Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Four Down, Twenty Four To Go

From the Green Bay Press

The state will spend an additional $1.6 million on the U.S. 41 reconstruction project and install traffic lights instead of roundabouts at two key Brown County interchanges.

A series of traffic lights will be installed at the Oneida Street and Lombardi Avenue intersections with the highway, which is undergoing a seven-year, $1 billion reconstruction over 14 miles.

Two roundabouts were being considered at each interchange as part of the project in Brown County. Wisconsin Department of Transportation officials say they have not completed the design for the intersections and the exact location and number of traffic lights were not available Tuesday.

First, how can thy spend an extra $1.6 Million? What was the original coast of the roundabouts.?

I hope the people of Brown county stop the roundabout madness while they still can.  

4 down, 24 to go.We are not Europe, dump the roundabouts. 

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Dad29 said...


There's a VERY successful roundabout in Brookfield. Not a high-traffic area except at rush hour, very good visibility in 3 directions, good in the remaining one, 35- MPH speed limits, and not a lot of truck traffic.

I was prepared to scream like hell about it, but hey! It worked.

So in some circumstances, it's a good idea.