Saturday, April 02, 2011

Bonduel Teachers Save Union Dues

From the Shawano Leader. I take back everything bad I said about Bonduel.

Bonduel teachers give up more than money

By Tiffany Wilbert
Bonduel teachers gave up more than money in their recent contract negotiations with the School Board.

They also gave up tenure, or seniority, in layoff situations - long a key aspect of most union contracts.

Under the two-year contract extension approved last week, however, layoff and subsequent hiring decisions will be based on merit rather than seniority.

“We were disappointed that those sections of the contract were removed — it took a lot of years to have the contract language implemented — but considering the circumstances that the alternative would have been no extension at all, we agreed to it,” said Chris Reinke, BEA president.

Yep, at least they saved the union membership dues. 

The wage freeze ($25,000) and benefits changes (retirement $190,000, insurance $85,000) will save the district about $300,000. The district gained another $35,000 when teachers agreed to drop longterm care insurance and a $45,000 savings with a reduction in the alternate benefit plan for teachers who elected not to take insurance.

The new contract also eliminated the “sick leave bank,” which allowed teachers, after 15 years of employment, to be credited $45 per day for unused, accumulated sick leave. Under the contract extension, teachers will get 10 sick days per year and 120 days maximum.

How can this happen without Gov Walker even passing his plan? Huh! Good for the people running the school district. 

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brvanlanen said...

Good to see the concessions. Unfortunate that the union will get their all-important dues.