Thursday, March 31, 2011

Police and Fire Fighters Thrown Under The Bus

Seems the lefties in La Crosse are trying to throw police and fire fighter unions under the bus. From the La Crosse Trib 

Mayor backs call for police, fire to pay part of health plan, pension

"La Crosse Mayor Matt Harter has joined 38 other Wisconsin city officials in pushing for the state to require police and firefighters pay the same pension and health insurance costs proposed for other public employees.
“I think it’s fair that if one group of employees is going to be required to make contributions, then other groups should as well,” Harter said Wednesday.

The Urban Alliance, representing Wisconsin cities with a population of 10,000 or more, sent a letter to the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee calling for the change to Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining law.

That measure, now tied up in courts, would require most public workers pay half of their pension contribution and 12.6 percent of their health insurance costs."

You know, if the mayor want's police and fire to pay more in their contracts, why don't they ask and why won't those unions pay more money when they negotiate their next contract?. Why does Scott Walker have to force the issue?

I always read western Wisconsin was left but , this takes the cake. How low will lefties go? 

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