Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ribble Squirming In His 8th Congressional Seat

Seems odd Reid Ribble with all his money in his campaign war chest needs to put out a PR about where he sleeps at night. Huh! 

Email sent to me from Ribble's office.


Washington D.C. – Representative Reid Ribble released the following statement to address the latest inquiries about his home in Sherwood, WI which is located just outside of the current District 8 boundary lines.

“My wife and I initially put our Sherwood house up for sale last year.  When the listing contract with our first realtor expired we hired a new real estate agent and put the house back on the market this year at a sizeable price reduction.  Unfortunately, our second time listing the house brought the same result as the first and we did not close a buyer.

“Since our kids are grown, my wife and I have felt that a family-sized home was unnecessary. We have discussed for awhile the desire to downsize and move into a smaller home that requires less maintenance. As empty nesters, we don’t need the same amount of space as we did when we had our kids running around. Along with that, my schedule requires a lot of traveling to and from Washington and around the district. We wish the home would have sold, but unfortunately the tough housing market prevented this from happening.

“With the listing contract coming to an end soon, the house is coming off the market until the housing market turns around. We are not immune to the negative effects of the unsteady housing market and just like many Americans across the country we have had to change our plans. 

“I have a long and personal tie to the 8th District and assertions to challenge this are just ridiculous. I grew up in Appleton, went to Appleton East High School, and coached Volleyball at Appleton East High School for over 20 years. My roofing business was located in Kaukauna and my wife’s long time book store was also in Appleton. Sherwood is about four miles over the current congressional boundary line and it is so close that the property taxes we pay go to the Kaukauna School District, which is in the 8th District.

“Northeast Wisconsin is my home and always will be, and that fact has made serving the people of Wisconsin more meaningful than words can describe.

“I said last year when asked from time to time about this issue that the Constitution doesn’t care where I sleep at night - and with my schedule that’s about all I’m doing at that house…sleeping. 

“With all the challenges our nation is facing during these difficult times, focus should be on creating jobs for the millions of unemployed and getting our economy back on track instead of wasting time on inconsequential matters. I took a vow when I was elected to Congress to represent the people of the 8th District to the best of my abilities and I will continue to work each and every day on the issues that will help improve the lives of Northeastern Wisconsin residents.”

Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states that Representatives must be residents of their states, but do not necessarily have to live within their districts.

First, let me be up front here. I didn't vote for Ribble for this very reason. 

Second, Reid Ribble was not and is not a tea party republican. He's a Washington elite republican. He doesn't care a rats behind on what his constituents think about where he lives. Read the above PR again. Took an apartment in DePere. Question, if the house was not selling why didn't he reduce the price,  $595,000? Answer, he didn't want to sell it. He knew he was going to move back to his house all along. 

Question, why does he keep throwing out Article 1, Section 2? Answer because he knows he doesn't have to live in the 8th district. Did he really live in the DePere apartment? 

Has anyone asked about his vacation house in, where is it, Tennessee? Will he live there and still work his Wisconsin job? 

Ribble is raising tons of campaign money and will do what ever he wants. He will buy his next election! 

Reid Ribble will sell out the people of the Wisconsin 8th District some day and everyone but me will be surprised. He already said he wants to compromise with democrats and Obama. If he gets bored of congress he will stay in Washington and become a lobbyist. Money buys power and power corrupts. 

Reid Ribble will just keep doing what Reid Ribble wants, the hell with the rest. 

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