Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Want Our Stuff

From the Green Bay Press.
"Wisconsin tops nation in census response
Minnesota second highest; both above 80%

By Paul Srubas • psrubas@greenbaypressgazette • April 29, 2010

When 600,000 census takers hit the nation's streets Saturday to begin the door-to-door population count, they'll have a lot less work to do in Wisconsin than elsewhere in the nation."
Wisconsin tops nation in census response | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

How come the Berry Laker Family didn't get a census form? Do they not want to count a white, conservative, middle income, legal citizen, United States of America family. Are they afraid to enter the bunker in the north woods? I couldn't find a family photo so I got this from Google image. It will do.

Where is our stash? We will not fill any form or talk to any census worker unless we get

one census mouse pad,

one census coffee mug, ceramic, not a plastic travel mug,

one census jean shirt and

one census jean cap.

No stash, no count.

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Dad29 said...


They may have an extra pen or pencil (generic, no labels), but no goodies.