The VA originally indicated that the clinic had to be close to Wisconsin 29 but modified the requirements to include the entire county.

Jerry Polus, Brown County's veterans service officer, said he hoped the VA would locate the new clinic at county-owned land near Lake Largo Drive north of the Community Treatment Center.

"But this is good news," Polus said.

"The biggest thing is that it not only will offer permanent care, but will offer specialty care that veterans now have to travel as far as Milwaukee to get. The compensation and pension exams can be done in Green Bay now."

Toonen Companies Inc. of Green Bay owns the land where the facility will be built, and a number of other properties in the area. Robert Toonen, company president, could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.

The company owns a 65-acre parcel, but about 25 acres are expected to be used for the clinic. Much of the rest of the land is wetlands.

The facility would be named in honor of the late Milo Huempfner, the county's highest decorated World War II veteran.

Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, said getting the clinic in Brown County has been a priority for him.

"Before I came into office, I had a conversation with Mark Green (Kagen's predecessor in the 8th Congressional District) about unfinished projects, and this was one of them," Kagen said.

"It's a tremendous step forward for our veterans, who will soon be able to receive the health-care services they deserve."

Kagen and Schmitt are planning to hold a joint news conference at the future clinic site Friday to talk about the project."
Clinic location chosen to allow for easy access | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

So is Steve Kagen is saying Mark Green started this project? Going for the republican vote? Will he say that in upcoming campaign ads? don't think so.

I'll just say again, HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Update, Green Bay VA Clinic

From the Green Bay Press.
"Site picked for Green Bay veterans clinic
Facility will be built on University Ave. on city's east side
By Tony Walter • • December 3, 2009

A new veterans clinic on Green Bay's east side could become the catalyst for business reinvestment on University Avenue.

That's according to Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt, who found out Wednesday that a 161,500-square-foot, two-story outpatient clinic will be built on what is now vacant land at 2800 University Ave.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has signed a contract with Toonen Companies Inc. of Green Bay for the land sale.

"We really wanted this," Schmitt said. "It's great for our community, the tax base, jobs and our veterans. But we really felt it belonged in the city."

Derek Lord, the city's director of economic development, estimated that the assessed value of the 25-acre property will be $40 million when the clinic is completed. According to property listing records, 46 acres that includes some wetlands is assessed at $1.368 million.

The VA plans to advertise nationally for a developer to purchase the property at the price negotiated with Toonen and lease the clinic to the federal government. The developer would then pay the property taxes.

The terms of the agreement between the VA and Toonen were not disclosed, but construction of the clinic is expected to cost $60 million, said Lord.

The clinic will serve as many as 20,000 veterans and employ more than 200 people. A 1,200-vehicle parking lot will be included in the project.

The clinic, which will include a surgical center, is expected to be just the second of its kind in the United States.

A similar facility is under construction in Fort Worth, Texas."
Site picked for Green Bay veterans clinic | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
We go from 15,000 in yesterdays article to now 20,000 vet's served at this facility. Everything keeps changing. Were talking government here people. I'll just say HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM for now.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Let's Call Out Steve Kagen

From Emily Matthews via FoxPolitics
"It’s now a week since Climategate was exposed. Thanks to James Delingpole of Britain’s Daily Telegraph, we have proof the warmists are liars. (And, YES, they were hacked; East Anglia’s CRU admitted it AND canceled all passwords afterwards.) Some juicy quotes taken from the hacked emails:

* “The fact is we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment…”

* “Can you delete any emails you may have had re. AR4?” (AR4 being the fourth Assessment Report of the UN International Panel on Climate Change).

* “…a good earlier point that it would be nice to “contain” the…MWP” (Medieval warming period; look up the work of Soon and Baliunas on that. S&B, about which Tim Ball said, “Holdren’s attempt to belittle…in front of colleagues is a measure of the man’s…political opportunism.”)

* “I think we have to stop considering “Climate Research” as a legitimate peer-reviewed journal.” (Wanting to discredit those who disagree—good grief, science is all about being skeptical; about investigation!)

So why aren’t we hearing more about Climategate? Why are the MSM not screaming foul, when so much, in terms of the economy, is at stake? Well, says Delingpole, “there are too many vested interests…with far too much to lose.” " - Appleton, WI News - What's really going on in the Fox Cities

From Steve Kagens own web site. How much vested interest does he have with the frauds from Climategate?

To build a better future, we must become an energy independent nation. Becoming energy independent will require a sense of shared sacrifice from everyone, but a well-conceived strategy will succeed when developed in the open, not behind closed doors. We must emit less carbon dioxide, pollutants, and greenhouse gases and enable existing utilities to become sources of renewable energy. Here is my energy plan:" Energy

So Steve Kagen wants us to sacrifice even when we now have fraud for all to see. Will Steve Kagen change his mind? Will he now be against CAP and TAX? Will the other candidates call Kagen out on this ? Steve Kagen needs to be exposed for who he really is, a fraud just like Climategate.

Will he change? Likely not, Steve Kagen has too much campaign money coming in to stop his juggernaut. 

Tea Party Saturday Decembr 5th

Reminder from Try 2 Focus
Tea Party in the 8th District!"
Tea Party in the 8th District! « Try 2 Focus

Host: Marinette County Republican Party
Type: Causes - Rally
Date:Saturday, December 5, 2009
Time:12:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: UW Marinette Map

Northeastern Wisconsin Vet's, Why University Ave

Something smells on Green Bay's East side. From the Green Bay Press Gazzette.
"New veterans outpatient clinic will be built on University Avenue in Green Bay
By Tony Walter • December 2, 2009
It's good to see our vet's getting some help when it comes to more accessible health care but I have a few questions for Congressman Kagen. It's only fair that someone asks some questions for the sake of the Veterans of this state. Map of East Green Bay.
The new 160,000-square-foot veterans outpatient clinic will be built on private property at 2800 University Avenue in Green Bay.
One, why University Avenue? Why not East Mason east of I 43? Why not off of Packerland Drive? Why not the west side of Green Bay? Why not Little Chute along HWY 41? How about Appleton? If you look at the 8th district, the heavy population areas are the Fox Valley. Who made the decision? Doesn't it seem odd they are building off of University?

Second, who owns the private land on University? Did Tony from the G B Press look into this? With the inflated numbers on stimulus jobs, the fraud in global warming, ACCORN, bank bailouts, GM takeover, health care, cap and tax, is it fair to ask a little bit more then a press release from the VA Adminastration? Is this just Kagen's photo op for his re election bid? Is this or will this be a pay back for campaign donations? Can you blame me for being cynical?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs today notified Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, that construction will probably begin in the fall of 2010.

“This is a tremendous step forward for our veterans who will soon be able to receive the service they deserve,” Kagen told the Green Bay Press-Gazette today.

He said the clinic is expected to serve approximately 15,000 veterans and employ between 150-210 people.
Will it really be able to care for 15,000 vets?  Will there be 150 to 210 people employeed ?
The two-story clinic is expected to be only the second surgical center of its type in the nation. An on-site parking lot will accommodate 1,200 vehicles.
1200 vehicles to one parking lot, that's a lot of traffic off of University!
VA officials visited Brown County this year to look at several potential sites."
New veterans outpatient clinic will be built on University Avenue in Green Bay | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Who did the VA officials talk to and how many sites did they look at?

Follow the money and see where it leads you. I am not making any accusations but seems very odd of the site and no other information for a follow up.

More Job Layoffs Under Steve Kagen

From Steve Kagens Own Web site.

"Economic Crisis: The Medicine We Need

We are engaged in the economic emergency of our generation and we need thoughtful leaders who have good judgment.

Our economy has been wounded by three simultaneous shots: a worldwide collapse in the financial markets, a severe credit crunch, and dramatic failures in our housing and automobile markets. During the past few years, through no fault of their own, some 3.6 million Americans have lost their jobs, and in spite of all we are doing to reverse this downward spiral, another two to three million jobs may disappear in 2009. In parts of Northeast Wisconsin, unemployment rates have hit 12 percent.

Simply put, everyone is losing something. Workers are losing their jobs. Retirees are losing their life savings. Small business owners are losing their customers. Big Banks are broke, and corporate earnings are falling off a cliff. We are all wondering, "Is my job going to be the next one to disappear?""
Economic Crisis: The Medicine We Need

How is Congressman Kagen's medicine doing in the 8th district on jobs? From the Green Bay Press.
"Update: Georgia-Pacific to cut 158 jobs at Day Street

By Richard Ryman • • December 2, 2009

Georgia-Pacific will lay off 158 workers at its Day Street mill beginning Feb. 2, according to a notice filed with the state.

The Green Bay papermaker said in a WARN notice dated Dec. 1 that it would permanently reduce operations at the Day Street plant, including shutting down some operations on Monday. They include the secondary fiber plant, paper machine No. 8 and the north wall tissue converting lines. The company said it also would indefinitely curtail two retail towel converting lines.

The company identified 158 jobs to be eliminated. It employs about 600 people at the mill.

Workers at Day Street are represented by United Steelworkers Local 2-327 and Local 2-213.

Georgia-Pacific representatives on Wednesday would not confirm the layoffs, but did say they will have an announcement on Friday. Company policy is to meet with all employees before speaking publicly about work force changes. The last employee meeting is scheduled for 4:30 a.m. Friday.

“Our commitment to them is always to communicate to them first,” said Mary Jo Malach, company spokeswoman.

Georgia-Pacific employs 2,600 people in Brown County. It operates tissue converting mills at 500 Day St. and 1919 S. Broadway. It also owns EcoSource Corp., a recycling operation at 300 Seventh St., off South Broadway.

Broadway mill workers are not represented by a union.

When Georgia-Pacific acquired Fort James Corp. in 2000, Brown County operations had 3,700 employees. The number was closer to 3,000 by 2006.

The company has invested more than $130 million in local operations, mostly on new, more efficient equipment." Update: Georgia-Pacific to cut 158 jobs at Day Street | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
Jobs, jobs, jobs!

Shirley Corriher Works With Baking Students

From JSOnline
Shirley Corriher from Atlanta paid a visit to students at MATC last month. Shirley is one of the greats in the food industry.

Shirley Corriher explains the proper way to make biscuits during a presentation at Milwaukee Area Technical College this month.
Shirley Corriher has baking down to a science - JSOnline

By Karen Herzog of the Journal Sentinel

Posted: Nov. 28, 2009

Every baker who has pulled a pan of pitifully pale cookies from the oven should spend 10 minutes with Shirley Corriher.

The 75-year-old Ann Landers of food science - a straight-talking Southerner who punctuates sentences with enthusiastic gestures - is generous with her time and her advice.

"I'll find something to call her about," vowed Derek Albert, the 25-year-old student from Milwaukee.

"I'm so impressed with these kids," said Corriher, who has a soft spot for students. (She dedicated "BakeWise," published by Scribner in 2008, to Marty Thompson, a culinary student who diligently tested recipes for her but died before finishing his chef's training in Atlanta.)

Corriher was in her element at MATC, teaching 40 students how to make her grandmother's "Touch-of-Grace" Southern biscuits and a version of the Toll House chocolate-chip cookie recipe that actually works - unlike the one on the bag, which originated in the late 1920s with a flour that Corriher says no longer exists.

The trick: Add an extra 2 to 4 tablespoons of all-purpose flour or bread flour, and chill the dough one to two days before baking.

Shirley is one GREAT lady and many thanks to her and all that were involved at MATC. I know all the students enjoyed her expertise. If you want to buy her book, please do at the above link.

Also have to point out one great lady in above picture with Shirley and another baking instructor from MATC. That's Mrs Berry Laker


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