Saturday, January 24, 2009

Conservatives Only

To only Conservatives of Wisconsin and this great country.

With a new President this past week , we the conservatives of this country shall not bend, shall not waiver, shall not compromise our principle's.

To those republicans and moderates that will give up their core beliefs for status, for friendship of the left, for wanting to be politically correct, and for the friendship of the media. For those that will give up their beliefs for the sake of recognition, for the sake of money and for compromise for those in Washington. For you who will sell your soul for the sake of money, for greed and for the sake of getting along. You know who you are.

To you, take heed.

For we shall never dwell on the past, but will learn from our history and the hero's that gave us the right that gives us the responsibility to do what is right. We will do this not for ourselves but for the faces and souls of our future. Our children, our grandchildren and their children. It is God who entrusted us to take care of our future. It is God who created our freedom who created this great country of ours. It is our responsibility to not let Him and his people down.

If we don't, they will remember it was we who let them down, it will be us that took away their freedom, it was we who ignored the warnings of the freedom that they may never know. It is we that they will blame for doing nothing to protect their future and their own existence.

You have two choices to make at this very moment.

Move on to another page on the internet or listen to a man and his life that gave us what we have today and may not have in the future.

If you are a true Conservative, watch the life of the man that gave us that vision.

The day has come for all conservatives, no moderates, no RINO's, no mavericks, only Conservatives to stand up and take charge of our future.

It is time to stand up for this country, to stand up for our freedom and to stand up for what we believe in.

The era of Reagan will never die. It is those that choose to ignore his beliefs that will be lost in the abyss. To those in Washington that call themselves republicans or so called conservatives (RINO's) you will live with the decisions, with your votes and with your actions. Come back to Conservatism and lead us in the ways of Ronald Reagan or forever dwell in your own personnel demise.

Do you have the strength and courage to watch the video?

Tribute to Ronald Reagan

Lame Duck Wisconsin

From the Lawrentian.
"Midwest lame duck: Wisconsin
Nora Taylor
Issue date: 1/23/09 Section: Opinions & Editorials

After years of being the butt of the rest of the country's jokes, the Midwest is finally getting the attention it deserves. President Barack Obama and most of his cabinet hail from the great state of Illinois. Minnesota has been garnering national attention for its much contested, celebrity-infused senate race. Michigan has the illustrious "Big Three" from Detroit. Your turn, Wisconsin.
Gone are Wisconsin's glory days and those who represented all that was good and true in the badger state: Russ Feingold, Miller and Brett Farve. With a drama-free election, underwhelming football season - so I'm told - and failure to compete with the delicious Budweiser American Ale, Wisconsin is falling faster than (Insert economy joke here!).
Between Al Franken running for Senate and Rod Blagojevich's aggressive campaign to become the new Boss Tweed, Wisconsin politics have, in comparison, lost their luster. While Steve Kagen ups the oil factor a bit, there is still a considerable want of skeeze. Herb Kohl's getting pretty old; ask yourself, should something happen to him, would Doyle have the gumption to auction his seat off like Blago - I don't think so."
 Midwest lame duck: Wisconsin - Opinions & Editorials

Gee, God forbid Doyle would name Kagen as senator if Kohl would move on. He would be useless in the senate but at least we could dump him from the 8th.

Steve, throw your name in the hat. You can do it.

Tuition Increase

From JSOnline.

Guess I will look for a second and maybe third job for son # 2's tuition at MU next year. Holy cow!

Maybe I can try to be a Wal Mart greeter.
"MU to increase tuition by 3.5% for 2009-'10
By Erica Perez of the Journal Sentinel

Jan. 23, 2009 | Marquette University will increase undergraduate tuition for next academic year by 3.5%, to $28,680, officials announced in a letter to students and families this week.

That's a $960 increase over this year's price tag of $27,720, and is the lowest percentage tuition increase, on average, in 30 years, university officials said.

The letter from Marquette President Father Robert Wild told families the university is financially stable with adequate cash reserves, conservative budgeting and investment policies, and contingency plans in place.

Wild said Marquette had done everything it could to keep the tuition increase down by containing costs elsewhere, and that the school would work with families facing financial difficulties so that they could stay at Marquette.

Marquette has already said it will add an additional $4 million in its fiscal year 2010 budget for student financial aid." Sick leave lawsuit assigned to fourth judge this week - JSOnline

Free Money, Tarp

From a GREAT conservative, Stepping Right Up.

Manitowoc, Common Sense

From the Fond Du Lac Reporter.

Finally this insanity is being stopped.
"Manitowoc says no to wind farm

For The Reporter • January 22, 2009 "
Manitowoc says no to wind farm | | Fond du Lac Reporter

The Manitowoc County Board of Adjustment rejected earlier this week a developer’s request for approval to build a seven-turbine wind project west of Two Rivers.

The decision marks the latest setback in the project developer’s four-year-long quest to erect a community-scale wind project in the Town of Mishicot, according to a press release from Renew Wisconsin.

By contrast, the project developer, Emerging Energies LLP, recently secured a permit to erect eight turbines in the Town of Glenmore in Brown County, about 15 miles from Mishicot.

Under development since 2004, the Mishicot Wind Farm is strongly supported by Wisconsin-based environmental and clean energy groups, including RENEW Wisconsin.

“The Board’s rejection of the Mishicot Wind Farm is certain to send a chill through every Wisconsin developer seeking to construct a community-scale wind project here,” said RENEW Wisconsin Executive Director Michael Vickerman,

Blessed with some of the state’s strongest winds, Manitowoc County adopted a wind ordinance in 2004. Emerging Energies first proposed the Mishicot project in 2005. Progress since that time has been slowed by a countywide moratorium on wind development and the subsequent adoption of one of the most restrictive wind ordinances in Wisconsin.

Among these features is a minimum setback requirement of 1,000 feet from a turbine to a property line. In contrast, Emerging Energies’ permit in the Town of Glenmore specifies a setback of 1.1 times the total turbine height from property lines and public rights-of-way.

“Suffice it to say that if every jurisdiction adopted Manitowoc County’s setback standards, there would not be a single commercial wind project operating in Wisconsin right now,” Vickerman said.

As part of its application, Emerging Energies offered to provide an annual payment of $77,000 to be allocated equally among the county, the town, and neighboring residences living up to ½ mile away from a turbine. Over a 30-year operating life, the developer’s offer would pump $2.31 million directly into the local economy.

“The irony here is that Manitowoc County has prospered more from wind energy’s rapid expansion in recent years than any other county in Wisconsin,” Vickerman said. “The project site is 15 miles away from a turbine tower fabricating plant (Tower Tech) and a company that manufactures specialty cranes for wind farm construction (Manitowoc Crane Group).

“As a result of the global recession, wind component manufacturers are seeing a slowdown in orders. It is not unreasonable to believe that both Manitowoc companies could use the work,” Vickerman added.

Under Wisconsin’s renewable energy law, 10% of Wisconsin’s electricity must be generated by qualifying energy sources by 2015. RENEW estimates that windpower will contribute more than 75% of that electricity. In the past 12 months alone, 251 utility-scale turbines were installed across Wisconsin totaling 396 megawatts, expanding wind generating capacity by a factor of eight.

Yet a half-dozen projects totaling 600 megawatts of planned wind capacity in Wisconsin, from Grant County in the southwest to Kewaunee County in the northeast, have run into roadblocks, mostly from restrictive ordinances designed to thwart development.

“What happened in Manitowoc County is not an isolated phenomenon,” Vickerman said. “However, the county’s decision to reject the Mishicot project is at odds with state energy policy, which not only favors renewable energy development but also prohibits local jurisdictions from saying no to wind projects except to protect public health and safety.

“If we are serious about preventing local governments from arbitrarily exercising veto power over responsibly designed wind projects, then we have to change the law. Nothing else has worked so far.” Vickerman added.

Yo Baby, Yo Baby, Yo baby


Hendrick Dream Team.

Two out of four good drivers is fine with me. Go #5 and #88 .
"Can Hendrick's 'Dream Team' set new standard?
By Sporting News Wire Service
January 24, 2009
09:41 AM EST" NASCAR.COM - Can Hendrick's 'Dream Team' set new standard? - Jan 24, 2009

Will this finally be the year all four Hendrick Motorsports entries qualify for the Chase for the Sprint Cup?

Team owner Rick Hendrick certainly thinks so.

And if you had seen the dog-and-pony show at the Hendrick shop on Wednesday -- one of the whistle stops on the four-day Sprint Cup Media Tour in Concord, N.C. -- you'd think so, too.

Up on stage in front of a packed house, dressed in starched, white shirts that differed from each other only in their sponsor logos, sat the four drivers who will fly the Hendrick colors in 2009: Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin, arranged in stair-step order according to height.

If ever there was a "Dream Team" in stock-car racing, this is it -- with no apologies to the talent at Roush Fenway Racing and elsewhere. Among them, the four Hendrick drivers have racked up 174 Cup victories and seven championships (four for Gordon and the last three for Johnson).

These are familiar faces, even to a casual fan of stock-car racing -- with one exception. Jimmie Johnson looked more like Jeremiah Johnson with his dark, 60-day growth of beard. For Johnson, it has become custom not to shave during the offseason.

Martin is the latest addition, and in Hendrick's mind, he's the missing puzzle piece that will elevate all four teams to the same level of excellence. Pure and simple, Hendrick expects Martin's team, led by crew chief Alan Gustafson, to make the Chase this year.

He expects Dale Earnhardt Jr. and crew chief Tony Eury Jr. to do the same in their second year with the organization. They did so last year in their first season with Hendrick.

"I absolutely do," Hendrick affirmed. "You can't help bad luck, and you can't help things that can happen along the way, but I am convinced after watching Mark Martin and Alan Gustafson -- how good he is -- and Tony and Dale.

"For a four-car lineup, you couldn't ask for a better mix than this. If we give them what they need, and we're planning on it, I'd be disappointed -- barring bad luck. Any one of those teams that didn't make the Chase would be a disappointment."

For his part, Gustafson is thrilled at the prospect of working with a driver with Martin's talent and pedigree.

Wisconsin Grey Wolves / Obama

From the Wausau Daily Herald.

Is this a surprise?
"President Barack Obama’s administration reviewing whether to remove gray wolves from endangered species list

Wausau Daily Herald • January 24, 2009 " President Barack Obama’s administration reviewing whether to remove gray wolves from endangered species list | | Wausau Daily Herald

An early move by President Barack Obama is touching on a volatile issue for northcentral Wisconsin: wolves.

Obama’s administration last week ordered a halt to changes in regulations that would remove gray wolves from the endangered species list.

The move won praise from some animal and environmental advocates who hope wolves will remain protected in Wisconsin and elsewhere. But farmers and ranchers in the Wausau area and Northwoods aren’t pleased.

Hey, if 51% of the farmers and ranchers voted for Obama then how can they not be pleased.

For those that voted "O", you will not get what you voted for! Did anyone say, "we told you so."

Open Carry, Wisconsin AG Silent

Again from the Lakeland-Times. In the pastI attended a AFP get together in Pewaukee and heard our AG speak.

I will say it today as I said back then, J B is an empty suit!

Read the whole article.
"1/23/2009 9:30:00 AM Email this article • Print this article
Attorney general won't say whether open carry is legal
Disorderly conduct charges blossom across state"
Attorney general won't say whether open carry is legal

Richard Moore
Investigative Reporter

News Analysis

As conflicts over of the open carry of firearms mushroom in the state, Wisconsin attorney general J.B. Van Hollen is declining to issue a legal opinion about whether the practice is legal.

In a Nov. 6, 2008, letter to then state Rep. Terry Musser (R-Black River Falls), deputy attorney general Raymond Taffora acknowledged a number of requests for just such an opinion, as well as a growing number of arrests for carrying firearms in plain view, mostly on the charge of disorderly conduct.

On behalf of an unnamed constituent, Musser had specifically asked for an opinion about the open carrying of firearms for personal defense, but Taffora told him there were prudent legal reasons for the attorney general not to get involved.

For one thing, Taffora said, many requests for a formal opinion had been prompted by disorderly conduct charges brought by district attorneys. In general, he wrote to Musser, private citizens wanted an opinion to cite at trial or at the appellate level to defeat the charge.

There are procedural reasons not to give them those citations, Taffora wrote.

First, he noted, state statutes provide that the attorney general can only provide formal opinions to the governor, the Legislature, state officers and agencies, corporation counsels, and district attorneys. The attorney general cannot issue formal opinions to cities, towns, villages or other municipal attorneys or private citizens.

"We also discourage authorized requestors from acting as proxies for private citizens seeking a formal opinion," he wrote. Musser was in fact acting as such a proxy when he asked for the opinion.

Moreover, Taffora went on, an opinion should not be requested on an issue that is the subject of current or reasonably imminent litigation, since an opinion of the attorney general might affect the case.

"That limitation protects the right of Wisconsin litigants to obtain a definitive ruling on their matter of controversy," Taffora stated. "A formal opinion of the Wisconsin attorney general is not a judicial ruling. While formal opinions may be considered persuasive authority, they are not precedent for any court."

Indeed, Taffora said, the attorney general's office is aware of "various court actions" in which the defendants may challenge the factual basis for a disorderly conduct citation, or raise constitutional challenges to the charge. Given that, he stated, the attorney general should not issue an opinion.

Where are you JB?

And then this.

"Jim Doyle (when he was attorney general) has done more for us than Van Hollen will do," says German, who is the state director of the American Association of Certified Firearms Instructors and one of the founders of Wisconsin Patriots, a grassroots organization whose declared mission is to "encourage our fellow citizens to restore, exercise and preserve their individual rights, including the right to be safe."


What will Diamond Jim Do

From Fond Du Lac Reporter and the AP.
"Jan 24, 3:52 AM EST

Governors seek concessions from public workers

Associated Press Writer" The Associated Press

"COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Governors across the nation are seeking significant concessions from public employee unions in hopes of helping to balance their teetering budgets during the economic downturn.

From Maryland to California, Ohio to Hawaii, governors have asked or ordered state workers to accept furloughs, salary reductions, truncated workweeks or benefit cuts. They say the concessions are a better alternative to further job losses in the face of record-breaking unemployment.

Unions argue their members shouldn't be singled out and are even more vital in hard times - securing neighborhoods and prisons, educating children and providing social services to growing numbers of citizens.

In hard-hit Ohio, Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland has been a friend of the unions. But as the state's budget woes have intensified, he is asking unionized state employees to consider a 5 percent pay cut, a 35-hour workweek and the elimination of paid personal days and holidays, to save the state hundreds of millions of dollars."

Govs from the left and middle are cutting back on their voter blocks. Notice the govs on the right do not have these problems.

Our buddy Jim Doyle is still waiting for is cut of the stimulus. He will not give up on his cash cow, the unions!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

From Ol' Broad and Big Hollywood
"Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Close Gitmo, I’ll Take ‘em!
by Gary Graham

THIS JUST IN: In a surprise move today, the outspoken and controversial Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, stated that he’d be happy to take the inmates of Gitmo and provide for them “appropriate and hospitable accommodations.” When questioned in a press conference what those ‘appropriate’ accommodations would entail, the spirited Sheriff was quoted as saying, “Oh, you’ll find out. Our recidivism rate here is nearly zero. For some reason inmates, when released, are not too keen on coming back.”" Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Close Gitmo, I’ll Take ‘em!
Asked if the detainees would receive just and humane treatment, the Sheriff smiled and said, “Certainly. They are ‘humans’ and will be treated as such…and that’s ‘just’ the way it is.”

In Baghdad today, the arrested Al Qaeda leader, Khaled Abdul-Fattah Dawoud Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, was heard screaming from his cell when he heard the news that the Gitmo detainees in Arizona would all be required to wear pink. Al-Mashhadani’s legal representative, ACLU attorney Harold B. Dikwahd, stated that dressing the detainees in pink would violate the Geneva Convention. “Pink is the color of pigs, and pork is an insult to Muslims,” stated the snarky lawyer. Sheriff Arpaio responded, “Well, we don’t want to insult them, just lock them away. Like all our inmates here, they look pretty in pink.”

The ACLU was further infuriated that no copies of the Koran would be provided to the detainees, but rather replaced by copies of The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama. In addition, prayer rugs would be replaced by yoga mats and the five prayer breaks each day would be allowed, but required to include a 20-minute Namaste Yoga routine. MacDonald’s happy meals would be served seven times a day until the prisoners made a video declaration that they would cease the jihad and start treating people of all faiths in a decent and ‘pleasant’ manner. When asked what he meant by ‘pleasant,’ the feisty Sheriff replied, “Well, not cutting people’s heads off and blowing themselves up on crowded buses would be damn fine start.”

Immediately following the press conference a new fatwa was issued by Osama Bin Laden from an undisclosed cave location, that “…a new jihad is hereby announced, on top of all the other old jihads, that all faithful followers are now to blow up the entire state of Arizona. But not til after the Super Bowl. Go Cards.”

We are still trying to decipher the cryptic meaning of the last part of the fatwa.

Friday, January 23, 2009

We Are Americans

From a good man and a good blogger, "The Right Side of Wisconsin" for bringing this to my attention, something that we all should watch and remember from January 20th 1981.

The Reagan era will never end! If you are an American, the Reagan era will end when there is no country called the United States of America.

It would be good for all conservatives and those Republicans that are lost wandering this country to watch and listen to one of the greatest presidents of this great country.

Listen, learn and love this country with all your heart and with all your soul.

God Bless America and God Bless Ronald Reagan.

In three parts.

Steve Kagen, Tax Breaks For the Rich?


Look what Steve Kagen is trying to pass. It must be under the radar screen. My God, is this a tax credit for the rich?
"H.R. 650:
111st Congress

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to increase the credit amount for new qualified alternative fuel motor vehicles weighing more than 26,000 pounds and to increase the credit for certain alternative fuel vehicle refueling properties, and for other purposes." H.R. 650: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to increase the credit amount for new qualified... (

Sponsor: Rep. Steve Kagen [D-WI] (no cosponsors)

Can someone tell me what "credit for certain alternative fuel vehicle refueling properties, and for other purposes" means? I'm a conservative so I know nothing, I see nothing and hear nothing. Why is it for PROPERTIES?

If I was a democrat it probably means anyone who produces, sells ethanol or other alternative fuels in any way shape or form and own property will get tax breaks or a tax credit. Does this mean ethanol producers and gas stations will get tax breaks?

What about the rest of us out there.
Is this a payback for campaign money.

Where is the Main Stream Media?

Shawano Wis, Don't Mess With Caroline

From the Shawano Leader.

Caroline, one tough lady. Don't mess with Caroline.
"Woman, 81, fends off attacker in home
By Kent Tempus, Leader editor

After hearing noises outside her home early Thursday morning, Caroline Rohde called police and ventured out of her bedroom.

She thought the sounds might be from the truck terminal down the street, but they were getting too loud.

Suddenly, two windows on the patio were smashed and then one in her kitchen. Then just as suddenly, a figure appeared in the doorway.

“I screamed and I screamed, and I couldn’t stop myself,” Rohde said Thursday. “And then that person starting screaming.”

The figure was swinging something.

“I grabbed what the stick was, and with the Lord’s help ... got a hold of the handle of it,” Rohde said.

The homeowner and the intruder struggled.

“You let go!” Rohde said the intruder yelled.

The 81-year-old Shawano woman yelled back: “You let go!”

The struggle continued, Rohde said, until the intruder apparently realized Rohde’s grip was loosening.

“She broke loose and ran out and down the sidewalk,” Rohde said.

After the intruder left, Rohde was surprised to see what was being swung at her.

“My goodness,” she said. “Here was a hatchet in my hand.”"
Shawano Leader

Wow. what strength she had.
Shawano Police officers arrived at the woman’s home on Maiden Lane a moment later, finding broken glass and footprints in the snow.

Rohde told officers the intruder — a woman — came toward her waving an object in the air. Rohde was able to get her in a “bear-hug” as they moved from room to room, and she was eventually able to get her hands on the handle of the hatchet.

The area was searched by the Shawano Police K-9 Unit. Other officers collected evidence at the home, which was sent to the state crime lab in Madison. The Shawano County Sheriff’s Department, along with several off-duty Shawano Police officers, assisted in the investigation, noted Capt. Jeff Heffernon.

Rohde believed the woman was the same person she helped on Nov. 1, the day after Halloween. Rohde said a woman came to the door at 5:45 a.m. that day and asked to use the phone.

The woman called a taxi and left without incident.

“I said to her, ‘Lord go with you,’” Rohde recalled.

Rohde was able to give officers a description of the woman, which led to a possible suspect. She identified a suspect through a photo line-up.

The 39-year-old suspect was arrested at her home on in Menominee County by Menominee Tribal Police about 10 a.m. Thursday on outstanding warrants. The case was referred to the Shawano/Menominee County District Attorney for charges.

Heffernon said Rohde handled “a truly a life-or-death situation” amazingly well.

“She did everything she could, given the circumstances,” Heffernon said. “I can’t say enough about her, and her ability to recall detail.”

“She impressed every police officer she came in contact with this morning,” Heffernon added.

Rohde doesn’t regret helping the woman last fall, and harbors no ill feelings toward her now.

“I don’t think she knew what she was doing,” she said. “I prayed for her many times since Halloween, and I prayed for her this morning that she wouldn’t do this to anyone else.

“I hope and pray to God no one else goes through this,” she added.

Later Thursday, Rohde said the attack “seems like it didn’t even happen” to her.

When asked how she was able to fend off the attacker, Rohde credited God.

“The Lord gave me strength to do it,” she said. “My hands are getting feeble, but the Lord gave be strength to hang on.”

Rohde described her attacker as slight. Rohde said the woman told her last fall she weighed just 103 pounds.

“My hope is for her to get better,” Rohde said. “I feel really bad for anyone having emotions that (they) can’t handle with God, because God promises to be with us.”

Rohde said she was “doing fine” and was cleaning up from the struggle after lunch Thursday. Her sons, Wayne and Eugene of Green Bay, had just left. They wanted their mother to come home with them. Her husband Harvey died 12 years ago.

“I’m here and I’m safe and sound,” Rohde said. “I’ve been here for 61 years and I’m going to stay here.”

It just goes to show when you need the strength and help from the Lord, He will be there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First On Race Day- FORD


Looks like Ford is moving ahead of the competition.
"Ford Sprint Cup teams will begin using a new engine later this season, but the exact rollout hasn't been determined, Roush Yates Engines president Doug Yates said Thursday.

The FR9 engine is the first purpose-built NASCAR racing engine ever built by Ford and the first new piece for the manufacturer since 1991. It has been in development for three years.

"The rollout for the new engine is probably the second half of the year. [It won't be] in all of the cars," Yates said. "We'll see how our strategy develops as points and teams go."" NASCAR.COM - Notes: New Ford engine will be available in 2009 - Jan 22, 2009

That is My President, Ronald Reagan

From TV by the numbers.
Updated: Will Obama break 1981 Reagan record for inauguration Nielsen ratings? No.

Posted on 20 January 2009 by Robert Seidman

Final Update: The Obama inauguration was watched by 37.8 million, second only to Reagan’s 41.8 million in 1981.

Another update: still haven’t seen the viewer numbers but James Hibberd reminded me that a household ratings point is larger today than it was in 1981, so Reagan’s record might not be safe after all. We’ll see!

Update: Reagan looks safe, but Obama appears headed for second most-watched inauguration.

Ronald Reagan’s inauguration twenty-eight years ago on January 20, 1981 set the inaugural ratings record, averaging almost forty-two million (41,800,260). Will Barack Obama break the record?" Updated: Will Obama break 1981 Reagan record for inauguration Nielsen ratings? No.

Will Obama break the record? Yes he will even if he is 4 million viewers less. No matter what the numbers, the MSM will lie through their teeth to show Obama the most watched inauguration. How long will the real Americans see through this?

Wait and see.

Rush / Edison School, Dan's Bake Sale Moment

From the Green Bay Press.
"Limbaugh teaching civics in Green Bay? Stay tuned Conservative host offers lesson after complaint about inauguration radio broadcast at Edison • January 22, 2009 " Limbaugh teaching civics in Green Bay? Stay tuned | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Rush Limbaugh is offering to teach a civics lesson to a Green Bay middle school after a teacher complained about his radio show's presentation of Tuesday's presidential inauguration broadcast throughout the school that included the conservative commentator's opinions.

Come on Edison, take up his offer. What are you afraid of?
"The radio was tuned to WTAQ News Radio, which during that time slot, broadcast the ceremonies through the Rush Limbaugh show," Brooker said. "During the time, Limbaugh provided commentary. Once realizing the form of the commentary through which the ceremonies were being broadcast, the station was turned to another broadcast of the inauguration.

How come we didn't hear about the school changing the station before? Some closet conservative in the office will be fired over this. Watch and see.
I wonder if the school would receive this offer in good faith," Limbaugh said on his show. "I'll go up there, I'll do a couple lectures on civics, give some students a ride on (my private jet) and give economics to them if the middle school in question is interested."

What a teaching moment that would be. I would pay or donate to the school to see Rush at Edison. If the school is short on funding they could make this into a Dans Bake sale. School board, take him up on his offer.

Never will happen.

The Honeymoon Is Over or Was It Set Up.

From JSOnline
"3 news agencies reject Obama handout photos

By Associated Press

Posted: Jan. 22, 2009"
3 news agencies reject Obama handout photos - JSOnline

New York - Three news agencies refused to distribute White House-provided photos of President Barack Obama in the Oval Office on Wednesday, arguing that access should have been provided to news photographers.

The Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse said the White House was breaking with longstanding tradition in not allowing news photographers to capture the president at work in the Oval Office on his first day.

"We are not distributing what are, in effect, visual press releases," said Michael Oreskes, managing editor for U.S. news at the AP.

The news agencies have used White House-provided images in the past for areas in the White House where media access is generally not permitted, such as the Situation Room or the private residence. But they contend that the Oval Office is the public office of the president and photographers should have access rather than relying on a government handout.

The White House later released a photograph of the president retaking the oath of office with Chief Justice John Roberts, which the AP also rejected.

The Journal Sentinel obtained its copy of the photo from the McClatchy News Service and used it on today's front page. The Journal Sentinel also rejected the Oval Office photo but decided to use the picture of the swearing-in because of its historic significance.

Courtney Dolan, spokeswoman for Thomson Reuters, argued that "using these photos would be a major break with established precedent and would compromise the long-held tradition of independent photo coverage of the president and the White House by the major news agencies."

Now they can say they are fair and balanced with news about Obama. "See, see, we aren't puppets for Obama".

Maybe this was set up by Obama and the Press. Makes O the good guy and the press the cry babies. Anything is possible with the MSM and Obama.

First In U.S. History

From Drudge

At 735 pm, Roberts administred the oath of office again to obama in the map room. Robert gibbs said the wh counsel, greg craig, believes the oath was fine Tuesday, but one word was out of sequence so they did this out of a "an abundance of caution." "We decided it was so much fun..." Obama joked while sitting on a couch. Obama stood and walked over to make small talk with pool as roberts donned his black robe. "Are you ready to take the oath?" Roberts asked. "I am, and we're going to do it very slowly," obama replied. Oath took 25 seconds. After a flawless recitation, roberts smiled and said, "congratulations, again." Obama said, "thank you, sir." Smattering of applause. "All right." Obama said. "The bad news for the pool is there's 12 more balls."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Cars We Drive

From the Green Bay Press about the fatal accident near Peshtigo where five people lost their lives. We pray that they are now in heaven with God Almighty.

You can read the article but this kind of struck me.
"The white four-door Kia driven by Rivas entered U.S. 41 from Country Meadows Road and was struck by Powell's truck." Driver arrested after fatal Marinette accident | | Green Bay

When I think of a KIA I think small compact car. I don't know what kind of car it was. If they were driving a Chevy Malibu or a Ford Taurus, would they be alive today? Now I assume it was the choice of the driver to buy a KIA but what will the future bring.

The very cars the environmentalists and the left want us to drive are tin cans. How safe are they? While the left elites drive their big cars the rest of us will be driving Smart cars for the sake of the environment. Does the left really care about safety? About human life? How much regulation will the left force onto us?

Will we lose our freedom to even choose the car we drive?

Sorry, I feel safe in my EVIL Ford Expedition.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Say It Ain't So

From Drudge and Bloomberg. What happened to the stock market today? I thought the sun will shine, the sea will recede or rise (I'm not sure which) and all is well in Obamatown.
Say it ain't so.
"U.S. Stocks Slide in Dow Average’s Worst Inauguration Day Drop " Worldwide
By Elizabeth Stanton

Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. stocks sank, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its worst Inauguration Day decline, as speculation banks must raise more capital sent financial shares to an almost 14-year low.

State Street Corp., the largest money manager for institutions, tumbled 59 percent after unrealized bond losses almost doubled. Wells Fargo & Co. and Bank of America Corp. slumped more than 23 percent on an analyst’s prediction that they’ll need to take steps to shore up their balance sheets. The Dow’s 4 percent slide was the most on an Inauguration Day in the measure’s 112-year history, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and the Stock Trader’s Almanac.

Stone Barn, Town of Chase

From the Pulaski News.
Stone barn from soon to be "my neck of the woods". Kind of neat.
"Stone Barn nominated for ‘most endangered’
By Talisa Schroeder and Kristin Kolkowski
Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Town of Chase recently nominated their historic Stone Barn to be on America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list for 2009. " Pulaski News - Stone Barn nominated for ‘most endangered’

The Stone Barn, which was built in 1903, is significant because it is indeed one of the last surviving barns of its kind. It represents what this nation and region was built from; farms and agriculture. It also represents Wisconsin’s geology; the stones used to build this barn originated from the Canadian Shield. They were pushed and tumbled here by massive glaciers during three known Ice Ages over the last 70,000 years, carving out much of Wisconsin’s landscape.

For more information about the Stone Barn, including photos, please visit the Town of Chase web site at www.townofchase. org.

Open Carry, No It's Not About Beer

Another fine article from Richard Moore and the Lakeland-Times.
Sooner or later this will come to a head and we will lose our right to bear arms. It goes in depth about the case of West Allis resident Brad Krause.

Do you care about your gun rights, read the article.
"1/20/2009 9:41:00 AM
'Open-carry' becoming central gun-rights issue Visible firearms bring disorderly conduct charges" 'Open-carry' becoming central gun-rights issue
Richard Moore
Investigative Reporter

News Analysis

For most of this decade, the most contentious gun issue in Wisconsin has been that of concealed carry, or the legal sanction to carry a firearm in public in a hidden manner, either on the body or in close proximity.

But this year that affair may take a backseat to a rapidly intensifying debate about the legality of open carry, or the act of publicly carrying a firearm in plain view.

Ostensibly, Wisconsin is an open-carry state, meaning there is no law against a law-abiding citizen openly carrying a legal firearm. Theoretically, at least, one could strap on a holster and pistol and go buy groceries, or plant trees in one's own yard, whether or not such an action might be wise.

Indeed, Wisconsin remains one of only two states in the nation not to allow some form of concealed carry, and one of the most-repeated arguments used by concealed-carry opponents is that it is not necessary because citizens can openly carry their guns.

Then attorney general Jim Doyle used that precise argument before the state Supreme Court in Wisconsin v Hamdan, in which the state carved out a concealed weapon exemption for small business owners.

As governor, Doyle reportedly reiterated his belief at a Lake Delton press conference, in which The Wisconsin Dells Events quoted him as saying, "If you want to carry a gun in Wisconsin, wear it on your hip."

Then again, maybe not, if the attitudes of other state officials, not to mention more than a few police actions, are any indication.

Doyle's proclamation notwithstanding, others in his administration take a wary view of wearing a gun openly on the hip, and their message is, if you do it, you're inviting trouble.

For example, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources hunter education administrator Timothy Lawhern wrote last year that openly carrying a gun would likely provoke an unsympathetic and severe response from law enforcement officers.

"Note that the officer on the street doesn't expect to see firearms openly exposed," Lawhern wrote in the April 2008 issue of the Wisconsin Hunter Education newsletter. "In most cases when they do see a firearm, they draw theirs and tell the person 'Let me see your hands! Don't move!' In some cases they yell, 'Put the gun down,' or 'Drop the gun!'"

Please go to Lakeland-Times for the whole article.

Shawano Area Tribe Loses Court Ruling

From the Green Bay Press.
"Update: Stockbridge-Munsee tribe loses land in court

The Associated Press • January 20, 2009 " Update: Stockbridge-Munsee tribe loses land in court | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

MADISON — A court ruling shrinking a Wisconsin Indian tribe’s reservation means gambling cannot resume at a Shawano County golf course and some tribal members may have to pay back taxes.

Some of the fall out for the Stockbridge-Munsee tribe.
The tribe always has claimed the property inside the 1856 boundaries, which include the Shawano County towns of Bartelme and Red Springs, Chicks said. About half of the 1,500 tribal members live inside that area.

If it stands, the decision could have implications for tribal members who live in the disputed boundaries and have not been paying taxes. In general, Indians who live and work on reservations do not pay state income taxes.

In 2000, the tribe agreed to collect taxes that could be due if its appeal failed. That escrow account could soon be turned over to the state. The program was voluntary, however, and some may not have participated.

Once the case is resolved, the state Department of Revenue could seek back taxes and penalties against tribal members who still owe taxes.

I would suppose the tribe can drag out litigation and wait to get the right court in place to get their land back. They just have to wait for an Obama court.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scam Alert, Pass it on

From Sheboygan Shenanigans.

"From the Sheriff of Sheboygan County, Michael W. Helmke

*Jury Duty Scam [ALERT]

This has been verified by the FBI.

Please pass this on to everyone. It is spreading fast so be prepared should you get this call. Most of us take those summonses for jury duty seriously, but enough people skip out on their civic duty, that a new and ominous kind of fraud has surfaced.

The caller claims to be a jury coordinator. If you protest that you never received a summons for jury duty, the scammer asks you for your Social Security number and date of birth so he or she can verify the information and cancel the arrest warrant. Give out any of this information and bingo; your identity was just stolen.

The fraud has been reported so far in 11 states, including Oklahoma, Illinois, and Colorado. This (swindle) is particularly insidious because they use intimidation over the phone to try to bully people into giving information by pretending they are with the court system. The FBI and the federal court system have issued nationwide alerts on their web sites, warning consumers about the fraud.

Please make sure and pass this on! Especially tell the elderly in your family, as they are the ones these robbers love and find the easiest to prey on!! Thanks." Sheboygan Shenanigans

Rivers Bend Supper Club

From The Green Bay Press.
"Fire damages River's Bend restaurant

By Andy Nelesen • • January 18, 2009 " Fire damages River's Bend restaurant | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

HOWARD — Fire officials estimate damages from a Saturday morning blaze at River's Bend Steak and Seafood could top $250,000.

Passers-by noticed flames at 792 Riverview Drive and called 911 at 7:38 a.m. Saturday, several minutes before the building's fire alarm engaged and alerted emergency dispatchers, said Howard Fire Chief Ed Janke.

When we lived in Howard Rivers Bend was a favorite place with GREAT food.

What a shame. Lucky no one was hurt.

Avoid Peanut Butter

Sheboygan Shenanigans gave us the heads up and here is a follow up from Fox News

"FDA Urges People to Avoid Peanut Butter Products

Sunday, January 18, 2009
" - FDA Urges People to Avoid Peanut Butter Products - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News

WASHINGTON  —  Federal health authorities on Saturday urged consumers to avoid eating cookies, cakes, ice cream and other foods that contain peanut butter until authorities can learn more about a deadly outbreak of salmonella contamination.

Most peanut butter sold in jars at supermarkets appears to be safe, said Stephen Sundlof, head of the Food and Drug Administration's food safety center.

"As of now, there is no indication that the major national name-brand jars of peanut butter sold in retails stores are linked to the recall," Sundlof told reporters in a conference call.

Officials are focusing on peanut paste, as well as peanut butter, produced at a Blakely, Ga., facility owned by Peanut Corp. of America. Its peanut butter is not sold directly to consumers but distributed to institutions and food companies. But the peanut paste, made from roasted peanuts, is an ingredient in cookies, cakes and other products that people buy in the supermarket.

"This is an excellent illustration of an ingredient-driven outbreak," said Dr. Robert Tauxe, who oversees foodborne illness investigations for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So far, more than 470 people have gotten sick in 43 states, and at least 90 had to be hospitalized. At least six deaths are being blamed on the outbreak. Salmonella is a bacteria and the most common source of food poisoning in the U.S., causing diarrhea, cramping and fever.

Officials said new illnesses are still being reported in the outbreak investigation.

The Kellogg Co., which listed Peanut Corp. as one of its suppliers, has recalled 16 products. They include Austin and Keebler branded Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers, and some snack-size packs of Famous Amos Peanut Butter Cookies and Keebler Soft Batch Homestyle Peanut Butter Cookies. Health officials said consumers who have bought any of those products should throw them away.

Peanut Corp. has recalled all peanut butter produced at the Georgia plant since Aug. 8 and all peanut paste produced since Sept. 26. The plant passed its last state inspection this summer, but recent tests have found salmonella.

Health officials are focusing on 30 companies out of a total of 85 that received peanut products from the Georgia plant. Sundlof said Peanut Corp. is a relatively small supplier on the national scene.

The Midwest supermaket chain Hy-Vee Inc. of West Des Moines, Iowa, said Saturday it was voluntarily recalling products made in its bakery departments with peanut butter because they had the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. The recall covered seven states: Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Perry's Ice Cream Co., based in Akron, N.Y., said it was recalling select ice cream products containing peanut butter because of the PCA investigation. Its recall covered New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia.

The outbreak has triggered a congressional inquiry and renewed calls for reform of food safety laws. For example, the FDA lacks authority to order a recall, and instead must ask companies to voluntarily withdraw products.

"Given the numerous food-borne illness outbreaks over the past several years, it is becoming painfully clear that the current regulatory structure is antiquated and ill-equipped to handle these extensive investigations," said Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., who chairs a panel that oversees the FDA budget.

Seattle-area lawyer William Marler, who specializes in food safety cases, said the government shouldn't wait for the results of more tests to request recalls.

"At least 30 companies purchased peanut butter or paste from a facility with a documented link to a nationwide salmonella outbreak," said Marler. "The FDA has the authority actually, the mandate to request recalls if the public health is threatened. Instead, the FDA has asked the companies to test their products and consider voluntary recalls. It is just not enough."

Health officials in Minnesota and Virginia have linked two deaths each to the outbreak and Idaho has reported one. Four of those five were elderly people, and all had salmonella when they died, although their exact causes of death have not been determined. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the salmonella may have contributed.

An elderly North Carolina man died in November from the same strain of salmonella that's causing the outbreak, officials in that state said Friday.

The CDC said the bacteria behind the outbreak — typhimurium — is common and not an unusually dangerous strain but that the elderly or those with weakened immune systems are more at risk.

Hookers Pay For Play In Washington D C

From Drudge and WUSA 9
""Prostitution Free Zone" During Inauguration
Posted By: Lindsey Mastis 1 day ago " | Washington, DC | "Prostitution Free Zone" During Inauguration

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- District police have placed signs along 5th and I Streets. They read, "Warning, Prostitution Free Zone." Those who disobey could be fined 300 dollars, and even jailed. But will the city's plan work?

Your Kidding?
Tamira also believes some visitors will come to the inauguration for legitimate business, but prostitute on the side to make extra money.

They may not make any money during the inauguration but with all the money in Washington D C this week they will more then make up for it after.

How many Hollywood types and government officials will get busted next week?

My guess, quite a lot but you won't here about them unless they are republican.

Is this what "O" meant that he would create jobs in the economy?

This is truly the "pay for play" part of O's economy.

Wasn't A Republican

From the Fond Du Lac Reporter.

Obliviously it wasn't a republican because no party affiliation was mentioned and they did not mention the party affiliation at the political gathering and last, the name of the presidential candidate was not mentioned.
"Grabbing woman's rear results in $1,000 fine

The Reporter Staff • January 18, 2009 " Grabbing woman's rear results in $1,000 fine | | Fond du Lac Reporter

Grabbing woman's rear results in $1,000 fine

A Fond du Lac man who slapped and grabbed the butt of a female camera worker on Election Day will pay a $1,000 fine.

Terry L. Fleischfresser, 45, of 331 Doty St., appeared Monday before Fond du Lac County Circuit Court Judge Peter Grimm on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Fleischfresser was initially charged with fourth-degree sexual assault and obstructing an officer for the inappropriate touching and not telling police his name until a Fond du Lac County Jail employee identified him.

A Breathalyzer test revealed he had a blood alcohol concentration of .213, according to the complaint.

The sexual assault charge was dismissed on a prosecutor's motion.

Fleischfresser was arrested for his actions Nov. 4 while leaving a political gathering for presidential candidates near the intersection of Johnson and Main streets.

If it was a republican, we would of seen McCain, Palin or republican mentioned.

So much for honest truthful reporting.

To You Lawyers Out There

From an e mail.


These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, and are
things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now
Published by court reporters who had the torment of staying calm while
these exchanges were actually taking place.
ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active?
WITNESS: No, I just lie there.
ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact?
WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.
ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all?
ATTORNEY: And in what ways does it affect your memory?
WITNESS: I forget.
ATTORNEY: You forget? Can you give us an example of something you
ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that
WITNESS: He said, "Where am I, Cathy?"
ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you?
WITNESS: My name is Susan!
ATTORNEY: Do you know if your daughter has ever been involved in
WITNESS: We both do.
WITNESS: Yes, voodoo.
ATTORNEY: Now doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his
he doesn't know about it until the next morning?
WITNESS: Did you actually pass the bar exam?
ATTORNEY: The youngest son, the twenty-one-year-old, how old is he?
WITNESS: Uh, he's twenty-one.
ATTORNEY: Were you present when your picture was taken?
WITNESS: Are you shitt'in me?
ATTORNEY: So the date of conception (of the baby) was August 8th?
ATTORNEY: And what were you doing at that time?
WITNESS: Uh.... I was gett'in laid!
ATTORNEY: She had three children, right?
ATTORNEY: How many were boys?
ATTORNEY: Were there any girls?
WITNESS: Your Honor, I think I need a different attorney. Can I get a
new attorney?
ATTORNEY: How was your first marriage terminated?
WITNESS: By death.
ATTORNEY: And by whose death was it terminated?
WITNESS: Now whose death do you suppose terminated it?
ATTORNEY: Can you describe the individual?
WITNESS: He was about medium height and had a beard.
ATTORNEY: Was this a male or a female?
ATTORNEY: Is your appearance here this morning pursuant to a deposition
notice which I sent to your attorney?
WITNESS: No, this is how I dress when I go to work.
ATTORNEY: Doctor, how many of your autopsies have you performed on dead
WITNESS: All my autopsies are performed on dead people. Would you like
to rephrase that?
ATTORNEY: ALL your responses MUST be oral, OK? What school did you go
ATTORNEY: Do you recall the time that you examined the body?
WITNESS: The autopsy started around 8:30 p.m.
ATTORNEY: And Mr. Denton was dead at the time?
WITNESS: No, he was sitting on the table wondering why I was doing an
autopsy on him!
ATTORNEY: Are you qualified to give a urine sample?
WITNESS: Huh....are you qualified to ask that question?
_______________________ _______________

--- And the best for last: ---
ATTORNEY: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a
ATTORNEY: Did you check for blood pressure?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for breathing?
ATTORNEY: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you
began the autopsy?
ATTORNEY: How can you be so sure, Doctor?
WITNESS: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
ATTORNEY: I see, but could the patient have still been alive,
WITNESS: Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and
practicing law.

224, Big Whoop

From the AP and Green Bay Press.

Is this really worth a story? Only 224 people want the stimulus package passed. Lets see, teachers and government workers and still only 224! This makes Move On in Wisconsin a bigger joke than it already is. So they put out a P R and the Green Bay Press is obligated to run it? This makes the Green Bay Press a bigger joke also.
" urges Kagen to back plan

By Corinthia McCoy • • January 18, 2009

Members of the political action group delivered a petition signed by 224 Wisconsin residents to Democrat U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen's Green Bay office Wednesday urging him to support President-elect Barack Obama's stimulus package." urges Kagen to back plan | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

The petition stated: "Congress should quickly pass Obama's plan to invest in clean energy, green jobs, health care and relief for struggling states. No more tax cuts for the rich."

Obama's stimulus plan, which has grown to about $850 billion, so far includes helping cash-strapped states with a Medicaid health-care program for the poor and disabled, creating education block grants for states, paying subsidies to help laid-off workers keep health insurance, extending unemployment benefits and increasing food stamps.

"I think the sooner they move on the stimulus package, the better everyone will be," said Marte Carlin, a member of

–– The Associated Press