Friday, September 11, 2009

Where's President Obama

His first year in office, he wants us to back him in health care and on a day no one will forget, why is he not at ground zero? BIDEN? Shouldn't the headline be "The President to lead nation's look back in anguish"

From the New York Post.

"Biden to lead nation's look back in anguish


Last Updated: 4:08 AM, September 11, 2009

Posted: 3:10 AM, September 11, 2009
The eighth-anniversary memorial ceremony at Ground Zero will include a reading by Vice President Joe Biden, accompanied by a long list of local elected officials.

In addition, each of the 115 Sept. 11 relatives expected to attend will be paired with a local volunteer to read off the names of those who perished.

Other remembrances are planned around the region, but Ground Zero will be the focal point for the families who -- for the first time -- will be let on the partially constructed Memorial Plaza.

Bagpipers and drummers will open the invitation-only get-together at 8:40 a.m., and Mayor Bloomberg will call for a moment of silence as church bells toll citywide at 8:46 a.m. -- the time the first airliner hit the north tower.

Other moments of silence will be observed at 9:03 a.m. -- the time the second airliner hit the south tower -- and at 9:59 and 10:29 a.m., to mark the towers' collapse.

The televised ceremony will be held in Zuccotti Park, across Church Street from the World Trade Center site.

As for the annual Tribute in Light, the two massive beams will return, recreating the towers' image, from sunset, about 7:11 p.m., to dawn.
" Biden to lead nation's look back in anguish

And he wonders why he has low approval numbers.

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