Saturday, April 02, 2011

What's Baby Face Tom Nelson Been Up To

It's been a while since I read anything on Baby Face  Tom Nelson. Mark Belling at 1130 WISN coined him Baby Face just so you know.Let's see, seems the paper did a article on the race for Outagamie County Executive. 

From the Appleton P C

APPLETON — When it's all added up, the Outagamie County executive race could turn out to be the most expensive in the annals of the office.

Finance reports filed Monday with the county clerk's office show the candidates, Thomas Nelson and Jack Voight, have raised more than $175,000 since entering the race.

Let's take a look at the money..

Despite his late start, Nelson, 34, has managed to out-raise Voight, 66, nearly 2-1.

To date, he has taken in $113,634 to Voight's $61,600. He has received his largest share of support from the state Democratic Party, organized labor and donors from outside the county.

Individual donors and business interests in the county have made up the vast majority of support for Voight, who has been campaigning since June 2009.

Hummmmm, so Nelson got most of his money from the dems, unions and outside Outagamie county. Who would of thought. Seems Nelson is trying to buy an election. I wonder if the people of Outagamie County will show up and put Baby Face Nelson on permanent retirement?  Maybe Nelson should find a real job for once. 

Vote Voight in Outagamie County.

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