Thursday, March 31, 2011

D C Republicans Running Scared On The Budget

Listening to Sean Hannity talking to Wisconsin's Paul Ryan on delay on 1130 WISN. He is telling me nothing about the present budget battle and is getting excited about the next budget he is writing. 

Ryan is touting the bill he is writing. Mr. Ryan, what is the difference between the present budget and the one you are writing? The democrats are blocking the bills in the senate now and they will block everything Ryan will bring up in next years budget. To paraphrase him, he said he will have a budget that will cut trillions. Doesn't matter what budget Ryan proposes. Ryan's budget is DEAD ON ARRIVAL. How can he pass the next budget if they can't do anything with the present budget? Ryan will lose on the budget and lose everything this county ever stood for. We are stuck with the democrat senate till January of 2013. 

Do you understand what he is saying? We are SCREWED till the 2012 election and if Obama and the democratic senate is not taken down in 2012, we can kiss this country GOOD BYE forever! 

Ryan and the republican house can't do anything with the budget's, Can't cut spending, can't cut Obama Care, can't do anything and the democrats and Obama know it. He pretty much admitted it on Hannity's show. It's the first time I heard Paul Ryan running scared. Republicans are afraid of shutting down the government and sold their souls to the devil himself!

Ryan and the republicans now in DC sold the voters a pair of goods that they can do nothing with. Go ahead, ask Paul Ryan if after he comes out with his next budget, can they pass it with the democrat controlled senate? Ryan cannot pass anything with Ried and Obama?

WE ARE SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!! Will Paul Ryan just admit it and let us move on. We need different candidates in 2012.

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