Thursday, September 15, 2011

Green Bay Mayor Not Happy With Georgia Pacific Boycott

Wisconsin democrat call for boycott of Georgia Pacific.

John Mercure at 620 WTMJ Milwaukee talks to Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt. It's worth a listen. Schmitt talks how he cannot believe a Wisconsin State Senator would call for a boycott of a large employer in Northeastern Wisconsin and the Green Bay area.

I will say in the interview, you can hear Schmitt said he doesn't know or never meet Lena Taylor who called for a boycott of Georgia Pacific located in Green Bay. Somehow if Schmitt is a democrat of Green Bay Wisconsin , I would say he has meet Taylor in the past. 


Replay of yesterdays show. Go here.

Where is a comment from Dave Hansen, another democrat from Green Bay? 

Where is a story from the Green Bay Press?

Is there any other media outlet investigating this story?

How can voters vote for democrats who want to take away Wisconsin jobs?



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