Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wow, I Didn't See This Coming

Wisconsin Rep. Reid Ribble moves out of 8th Congressional District | Green Bay Press Gazette | greenbaypressgazette.com

First-term U.S. Rep. Reid Ribble has moved out of the 8th Congressional District he represents in Northeastern Wisconsin. The Republican congressman has returned to a house he owns in Sherwood, several miles outside the 8th District.

Ribble put the house up for sale while running for Congress last year and moved into an apartment in the town of Lawrence, southwest of Green Bay, which is within the 8th District.

Ribble spokeswoman Ashley Olson told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the Sherwood house is coming off the market because the contract with the listing agent expires this week. Ribble's district is being redrawn and will include his Sherwood home in 2013.

Committee on House Administration spokeswoman Sally Wood said the U.S. Constitution requires federal lawmakers to reside within the state they represent, but doesn't mandate that they live in their districts.

An oldie but goody about Ribble's residency from my blog

Ribble, Residency Question?

I am am shocked, just shocked that Reid is moving back to his home. That didn't take long!

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