Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Getting Ugly In The Wisconsin 8th

I received an email from my mentor and thought I needed to comment on one of my posts from today.

I first want to say I am just a voter in the Wisconsin 8th district. I did try my hand at trying to help get Steve Kagen unelected in 2008 in the blog "Kagen Watch". Obviously that didn't work. I'm just a regular guy here in my bunker in northern Wisconsin.  I'm not fancy, only have a high school education, yes I need to use spell check, and only blog even if it may not be in proper grammar format, but I love to write. Thank God for Blogger and Google. Even if no one reads my blog, I love doing it! How many people in the 8th don't blog, can't comment, can't really say what's on their mind, don't know what Google Alerts are, ever really see most things on the internet. What do they do? Believe what the media tells them?

I have seen for the last five years how much of a phony Steve Kagen is as my representative in the U.S. Congress. I cannot stand average everyday people getting deceived and snookered all for the sake of protecting their rear end's in politics or trying to advance their career in politics. So here's my beef.

It seems yesterday Terry McCormick put out a press release covered below on WisPolitics. Notice the " Voters are as mad as hell" and don't want to take it anymore according to recent polls by Rasmussen, CNN and Pew."

From WisPolitics and a press release from the Terry McCormick campaign machine.
"APPLETON, WI -- Voters are as "mad as hell" and don't want to take it anymore according to recent polls by Rasmussen, CNN and Pew. This probably explains the rise of the Tea Party movement and the entry of a host of outsider candidates, like author and educator Terri McCormick in Wisconsin's Eighth District. The political establishment has dug in and begun to counter with their own endorsed candidates like Marc Trager and Roger Roth." WisPolitics.com

Now let us go to something I wrote about this morning on the Main Stream Media telling us who to vote for, who is the front runner is and who we should vote for in the upcoming primary election.

From Stephen Kastner from the Door County Style Magazine. Notice the “mad as hell” and don’t want to take it anymore according to recent polls by Rasmussen, CNN, Pew."

"Posted on 26. Apr, 2010 by Stephen Kastner in News
Voters on both sides of the fence are as “mad as hell” and don’t want to take it anymore according to recent polls by Rasmussen, CNN, Pew… and Dane & Assoc. in the 8th CD.

Conservatives rage against what appears to be a creeping wave of “socialism,” while the opposite pole describes the shift in government as a steady move toward “facism.” Meanwhile, it seems that neither Republicans nor Democrats are minding the Treasury as billions of dollars are simply lost in what one writer calls the new American Kleptocracy… and voters are fed up."
Polling Indicates McCormick Leads Republican Primary Opponents and Tops Rep. Steve Kagen in Wisconsin’s 8th CD | Door County Style

Does Stephen Kastner work for Terry McCormick? Is he a paid campaign worker? Does he have his own agenda? What gives?

Let me repeat myself from this earlier post.
"I will not hold my nose in the voting booth like I had to in 2008! How soon do people forget the McCain debacle. Looks like the media is trying to pick our (conservative voters who are MAD AS HELL) candidate."
Berry Laker: Media Trying To Pick 8th District Candidate.
And this!
First, the tea party people have no leader, the tea party movement is here today to throw out liberals and RINO's. To put Terri McCormick in the same sentence with the Tea Party grass roots people is a travesty of journalism. I have not endorced any candidate as of yet but I will not be told who to vote for. Remember when the democrats choose the candidate in the last presidential election.
And also this!
McCormick perceived as a outsider? John McCain was a maverick? Don't insult the people of the 8th district. Who did they call in the district? Looks like the people in the Appleton area were only called. The people of the Wisconsin 8th do not need another me too Kagen candidate in Washington.

To be in politics today you have to be pretty ugly, to put out press releases and then probably talk the media into spreading your press releases as news to advance your position. The poor people in the 8th think this is news and don't know any better.Is it  just politics as usual?

I am also "MAD AS HELL" for Terry McCormick pulling this left leaning democrat stunt to advance her position in the upcoming republican primary.

As long as I'm commenting on Terry McCormick's UGLY politics, let me show you a comment on my earlier post from Terry or one of her minions.
"Anonymous said...

Savard is incompetent. McCormick is the Tea Party candidate.
8:34 AM " Berry Laker: Media Trying To Pick 8th District Candidate.

Is this person for real? If anyone can relate to the TEA PARTY it is Marc Savard who helped organize the first tea party in Green Bay thirteen months ago. Where in the heck was Terry McCormick in March of 2009?

I will now cross off Terry McCormick off my list of candidates for the upcoming primary election. I will also call it like I see it on McCormick's campaign. I am conservative first, republican second and will not vote for a RINO! We do not need another Steve Kagen like Terry McCormick in the 8th district in Wisconsin.

By the way, will anyone in the main stream media look into this story? I am trying to dig into it and it is taking some time.

When Terry McCormick was running for the 8th in 2006 and lost, did any of her campaign people go work for Steve Kagen? Did any people who worked for Terry McCormick go work for Steve Kagen? If true, that would tell me McCormick and Kagen are two peas in a pod. They say your only as good as the people you work with. Maybe Terry's people knew something we are now finding out. 

Do we need a Steve Kagen RINO look alike in Washington DC? No, we don't need another Pelosi puppet Steve Kagen in congress.

Sorry Terry, you lost my vote with your low down dirty underhanded UGLY campaign tactics!


Anonymous said...

Interesting naive view. Do you even have one position she holds to point to in support of this RINO label.

Incidently, the term RINO was invented by Ron Paul to identify big spending Republicans. Terri does not fit that bill from what I can see.

Also, when is it ugly politics to issue good polling results.? It never has been before, oh thats right this is Terri so all labels apply.

We need someone in Washington that can say no to both sides of the aisle on big spending. Its all to easy to just say no to the Dems. To do that you can elect anybody, even Savard it thats your choice. Dont forget he was all to willing to be part of the big spending establishment when he was the Door Cty GOP chair and the GOP held all the power in this state.

Incidently, the Vilas GOP, this may apply to you, had on thier web site that they are not conservatives, just Republicans. This is the very reason the GOP has lost power in this state. I was shocked to read it but not surprised.

I think you seriously need to reexamine you position and look to who could stand up to big spending on both sides.

Green Bay Conservative said...

Keep up the fight for conventional conservatism. It is worth the battle, and your voice is being heard in the "public square."

I am supporting Reid Ribble for the 8th Dist. He's a regular guy who ran his own business. He also believes in term limits, which I believe is the only way to reduce the influence of money in politics.

I have only read a couple of your posts, but I think you and I are in agreement that Wisconsin (like America) should be put first, ahead of party politics. Lets vote for people that want to get something done, and not for people looking for another career.

Anonymous said...

hi jack -

your comments resemble those of kerry sayors up in the vilas county.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

To anonymous in first comment, I only have point to Terry working with the MSM, this guy in Door county to validate my point. The guy copies Terry's press release and you want to tell me it's coincidence?

Republicans saying one thing in elections and doing different in DC is what I will not stand for. Is the guy on her payroll? That's the same stunts Kagen pulls all the time with his press releases.

Oh come, enough said, I will not vote for someone who plays games with the constituents of the 8th district. I am sick of Kagen pulling those stunts and will not vote for a candidate that will do the same thing.

I appreciate your opinion since you work for or back Terry McCormick.

PS, I just found some information which I will post in the near future. It probobly won't mean much to you anyway.

Have a GREAT day.
Have a GREAT week.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Anonymous 2, kerry sayors, you don't say.

Geez I thought your name was Jack,

Have SUPER day.

Stephen Kastner said...

Why don't you just ask the "guy in Door County" instead of pretending to be exposing something newsworthy? If I publish a Press Release, as editor... I edit. I also read Terri's entire book and came to respect her "maverick" qualities. A few months ago, I wrote a review of that book and linked to it in the article you refer to. I recently faulted her for worrying about rabid conservatives like yourself when 50% of the voters in her poll remain undecided. These are the core voters, none of whom will give a damn for what you say against a candidate who serves a populist base first and Party ideology (as defined by "leaders" like Limbaugh and Palin) second or not at all. I am not paid by Terri McCormick. I simply believe she is the best candidate. She has experience at dealing with the nasty Republican Machine that demands that you bow down and serve... and she refuses, especially when it conflicts with her integrity. If Republicans expect to rescue what's left of their party from the Neocons, like we had to do once before in the days of Barry Goldwater, then it's time to stand up for any candidate who rises up out of populism and not from serving "front line political animals," as Terri describes them. The reason she scares you so badly is because you cannot control her with ideology as defined from the top down. She will serve her constituents first and I look forward to voting for that kind of chamge.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Dear Mr Kastner, thank you so much for leaving me your comment. Since you are a part of the Main Stream Media I feel compelled to respond to your comments.

Not right now but do stop back at Berry Laker soon.

Thank You again.

Have a GREAT day and have a GREAT weekend.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Green Bay conservative.

Thank you for the support and comment.

Amen to your conservative beliefs and thoughts.

We all need to be heard over the bias reporting and politicians who take voters for granted.

Have a GREAT weekend.