Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pulaski Obama Speech

"At Pulaski Middle School, a few hundred students watched the speech live in the auditorium. The school district decided students in the middle and high school who wanted to see the speech could come down and watch it." President Obama Speaks to Students -- But Who Heard It? - WBAY-TV Green Bay-Fox Cities-Northeast Wisconsin News:

Update, all of a sudden Pulaski comes out with numbers for the Obama speech. From the Press Gazette.
"About 900 of the about 1,200 Pulaski High School students and 300 of the 850 Pulaski Middle School students chose to watch Obama's speech live, Lightner said.

About 150 of about 1,500 district elementary school students watched."
Pulaski kids take in Obama speech | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Thats 1350 out of 3500 total enrollment. That's 38% of the total number of children in the Pulaski school district of 3550. Let's break the numbers down.

10% of elementary school children watched Obama. If only 10% of parents opted in , what does that tell you about the parents. Sounds like good parents to me.

35% of middle school students watched Obama.

75% of high School students watched Obama.

This could tell us, more then less elementary teachers knew their students wouldn't understand Obama, a little more left leaning teachers in middle school watched Obama, and most not all teachers in Pulaski high school are left leaning liberals or the superintendent and princapal forced the high school students to watch. Did the superintendent guess at the numbers or did they go out of their way to make the news. Even though Pulaski decided to go the opt-in route, allowing middle and high school students to decide whether they wanted to view the speech, I still think some teachers opted into watching the speech contrary to what the students wanted. This also tell's us that there were at least 300 conservative or absent students attending Pulaski High School on Tuesday.

Still not sure if the Pulaski area is more liberal then conservative. Time will tell.

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