Thursday, April 29, 2010

Steve Kagen, Are You Kidding Me

A great read from FoxPolitics
Business owners really, really ticked at Kagen

I suppose Rep. Kagen wasn’t following proper etiquette when he invited small businesses in northeast Wisconsin to “explore [the] benefits of [the] new health care law." The announcement came out last Thursday afternoon – I saw it via a Chamber e-mail Friday – for meetings at 7:30 AM Monday in Green Bay and that same morning at 10 in Appleton. Hardly time to fashion an RSVP, much less buy a new hat for the occasion.

Fox 11’s headline read “Small businesses unhappy with health care law, insurance costs.” Reporter Mark Leland wrote that “Kagen is finding some resistance to the new law. He says understanding the details has been a problem, but he maintains there’s something in it for everyone.” (I didn’t see anything from Gannett – in the Post-Crescent or Press Gazette – did anyone else see it?)

“Unhappy?" "Some resistance?” Are you kidding me? Dr. Kagen is completely missing the diagnosis, much less the cure. " - Appleton, WI News - What's really going on in the Fox Cities

The Nancy Pelosi puppet Steve Kagen.

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