Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Liberal Dems, Teachers, Unions, We Won, You Lost

Patrick McIlheran of the Journal Sentinel has a great read. Here's a a slice of reality. 

How bitter it is no longer to rule unopposed - JSOnline:

"Compromise? It consisted of Republicans agreeing to the Democrats’ general direction and being granted, in turn, the right to complain, as long as they kept it quiet."

Lee says the destabilization in all this was the rise of talk radio. That’s interesting, as it suggests the Democrats’ vision of compromise cannot stand the vigorous expression of an opposing viewpoint. Before talk radio, conservatives could be dissatisfied, vote for Lee Dreyfuss and feel still worse in the morning. Solitarily, too: Before talk radio, newspapers and broadcasters, offered a spectrum of views from centrist to Trotskyite. Of course things were more peaceful if during this 40-year slide any critical questioning occurred only in conservatives’ own heads.

I’ll tell you why things are bitter: It’s because until lately, liberals in Wisconsin, having for years had the field to themselves, presumed the state was their possession. They grew unused to having to contest things politically and so lost the habits of fighting civilly. They did not know, and in some quarters still do not know, how civilized people differ.

Liberal left, let me put it to you as simple as I can. 

"We won, you lost, get over it!"

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