Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Real Picture Of JoAnne Kloppenburg

Some quotes from Patrick McIlheran at J S Online. I added the images. 

It's not really how JoAnne Kloppenburg operates but how she really looks.

A look at how Kloppenburg operates - JSOnline:

"So does her career as the state prosecutor working with the Department of Natural Resources. Has she prosecuted judiciously? No. She has shown toward Wisconsinites all the humanity of the Terminator."

Take Wayne Hensler, a farmer, now 82. His 70-acre field south of Lake Mills tilts slightly and is near water, heaven help him. When he was told his runoff was plaguing Rock Lake, he offered to change the drainage. No go: Eventually, the state demanded he give up 7 acres (the best ones, he says) to plant in grass.

Hensler is stubborn, a proselytizing atheist who puts up anti-God billboards. When the court told him to turn over $5,000 to the DNR so it could render his 7 acres useless, he replied no. He was sent to jail immediately, while the state's attorney, Kloppenburg, dug into his bank accounts.

Kloppenburg chased this case from 2004 to, apparently, present, since Hensler says he's going to put in soybeans. She e-mailed a colleague in 2009 to note that Hensler, who'd recently gone through heart surgery, "looked very hale and hearty" as he got hauled off.

Hensler says Kloppenburg showed neither understanding nor judiciousness. "This was more of a hate thing than anything else," he told me.

Connie Helnore of Cedarburg says that at least her case has settled into benign neglect. In 2003, after she and her husband got the necessary permits to use a lot next to theirs to build a house for their daughter, they learned it was wetland, despite it being flat, dry and, according to a DNR staffer, buildable. What's more, their own house was on wetland, the DNR now said, and would have to go.

The DNR relented on the Helnores' house, but thanks to the icily dogged work of Kloppenburg, their other lot remains unbuildable. Whether they can remodel or repair is an open question, says Helnore. As for the lawyer who mulcted them of their investment, Helnore said, "I don't think she cares about people, and she certainly doesn't care about property rights for people. Obviously, she's not getting our vote."

Others may, of course, prefer an inhuman implacability when prosecutors apply the law to the facts of a damp state. If that's you, Kloppenburg's your Javert.

But it does raise the question: If she cannot be judicious when using a prosecutor's power, what will she be like when she's wearing a robe?

No matter which way you look at JoAnne Kloppenburg, She is the face of the  the Wisconsin of Department of Natural Resources. She has never been a judge and how does that give here the right to be on the states supreme court? Will she be the WDNR face on the Wisconsin Supreme Court? Voters in Wisconsin will determine that on Tuesday. 

A vote for Kloppenburg is a vote to take away your land! Talk to Wayne Hensler.

A vote for Kloppenburg is a vote to take away your home! Talk to Connie Helnore.

A vote for Kloppenburg is a vote to take away your freedom! Talk to Wayne Hensler.

A vote for Kloppenburg is a vote for a judge who will be soft on crime. Open the prison gates.

A vote for Kloppenburg is a vote to take away your right to vote! Welcome more voter fraud. Say good bye to voter I D.

A vote for Kloppenburg is a vote to take away your right to bear arms, (concealed carry)!

If you really see the face of JoAnne Kloppenburg, you know the only vote you can make is for David Prosser for Wisconsin State Supreme Court. 

Can you really take the chance voting for JoAnne Kloppenburg?  Can you look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and tell them you really don't care.

You need to vote Prosser Tuesday April 5th.

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