Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ribble, A Carpetbagger?

Freshman congressman moves outside his district - JSOnline

A state Democratic Party official said the matter isn't difficult to understand what is going on with the first-term Republican.

"So he's a carpetbagger in other words," said spokesman Graeme Zielinski.

Officials said Ribble, who runs a family roofing business in Kaukauna, is not doing anything illegal. Last year, he defeated then-U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, an Appleton Democrat.

Sally Wood, communications director for the Committee on House Administration, said the U.S. Constitution doesn't mandate that federal lawmakers live in their congressional districts. It simply says they must reside in the state they represent when elected, Wood said.

Olson said the Ribbles had their Sherwood house on the market for some time. The asking price had been $595,000, according to newspaper reports. 

Ribble and his wife wanted to move to a smaller house because most of their kids are grown and he spends much of his time on campaigning and serving in Congress.

But they'll probably wait a while before listing it with another agent.

"The housing market and economy are so tough it's likely they will be there for a bit," Olson said.

So what did Zielinski call Ribble? A "C A R P E T B A G G E R"?

Doesn't mandate? Right. I remember Reid told me that before the election.

Huh, $595,000 for the house? Was the house ever shown? Who was the realtor? Did he ever reduce the price? Is the house really worth $595,000?


Probably wait before listing again? Yea, sure, I have a bridge to sell someone too.

I never would of seen this coming! I will not say, I told you so. No! I won't say that.





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