Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Belling Neumann Interview

Mark Belling 1130 WISN just interviewed Mark Neumann for Wisconsin Governor. This is some of what I heard and my comments. Just my take. I am paraphrasing a lot of information on questions and answers.

For lower taxes for business to create jobs.

Brought up GE and green technology, translation, need more federal mandates and federal spending to support green technology. Mentioned something about keeping present eco laws or bills in place. Sounds like he wants more federal spending to profit GE, his business, etc, etc.

Ethanol mandates - did not come up.

Wants to negotiate with both parties. Listen to both sides of the table. My translation, will not compel his beliefs. A conservative governor leads and does not follow or negotiate. Done with RINO's!

Didn't really answer to expand charter or choice schools. Said he worked with some in Wisconsin and Arizona but did not come back and say he will expand choice and charter. Carefully chosen words for WEAC.

QEO, wants to sit down at the table. Translation, will let WEAC roll him. Again I say a governor leads and does not negotiate. RINO!

Commuter rail, opposed to it

High speed rail, opposed to it.

Zoo interchange, high priority.

His reasons to vote for him, private sector jobs and negotiator across table. Will he send us deeper in the hole sitting across the table? Looking for conservative leadership.

Couldn't give a reason or example of what Walker did or didn't do in Milwaukee County. Couldn't answer. Came close to blaming Walker for Milwaukee money problems. Alienating conservatives.

Jim Klauser, and insiders, Wisconsin Business Council, does not know Marc Marotta , meet Prange couple times, Klauser, doesn't know beyond campaign (what does that mean). Doesn't know business group. My big question here, shouldn't he know about this group? He's running for Wisconsin Governor, he should know this group or is he distancing himself from them. Is that why they could call them a shadow group?

Too many questions right now to, let me clarify, sounds too RINO for me, especially about the green crap!

Sorry Mark Neumann, can't help you here.

Move along.

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