Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Give Peshtogo Some Credit

From the Peshtigo Times.
"Peshtigo Town Board Kills Roundabout Plan
It was the 17th item on the Peshtigo Town Board meeting agenda Tuesday, April 17, and it was quickly disposed of. Chairman Herman Pottratz spoke briefly. “We all looked at it and we have to take juridisdiction to prevent it”. This means adding about a mile of road for the town to maintain and pay for snowplowing. In prior discussions, no one spoke in favor of the roundabout for the three-road intersection of Schacht Road and Old Peshtigo Road. Truck firms were strongly opposed.

The vote was unanimous. The Department of Transportation engineers had cited numbers for roundabouts claiming statistics show far fewer fatality accidents, less severe accidents, and fewer crashes overall, but nobody was convinced."
Peshtigo Times Wisconsin Community Newspaper

A win for the people of Wisconsin. Now let's get all the roundabouts on 41 stopped!

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