Friday, April 01, 2011

Kloppenburg, Lake Front Property Poison Like A Salvage Yard

Is anyone really surprised how radical JoAnne Kloppenburg is towards lake front property owners? Richard Moore found more facts about the left leaning supreme court candidate. 

Kloppenburg compares older nonconforming cottages to - Richard Moore:

"“Zoning ordinances must limit, so as quickly to eliminate, nonconforming uses and structures because they would violate equal protection if they did not,” Kloppenburg said. “The Wisconsin Supreme Court has held that it does not violate equal protection to require future buildings to conform to ordinance requirements while allowing pre-existing nonconforming buildings to remain out of conformance. Conversely, it would violate equal protection to allow all pre-existing nonconforming uses and structures to remain unregulated and permanently present.”

What’s more, she said, nonconforming properties were legal poison, and she compared them to a salvage yard in a residential neighborhood.

'No one would go out of their way to figure out how to let that salvage yard stay too long because it is so clearly inconsistent with and harmful to the residential area,” she said. “Under controlling law, structures in the shoreland setback are no different or less noxious.'"

Legal poison? Is she serious? Why would anyone vote for Kloppenburg? Mr Moore closes with this.

Her past is the best indication how she would vote on the high court. If Kloppenburg wins, anti-property rights’ forces will control the court, and could for years to come.

Go read the whole thing and then go vote Tuesday for David Prosser.

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