Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Steve Kagen, So

An editorial from The Green Bay Press.

"Editorial: We need reform on health care, not party bickering
September 9, 2009

As President Barack Obama addresses a rare joint session of Congress tonight, much is riding on this speech for a nation frustrated over health-care reform." Editorial: We need reform on health care, not party bickering | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
So the Green Bay Press doesn't want party bickering?

who's frustrated?

why do democrats and Steve Kagen need republicans for passing their health care bill?

So they need republicans to blame if it doesn't work?

So why don't democrats and Steve Kagen, pass it?
In Northeastern Wisconsin, we look to U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, to work with Republicans to find common ground. As he said in Sunday’s Green Bay Press-Gazette, “Today's skyrocketing costs for health care are unsustainable.” We expect him to work in a bipartisan fashion to help bring those costs down.
So why are they telling Steve Kagen to work with republicans?
In his column, Kagen wrote: “We need reforms that guarantee if you're sick or lose your job, you can keep your health coverage. If you have health insurance, it should not cost you a fortune — and certainly not more than the mortgage payments for your home. And insurance corporations should no longer be allowed to take your money and not give it back.”
So in his article, did Steve Kagen say that he would work with republicans?
Some of Kagen’s critics complain that even after hearing sharp complaints about the pending legislation in Congress, he hasn’t changed his tune. It’s true: Kagen continues to talk about the ideas he advocated when he first ran in 2006, when he was re-elected in 2008, and in the months he has served in Congress in between. Whether you like his message or not, Kagen has been consistent all along, and Northeastern Wisconsin has now elected him twice based on that message.

So, Kagen hasn't changed his tune, "continues to talk about the ideas he advocated" but republicans should change their beliefs and work with Kagen?
Instead of finding fault with the other side — which is what most of the debating has been about — lawmakers need to reach consensus. And Kagen needs to be willing to compromise.
So lawmakers (republicans only) need to reach consensus? So, Steve Kegan will not reach across the aisle? So, the Green Bay Press will not blame Steve Kagen? So, the GBP will blame the republicans? So, what else is new?


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