Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buy Arizona

Since some are trying to boycott Arizona,

"SF Calls for Arizona Boycott
City attorney urges businesses to take a stand against AZ law"
SF Calls for Arizona Boycott | NBC Bay Area


why don't we buy from Arizona.

Mothers Day is May 9th, how about order flowers through a Arizona florist.

Why not buy something from the Arizona Diamondbacks gift shop. 

Hey Brewer fans, isn't spring training in Arizona?

Need to buy anything? Why don't we buy Arizona and help the businesses of the state.

"Browse through these cities to find local businesses, maps, driving directions, phone numbers, services and more.
Arizona Yellow Pages

Arizona offers a prosperous information technology sector and is listed among the hottest real estate markets. Search in the Grand Canyon State for

Find It in Arizona

Browse through these links to find the Arizona businesses and services you need.

  Arizona Yellow Pages - YELLOWPAGES.COM

Spread the word and let's help the economy of Arizona when they need us most.

Any takers? Spread the word across the blogosphere.


DR said...

Done. I did up a post. Arizona definitely needs the support.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Thanks DR,

Keep it going.