Saturday, September 12, 2009

Teachable Moment

First, why won't the MSM cover this, I am SHOCKED! From Dad29 and Gateway
"Gateway has pics of hundreds of MD's protesting ObamaCare in D.C. yesterday.

They had to take time out from performing unnecessary tonsillectomies and amputations. " Dad29

Second, off topic but these doctors remind me of my day yesterday. It a teachable moment to my inner circle of the seven most important people in my life.

The rest of you can move on.

I was parked in Appleton listening to talk radio off of Ballard Rd at my doctors office waiting for the dreaded every two year snap the glove, turn your head and cough check up. God, you know I hate the snap the glove part. JFYI, I have one GREAT doctor. Don't want to lose him to Obamacare and I told him that.

I first hear and then see a fire truck approaching. Hum, where are they going. Sure as God is my witness they pull into the MD complex. What, is there a fire, don't see any smoke? Is this something for hazmat? The fire truck stops and four, five firemen grab a couple bags and in a nonchalant manner walk towards the front door and go in. I guess from their walk there was no emergency. Next thing I know an ambulance pulls up by the front door and they pull out a gurney and take it in. No fire, something must be up, it's a doctors office.

Time to go in to get it over with. Check in, go to the left around the corner to the ( I think) blue section and have a seat. You ever notice in the doctors office there are a lot of magazines with the mailing address labels cut out? Low and behold out of my doctors office door come seven fireman, EMT people and one guy going out on the gurney. I overhear one say, your lucky it happened in a doctors office. Poor guy must of had a hard attack and they had to take him to the hospital. Did you every ride in an ambulance? It's kind of neat watching all the cars and trucks getting passed on the road. Sorry, back to yesterday.

Family, bet your wondering where I going with this? Here's my teachable moment. Observe and think about things in life. Don't take things at face value. Never believe all the MSM or what people tell you. Observe and try to see the bigger picture, read between the lines. After what I just observed, I had to ask myself a couple of questions.

Why did the Appleton, Grand Chute, not sure which, fire dept send a truck and numerous fire fighters to a possible heart attack victim. The doctors complex has to have over twenty five physicians there. Hello?
Is this where I say the lights are on and there's nobody home?

Does the fire department respond to every emergency call? How much does that cost the people of the area?

If the doctor called for an ambulance then why did the fire department show up?

Did the fire department not trust the twenty five doctors and maybe more nurses that were in the building to save the guy?

Do they have to respond to every emergency?

Was the fire department present because of liability issues in this country?
Can we all say we need tort reform in health care?

Can we say to Appleton or Grand Chute residents, you wonder why your taxes are high?

Is this what is called bloated big government? "Hello family", you have to pay taxes on all this!

Will the guy with the heart attack have three charges? A charge from his doctor, a charge for an ambulance ride and a charge from the fire department for showing up?

Is there no common sense in this world today?

For crying out loud it was a doctors office, why send the fire department?

Family, I have a few answers to the lunacy of life today but that is for another day. Observe, question and learn from life. God gave you five senses to use while here on earth. Use them and then use your God given mind to think things through. I know most of you think of me as the CRAZY OLD MAN but life will always have teachable moments.


Dad29 said...

Same stuff in Brookfield, WI., and the Common Council doesn't give a rip.

The excuse is that 'the ambo people may need help' (with moving a patient, gaining access, etc.)

The REALITY is that when the engine company rolls, it's another "tick" justifying budget dollars (and Firefighters' Union members.)

If they really think they need "help" in gaining access, muscle, (whatever), why not call the COPS, who have muscle and can gain access (etc.) AND who are already on the road?

It's empire- and budget-building.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Dad, this just drives me crazy.

The sad part not a lot of people out there even realize the empire - and budget building going on.

Thanks and have a GREAT weekend.