Thursday, April 29, 2010

Has Diamond Jim Doyle Lost His Mind

The Green Bay Press's Kelly McBride scrapes the bottom of the barrel or owes Jim Doyle one last positive spin story before he leaves office. Has he lost his mind? Is he wandering the national forest with out a GPS or compass? My God what happen to him? Still promising children free education they will not get.

Here Doyle is still promising free college to students who sign up for his covenant program
"Doyle touts covenant pledge at UWGB visit
College admittance, financial aid guaranteed for keeping pactBy Kelly McBride • April 29, 2010

Eighth-grade students from across Northeastern Wisconsin were asked to look into the future Wednesday during a Wisconsin Covenant Days celebration at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Gov. Jim Doyle was on hand to encourage about 180 eighth-graders from three middle schools to sign the covenant, a pledge that offers college admittance and financial aid in exchange for good grades and civic engagement.

The governor touted the UW System, as well as the state's private and technical colleges, during his remarks.

"They all want you," Doyle said. "They're looking for great, committed students. … That's what the covenant is all about."

The pledge requires students to graduate from high school with a B average, take the necessary courses to prepare for college and to be good citizens. In exchange, the covenant program will make sure its students have a place at a Wisconsin public, private or technical school, and provide need-based financial aid."
Doyle touts covenant pledge at UWGB visit | | Green Bay Press-Gazette
First only 180 students were there. I bet they were teacher, city, county, and other union peoples children. Those poor children were sent there to keep the DNC happy to do one last photo op for Doyle. What will these students be told in three years when they plan on getting a free ride at school and their parents tell them, no we don't have the money for you and back in 2010 you were just a prop  for our former governor.

So Diamond Jim promises free college education? You mean like this program from On Campus that only pays some money and not all like Jim Doyle has been promising for the last couple years.
"Students in the Wisconsin Covenant program would get between $250 and $2,500 during their first two years of college under funding levels that Gov. Jim Doyle proposed today.

But it will be up to Doyle's successor to seek funding for the program, and the next Legislature to appropriate that money. Doyle's term ends at the end of this year.

The Wisconsin Covenant is Doyle's effort to increase college enrollment by making a compact with students in the state. If they promise to maintain a ‘B' average in high school, practice good citizenship and complete course requirements, they will be guaranteed a place in a Wisconsin college or university and given some financial aid.

The rules released today would give three levels of grant money to Covenant students for their first four semesters: $2,500 for the neediest students; $1,000 to $1,500 for students whose families have higher incomes but still qualify for assistance; and $250 for students whose families do not qualify for financial aid."
On Campus: Doyle releases Wisconsin Covenant funding details
$250 up to $2500 will go a long way towards a full one year education at UWGB. Oh, there's a catch,

 "it will be up to Doyle's successor to seek funding for the program, and the next Legislature to appropriate that money. Doyle's term ends at the end of this year."

Whoa, Scott Walker will be left holding the bag and break these students hearts? That's right, it's Scott Walkers fault. What a snake oil salesman Diamond Jim is.

Obviously the new governor will have to clean up the mess Doyle is leaving. I hope these students who will remember it was Doyle and the liberal left who promised the moon and in the end, it was all a lie.

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