Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sean Duffy Likes Obama Jobs Bill


Duffy: Jobs bill not DOA | Superior Telegram | Superior, Wisconsin

The words “dead on arrival” are not being used by one Wisconsin freshman Republican for President Obama’s 447 billion dollar jobs bill.

Northern Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy says he agrees with many parts of Obama’s bill, including new free trade agreements, extending the payroll tax cuts, ending oil and gas corporate subsidies and closing tax loopholes.

“There’s corporate welfare, crony capitalism,” he said. “We have loopholes in our tax code that benefit the very wealthy and big corporations. We need to root those out and make sure we have a fairer, flatter tax code.

” Duffy also favors cutting depreciation tax breaks for corporate jets and extending the Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation funding. Even so, the Ashland Republican calls the President’s proposal “Stimulus II.”

Huh, is Duffy running left for next years election? Interesting choice of words.

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Dad29 said...

Didn't take too long for him to grow a DC Mind, did it?

Too much time as a TV star, I guess.